I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 161

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#161. Time Eternity (4)

[Chaos’s power is activated!]

“no… !!”

Ju Soo-yul’s hand urgently stretched out towards Damdeok’s back.

But Elia was already smiling… Her hands were raised high in the sky.

Darkness engulfed the world and silence fell in an instant.

Elia slowly lowered her raised hands.

“Hehe. “This is another spectacle.”

A world swallowed up in darkness.

However, in Elia’s field of vision, everyone in the battlefield of the gods was clearly visible.


The power to confine all living things within a designated area to the world of unconsciousness.

It was the highest level of ability that his father, Chaos, had lent to him.

“It’s an ability that’s even better than that of a necromancer.”

The first ability he received when he went to Tartarus was ‘Necromancer’.

To be exact, it was the power to manipulate soil, and especially, it was the power to manipulate dead soil.

In the dead soil, many components of those who were originally living beings were scattered and dissolved, and Elia was able to reassemble and control those components.

However, more than this ability, Elia liked the that was given to her the most.

Of course, since it is a power lent by Chaos, you can only use it yourself once in your life… … .

“Where is it? “I get a rush of pleasure every time I use this.”

Elia looked at Damdeok, then at Zeus, Odin, and Hod, who had stopped above his head.

All of their eyes were closed.

“They say it’s a power that no god can resist… .”

This power looks scary on the outside, but its activation principle is actually very simple.

‘It’s not about forcibly confining them, it’s about entering the world of unconsciousness on their own.’

To put it simply, it was similar to hypnosis.

“If you can open your eyes, the effects of the power will be easily resolved, but… . “Is there really anyone who can do that?”

Elia took a step closer to Damdeok, waving her long silver hair.

Two eyes closed tightly like the others.

Elia, who had been staring at Damdeok for a while, turned her gaze to look at Juryul behind her.

Jooyul is frozen as he extends his arm to Damdeok.

Elia smiled without realizing it.

And then he slowly approached Jo Soo-yul and muttered quietly.

“First child… … . After all, you have no choice either. You might think you know everything, but you’re wrong. “I am the real prophet anyway.”

Ju Ju-yul was unaware of his own existence during his many reincarnations.

It was natural.

She is not a prophet, she is just a reincarnation.

But he is different.

“Just as you have failed in your plan to assassinate your father, Chaos, for countless lifetimes. “It was the same for me too.”

Gaia and all of her followers have been planning to destroy my father for so long, but isn’t it too naive to think that the other side won’t fight back?

They had been taking on the challenge very honestly from the beginning until now.

Elia burst into laughter without realizing it.

“You and Gaia. “My father said that cutting out my existence from the memories of just two people was my limit.”

But in the end, because she forgot her own existence, Gaia’s plans were doomed to failure every time.

“It’s a very narrow chance, though. “Anyway, we were always the winner.”

Elia put her face right in front of Jusoyul’s nose.

“So the real prophet is not you, but me. “Unlike you, I have remembered everything in this world, and I can foresee everything that will happen in the future.”

That you are much better and more important than your first child, Joo-yul.

The first to notice this was not mother Gaia, but father Chaos.

“I feel a similar energy to me from you. Alienation, contempt, jealousy, greed… … .」

This was the memory that Elia faced when she faced her first hell of destruction.

Then Elia saw through the Eye of Chaos, a huge mass of darkness.

It was a future where the whole world was recreated in darkness.

A world where all living beings, both gods and humans, are equal without boundaries and no one is alienated.

To Elia, that future seemed like a utopia.

“How do you feel? Child of prophecy This is the world I will create in the future. “Unlike her, I am fair.”

Elia’s eyes shook.

The children from the beginning who had died so cruelly were forgotten in a blur for a moment.


The dark mass opened its mouth wide.

“Will you be with me from now on?”

Before Elia could respond, she was swallowed whole.

The feeling of my entire body being absorbed by a mass of darkness. It unfolded a little suddenly, but I didn’t think it mattered in the end.

No, I actually thought it went well.

‘okay. If only we could create a world where everyone is equal.’

I felt that it was wrong for Gaia to always focus her love only on her first child, Ju Ju-yul.

“Anyway, in the prophecy, the world is Father’s victory.”

Elia’s expression became solemn.



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“Because I, the child of prophecy, saw the future. “You can’t stop that.”

Elia, who was looking at Ju Soo-yul’s closed eyes, whispered softly.

“Your and your mother’s world is over. Our side also only prevented the assassination plan. Redefining the world has failed many times, but this time is different. “This is the first time you have been caught here before you even go to Tartarus, so this time the world will be reorganized quickly.”

A faint smile spread across Elia’s lips.

“It’s a desperate moment… … . “Why don’t you at least ask for help from your mother, whom you respect so much?”

As if he understood her words, Ju Ju-yul’s pupils moved violently beneath his closed eyes.

