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#152. War of the Gods (4)


Damdeok’s sword split the air.

Two hideous-looking monsters were cut in half and fell into the sea one after another.


Damdeok immediately cut down four more monsters that rushed at him.


As soon as he is cut down, eight more of his multiples attack him.

“I’m bored.”


Damdeok’s hands moved as if dancing.

Dealing with these small children was no longer a task.

It almost feels like catching mosquitoes when you have no talent.

‘Of course, it’s just as annoying.’

Damdeok silently waved his sword and looked straight ahead.

Pacific Gate.

Before I knew it, it was close enough to turn everything in sight red.

As we got closer and closer to the Pacific Gate, a huge number of monsters came pouring out from the east and west, like beans roasting in a flash of lightning, and it was enough to take Damdeok out of his wits.

“Damn, there’s really no end to it.”

The monsters I had seen at the gate so far were new blood.

The monsters were spreading everywhere like a school of flying fish covering the surroundings pitch black.

“This is so annoying.”

[ title effect is activated!]

[Raising ‘fear’!]

At the monsters that had momentarily fallen into a state of abnormality and froze, he fired a series of blackening slashes, wave cuts, and glacier splits.

Cham chan chan chan!!


Coo coo coo!!

The Cheonma Divine Techniques taught by Cheon Taerang were too valuable to be used on small children, so Damdeok was saving them for now.

“How… “It seems like the closer we get to the gate, the slower our progress becomes.”

If you cut me, it will run again,

If you cut me, it will run again,

There were so many monsters that it felt like I was swinging my sword infinitely in the endless space of Moebius.

In fact, he could have just ignored the ignorant people rushing at him and just reached the gate quickly, but Damdeok chose to attack head-on.

The reason was simple.

“If this large number flocks to the East Sea without exception… .”

Just thinking about it made me dizzy.

The gate monsters have already become stronger. They are difficult for the military and hunters to deal with.

“I guess it’s fortunate that trustworthy priests have joined us.”

Pao and the ice giant Etin were sent to Busan below, and Baekgureum and Alui are working together to fight above.

It would be much better than just having an army and hunters.

‘Tch, wouldn’t it be better if we all came together in the first place?’

Jooyul’s outstanding fighting skills. Adele Sharon’s archmage abilities. And even a martial arts skill comparable to that of Cheontaerang’s Asura God.

If those three had joined forces, Damdeok would have already arrived at the gate.

‘I can’t help it. As the situation is like this, I have no choice but to deal with the guys in front of me as much as possible and then move on.’

Damdeok quickly cleared out the monsters around him, leaving behind the Heavenly Demon Spiritual Powers he would use in the fight against the gods.

And finally,


Damdeok’s body touched the border of the huge gate.

“… “Do you still have feelings?”

Damdeok glanced back and smiled.

As I cut down the monsters again and again, the effect of the title Ruler of Gorgon Island had leveled up rapidly.

Is it because the level of fear radiating from oneself has become completely different than before?

Even the monsters that had been running at him without any hesitation were now starting to notice and didn’t bother to rush at Damdeok.

Thanks to this, a spotless and clean air was created within a 1km radius of Damdeok.

“It will happen a long time ago.”

Damdeok smiled and shook off the blood-stained sword.

The scary gate was right in front of us.

“The war of the gods is going on here… .”

A huge gate that sways like a magic mirror. It looked like a huge pit had formed in the air.

“It’s quieter than I thought.”

When I looked beyond it, I saw an unexpected sight.

‘The fight hasn’t happened yet.’

The camp was divided into two.

On the left are several portals.

On the right is a black portal.

And in each dimension, there were gods crowded together.

‘A gate within a gate… .’



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Multiple gates.

It was a sight I had never seen before.

Several familiar faces were visible at each portal.

From Greek gods such as Zeus and Hephaestus, to Norse gods such as Thor and Loki, to Egyptian gods dressed entirely in sand-colored clothes… .

“Does each dimension have a world view?”

As I was facing that majestic scene, this thought automatically came to my mind.

‘Will I be able to survive against them now?’

The thought didn’t last long.

Damdeok jumped straight into the gate.

* * *

Inside the center of Pacific Gate.

A place where the energy is so violent that an ordinary human, or even an ordinary low-level god, would be crushed right away.

However, contrary to expectations outside, the inside of the gate was actually frighteningly quiet.


Greek mythology.

Norse mythology.

Egyptian mythology.

Asian mythology.


The portals of all mythical worlds are open at the same time.

Unlike the colorful and colorful appearance of the gods, there was a huge portal open in the distance on the other side.

The forgotten gods, oozing black energy, were staring straight ahead with their mouths shut.

[Tch, those kids… Never mind this sadal! After all, I should have killed him instead of kicked him out!]

Inside the portal of Greek mythology, Ares, the god of war, standing in front, twirled his large sword and spoke.

He had been itching for a while and couldn’t bear it.

[I know. It’s disgusting, but I saved up a lot. When humans see this, they think they are just fine gods. You can’t tell them apart at all.]

