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#151. War of the Gods (3)


An announcement announcing an emergency situation rang out loudly, along with a loud siren sound.

“Hurry up, you bastards!”


Troops poured out of the makeshift buildings with shouts.

The beach was already full and crowded as if it were the peak summer season.

What is different from usual is that humans are not the only ones filling the beach.


– Wow!

Monsters were constantly coming in with the waves.

“What the f*ck!”

“Kill them all!!”

As if playing with fireworks, explosive gunpowder and the hunters’ various skills explode! It exploded.

Quang! bang! Taang!


Thanks to this, the dark beach at night became as bright as day, and in the midst of the chaos, Sergeant Kim was staring blankly into space.

“Sergeant Kim! What are you doing!”

The squad leader, Corporal Choi, rushed over and helped Sergeant Kim.

“ah… .”

“Why are you doing this! Come to your senses!”

“Uh… .”

Sergeant Kim looked blankly toward the sea as if he was lost.

“What are you doing! We need to join the ranks quickly!”

The squad leader shouted again.

Only then did Sergeant Kim’s eyes slowly return to focus.

“okay… I’m alive, I’m alive… “Did I survive?”

The squad leader was momentarily speechless at the sight of Sergeant Kim making random noises and shaking his hands.

What on earth happened to him, who is usually more aggressive and outspoken than anyone else, to be so scared?

“What is this bastard~ You always say so many things to me, and now you are my torturer! Hey~”

Sergeant Lee was hesitating and laughing next to me.

The squad leader looked at Sergeant Kim’s dumbfounded face without saying a word.

His gaze was still directed towards the other side of the black sea.

“… … .”

The squad leader’s brows narrowed.

The beach was bright and dark repeatedly, and it was difficult to secure visibility.

The squad leader’s eyes, who had been staring at the other side of the sea for a long time, suddenly widened.

There was something flying leisurely into that pitch-black darkness.

“… “What is that?”

The squad leader’s watch, swallowing hard, already showed 7 o’clock.

* * *

Shoot ah-

The salty smell of the sea surrounds Damdeok’s entire body.

He was breaking through the pitch-black darkness alone.

‘I never thought monsters would appear so quickly… .’

Damdeok was lost in thought, shaking his wrists.



Menacing energy struck in all directions like lightning, and monsters were bound to appear on the ground it touched.



Very fast speed.

The monsters were quickly covering the entire beach, as if someone was continuously using summoning magic in an unseen place.

Of course, faced with this sudden situation, Sergeant Kim was foaming at the mouth and was on the verge of collapsing.

“Bow your head!”



Damdeok’s Black Flower Chamwol swept the beach several times.

“You two. If you want to attack the Guardian, get rid of them first. “How about it? It’s nice to have something to do now, isn’t it?”


「… Okay for now.”

Afterwards, the one-sided massacre of Alui and Baekgureum began.

Sergeant Kim, who watched the scene right in front of his eyes, was completely distraught as the blood and flesh of the monsters splattered.

‘But it’s a shame we were there.’

Otherwise, the young soldier would have become the first victim.

‘Anyway, thanks to you, I was able to separate Baekgureum and Alui well.’

On the beach that became chaos, their power was absolute.

Doing your best in each position.



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The two decided to add strength to their defense efforts. Now all that’s left is… .

Damdeok’s stern gaze was directed straight ahead.

Shoot ah-

A red gate can be seen between the dark blue waves crashing like an angry bull.

The Pacific Gate looks like a hellish landscape.

Even though they were still far away, the energy of the gods confronting them was vividly conveyed.


‘I haven’t even arrived near the gate yet, but it’s like this… .’

I couldn’t breathe due to the huge energy I felt, and my whole body started to feel numb.

‘Only a small portion of the energy reached the beach.’

The pressure of energy became more unimaginable as we got closer.

Even though only a small amount of energy has escaped, isn’t the coastal area already fighting for its life?

In a situation where the effects of the War of the Gods had only just begun, it was not a good sign to already be so outnumbered.

‘If stronger monsters appear here, or if gods with other purposes join the beach… .’

Gods of middle or upper level or higher with high spiritual power will do their best in this war to not lose the value of their name.

But what if you are a lesser god?

Anyway, fighting head-on would be a disaster, and there was little value in protecting the name, so there was a high chance of turning one’s attention to something else.

‘The bad guys who take advantage of the chaos are always more heinous.’

There was a good chance that they would come for the purpose of massacre rather than a power struggle.

‘My purpose now is only one.’

Protecting the land where my mother lives.

In the current situation, that was the top goal.

‘For that to happen, it would be important to understand how this situation is going now.’

That was the reason why he proclaimed himself a scout and flew all the way to this hellish gate.

‘I can clearly see how much stronger I have become.’


Damdeok moved quickly, loosening his hands and feet.

* * *


Cheon Taerang opened his mouth as he watched the burning bonfire.

“That’s funny. “Is your bond only like this?”

