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#150. War of the Gods (2)

A rumbling sound filled the hall.

“You want to go alone? “Are you serious?”

Cheongunak asked in a slightly surprised voice.

Namgung Do-eok, who had been gaping for a moment with his mouth open, also waved his hand to dissuade Damdeok.

“No, no. That’s not possible. I can’t believe I’m going alone! Then why did they gather so many troops? The forces are meant to come together. “There’s no need to push yourself too hard.”

Namgung Do-eok did not want Damdeok to shoulder the dangerous task alone.

Isn’t that what everyone came together to avoid?

But the rest of the people just looked at each other and started talking amongst themselves.

Baekgureum and Alui, who were behind, also asked Damdeok in surprised voices, perhaps because the answer was unexpected.

“Brother, what do you mean? “You’re going alone?”

“It doesn’t make sense for a teacher to leave his student and go alone.”

Damdeok raised his hand to stop the two guys from asking questions and opened his mouth once again.

“Everyone, please calm down and listen to me carefully from now on.”

Damdeok, with a rare serious expression, spread three fingers and continued speaking.

“There are three main reasons. First, the war between the gods is likely to last longer than expected. So, now that the gate has opened, if we convert some of our defensive forces into offensive forces from the first day, there is a high probability that our side will be at a disadvantage as time goes by.”


“That’s right.”

“indeed… .”

Several people nodded at Damdeok’s words.

It was an unprecedented situation in history that concentrated all of the nation’s troops on the east coast. However, the reason why I still do not believe that the troops were sufficiently reassuring was because the intimidation of the Pacific Gate, which we faced directly, was much more terrifying than expected.

In a situation like this, losing even just a portion of the troops could feel hopeless, so most people seemed to agree with Damdeok’s words.

“… But, but.”

One of the young guild leaders, who was thinking deeply for a moment, expressed a question.

“Didn’t you initially plan a deployment strategy of 80% defense power and 20% attack power? If this is going to happen, why did they deploy separate attack units in the first place? .”

The question was, why did you say you were going to scout alone now, when you had previously said that you would attack as soon as the gate opened?

Damdeok answered the question calmly.

“The 20% attack force was not deployed to be deployed quickly in the event of a war.”

“then… ?”

“Pacific Gate, the battlefield of the gods. “It is just a force deployed to actively attack when the various monsters and forgotten gods that emerged from there washed up on our coastline.”

“No, you mean…” You didn’t intend to go to attack the gate itself in the first place… .”

“Of course. The gate opened in the Pacific Ocean is not a target of attack, but is simply a battlefield stage created by the gods. Nothing more, nothing less. Our goal is to minimize damage to our world, not to fight the gods head on. “I hope everyone knows that.”

Everyone fell silent at Damdeok’s words.

In a place where countless gods fight for each other’s lives, do you want humans to survive? Of course, they knew better than anyone else that it was absurd.

“Well sir.”

“Please keep talking.”

Everyone waited for Damdeok’s next words.

The commander-in-chief is standing alone, but everyone is only looking at Damdeok.

Damdeok leisurely continued his next words.

“The second reason is that it is a very dangerous strategy to move troops hastily when we do not know how the gods’ offensive will unfold in the future. One scout would be fine, but anything more would just be a useless sacrifice.”


“I agree.”

“I agree.”

This time more heads nodded.

As if he was very uncomfortable with the situation going like this, Namgung Do-eok slightly raised his hand and asked a question.

“So, Damdeok, you will go alone as a scout. Is this what you mean? “Because even if others go, they will only end up being sacrificed?”

“That’s right.”

Namgung Do-eok quietly closed his eyes at Damdeok’s seemingly obvious answer.

I wanted to refute something, but it was because I couldn’t come up with an opinion.

The rest of the people were also buzzing, but most of them seemed to welcome Damdeok going on a scouting trip alone.

“But then, there’s no need to go into the middle of a dangerous place alone. With a strategy to defend the coastline like ours… .”

Namgung Do-eok opened his mouth to dissuade him once more, but Damdeok firmly cut him off.

“no. “I will tell you the third and final reason.”

Damdeok quickly got up from his seat.

His eyes were more resolute than ever.

“The third and final reason is… Because I am overwhelmingly stronger than everyone here. This is the reason and conclusion why I have to go scouting alone.”

A truly arrogant statement.

But no one at the scene looked at Damdeok that way.

With Namgoong Do-eok’s sad eyes,

Everyone’s heads were nodding more than ever.

* * *


The sea off Goseong with crashing waves.

After Damdeok announced that he was coming to inspect the Pacific Gate alone, each military base was on alert.

“Everyone heard, right? “As of 7 p.m., Hunter Yu Dam-deok departs for the Pacific Ocean, and at the same time, an emergency alert is activated.”

The purpose was to prepare for any unexpected situation by concentrating the firepower of the entire unit there.

The all-night operation was a given.

The soldier at the front who took the salute shouted loudly.



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“yes! All right!”

“good. Rest until then.”

As soon as the superior left, the discipline that had been held so tightly melted away like ice cream.

“Ugh, it’s the war of the gods or something, what the hell is this… .”

Sergeant Kim, lying flat on his back, let out a lament.

I’ll be discharged from the military in a month, but suddenly it’s a war between gods.

“A monster army would be better. War of the Gods… Indeed, Nimiral… .”