“Still, you guys should thank me. Everyone has taken the wrong path, but I will lead you back to the right path. You will be comfortably locked in , and when you open your eyes, everything will be over. A utopia where everyone is equal will have arrived. There is no unfairness, no alienation, no contempt. “Everyone just needs to be happy there.”

Of course, in that world, only the mother, Gaia, who is the instigator of all of this, will be completely cut out.

… … .

Elia just turned around and walked away from everything that was standing still.

Since the place where was activated is limited to the battlefield of the gods, all those who might interfere are now tied up here.

Now all that’s left is to get rid of the remaining guardians who aren’t here, eliminate any potential conflicts, find the key to Pandora, and destroy Gaia.

Then, after that, Father, Chaos, will take care of everything.

There is no guilt.

When a new era arrives, all the people he killed will be reincarnated unharmed.

My father wishes,

what you wish,

Everyone will live happily in the utopian world everyone hopes for.

Stand tall.

Elia’s body stopped for a moment.

She slowly turned around and looked at Damdeok and Ju Soo-yul, then turned around without any regrets.

“Let’s meet in the future.”

* * *

‘This… … ?’

Damdeok was embarrassed.

As soon as Elia raises both hands, nothing is seen and no sound is heard.

It was a strange feeling.

A strange feeling, as if swimming through space and time.

‘Elia… ‘What are they going to do again?’

Damdeok suddenly gritted his teeth.

Just moments ago, it felt like I had won the world.

The power that seemed to be able to take on anyone, whether it was the highest god Zeus or Odin, was flowing through his body.

‘But to be in such a helpless state again… .’

Even though I couldn’t see an inch in front of me, I moved my body.

‘It’s moving, but I can’t feel it.’

It felt like I was struggling to run in a dream.

My head clearly gives orders, but it feels like my body doesn’t follow.

After wandering slowly in the darkness for a while, Damdeok came to a conclusion.

‘This is a world without substance.’

I thought I had been eaten by some unknown black entity, but after moving around a few times and thinking about it, I realized that wasn’t the case.

‘You can’t see things without substance with the naked eye.’

Damdeok sat still on the spot and calmly closed his eyes.

[The power is unlocked!]

When I close my eyes, the pitch-black darkness doesn’t bother me at all.

‘… … More calmly.’

As soon as I calmed down, I saw something right in front of me, as if I was looking through an infrared Carrera.

A figure slowly staring at you.

The more I calmed down, the more clearly I could see the shape.

‘Elia… ?’

It wasn’t difficult to recognize the figure once it had long hair and facial features.

Elia looked at herself for a moment and then walked backwards.

As it disappeared from sight, darkness came again.

‘no. A little more… … .’

Damdeok focused his mind on the direction where Elia disappeared.

Then, as the space was reorganized, I felt who was behind me.

‘Address rate… .’

Anxiety overtook me.

Isn’t Elia and Joo-yul’s enemy?

It was clear that if Joo-yul was in the same situation as himself, he would be helplessly defeated.

However, contrary to concerns, Elia did not take any action, just standing silently in front of Ju Ju-yul, just like she did with Dam-deok.

‘I think you’re saying something… .’

Unfortunately, no sound was heard.

Elia opened his mouth a few more times and then turned around and walked away.

‘Wait a minute… !’

I had a strong feeling that if I lost Elia like this, this damned darkness would never go away.

Damdeok desperately tried to catch her, but Elia’s form could not be caught by Damdeok’s hands, as if she existed in a completely different world.

‘… … Damn it. After all, this isn’t the real world.’

I don’t know what it is, but it’s a world of illusion.

Maybe it’s your own unconscious world.

Damdeok left Elia walking away and closed his eyes again.

‘think. thought… .’

Now that he has remembered all the memories of his past life, he probably has all the knowledge he can.

‘There will be a hint among the contents seen in the fragments of memory. How can I get out of a similar situation like this? .’

But no matter how much I thought about it, there was nothing like that written among the thousands of words.

I had a doubt.

Almost everything is written down, so why isn’t it there?

‘Is this incident the first time in this life?’

If so, it was a disaster.

However, contrary to his anxiety, another hypothesis appeared in Damdeok’s mind.

‘Or maybe it’s so simple that you don’t even have to write it down… … .’

Thinking like that made me feel even more calm.

‘Mind’s eye… … The mind’s eye… … .’

The definition of mind’s eye that I saw in the profile window the other day came to mind.

[Heart’s eye]

-A state where you can see and feel much more than with your eyes open.

‘You can see and feel much more than with your eyes open… … .’

That means,

Doesn’t this mean that even if you close your eyes, you can still see everything you were originally seeing?

A faint smile spread across Damdeok’s lips.

What I have always been looking at.

Of course… … .

“Part-time job.”

Along with Damdeok’s low muttering, a brilliant blue light emerged in the darkness.

[Welcome to Albanara of the Gods!]

[suggestion! The job posting that’s perfect for you! Would you like to check now?]

Damdeok smiled brightly and touched the message that came to mind with all his strength.


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