I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 157

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#157. 100th child

“so? What happens when he gains the ‘power of devouring’?”

A sharp voice echoed in the darkness.


In the deep darkness, Elia was staring straight into gloomy, huge eyes.

Tartarus laughed lowly.

[It is not the power of predation, but the talent of predation.]

“Either that, or that… . Are you trying to play with me now? “Tell me clearly what you will do next.”

Tartarus let out a deep sigh at those words.

[Kkeuk, don’t be cocky, Elia. Just because you are favored by Chaos does not mean that I also cherish you.]

At those words, Elia silently stared into the eyes of the abyss, Tartarus.

He is the primordial god located in the deepest part of the world, and a god who exists in the very concept of space.

Chaos, his father’s faithful right-hand man, and although one of the gods forgotten by people, he was the only one with greater power than any of the incarnations.

‘It’s no good to be bothered for no reason, but… … .’

Elia was frustrated in her own way.

Wasn’t there a plan to quickly start a war of gods and then take advantage of the entire dimension being thrown into chaos to eliminate the 12 guardians mentioned in the prophecy one by one?

If he did so, in the end, all worlds would be destroyed, just as his father, Chaos, wished.

The War of the Gods was only the trigger for a great destruction scenario, and was not the goal in itself.

But… … .

Elia’s brow furrowed.

“Yoo Dam-deok, he’s still a high-ranking god, but isn’t it normal for him to be embarrassed in the war of gods?”

Her eyes looked straight at the huge eyes in front of her.

The images of gods fighting chaotically were reflected in the eyes.

The presence of Damdeok, the familiar two-block haired man who stood out among them, had already become too strong to be called a high-ranking god.

“Why isn’t that guy pushed at all…?” … ?”

Elia’s eyes narrowed further.

[This guy has already reached the level of the highest god. He has clearly imprinted his presence on the gods of all dimensions, so it is no wonder.]

Elia bit her lip.

“… … How did you gain strength so quickly? Wouldn’t it be a simple structure where the value of your name increases indefinitely just by catching the attention of all the gods? also… “Is it because of the power of predation that you were able to capture everyone’s attention?”

[You said it was a talent for predation. It’s not power. The two are completely different. And that’s a talent he’s had since the beginning.]

Instead of answering questions, he just spins around.

Elia didn’t like the way Tartarus responded, but since it wasn’t a good idea to get on her nerves, she decided to move on.

“… … So what exactly is it? “What on earth is the talent for predation?”

At those words, the huge eyes in the darkness blinked a couple of times.

Then he slowly let out a voice.

It was a truly shocking statement for Elia to hear.

[The talent for predation is exactly what it sounds like… . A talent that can eat gods.]

Elia took a breath.

“They say they can eat the gods…” ?”

As her surprised eyes start to shake aimlessly, the world reflected in Tartarus’s eyes also begins to shake.

In that shaking world, the scene of Damdeok eating the forgotten gods who were attacking him was clearly shown.


The sphere of light surrounding Damdeok opened like a huge mouth,


It eats up the forgotten gods that rush at it in one bite.

It was a shocking scene.

Elia’s body trembled.

“That… Does that make sense?!”

Tartarus just looked at her in silence.

[Why doesn’t it make sense? I just told you. The talent of predation is said to be the talent to eat gods.]

“still… But how… . Wait, so that guy is now… ?”

Elia’s eyes widened even more as if she realized something.

This time, Elia didn’t ask anything, but Tartarus spoke first.

[okay. That guy will now eat all the gods and become one giant god himself. Hehehe, what a cocky kid.]

I had expected it, but hearing it in person made me even more shocked.

“… … you, … you. now… Is now the time to smile carefree? Why didn’t my father know that? “If he had known, he would have made a prophecy.”

[Chaos knows everything about creation, but he cannot predict the actions of Goddess Gaia.]

“… … “You mean Gaia gave Damdeok that talent as a gift?”

[Well, rather than thinking of it as a gift, it would be more accurate to say that it was kept hidden. As you know, isn’t Gaia the shameless goddess who stabbed Chaos in the back 1869 times? Kkeukkeuk, of course Juso-yul realized everything in this life because of that stupid child from the beginning.]

Seeing Tartarus smiling sinisterly, Elia bit her lip so hard that it bled.

Shameless goddess, Gaia.

Chaos, the father of all things.

There was only one reason why I, who was not a forgotten god, believed and followed these sentences, which were no different from the formulas of forgotten gods, like the Bible.

“The first child is special.”

“I will give you the talent to remember all your memories.”

The voice of my mother, Gaia, came to mind.

The sight of him looking at Jo Soo-yul and speaking warmer than ever.

Ju Ju-yul was the first child among the children of the beginning.



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Thus, he was a child who monopolized his mother’s love.

Even when everyone was thrown into a scenario of destruction, Ju Ju-yul had the right to remember and control it all.

‘I was afraid… … .’

I was scared and scared.

Because when I heard those words, I had vivid memories of my terrible death in my first life.

