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#153. War of the Gods (5)


[ skill is activated!]

As Damdeok’s right foot stepped forward with all his might, a circular energy spread in all directions.


The force was strong enough to push the massive bodies of Zeus and Odin, who were in front, slightly backwards.

Just one step.

But it delivered a heavy resonance to everyone, as if hitting the biggest drum in the world.

It wasn’t just Zeus and Odin.

The bodies of the two leaders were pushed, and needless to say, most of the gods behind them complained of pain.

[Ugh, what is that guy… ?]

[Was it a surprise attack from over there?]

[what? But why is it away from the center?]

[To do a surprise attack, don’t you have to fall from behind?]

The gods, confused by the sudden situation, looked at the epicenter of the incident.

My body tingles with heavy, unknown pain. The gods’ gazes turned straight ahead, frowning as if their entire bodies had been hit by a strong wave.


The smoke is slowly clearing.

Eventually, when Damdeok’s form was fully revealed, the eyes of several gods opened wide.

[…] Damdeok?]

Hephaestus, who was in front, was the first to mutter, followed by,


[what… ?]

[Hey~ That guy?!]

Ares, Athena, and Apollo, who were thoroughly intoxicated with the atmosphere, showed signs of welcome one after another.

[…] … .]

Of course, unlike those people, Hades has a scary face and Thor is looking at Damdeok blankly with eyes that don’t know what the current situation is.

And crucially, the eyes of the Egyptian gods, Horus, Anubis, and Set, who were located in the background, flashed fiercely at the same time.

[That bastard… !]

[That kid back then… ?]

[under! You’ve lost your cowardice. How dare you tell me where this is… .]

As soon as they recognized Damdeok, their expressions hardened, just like Hades.

No, it wasn’t just that his expression hardened, he was radiating murderousness.

Isn’t he a heinous man who destroyed the pyramid, their resting place, and even kidnapped the little pharaoh, an important sacrifice?

From their perspective, Damdeok was no different from Marshal Cheolcheon.

But you shamelessly show your face like that.

[That bastard went crazy because he really wanted to die… .]

The most aggressive Set gritted his teeth and glared at Damdeok.

The firm resolve from that day to tear that bastard to pieces was burning once again.

However, Set’s harsh gaze did not last as long as expected… .

“Sweet~ Huu~”

Damdeok started taking deep breaths.

From then on, the atmosphere changed rapidly.


A long mixture of divine power, magical power, and internal energy spewed out from Damdeok’s mouth.

It was an unusual breathing method.


As if Damdeok was creating a thick fog on his own, the surrounding air began to become heavy as Damdeok breathed.



The right side of Damdeok’s body was engulfed in strong black flame and burning,

Blah blah blah!

The left side of his body was covered in transparent ice, as if he were wearing thick armor.

Set’s body, which was about to rush at the sudden change in appearance, instinctively stopped.

Hades’ fingers, which had been secretly wriggling underneath, also stopped.

Damdeok’s drastic change in appearance was enough to catch everyone’s attention.

But that was just a signal.

The more Damdeok gathered strange energy, the more brilliant abilities he had ever seen came out like a show.


[ skill activated!]

First, bluish-shaped swords appeared around Damdeok’s body covered in black flame and ice,

[Activate the skill!]

A powerful and huge sword appeared above his head, as if he were the leader of the blue swords lined up like soldiers.

[The skill is activated!]

An unknown energy flowed even more around Damdeok’s body, which was already adorned with the utmost splendor.

It was a sight so great that it would make even the main god, who stands at the pinnacle of each myth, doubt his eyes.

A child is alone in heaven and earth.

All the gods fell silent at the sight of Damdeok showing off his enormous presence in an instant.



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Damdeok, who had focused his attention, took another deep breath,


[ skill is activated!]


Damdeok’s foot took another step.

Left foot this time.

Following the right step from earlier, he had only taken two steps.

But the aftermath… It was truly terrifying.

[Ugh… !]

[damn… ! What on earth!!!]

The bodies of all the gods were pushed back significantly.

The wind was stronger and more powerful than before, and it blew so hard that I had to narrow my eyes.

Heavenly Demon Army Limbo (天魔軍臨步).

This martial art means that one step of the Heavenly Demon is equivalent to the force of the Heavenly Age. Originally, it was supposed to be a weak power that would not be effective against gods, but with the power of Cheontaerang, who is equivalent to Asura, and the power of Damdeok, who is now a high-level god, combined, it is powerful. It was bound to go beyond imagination.

Damdeok takes two steps and stands tall.

… … .

Silence fell again.

None of the gods moved.

They were feeling it.

Damdeok’s current appearance is similar to that of a fighting god comparable to Zeus and Odin… .

It was from then on that the expressions of the gods who were watching from afar began to subtly change.


An unknown sense of anxiety began to spread widely.

Who the hell is that god?

Why are all these gods being overwhelmed by one unidentified god who suddenly appears?

