I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 160

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#160. Time Eternity (3)


A roar that shook the heavens and earth rang out.

All the gods’ eyes turned.

[Suddenly, what is this… .]

[Isn’t that where Odin and Zeus were?]

[Wow, I dug it as a joke… .]

[But where has everyone gone and is he alone?]

[I know… … .]

All the gods who were fighting fiercely stopped.

That’s how loud the noise I heard just now was particularly loud.

[There is no Horde… .]

[Jupiter isn’t here either… ?]

[I guess I didn’t lose… ?]

[Sounds unlucky… !]

A present god and a forgotten god.

The eyes of both camps began to shake violently, as if they were anxious.

Among those thousands of gazes, Sooyul stood alone and calmly.

‘too fast.’

She stroked her dry lips.

Although I said I had no control over this life, it was true that I had more expectations.

‘Because he showed crazy growth in each of his past lives.’

This time too, you might end up doing something you don’t know about.

So let’s believe it.

With those thoughts in mind, I guess he followed me here, putting aside his strong claim that he must gather the 12 Guardians first.

But now it was happening in reality right before my eyes.

Of course, it’s not impossible.

It cannot be said that what is currently happening is completely impossible.

Because as far as you know, there is nothing impossible in the world.

At least Yu Dam-deok. It was like that for that guy.

But no matter how fast it was, it was too fast.

‘Following Odin and the Horde, they even eat Zeus… . it’s crazy… .’

Originally, this would have been possible only with the full support of Cheon Taerang and Adele Sharon, as well as the help of Alui, White Cloud Etin, Pao, and Syaorang and the other 12 Guardians.

‘All 12 Guardians haven’t even gathered yet. I never thought I could push myself this far… .’

Of course, Odin was caught by being knocked unconscious by the Horde and Jupiter, and the Horde was caught off guard, but wasn’t it a bit excessive to even eat Zeus?

In the end, Ju Soo-yul’s eyes, which had been steady throughout, began to shake violently.


The terrain is dented as if it had been hit by a meteorite.

Looking at Damdeok standing quietly in the middle of it all, Ju Ju-yul was recalling a memory from a long time ago.

“You failed.”

That was my first life.

Rather than reaching the depths of Tartarus, where Chaos is hidden, all of the 12 people who Mother Gaia had mentioned had the best potential for growth were miserably defeated.

Ju Soo-yul learned despair at that time.

Everyone erased their memories and went through the cycle of reincarnation, but he alone could not.

I had to remember it and endure it.

The thought that I had disappointed my mother dominated my mind.

I also had the same thought that I would never succeed like this.

However, contrary to expectations, Gaia did not look disappointed at all.

“There is nothing to be sad about. Since everyone’s experience is still lacking, it’s probably a natural result… . Soyul. Don’t worry. “Even if all the children of the beginning cannot remember their past lives, their bodies will be more honest than anyone else’s.”

I didn’t know exactly what that meant at the time.

Mother Gaia just smiled gently and gave blessings to each of the children of the beginning.

“okay. So, won’t everything you have experienced become small droplets and become a stream? The stream will later transform into a rushing stream. And as time passes, the valley water will gather to form a wide river. Thus, in the end, it will become an eternal sea. Soyul. Do you understand? This mother will do her best until then. In this system forever. “My lovely children.”

However, contrary to their mother’s warm words of encouragement, all of the children from the beginning were helplessly defeated.

Ten lives passed like that.

“I couldn’t get into Tartarus this time either. Because I still lack experience… .」

Mother Gaia was still calm.

There was no shaking at all, as if he knew this would happen.

The more the address rate increased, the more impatient it became.

「Soyul. Don’t worry. “Talent is bound to stand out as experience accumulates.”

He also didn’t know what he was talking about.

He just tried harder.

To find a revolutionary comrade who will drive out everyone in the war of the gods and invade Tartarus.

Ten more lives passed like that.

“Hoo. This time, the child succeeded in bypassing everyone and entering Tartarus, right? “That’s amazing.”

Soo-yul felt proud for the first time.

At the same time, it was also the first time I realized the greatness of my talent.


It contained a primal power that was different from the power of the gods.



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“Chaos, authority doesn’t work on that, but talent is a different story.”

It was just as Gaia said.

Originally, he was a lagging child who was not even included in the first 12 guardians.

The 99th child, Damdeok, whose role was extremely minimal in the beginning, began to show rapid growth as his life progressed.

“I said I was different from the beginning, but in the end… … .」

Mother looked happy.

No, I may have known this would happen from the beginning.

I guess it didn’t matter to me.

If only I could please Mother Gaia… .

“It’s amazing. This child was the first to discover the door to Tartarus. If it continues like this… .」

My mother’s expectations began to rise.

The same was true for myself.

The 12 Guardians were replaced little by little each time their lives were repeated.

Namgungdoek falls off,

Leo Lux falls away,

The evil of heaven falls away,

Someone new is starting to take its place.

Meanwhile, Damdeok continued to grow day by day.