As I watched the limbs of 99 children being ripped out, torn to pieces, and burned to death one after another, I went through that vivid hell where I was finally swallowed alive by a black fireball… … .

Elia shook her head vigorously.

Without realizing it, my body was shaking.

But doesn’t that mean that we will have to repeat that terrible massacre dozens or hundreds of times in the future?

And without remembering anything.

Until someone kills Chaos.

Do you know when that will happen?

‘It’s too harsh.’

Elia thought her mother was irresponsible.

They said that humans were created to live only in peace, love, and prosperity in the arms of the gods, but now that the world of the gods is in danger, I thought it was truly hypocritical of them to sacrifice humans to atone for it.

So I asked my mother.

“What talents will you give us?”

I said this because I thought it was unfair to give special talents only to Ju Soo-yul.

Mother Gaia smiled softly at those words.

It was strange.

I loved that laughter in my previous life, but suddenly I hated it to the point of disgust.

“I’m the 100th child. This is my last child. “You are a special being.”

Her mother’s voice was as warm as ever, but at that time, Elia felt his stomach twist.

It felt as if the black fireball that had engulfed me was raging deep within my heart.

At that time, Elia felt it for the first time.

Chaos, that the father is with him… … .

“I will give you all the talents you deserve. That is this mother’s last gift.”

At Elia’s request, Gaia began giving gifts of ‘talent’ to the children of the beginning.

“It’s the fourth child. You like colorful fireworks. “I will give you the talent for fire magic.”

“Wow! thank you. mother!”

Little Adele Sharon was overjoyed.

“It’s the 7th child. You are well versed in weapons. Among them… okay! You love the sword. “I will give you the talent for swordsmanship.”

「Wow, thank you! mother!”

Little White Cloud shouted as he accepted the shining sword.

Following them were Alui, who received wings, Etin, who received a gigantic body, Pao, who received the talent of ruling, Taerang Cheon, who received the talent of martial arts, Namgung Do-ok, who received the talent of the axe, Cheongunak, who received the talent of the shield, etc.

Aren’t the children who were afraid of the future with the same expression as they were just a moment ago all excited after accepting the talent Gaia gave them?


Elia felt the black fireball inside her growing bigger.

How can there be such simple and stupid creatures?

It was so pitiful and pitiful that I just wanted to throw it away.

“You are the 99th child… … .」

Eventually, Gaia, who had distributed gifts to most of the children, stood in front of Damdeok and spoke for a moment.

Little Damdeok looked straight at the goddess with bright eyes.

In little Damdeok’s hand, he held a grass blade sword that he had made himself.

“I like swords!”

Little Damdeok shouted brightly.

But Gaia shook her head with a somewhat bitter expression.

“I’m sorry. Each person can only have one talent. “The talent for swordsmanship has already passed to the 7th child?”

From afar, I saw a little white cloud holding a sword of light and swinging it beautifully.

Little Damdeok, who was staring at the scene, pouted his lips with a disappointed expression.

“Then give me wings so I can fly in the sky…” . “So you can swing your sword beautifully.”

Gaia’s gaze turned to Alui, who was flapping her wings.

Damdeok’s gaze also moved along.

And then he grumbled with an expression as if he had lost the world.

“What’s this. Since I’m number 99, I don’t have much talent to receive… . Take all the good things from the front… … .」

Gaia smiled and hugged Damdeok warmly.

He whispered something in his ear and immediately held the ball of light in his arms, but Damdeok’s expression was not that bright.

Maybe it wasn’t the talent I wanted.

Elia was watching the scene right behind her.

‘It’s not fair. ‘The sooner a child is born, the better talents they have.’

I thought that if everyone was taken from the front, it would be unfair to the children like Damdeok and myself who were made last.

Mother Gaia stroked Damdeok’s head one last time and came closer to her.

The black fireball inside Elia roars! It burned.

“I have other talents that I want to have.”

Gaia stared in surprise for a moment at Elia, who spoke confidently, then spoke. She smiled.

“You said your mother would erase our memories.”

“yes. For all you lovely people… .」

Elia interrupted.

And I looked straight into my mother’s eyes.

“Please give me that ability too.”

“What do you mean?”

“The ability to erase memories!”

Elia slowly reopened her closed eyes.

In the abyss of his eyes, I saw Juso-yul standing tall.

‘This is why you can’t remember me.’

A talent that allows one to erase one’s own memories from others.

okay. So Ju Ju-yul loses to himself.

She never remembers herself,

‘Because I can remember everything, including you.’

[Kkeuk, are you done with your sentimental reminiscences? There is no time to procrastinate. We have to stop that little guy before he eats all the gods. If you leave it like that, it’s going to be quite a pain in the ass.]

Tartarus grinned and opened his huge eyes even further.

The screen that showed Ju Soo-yul was reversed, and Damdeok was shown.

Damdeok is launched towards the highest gods such as Zeus and Odin.

Elia opened her mouth with a stern expression.

“okay. let’s go. “Because I also want to end this awful reincarnation.”


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