I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 159

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#159. Time Eternity (2)

[The Heavenly Sword Fighting God’s talent is activated!]

It was truly a moment.

Before Horde’s shaking eyes could move back, the gigantic light of predation swallowed him up in an instant.


The Horde disappeared without a trace, as if it never existed in the first place.

At the same time, the bodies of Zeus and Jupiter, who were fighting fiercely some distance away, suddenly stopped.

That was their instinctive feeling.

[what… ?]

[just now… .]

Zeus and Jupiter’s gaze naturally returned.

Damdeok stands alone in the place where Odin and Horde were.

[…] … ?]

Jupiter’s dark orange eyebrows twitched.

Even if I slowly rolled my eyes, the only thing I could see was Damdeok standing alone in the desolate field.

[Horde… ?]

Jupiter muttered softly.

He didn’t understand the current situation.

‘The energy suddenly disappeared.’

Horde was the god of battle.

That’s how rough and intense his energy was.

But in an instant, his vivid energy disappeared.

As if someone had cut out his existence… .

Jupiter’s thick eyebrows twitched again.

[…] … What? This ridiculous situation… ?]

Jupiter, who was muttering, soon angered Zeus, who was blocking his path! I pushed.

Jupiter pushed Zeus back and started walking towards Damdeok.

[AC, what are you doing other than fighting?]

Zeus, who had been pushed out by Jupiter, said so, but unlike his harsh words, Zeus’s large size gently cleared the way.

In fact, he too did not understand the current situation, so he resignedly resigned.

‘Something’s strange… .’

The feeling was very unpleasant.

But I have no idea what it is.

In the meantime, Zeus had no reason to stop the hot-tempered Jupiter who took the initiative.

He slowly looked around at Damdeok, who was standing alone, and his surroundings.

[Odin… . Where did Odin go?]

Zeus’ voice was full of doubt.

It’s none of my business since the Horde who disappeared together was on the other side in the first place, and where did Odin, who was lying on the other side, suddenly disappear?

‘This is something that ghosts will cry about…’ .’

But no matter how calmly I looked, I could not see Odin.

Zeus looked at Damdeok with his mouth shut.

Zeus’s eyes slowly became sharper as he looked at him.

[if… … .]

in between,

Jupiter approached Damdeok and opened his mouth without hesitation.

[you. what?]

Short question.

However, Damdeok did not know the numerous meanings implied within it.

“… … “He is the Heavenly Sword Fighting God.”

Dry tone of voice.

Jupiter’s thick eyebrows twitched once again.

[Are you kidding? I’m sure you’re not asking what kind of god you are right now?]

Damdeok glanced up at him.

“Then what is it?”

[The guy who was here just a moment ago. Where did it suddenly disappear? Since you were close, you must have seen it. ah! Don’t make empty excuses. There’s no way I wouldn’t know that you must have been up to some trick… … .]

Before Jupiter could finish his sentence with a growl, Damdeok cut him off without notice.


[what… … ?]

“I ate it.”

Jupiter asked back as if he was taken aback by Damdeok’s answer.

Zeus, who was watching from afar, raised his eyebrows.

‘I ate it…’ … ? ate… ?’

Goddess Gaia’s oracle appeared in his mind.

“How can someone who eats his own children rule over the gods?” !」

The angry voice of Goddess Gaia.

And his own past, where he fought desperately to drive out his father.

“Zeus. “You are doing the same thing as your father.”

Gaia’s disappointed voice.



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Her terrifying monster children.


The oracle of curse.

“You too will be destroyed in the same way.”

The curse of my mother, Gaia, could be heard vividly again.

“I myself will send someone who will devour you next time.”

Zeus’s recollection stopped.

Zeus, with goosebumps all over his body, jerked! I glared at Damdeok.

‘That guy couldn’t be… !!’

No further thought was needed.


Zeus quickly stomped his feet and arrived in front of Damdeok.

His huge hand roughly grabbed Damdeok’s collar.


[This kid… ! What did you say just now!!]

Jupiter was surprised by Zeus’ sudden sudden move and looked at Zeus and Damdeok alternately with a deathly expression.

[What kind of bullshit is this… ? What’s going on… ?]

However, Zeus shouted in Damdeok’s face as if he no longer cared about Jupiter.

[Say it!! What on earth are you!!]

However, Damdeok just left the body swaying in the air and did nothing.

Zeus began to become more excited by the sight.

[This kid, I saved his life at that time… !!]

Zeus’ blonde eyebrows furrowed. Then, his huge hand exploded! stretched out toward the sky.


Astrape parted the clouds and reappeared.

A weapon that can be freely summoned and destroyed according to Zeus’ will.

This was also one of the weapons made by the Titans, the children whom Mother Gaia despised.

As soon as he held Astrapae in his hand, previous memories became more and more chaotic in Zeus’ mind.

He wins! I gritted my teeth.

[I won’t talk too much. Anyway, your life was saved by me. Now I will take it… !]

Zeus raised Astrapae with all his might as if trying to erase the memories of the past.