No one came close to Sergeant Kim, who was quietly muttering all kinds of swear words.

A time to do personal maintenance in silence.

“No, why don’t you believe in God when you saw a monster right in front of your eyes?”

Sergeant Kim’s frown narrowed.

Suddenly, I turned my gaze and saw my classmate, Sergeant Lee, coming close to me.

“He came up to me to start a fight again.”

Sergeant Lee, who has a good heart but is famous for being immature, is one of the few who would have been cut off a long time ago if it weren’t for his motivation… .

“Don’t bother me and just do your thing quietly.”

Sergeant Kim looked away with disapproving eyes.

“No, but… You can’t just look at it through a telescope or something… ? Is it really necessary to take the risk of scouting in person? ?”

At Sergeant Lee’s innocent question, Sergeant Kim stood up and pounded his chest.

“Ugh, you have a stone head! How can you see the middle of the Pacific Ocean through a telescope? What are your eyes on the universe? “I’m already bursting inside, so you want to do the same!”

“why… Can’t you see? Even smaller things can be seen through a microscope… ?”

“ha. friend. Listen carefully. Basically, the gate has a very thick magnetic field around it, so it is not easy to observe. Don’t you know that there is a guy who claims to be a monster anti-terrorist unit! Don’t scratch and get out! ah! Shut up, you bastard! “Please pay attention at least a little!”

It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since the guard shift changed, but two hours later they are immediately put into an overnight operation.

Sergeant Kim, who had been lying down nervously, probably remembered something and got up again and put on his slippers.

“ah… Was it like that… magnetic field… .”

Sergeant Lee, who was dazed while repeating the magnetic field, laughs.

“Oh my, I’m getting old because of you. If you don’t want to get killed, check your guns properly! hey! Squad leader! “Check your senior’s firearm and kill several people.”

“yes! All right.”

The squad leader nodded as if he was used to it.

“I’m coming to smoke a cigarette.”

Sergeant Kim, who opened the door to his office and walked out to the beach, froze.

“Well, what is that…” .”

The red and black gate visible from a distance on the East Sea, which originally looked like a mountain behind a small town, suddenly became so huge that it seemed as if it could swallow the entire sea.

“ah… Fuck… .”

The cigarette that was in Sergeant Kim’s mouth fell out.

* * *

“Isn’t that too much?”

“If it’s going to be like this, why did you bring us here?”

White Cloud and Alui grumbled at the same time.

Ever since Damdeok announced that he would head to the Pacific Gate alone, the two had been in an angry mood.

It was 7pm when Damdeok decided to approach the gate alone.

There were only two hours left.

“I’m not really doing this… We’re still going to fight together with you, huh!? “I followed you!”

“that’s right. “Master, I really don’t like it when you do this.”

Damdeok smiled and looked at the two guys.

“So what are we going to do?”

“Let’s go together! “They say we are guardians.”

“okay. Let’s go together. “Because we are guardians.”

Damdeok burst into laughter at the two guys’ persistent courtship.

“Hey, I think you guys are misunderstanding something. In the first place, the role of a guardian is focused on protecting something. “The goal is not to attack the enemy together, cut, stab, and wreak havoc.”

There was a reason why Damdeok said this.

‘There is no need to go with these guys.’

There is no need for everyone to go into a place where it is clear what kind of danger lurks.

Moreover, the fact that they couldn’t run wild if they went together also played a role.

‘I almost caused serious injury before I came here.’

I am still unskilled in handling the intangible sword.

Now, Damdeok feels more comfortable going alone rather than moving together.

“So, you all just have to act as guardians in your own way.”

Baekgureum, confused by Damdeok’s plausible words, opened his eyes and asked,

“Our own role as guardian? “What does that mean?”

Alui sighed and answered instead.

“Don’t follow me, just stay here and watch.”

Only then did Baekgureum’s face distort.

“Oh really bro!”

“Kkeke, I think Alui is a little smarter as expected. “You need to cheer up, okay?”

“Oh, you’re really pissing me off again! “Let’s just go together!”

“Why do you keep talking about something that’s already been done?”

“We can talk again! You’re coming with us! No, you can just leave without talking! Now I listen to everything my brother says, why? “What’s the problem!”

“Oh, it’s really noisy.”

It was a time when Damdeok was tolerating Baekgureum’s rampage to some extent.


Suddenly, I felt like my surroundings were getting dark.

There was no noise.

Just stay still.

At some point, the sky and the surrounding space became dark.


Damdeok, who was the first to notice something strange, turned his head.



And soon Alui and Baekgureum’s gaze turned backwards.


The sea was nothing different from usual.

On the beach in front of him, a soldier in military uniform was standing blankly, muttering swear words.

“… What is that?”

“… “You’re crazy.”

The same was true for White Cloud and Alui.

The Pacific Gate, which covered the entire sea, was spewing out energy in all directions as if it were stretching out its magical arms.

Let’s go!

As if alive, the energy form was very threatening.

A shape like a lightning bolt extending horizontally.

They were hitting the East Sea at the same time.


Let’s go!

I’m going to go to the middle of the day!!

Seeing that threatening energy, Sergeant Kim hesitated and walked backwards, eventually collapsing.

“eww… Ugh… .”

It’s like he’s so scared that he can’t move. Looking at Sergeant Kim, who was shaking and clutching at the sand, Damdeok’s steps slowly began to speed up.


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