Except for the Greek gods and a few gods from other mythologies, the gods gathered here did not know much about Damdeok.

It was natural for confusion to increase.

[Something… Strange.]

[That guy is definitely not on our side, right?]

[of course. Just by looking at it, I am the enemy! You are doing it.]

They didn’t notice anything.

What on earth is Damdeok in front of me trying to do?

What is the identity of those strange powers?

And soon, unfounded speculations began to emerge that he was the leader of the forgotten gods.

At that point, Zeus and Odin’s faces distorted at the same time,

Even the Forgotten Gods camp was not pleased with the current situation.

Especially the one with dull blonde hair and dark circles in the eyes. Helios, a forgotten god similar to Apollo but not at all like him, muttered.

[How pathetic… .]

He was very annoyed.

What a moment I had been looking forward to.

Isn’t this the moment to take cruel revenge on Apollo, the sun god, and his dirty followers, the Greek gods, who took away his honor, power, strength, ability, and everything?

But suddenly, some random god came in and completely changed the atmosphere.

Helios gritted his teeth.

[The person who deserves more attention than anyone else right now is not you, but Helios, the future sun god!!]

He, similar to Apollo, who pursues the beauty of indulgence, let out a loud roar.

However, Damdeok did not care at all what the evaluation of him was.

‘My whole body is overflowing with power.’

A force that is clearly different from before.

I am so full of energy that I can vividly feel every single blood vessel twitching.

‘I can do it, I can do it. Surely with this level of momentum!’

Damdeok slowly glanced at the current gods in front, then suddenly jerked his head back! I turned it.

Helios, who had been screaming loudly, stood still in surprise.

Damdeok grinned as he faced the evil eyes of the forgotten gods located behind him one after another.

“Wow, there really are a lot of people gathered here.”

Unfortunately, Elia and the Eye of the Abyss did not appear, but it was a place where all the gods that exist or have existed in the world were gathered.

Of course, the number was enormous, and it was a huge opportunity for Damdeok.

“Thank you everyone.”

Both gods frowned at Damdeok’s unknown words.

Among them, there were many who still did not properly understand Damdeok’s identity and intentions.

Damdeok’s body slowly rose into the air.

As they watched his Hermes shoes fluttering slowly, the gods on the Greek side began to whisper.

Damdeok continued speaking without hesitation.

That was not a speech to the gods, but a speech to myself.

“Perfecting reconnaissance work to reduce damage and testing how strong my strength has become. Of course, those two things are important, but the biggest purpose is separate… .”

[What on earth are you talking about?]

Odin, who could not hear anything, began to scold in a solemn voice.

But Damdeok was already reaching the state of trance.

“No matter how strong I have become, it might be too much to test myself against all these gods… .”

Zeus’ eyes narrowed as he looked at Damdeok, who was still only saying what he wanted to say.

[Have you gone crazy…? ? This guy barely saved me from almost being killed by Hades, and in the end!]

Stand tall.

Damdeok’s floating body stopped.

His eyes were suddenly closed.

Damdeok’s face, which has risen to an appropriate height, is much more visible than when it was on the ground just a moment ago.

The storm started with a small flap of wings.

[uh… ? I think I know who that guy is.]

[You know who it is?]

[Why did the lesser god fight Hades last time… .]

It wasn’t limited to one place.

[Why was there an uproar over the pyramid being toppled last time? .]

Regardless of the world or mythology, the story of Damdeok began to spread widely.

[Well, I heard that Thor and Loki are also close friends?]

[It is rumored that he is a special species that hangs out with the main gods since he was a low-ranking god.]

[I also killed the forgotten god who was the bane of Atlaum… .]

[They say it was that guy who dealt with Neptune.]

As it was a gathering place for all gods from all over the world, the name of Damdeok was spreading faster than ever.

In the murmur of conversation, the three letters ‘Yoo Dam-deok’ were spread around helplessly.

Damdeok was floating in the air, feeling all the changes.

[The value of the name increases significantly!]

[Your spiritual power increases!]

[The value of the name increases significantly!]

[Your spiritual power increases!]

Did I say to use a crisis as an opportunity?

War of the Gods.

What can be inferred from those terrifying words is an opportunity to make one’s name known to all the gods.

It was an opportunity like a double-edged sword that would never come again.


Damdeok’s eyes began to shine white as he held the sword with all his might.


[He’s rolling his eyes?!]

[…] This is ominous.]

All of the gods who were watching looked anxious. Some gods even hesitated and retreated.

The light emanating from Damdeok’s eyes began to grow stronger.


[Your strength increases at an incredibly fast rate!]

[Record the maximum!]

[The spiritual power becomes even faster… !]

In the midst of the bursting system messages, Damdeok’s eyes finally sparkle! I woke up

[congratulations! He has been crowned the highest god!]

[All creation bows to your power!]

[He will be crowned as the Supreme God of Swords and the Heavenly Sword Fighting God!]


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