When he came to his senses, he was already fully supporting Damdeok.

Among the 12 guardians, he is the only one who does not regress.

Because of that, the gap between Damdeok and the other children widened as his life went on.

at last,

“oh. This time, that child finally cut out the heart of Chaos, right?”

Gaia finally recognized Damdeok as the best.

And Damdeok’s talent for predation was upgraded to a higher level.

The child with the highest chance of preventing the destruction of Chaos.

Damdeok, the 99th child of the beginning.

‘I have to support this guy and end this whole doom scenario…’ … .’


A loud noise rang out once again, scattering Jusoyul’s thoughts.

Damdeok is standing awkwardly in front of me.

And as soon as they appeared, huge gods were rushing fiercely overhead.

But Ju So-yul’s eyes were fixed on one place.

A girl standing right in front of Damdeok.

Ju Soo-yul’s narrowed eyes opened wide, and her body instantly jumped forward.

* * *

[The Heavenly Sword Fighting God’s talent is activated!]

[The power of Zeus, the god of the sky, has been acquired!]

[You have acquired the power of Zeus, the god of the sky!]

[The power of Zeus, the god of the sky, … … .]

A message that comes to mind.

Damdeok looked at them and quietly placed his hand on his chest.


It feels like a thousand dollars are flying inside me.

I even swallowed Zeus, the king of the gods, but for some reason I felt anxious and anxious.

“I feel like I’m going to throw up right now… … .”

Damdeok muttered, clenching and unclenching his hands.

The huge sword of light shattered upon contact with Zeus.

However, without missing that split-second gap, the Predatory Light swallowed Zeus in one bite.

“It’s a rare talent… .”

Damdeok muttered as he cleared his throat.

A talent for predation.

The strange ability that is called a talent rather than a power is, to his dismay, a primordial talent that he has had before.

“If the system says so. … Oh, not the system. “Should I say these are the words of Gaia, mother?”

Damdeok quenched his appetite.

I remembered all 1869 past lives.

The fragments of long-ago memories were also contents written in a diary in the eternal space before passing through the cycle of reincarnation.

Messages that originate from the desire to pass on some memories to oneself in the next life.

Damdeok recalled all those things once again.

Messages that record countless deaths, deaths, and deaths.

Among them, a few things that were particularly emphasized stood out.


The final boss, where Chaos is.

At the same time, that guy is called the Eyes of the Abyss.

To end it all, you had to walk directly into the belly of Tartarus.

‘To do that, we have to devour all the gods at once… .’

Damdeok sighed without realizing it.

I felt like I was hiding when I could see my destination.

“By absorbing the power of all the gods, we can find Tartarus, and the key to enter is Pandora… .”

Damdeok sighed again.

I felt frustrated, as if I had swallowed three or four large chunks of rock.

The terrible feeling of my five organs and six parts being twisted continued unabated.


“The talent for predation is amazing, but… .”

The side effects were enormous.

It was so bad that Baekseol was so worried that he was buzzing.

“it’s okay. are you okay.”

I felt a little angry as I wondered what on earth I had been doing for all these years.

The only thing these so-called supreme gods do is fight among themselves.

The only people who have delayed the destruction even a little so far have been humans.

Humans from the beginning like yourself.

“Now that I know the way, there is no need to delay any longer.”

Damdeok lightly relaxed his body.

I felt a stinging gaze from behind me, but I didn’t turn around.

‘Address rate. ‘You’re right.’

There was a reason why they insisted on gathering the 12 Guardians first.

‘When all 12 of the original humans gathered together and performed a ritual, the true talent of predation was awakened… .’

In this state, his predation talent was not able to demonstrate its full potential.

In the end, it was only a matter of time.

If this continues, Odin, Hod, and Zeus, all of which he swallowed with difficulty, will have to be vomited out.

It was a set procedure.

I didn’t have the strength to resist right now.

“It’s a shame. “With this much power, dominating an entire dimension would be laughable.”

Damdeok laughed bitterly.

When the power of Zeus swept over my body, I felt like I had truly become a god among gods, and my whole body was filled with tremors.

“But now that I’ve tasted it, I’m really motivated.”

The pain began to increase as my body writhed uncontrollably.


Zeus’s roar seemed to reverberate through every organ and bone.

“I don’t have time to fight with you guys. “I can’t help it.”

Damdeok grabbed his sword once again.

I plan to get out of this battlefield as quickly as possible.

And he will return after gathering all 12 guardians and perfecting his talent for devouring.

All plans have now been made again.

As Damdeok’s eyes flashed, an explosion erupted.


[You bastard..!!]

[Kill it!!]

[cheeky… !!]

Odin, Horde, and Zeus attacked Damdeok at the same time.

A huge shadow cast over your head.

But for some reason, Damdeok didn’t look up at them.

His eyes were looking straight ahead.

“you… … .”

Damdeok muttered.

Elia suddenly appeared in front of me and smiled.

“Aren’t you sick of it too? “Let’s end this now.”

Elia’s hands were raised, and in an instant, black darkness swallowed everything.


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