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#156. Heavenly Sword Fighting God (天劍鬪神), a talent for feasting.


Qigong waves of incredible power spread out from both of Cheon Tae-rang’s hands.

Some of the forgotten gods who were charging from the front frowned and retreated.

[I dare to talk about human subjects… !]

[There are degrees of rampage… !]

Each of them said this with a grim expression on their face, but as powerful energy was continuously radiating from Cheon Tae-rang’s body in front of them, it was difficult to get close to them.

[What on earth is that strange energy? It’s not divine power, it’s not magical power… .]

[Well, I think it has a similar energy to that guy named Yu Dam-deok… .]

[Tch! Is our name still not worth it? We can’t cleanly deal with a person like that… … .]

The forgotten gods, biting their lips, glanced back.

The battlefield of the gods, the island of Hell, was already spread out behind them.

[The sun god is me, Apollo!!]

[You’re crazy! Only I can pull the sun chariot!]

The hands of Apollo and Helios clashed violently.

Everything begins to flash with light, as if two suns are colliding.

That wasn’t all.

[Sniff! This somehow hurts my pride… … You really look similar to me, right?]

Hermes scratched the back of his head and looked at the forgotten god before him.

Although the forgotten god did not have Hermes’ winged hat, shoes, or snake-wrapped staff, his youthful appearance and chestnut-colored curly hair made him look like a twin to Hermes.

Mercurius, the forgotten god, gritted his teeth.

[joy! Wicked bastard. The winged hat and shoes were originally symbols of Mercurius.]

[under… . Since when?]

Hermes frowned slightly.

[From a very long time ago!!]

Mercurius, the forgotten god, charged at Hermes.

The fight between the two proceeds with the agility of cheetahs.

Mercurius kept up with all of Hermes’ movements even without the winged equipment, and Hermes, sweating, swung his winged staff, Kerikeion, over Mercurius’ head over and over again.

After that, there was a fight between the reincarnated Hades and the forgotten god Dis.

[Why is this happening? Why does the king of the underworld look so energetic?]

[Hmph, that’s laughable… !]

The fight between Athena and Minerva.

[Now are you going to steal my achievements? He’s a funny kid!]

[That was not your achievement, it was mine!!]

The fight between Ares and Mars.

[Let’s have an exciting fight! Are you the same god of war?]

[I like those words!]

The fight between Hephaestus and Vulcan.

[One blacksmith is enough!]

[That one will be me!]



Endless flashes and roars erupted from all directions.

The brutal battle between the present and the forgotten gods was already reaching its climax not long after it began.

[…] … It’s bloody.]

[…] … Well, it’s different from us.]

A fight between seasoned forgotten gods who, unlike themselves, are not inferior to the current famous gods.

The Forgotten Gods, who had hesitated even against Cheon Taerang, looked blankly at their seniors.


Their eyes returned to the particularly clear sound of footsteps.

Cheon Taerang gave off a wry smile as his entire body radiated the inner energy of the Heavenly Demon Godkong.

The forgotten gods had already been oppressed by Cheontaerang’s energy for a long time.

[Seed… How can that be a human?]

[I’ve never seen a person like that before… .]

The forgotten gods looked fed up.

Cheon Taerang just giggled silently as he looked at that.

“Kkekeu, how dare you look at me and call me ‘that kind of person’. That’s fun. fun… !!”

When Cheontaerang raised both hands, he shouted! In an instant, several intangible swords appeared.

As the bluish blades of the great swords were aimed at them, the forgotten gods immediately hardened their expressions.

[this… Seed.]

[No matter what happens, kill it… !]

“okay! Come! I’m thinking of going on a rampage for the first time in a while… !”


A bloody energy rose from Cheon Tae-rang’s body.

If this had been a powerhouse, all the martial arts people would have been terrified, but in the middle of the battlefield of the gods, even Cheon Taerang’s all-out endurance could not be said to be special.

“Kkeukkeuk, there are a lot of monsters in the world! “Asura, that guy wasn’t everything that God was!”

Cheon Tae-rang began to use his internal power more and more explosively, recalling the time when he personally met Asura, the god worshiped by the Demonic Cult.




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Ju Soo-yul, who had been watching Cheon Tae-rang’s crazy appearance from afar, turned his head.

‘I guess that’s enough here. This fight needs to go into overtime as much as possible… .’

The final destination of this life is not the war of the gods.

Only by killing Chaos will we be able to escape this horrible cycle of reincarnation.

‘I’m confused now. mother.’

Is the price of this endless reincarnation really for all of us?

A familiar image appeared on Ju Ju-yul’s retina.

‘Yoo Dam-deok… … .’

Damdeok was emitting tremendous energy in the air.

It was so huge that no one dared to approach it.

Damdeok was floating like a fetus in the round sphere-like flow of energy.

‘Anyway, even if I don’t tell you, I always do well… … .’

What I felt while watching Damdeok during his over 1869 reincarnations was:

‘Provide only the minimum amount of information.’

That was the way to maximize Damdeok’s potential abilities.

Damdeok was more flexible and bold in his thinking than anyone else, and he also had the ability to act to put those ideas into practice.

‘Maybe that’s another talent of that guy… … .’