Thousands of lightning strikes from the sky and rains down on Astrape.

Let’s go!

Astrape pulsated with countless lightning bolts.

At the moment of desperation, Damdeok just looked at the scene with a detached expression and slowly raised his sword.

It is an act of clear hostility.

Zeus was furious.

[This is crazy… ! How dare you confront me?! A trust is just a trust… !! My era is not over yet!!]

As soon as Zeus shouted, the heavens and the earth shook.

Dark clouds gathered in the sky as if they were going to cover all things, and the Astrape, where not thousands but tens of thousands of lightning bolts were concentrated, was shaking violently as if it was going to destroy the enemy right away.

I’m so sorry!!!

Zeus’s eyes were already filled with flashes of light.

Zeus’s huge arm, which seemed to have become one with the lightning, was thrust forward with all its might.

It was clearly aimed at Damdeok’s heart.

It was that moment.

Damdeok’s eyes also sparkled.

[Odin’s power is activated!]

A blinding flash of light erupted for a moment before Damdeok’s bright eyes slowly opened.

Zeus’ angry face was moving slowly.

The Astrape he was holding and attacking was also moving slower than anyone else.

‘Did Odin also have this ability?’

Not only Zeus and his weapons, but also all beings on the battlefield of the gods were slowed down.

No, the whole world seemed to have slowed down.

An ability similar to Excalibur’s second power, King Arthur’s serenity.

But the depth of the two was clearly different.

‘King Arthur’s composure meant that I also slowed down… .’

Damdeok sighs. I took a step forward and looked at Zeus’ angry face.

Unlike the slow world, Damdeok’s movements were very free.

As the world slowed down, I felt as if I was moving at the speed of light.

Damdeok, who was observing every single strand of Zeus’s blonde hair, leisurely swung Excalibur.


“this. “Your body is like steel.”

It’s just that it wasn’t easy to cut down the highest god.

Although he was at the same level as the main god, Zeus was the king of the gods.

It is clear that he has also trained tremendously over a long period of time.

‘I didn’t think it would be easy to finish in the first place.’

Damdeok chuckled and activated his mind’s eye.

The fight between Zeus, who has reigned as the highest god for thousands of years, and himself, who has just become the highest god, will be as obvious as fire.


Hasn’t he already swallowed up the two highest gods?

“Besides, I am the god of swords… .”

Geomshin (劍神).

Damdeok thought of all the sword techniques he had learned and mastered during his thousands of reincarnations.

‘I’m dizzy. It’s still too much to digest everything perfectly.’

Damdeok closed his eyes and tightly gripped the hilt of the sword.

‘For now, let’s focus on one thing.’

Damdeok took a deep breath.


In an instant, a series of huge intangible swords were summoned overhead.

‘There are more than usual.’

Huge intangible swords drew a beautiful arc above the head, like a peacock spreading its tail feathers.

The reason he was able to summon so many intangible swords was probably because he had swallowed two of the Supreme Gods.

Damdeok, who had a satisfied expression on his face, frowned for a moment.


I can feel the Horde struggling deep inside me.

“… … After all, it’s still a bit early to hold on to it forever.”

I don’t know exactly what they are doing, but every time the Horde moves violently, a shock wave like an earthquake is sent throughout the entire organ.

Damdeok stared straight ahead with a frown.

Even then, Zeus’ Astrape could not reach Damdeok’s heart.

‘I have to finish it quickly. If even the fainted Odin wakes up, he might have to vomit right away… .’

I guess it’s still too much to digest gods with that much name value.

But it didn’t matter.

‘If only there was a possibility that I could replace all the gods…’ !’

In any case, the world is doomed regardless of whether it is a present or a forgotten god.

As a result, he will be saving not only humans, but also the gods.

“Goes. “Baek Seol.”

Clap la la rock!

Dozens of giant intangible swords spread out like fans begin to merge into one.

The pure white Excalibur held by Damdeok cried out in resonance.

Buzz buzz!

A louder roar than ever before.

Damdeok smiled silently as he heard a roar that sounded like a jet passing overhead.

“The energy is amazing. “No matter how much Zeus does, he can’t accept all of this.”

Not only divine power, but also magical energy, internal energy, and all energies of different names scattered throughout the world were gathering towards a single blade.


A brilliant light that seems as if it could bring about the end of the world emanates from the sword.

“That’s a bit unfortunate. “Because no one can see this wonderful thing.”

The battlefield of the gods where everything has slowed down.

Damdeok, who was looking around for a moment at the spectacular sight, eventually kicked the ground with all his might.


At the same time, Zeus’ Astrapae slowly split the air where Damdeok’s heart was.

green onion… Jijijik… !!


As Odin’s power was released, Zeus’ eyes widened.

[what? Where did you go? It was clear until just now… … .]

Zeus’ gaze instinctively turned upward.

In the sky, Damdeok was smiling, holding a large sword of light.

“There is no eternal winner in this world. Goodbye, King of the Gods.”


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