Athena, who was next to her, also added something. Her spear was glowing bluish with deadly tinge.

[Uh-huh, Athena. Such a terrible sound… The authority of our gods has already fallen to the ground, so we can’t allow such unscrupulous bastards to be established.]

Poseidon stroked his beard, showing off his bulging muscles.

Athena said with a glare, as if she didn’t like Poseidon like that.

[Why do you always take off your top like that? Anyway, since they are gathered in one place like that, it is perfect to destroy them. What kind of confidence did they have to do this? .]

[joy! Don’t worry. Athena. This Poseidon will completely eradicate things like those cockroaches.]

As he lowered the trident of the waves once, the large arm muscles wriggled in unison.

There are gods who loathe these forgotten gods and are plotting to kill them right away.

“Hmm, but aren’t they the ones who were kicked out and forgotten?”

When Hercules spoke while stroking his chin, Hermes next to him smiled and agreed.

[therefore. It seems like everyone is reacting too seriously. Isn’t it obvious that we will win anyway?]

[yes. That one has already been eliminated for a long time. Do these people who can’t even use their physical strength properly think they can beat us just because they’ve raised their reputation through the gate? That’s funny.]

Naturally, there were gods who thought they would lead this great war,

[Ahaam~ How long are we going to have to wait? I’m bored to death.]

Dionysus, with curly blonde hair, took a gulp from a bottle of wine.

[You’re just looking at the liver, right? Because once they collide, both of them will surely die.]

Artemis said, petting the deer next to her.

[is it? Zeus has simple thoughts.]

[to? Was Zeus the commander-in-chief of this war? Isn’t it Odin?]

[What is it, Artemis? You didn’t even know that? Instead of just hunting every day, try communicating with the world.]

Artemis suddenly turned her head at Dionysus’ scolding.

[Persephone. Did you know too?]

[Um, no, I thought it was Odin too. Look, there are gods from over there next to us.]

For a moment, their gaze turned to the side.

Another dimension that flutters heterogeneously.

The Nordic worldview appears to be right next to the gate, but is actually far away.

There were many familiar gods inside.

Unlike the relatively free-spirited Greek gods, the Norse gods were strict, solemn, and serious.

[Wow, everyone’s eyes look scary. It doesn’t matter who is in charge, I just want to finish it quickly and take a nap~]

Dionysus looked alternately at Odin, Thor, and Loki standing at the front of the procession, then stretched and muttered.

[What a nap. Dionysus. You need to be more alert… .]

[Ah, stop nagging~ There are so many on our side, so why worry anymore~]

It was a time when the atmosphere was relaxed.


With a sound that shook the heavens and earth, Zeus stepped forward with a solemn face.

[Listen. Fools.]

In an instant, everything became quiet.

The Greek gods, who had been talking loudly, no longer talked.

The same goes for gods in other worldviews.

[Are you really planning to pay an irreversible and terrible price? If you leave here, I will no longer accuse you!]

At the same time that Zeus’ voice rang loudly, someone came up next to him.


Odin, the main god of Norse mythology.

One of his eyes, holding the javelin Gungnir, glowed fiercely.

[What are you talking about? The warriors of Asgard have already completed their preparations.]

Unlike Zeus, who tried to persuade, Odin was threatening as if he would jump out at any moment.

After that, Thor, Loki, and countless Asgardian warriors shouted.

“Of Asgard!!”



Zeus looked back at him quietly.

[Wouldn’t it be better to reduce damage if possible?]

[Look carefully, Zeus. They succeeded in calling us all here with powerful magic. Isn’t this the first time something like this has happened? Their power has become that much stronger. That means this fight can never be avoided.]

When Zeus reluctantly nodded, Odin’s Gungnir flew straight to the front of the enemy lines.


A thick line was drawn in front of the forgotten gods.

[I will cut off the head of the first person to cross that line. Soon it will become a celebration announcing our war.]

It was truly a provocative message.

The faces of the forgotten gods, already filled with shadow, began to become darker.

[cheeky… Do you still think we are beneath you!]

[Your arrogance ends today!]

[Kill it!! Let’s toast to the blood of our enemies!!]


The forgotten gods unleashed their immense lethality and broke through the line drawn by Odin at once.

Odin also clicked his tongue briefly and walked away with Gungnir in hand.

Gods poured out from dozens of portals like a swarm of bees.

The gods and the forgotten gods were on the verge of colliding with each other.

At that moment, a voice was heard from the sky.


In a situation like this, you probably wouldn’t have the presence of mind to look up at the sky, but for some reason, all of the charging gods stopped their actions and looked up blankly.


The presence of someone coming down from the sky was something I had never felt before.

[…] … .]

[Who the hell is that guy… .]

[What… ?]

Everyone’s eyes narrowed.



A sound several times louder than the clouds from Zeus and Odin’s feet shook the heavens and earth.


Amid the thick smoke, a man slowly stepped forward with his right foot.


[ skill is activated!]


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