I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 149

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#149. War of the Gods (1)

Inside the cave,

The sound of a crackling bonfire resonates unusually loudly.

The atmosphere was heavy.

“… Why on earth does it not work? “You have to go back right away!”

Damdeok, unable to bear it any longer, stood up and shouted.

A message from Poppy.

It was a message that signaled the inevitable beginning of war.

Since he has captured the Heavenly Demon Cheon Taerang, who has power comparable to that of a god, and has even inherited her peerless magic skills, what is there to hold back anymore?

But oddly enough, Jooyul had everyone sitting in the cave telling them to wait a moment and was just muttering in frustration.

“So what you’re saying now is that everyone is in danger and we should go on our next journey by ourselves? Are you going to that dragon nest or something? are you kidding?”

When Damdeok growled louder than usual, Adele Sharon and Baekgureum glanced at the two people to see what they were seeing.

Ju Soo-yul closed his eyes and sighed quietly.

“It can’t be helped. “We still don’t have enough power.”

Damdeok’s brow furrowed as he gave a firm answer.

“No matter what the situation is, war has broken out now. They need us there. “Then let’s go!”

“You don’t have to worry so much. In preparation for times like this, we built an underground bunker and integrated all the guilds. “Your mother will be safe too.”

“That’s not what you’re saying now. You think mom will be safe? “And what about other people?”

“Who else?”


Damdeok shouted.

Since Damdeok had always listened to and respected Jo Soo-yul’s words, everyone’s eyes widened at his sudden expression of anger.

“Don’t scream. “That doesn’t solve anything.”

Jo Soo-yul was alone and calm.

Damdeok became even more upset at the sight.

“It was expected that the war of the gods would break out quickly. So, I made my own preparations by creating an underground bunker guild. Besides, you were the one who suggested gathering as many priests as possible. Do you think it is possible to collect more in this situation? But now that all 12 people haven’t gathered, I can’t go? “Do you think that makes sense?”

“… … .”

Damdeok continued speaking without stopping.

“So what you’re saying is that we’re gleefully gathering priests in this situation where war has broken out?”

Ju Soo-yul’s tone also became sharp due to Damdeok’s sarcastic remarks.

“It’s not something to be happy about, it’s something that can’t be helped. As you said, we have done everything we can to defend ourselves. What are you worried about? In any case, it’s not like everyone will perish at once just because the Pacific Gate explodes. Now we have to increase our odds of winning… .”

“What odds? “If we don’t go, won’t our odds of winning get lower?”

“No, in the end, the probability of losing will increase.”

“what? Why is it getting so high! “So what about the people who will die while we gather priests?”

“that… .”

Ju Soo-yul’s expressionless gaze turned towards Damdeok.

“It is an unavoidable sacrifice.”

Damdeok gritted his teeth at her words.

“… okay. “You’ve been like that from the beginning.”

“Don’t react emotionally. “If we don’t go to the next guardian now, Elia might strike first.”

“Do not be ridiculous. Cheontae and that guy are fine. And if a real war broke out, there would be a high probability that Elia would be in the Pacific right now. is not it?”

“You don’t know that. And Cheontaerang is an exception. “Because Elia is an opponent you can’t beat.”

“done. “I don’t want to argue with you anymore.”

Damdeok suddenly turned around.

The others were restless, and Cheon Tae-rang was observing the situation with an interested expression.

Damdeok, who was leaving the cave, suddenly stopped.

“If this is going to happen, then why did we gather the Guardians for this?”

With those words, Damdeok left the cave.

Silence fell once again, and only the sound of the bonfire crackling softly echoed.

Zhou Juyul quietly closed his eyes.

* * *

“Brother, can we really go by ourselves?”

“It seems like it’s too urgent… .”

White Cloud and Alui glanced back at the cave entrance and said.

Immediately after Damdeok came out, the two noticed him and followed him.

Cheon Tae-rang and Adele Sharon are next to Ju Soo-yul, so the situation is completely divided into 3 to 3.

Damdeok looked at the two while fiddling with the system.

“Do you remember the explanation when you joined as a priest?”

“I remember.”

“I remember.”

The story is that the forgotten gods want to take the place of the current gods and start a large-scale war, and since it is a huge event that affects all dimensions simultaneously, the 12 guardians in the prophecy must protect their respective dimensions.

What they meant was clear.

“If war breaks out, it is right for us to minimize the damage in our respective positions. That’s why we’re wandering around and gathering guardians. “Am I wrong?”


“that’s right.”

“The gate has opened in the Pacific, so we just have to go to the Pacific and fight. okay?”





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The two guys nodded at the same time.

Baek Cloud was drunk on heroism,

Alui was a peace-loving person.

Although their minds were fundamentally different, their will to prevent war was the same.

Damdeok met the two’s firm gazes and nodded.

“good. Then just keep going like this. It doesn’t matter what the address rate says anymore. Anyway, everything he says is a prophecy… .”

Damdeok struggled to swallow his next words.

I decided that there was no need to cause trouble among my companions.

Instead, he muttered to himself.

‘The prophecies are all things I discovered through endless reincarnation.’

Prophecy and reincarnation.

The two are necessarily different.

Prophecy is about seeing what will happen in the future, but experience cannot be the same in all lives, no matter how many times you have been reincarnated.

‘Address rate. ‘Not everything you say is correct.’

Damdeok touched the system message with a stern expression.

* * *

“Attention everyone!!

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime! “Sacrifice your life for your country and your family!”


As soon as they arrived, what the group saw was a group of soldiers and hunters lined up on the beach, raising their weapons, all very nervous.