Ju Soo-yul looked at the sphere of energy created by Damdeok.

After some gods tried to attack and were helplessly thrown away, most of them turned off their minds and continued to fight their own battles.

The gods glanced at Won-gu and occasionally made long-range attacks, but it was no use.

Ju Ju-yul knew very well what that Won-gu really was.

‘I contacted my mother.’

Goddess, Gaia.

She poured all her power into creating a system of gods and sealed herself deep within it, attempting to escape the destruction scenario of Chaos.

of course,

Because the operation was successful, Gaia was able to return the world’s time to before the destruction, and without anyone noticing, the Earth’s time gradually moved forward and continued to prosper.

In some ways, this would be a good thing for everyone.

The world is destroyed repeatedly, but no one remembers that fact, and although destruction has not yet been completely prevented, the time of destruction has been delayed little by little.

‘But mother, I no longer…’ … .’

Ju Soo-yul lowered his head for a moment.

And I looked at Damdeok, who was in silent contact with Gaia.

Even though my eyes were closed, it was clear to me what state I was in right now.

‘I’m probably regaining all my memories from my past life.’

Then you will remember that in your previous life you cut out the heart of Chaos.

Unfortunately, he was annihilated by Chaos’ breath before he could be completely destroyed, but it was the first time in thousands of reincarnations that he succeeded in cutting out his heart.

A near-miraculous achievement.

Damdeok was a strange guy who grew frighteningly as his life progressed.

‘Even though all the children from the beginning except me lost their memories, that guy always surpassed everyone by himself.’

In the end, Damdeok made the 12 strongest of the original 100 priests and led them into the middle of Tartarus, where Chaos was located. This was the last moment of Damdeok’s life.

‘In this life… … .’

Kill Chaos, protect the world created by Mother Gaia, and hope that we all escape this horrible cycle of reincarnation… … .

Ju Soo-yul gazed at Damdeok, and at that very moment,


Damdeok’s eyes opened.

At the same time, the sphere of light surrounding him glowed brightly,


Soon, the large sphere of light began to get smaller and smaller.

As the sphere of light, which had been getting smaller as if being sucked toward the center of Damdeok’s body, disappeared, its shape disappeared.


Damdeok’s feet moved.

Damdeok walks straight through the air without saying a word.

His eyes, filled with a bright light, were something different from before.

[uh? Look over there. The strange barrier surrounding that guy is gone.]

[I see. So what on earth is this guy doing?]

[Whatever happens. Let’s get rid of it first.]

Several forgotten gods rushed toward Damdeok.

But for some reason, no gesture was made this time.

Snow White did not transform, nor did he summon an intangible sword.

Damdeok just walked straight and quiet.

[what. Is the show over now?!]

[Kkeuk, you must be exhausted after showing off that much divine power.]

[Don’t be too upset. Because there are a lot of top-level gods like you here now.]

This was when their sharp weapons got close to Damdeok.


The half-circle of light that had disappeared reappeared and embraced Damdeok.

Tooung! Boom! Boom!

Weapons that were thrown away helplessly.

It was an instant.

The semi-circle of light opened like a huge mouth and swallowed up the forgotten gods before my eyes.


[The Heavenly Sword Fighting God’s talent is activated!]

[Absorbs the abilities of the preyed target!]


[I have obtained the power of the river god Akelous, !]


[I have obtained the power of the apple tree god Abellio!]


[I have obtained the power of the star god Tawarat!]

Without even looking at the floating message, Damdeok kept his gaze straight ahead.

Where his gaze landed, Zeus and the forgotten god, Jupiter, were attacking each other with flashing lightning in their hands, and Odin and the forgotten god, Hod, were attacking each other with spears. They were fighting bravely while wielding swords, and Horus and the sun god La claimed that they were the gods of Egypt and created a large number of mummies to compete in strategy and tactics. Numerous main gods were involved in each battle. was unfolding fiercely.

“If this world is not saved by the gods… … .”

Damdeok muttered and walked straight towards them.

A group of forgotten gods who defeated one of the current gods in a 3-on-1 attack found Damdeok walking through the air, muttering.

[Did you just see it?]

[That guy devoured our comrades… !]

[Mr. !]

Some of the forgotten gods rushed at him again, but Damdeok didn’t even pay attention to them.

Before they could rush to him, Damdeok arrived right above where the battle between the gods was taking place and quickly lowered his gaze.

[This monster… !]

[die… !]

Forgotten gods rushing at you viciously.

But in the blink of an eye, they were devoured by the semi-circular light.


[The Heavenly Sword Fighting God’s talent is activated!]


[I have obtained the power of the rock god Taous, !]


[I have obtained the power of Benaus, the god of ranching!]


[The power of Sandra, the god of childbirth… … .]

The light surrounding Damdeok’s body repeatedly grows stronger and lighter in accordance with the messages that emerge.

But he still didn’t care and just looked down at his feet.

“If this world is not saved by the gods… … .”

Looking at the gods fighting fiercely below, Damdeok muttered once again what he had just said.

Soon, Damdeok’s eyes began to glow the same color as when the power of devouring was activated.

“… … “Then I will become the only god in this world.”


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