“… … .”

The address gave no answer.

It wasn’t that she didn’t expect Damdeok’s resistance, but she didn’t expect him to leave so soon.

‘That’s stupid… Even if we gather all the guardians, it won’t be easy, so what can we do now… .’

Jooyul bit his lower lip.

Damdeok won’t know.

How huge is the war of the gods, and how many dimensions are intertwined.

‘I explained it that way… .’

I talked to Damdeok from time to time, as if brainwashing him.

It is self-evident that if a war of gods breaks out, whatever form it takes, it will have an impact on the land we live in.

So, by gathering the guardians, we must minimize the damage.

Then, when both sides’ forces are weakened, the operation must be carried out in earnest to increase the probability of killing ‘it’… .

‘Always ahead of emotions… .’

Ju Soo-yul bit his lip without realizing it.

What should I do now?

There weren’t many options left for me anyway.

The guardians are connected to Damdeok by God’s call, so you can either go around and gather the remaining guardians alone, or follow what Damdeok says.

Cheon Taerang, who was quietly watching Ju Soo-yul’s actions, opened his mouth.

“What are we going to do now? The captain left while you were hesitating. First of all, I don’t understand this point. How could there be a difference of opinion with the captain? It is the virtue of a subordinate to simply follow… .”

Ju Ju-yul’s eyebrows twitched at the word subordinate.

“… “We are not subordinates.”

“Then what is it?”

“… … .”

“A colleague!”

Adele Sharon responded on behalf of the silent address.


“Was it too hard of a word? Then, friend!”

Cheon Taerang smiled at her words.

“Friend… Since ancient times, a friend is someone you should be able to lean on when times are tough, but in my opinion, Damdeok, that guy is carrying too much on his shoulders. “And yet you can call me friends?”

This time, Ju Soo-yul’s eyes turned towards Cheon Tae-rang.

“Do you know so much about us?”

“There is nothing I do not know.”

“There will probably be more in the future. After all, isn’t this someone who only lives in the martial arts world? “Sometimes you have to respect other people’s opinions.”

As Ju So-yul’s words became more aggressive, Cheon Tae-rang’s expression hardened.

“Where did sarcasm get so bad that you’re like this?”

Ju Soo-yul looked away without saying a word.

Now was not the time to be arguing inside.

Cheon Taerang stood up in silence and walked out of the cave.

“I think your opinion is correct. Anyway, in order to prevent bigger sacrifices, we need to be able to ignore the small sacrifices in front of us. “Maybe it’s you who has the qualities of a true leader.”

“Where are you going?”

Adele Sharon asked.

Cheon Tae-rang responded by looking straight ahead without stopping his steps.

“I have no regrets about this world anymore. My body has already killed countless people. “In this way, we have destroyed a world, so shouldn’t we do something as a means of atonement, even if it is small?”

“Does that mean you’re going to follow the evil business owner now?”

“It is not following, but going directly to the feet of the principal.”

Cheon Taerang’s feet stopped abruptly.

She slowly turned around and hinted to Ju Ju-yul.

“Oh no. Don’t be so stubborn and let’s go. “Your cool and calm personality will definitely help you make the best choice, but in the end, it is the foolish captain who thinks of everyone who will be recognized.”

Every word Cheon Taerang said quietly echoed throughout the cave.

Cheon Tae-rang was looking at Ju Ju-yul gently, as if a benevolent teacher was feeling sorry for his student.

“It’s foolish… Anyway, judging too late will make everyone unhappy. Think about it carefully. “I guess I’ll have to leave now.”

Cheon Taerang turned around without any regrets.

Smoother movements than ever before.

Adele Sharon asked as if she was really curious, looking at the perfect movement that seemed to be overflowing with coolness.

“excuse me… Sister Cheonma? But how are you going to get there? I think you must be mistaken, but we can’t go to another dimension unless we are Soyul or an evil business owner… ?”

Cheon Taerang’s feet once again stopped.

There was silence for a moment.

“… “Are you sure you’re not going?”

In response to her question, Jooyul stood up with a small sigh.

It would be foolish to fight head-on from the first day of a war.

Especially if the war is a war of gods.

It’s not just stupid, it’s very, very stupid and inefficient.

But that still made it even more stupid and inefficient to go and subjugate other guardians in the current situation.

“No matter how long you live, nothing in life goes your way.”

Ju Soo-yul walked towards Cheon Tae-rang.

And made direct eye contact with her.

“What the heck. If you want to go crazy like that, let’s do it right. Instead, just be sure to know. What we’re going to do now is jump into the middle of the battle of the gods. In any case, it will be on a different level from the fights we’ve had so far.”

“Of course. This seat surpasses Asura. “Isn’t that guy also a pretty famous god?”

Asura is the highest level god.

The god of Asura, who is said to be constantly at war.

There was no need to explain further how strong Cheontaerang was.

Addressul nodded and opened the system.

“Let’s begin the fight of our lives.”

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