Far across the sea,

The sky turned red and a black whirlwind pillar appeared, as if the end of the world had come.

The Pacific Gate was constantly exploding and exploding.




“brother… “Could it be that what we are looking at right now is the Pacific Gate?”

“You said the human world is a better place to live than the demon world… .”

White Cloud and Alui muttered at the same time.

“No, that doesn’t make sense! Is the Pacific Ocean really this close? “Is the gate visible at a glance like that?”

‘It’s much bigger than I thought.’

Damdeok applied saliva to his dry lips.

It’s not because I’m scared.

For some reason, I was looking forward to it.

‘My body is definitely different than before.’

When my spiritual power increased, when I bought a new ability at the store, or when I gained a skill or authority, I could immediately feel the feeling of becoming stronger, but I have never felt the power of growth as strongly as this time.

‘If I had to guess my current state, I’d say I’m an average high-class god… It’s more than that.’

Choi Kang (崔强).

Damdeok’s current state was at its peak, to the point where he dared to say the word ‘strongest’.

‘This is also one of the reasons why I completely disagree with what Ju Soo-yul said.’

Why was there any need to gather all twelve priests?

Having mastered martial arts and reached the point where all energy was integrated into one, he was confident that he was the strongest.


“Hey, hey! “What are you guys doing?”

“Kko, don’t move! If you move, I’ll shoot!”

Damdeok’s head, which had been lost in thought, turned.

Mercenaries who appeared to be on patrol were trembling with their anti-monster guns aimed at them.

They were looking towards Damdeok, but they were not looking at Damdeok accurately.

“ah… .”

Damdeok looked away as if he was in trouble.

“Come on?”

Alui looked at Damdeok with an incomprehensible expression.

Black wings wriggling behind the back.

“Ooh, don’t move!”

“What are you!”

The mercenaries’ eyes were focused on Alui.

Looking at them, who were already in a semi-panic state, Baekgureum burst into laughter.

“Kkekekeke, what are these guys? How are you going to fight like this? Anyway, it’s not wrong to believe and ignore the guys with guns… ah! “Why are you hitting me?”

“Do not laugh. “Is now the time to laugh?”

Damdeok quietly warned and walked towards the mercenaries.

I intentionally teleported to a mountain in a small town in Yangyang rather than Goseong or Sokcho, which are military concentration points… .

‘I can’t believe they deploy patrols in places like this. Sangun and Iris were doing a meticulous job.’

As Damdeok got closer, the mercenaries’ complexions turned even whiter.

“Woah, I said if you move I’ll shoot you!”

“Oh, don’t come! “Don’t come!!!”

“Calm down. Do you know where the commander-in-chiefs are right now? For example, Mr. Namgung Do-eok of the Sangun Guild… .”

When the suspicious man spoke the name of the head of the large guild without hesitation, only then did the mercenaries’ trembling subside.

“If you are Namgung Do-eok, you are on the front lines in Goseong right now… .”

“No, but who are you?” .”

The mercenaries who were looking at Damdeok carefully said, “Ah!” He let out an exclamation.

Damdeok chuckled and slightly bowed his head.

“Please give me some guidance. “There is something we need to discuss right away.”

* * *

On a circular table,

The large man began to speak, looking closely.

“Hmm! Yes, you don’t know how lucky we are that you came so quickly. But… .”

Eom Hong-tae, the new guild leader of Han River Guild, ranked 3rd in Korea. He was the best tanker in the country in name and reality, playing the same position as Namgoong Do-eok.

“But that friend who came with you… .”

Eom Hong-tae was speechless and looked at Alui, who was standing behind Damdeok.

“This is really inconvenient. “Aren’t humans always treated as monsters if they are even slightly different from themselves?”

When Alui complained, Damdeok chuckled and made a gesture to calm down.

“Of course this guy is on our side. “It will be of great help, so please refrain from making hasty comments.”

“… “Sure.”

In the past, Eom Hong-tae would have scolded him and told him to stop being so young, but as of now, he couldn’t even make a noise.

Although there was a separate supreme commander for Operation Pacific Gate, the actual person in charge was Yu Dam-deok. Because that young hunter was in charge.

“haha! Damdeok-gun. Don’t be like that. We’ve been looking for you for a while already. “If Poppy hadn’t informed me of the situation, my morale would have dropped significantly.”

Namgung Do-eok smiled brightly and tapped Poppy who was sitting next to him.

Damdeok smiled happily at the sight.

“So what do you plan to do?”

A heavy voice cut through the warm atmosphere.

Iris’s guild leader, Cheongunak.

He met Damdeok’s gaze with a stern face.

“We have completed all preparations. “If you give the order, an aircraft carrier loaded with all troops will be sortied through that hellish Pacific gate at any moment.”

Everyone swallowed their saliva at the voice filled with somberness.

An open gate in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

No one knew what that meant.

In the middle of the battlefield of the gods.

Getting close to that place… .

“What are you going to do?”

Cheongunak asked solemnly once again.

Damdeok silently glanced at the people surrounding the table.

Heads of the country’s top guilds.

1st place: Iris’s Heavenly Demon.

2nd place: Namgung Do-eok of Sangun.

3rd place: Eom Hong-tae of Han River.

4th place: Hwarang’s Min Hongryeon.

… … .

In addition, there are a total of ten top hunters, up to 10th place.

Damdeok met each of their solemn eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

“The first sortie is… .”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Damdeok’s mouth. The corners of the mouth gently rise.

“I will do the first sortie alone.”


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