I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 155

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#155. 1869 life


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Discovering fragments of new memories… … .]

Damdeok’s body stiffened.

Messages that appeared before my eyes.

The moment I laid eyes on those countless printed words, vivid memories began to come to mind, as if the film in the projection room had been turned off again.

“I’ll call you the original 100 people.”

Warm and soft voice.

The goddess’s voice was warm.

Just hearing the voice made me feel at ease, as if I had returned to being a fetus in my mother’s womb.

“This is your land and world. From now on, just live as you wish, as you wish, to your heart’s content.”

From the giant palm of the goddess, dwarf-like children pour out onto the lawn.

The first 100 people.

They were the first humans created by the goddess Gaia in the image of God.

Little humans, like newborn baby elk, run around in the grass.

At that moment, Damdeok felt like his breath was taken away.

“what… … They are all… … .”

Self-talk comes out of my mouth without me even realizing it.

100 little humans.

It wasn’t the first time they had seen each other.

“Look at this! “It’s a bracelet made from blades of grass!”

“What are you going to use something like a bracelet for? A huge sword like Ares’s is cool!”

A girl and a boy cutting grass on the lawn.

‘… The female employee I saw when selling dwarven weapons to a guild store… … .’

And the general manager of the store.

Behind the two of them laughing and chatting, another familiar face runs past.

“Hey! exciting! “If you practice running hard, Hermes will give you winged shoes!”

“Don’t run. I fall.”

When a boy who looked like a naughty boy ran ahead, the boy who was following behind him responded politely.

Damdeok had to mutter their names without realizing it.

“Cheonjungak… Heavenly army evil… Why are they… … .”

It wasn’t just them.

“Who wants to play hide and seek! Stick here!”

“hide and seek? What is it?”

“Huh? You don’t even know that? “It’s a game taught to us by the goddess Demeter!”

“now! Let’s all gather together! “I thought it would be fun?”

A boy becomes an alley leader and starts playing happily.

He had a stockier physique and a louder voice than the other children.

“… … Mr. Namgung Do-eok.”

Through Damdeok’s field of vision, muttering as if possessed by something, the children started playing hide and seek! It starts to make noise and disperse.

The faces of the children passing by were all people he had met at least once somewhere.

Na Do-il, the garrison commander who blocked him when the gate was destroyed.

A guild member who looked at him with envy at the Sangun Guild training ground.

My father’s mercenary father was almost killed by a monster when the Underworld Grandmother Gate burst.

Recently, even a young soldier stood dazed in the waters off the East Sea where the war of gods broke out.

They are all,

They were all faces that Damdeok knew.

“what… What the heck… … .”

Damdeok felt his head pounding.

The laughter of many children echoed and hit my ears.

Even if you look around, you will see that the 100 people from the beginning on the lawn are all people you had a connection with at least once.

Damdeok was staring at the fragments of memory so blankly that he even forgot that he was floating in the air.

“What are you doing here?”

A familiar voice is heard.

A girl with straight black hair.

There was no way Damdeok didn’t know who the child with particularly distinct features was.

‘Address rate… … .’

She was talking to a boy squatting alone.

“Why don’t we play together?”

“Kids make fun of me because I’m not good at hiding.”

“Gaia said that. We are imperfect beings, so no one can be good at everything from the beginning. let’s go. If you hide, you will be able to hide well.”

Jooyul grabbed the boy’s hand.

The boy gets up reluctantly.

The face of the child who got up from his knees with a thump was just like Damdeok’s own when he was a child.



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“let’s go.”

A boy walks away while holding Ju Soo-yul’s hand.

And the silver-haired siblings watching quietly from behind.

‘Leo Lux… Elia Lux… … .’

Around them, white-haired little Baekoreum and blonde-haired little Adele Sharon run around to catch butterflies.

Little Cheon Taerang is lost in contemplation while playing the grass flute, and little Pao is digging in the dirt to make a hideout.

Damdeok was embarrassed and shocked by this whole situation.

‘how… What are the 100 people of the beginning? … .’

As soon as I think about it like that, the memories suddenly begin to flow quickly, as if in fast forward.

In an instant, the little children went through adolescence and became adults.

And the shadow of misfortune soon comes.


“It’s war!!”

“The gods have started a war!!”

In that field that was thought to be paradise on earth, the original 100 people began to disperse.

The sky turned black and lightning struck.

The ground was seething like a bull and spitting out hot fire.

The doors to all dimensions open and various gods pour down.

Abi Gyu-hwan (阿鼻叫喚).

There was no human being who could be free in the face of that cruel world.

“Ahh… !」

“Wow… !」

“Ugh… … !」

Familiar faces fall one by one.

Their adult bodies are torn to pieces, leaving only blood and flesh scattered on the ground.

Weak humans who do not dare to stand up to the gods.

A huge war in which gods of all dimensions killed and killed each other was a disaster that should not have happened to humans.

As their powers turned toward each other and supported evil, the world gradually became engulfed in darkness.

When it’s all finally over,

… … .

Something huge writhing in the dark.

Chaos. Chaos.

Only his faint laughter echoed eerily, and no other beings survived in the world.

‘… … what’s this. ‘Even the gods eventually die?’

I didn’t want to admit it.

Wouldn’t it end if we just stopped the war between the gods?

Then, what on earth are the 12 Guardians for? … .

As if to answer Damdeok’s question, the vision reversed again.

“Children of the beginning.”

Same field.

The voice of the same goddess.

100 identical little children.

However, unlike the first time, the goddess’s expression looked extremely heavy and solemn.

The goddess, Gaia, opened her mouth with a sad face.

Her face was bigger than all 100 children combined, but strangely enough, it didn’t seem scary.


I only feel indescribable sadness.

“I’m sorry. You are the only ones who can destroy ‘it’… … .」

The goddess trailed off.

The 100 little children seemed to vaguely know that this was the basis of a certain feeling of regret.

“What is ‘it’? mother?”

Addressul was the first to ask.

Gaia smiled when she saw that address.

My first work of art.

The child he modeled after himself was smarter than he could have imagined.

“‘It’ is Chaos. He is the beginning and father of everything in this world. “Strictly speaking, he is also your father.”

He asked with a look on his face that said he didn’t understand the address.

“Why is my father leading the world to destruction?”

Gaia’s expression darkened in an instant.

“I don’t know much about that either. but… … .」

The goddess looked around at the children she had created.

There wasn’t a single thing that wasn’t done with great care.

She opened her mouth in a sorrowful voice.

“It seems like he who has been in spiritual sleep for a long time now wants to reveal his existence… … .」

The children of the beginning did not understand.

They didn’t have much experience, having only lived for less than 10 years and were killed in an absurd manner.

Therefore, they did not understand exactly what Mother Gaia meant.

“Disaster will repeat itself. All existence will disappear. but… but… I am… This I… … ! I can’t… ! I just can’t watch it like that… … !!」

The angry voice of the goddess I heard for the first time.

The children of the beginning could only look at the goddess with bated breath.

It was then.

Little Damdeok quietly raised his head.

“If you’re worried about your father bringing disaster to the world that your mother created, shouldn’t your mother just get rid of him?”

It was an innocent question.

The goddess, Gaia, stared at Damdeok for a moment and then slowly shook her head.

“I cannot destroy ‘it’.”

“If you don’t have enough strength, you can get help from other gods, right?”

Damdeok asked again.

The other children were looking at Damdeok with wonder.

It was surprising that a guy who had no real presence would suddenly come out and say something like that.

The goddess sighed quietly.

“I’m the 99th child. You said something important. listen carefully. “My lovely children.”

It was the beginning of a terrible scenario that would lead to countless reincarnations and destruction.

「God. From the moment the gods were born, they were designed to be unable to defy their father, Chaos. That means that no matter what they do with their power, they cannot kill Chaos.”

“Then we can stop it!”

Damdeok stood up with his eyes shining.

All the children looked at him with shocked eyes.

The goddess Gaia also stared at him with surprised eyes.

Damdeok was holding a small wooden stick.

A child who particularly likes swords.

Gaia seemed lost in thought for a moment, then smiled.

“okay. I’m really grateful and honored that you said what I wanted to say instead. “You’re a brave child.”

When the goddess nodded and praised Damdeok, the children’s expressions suddenly darkened.

“Really we… … .」

“Killing that thing… … ?」

“The father of the gods, whom not even the gods can do anything about… … ?」

As if trying to calm their worries, the goddess opened her mouth in a very gentle voice.

“Don’t worry. I will pour all my strength into enabling you to use the ‘system’. Originally, ‘System’ was a power that only gods could use. One, that was also something I made… … . “I can at least grant you the status of gods.”

“We are given the status of gods, but we are essentially human, so you are saying that we can kill our father.”

Jo Soo-yul answered calmly.

Gaia quietly nodded.

“okay. If you can become a god in a human body, there’s no reason you can’t fight back. Aren’t there like 100 of you? There is only one enemy: Chaos. All you have to do is carry on your back the power of creation that this mother possesses, continuously reincarnate, and move forward until you achieve your great work. Do you understand?”

Her soft voice was as cozy as ever, but the children of the beginning were fearful and terrible about the future ahead.

The bloody memories of my previous life are still stuck in my mind, and I can’t believe I will experience similar events dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times in the future until I kill Chaos.

There was no torture like that.

The goddess, who sensed the children’s thoughts, mercifully opened her mouth.

“yes. Humans are creatures that tend to rely on memory. Don’t worry. I will keep your experiences alive, but I will make you completely forget your memories. But then you will forget what the Great Work is, so you will need a guide.”

Gaia’s eyes turned to Jusoyul first.

Ju Soo-yul calmly met her gaze.

Soon, the goddess’ huge hand gently wrapped Jusoyul.

“Don’t worry. I will always watch over you within the system. Come on, my lovely children. Move towards the cause. Erase the existence of ‘it’ from the world and protect everything in the world.”

A golden flash erupted from the goddess’s eyes.

Young Damdeok crossed his arms in an X shape and covered his eyes.

The same was true for other children of the beginning.

Damdeok, who was looking at the memories, also felt like he was going blind and took a step back.

As the memories faded before my eyes, I heard a familiar voice.

[The nameless goddess is happy!]

[Facing an unknown goddess!]

[Goddess Gaia gives you the forgotten talent of the Heavenly Sword Fighting God!]

Damdeok’s eyes sparkle! I woke up


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