I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 148

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#148. Heavenly Demon God Gong (天魔神功) Intangible Sword (3)


Two women with black hair walked out through the grass.

In contrast, Joo-yul has a delicate physique and Cheon Tae-rang has a stocky physique.

The two were standing on a cliff.


Addressing the cool dawn breeze, Ju Soo-yul spoke first.

“It’s here.”

“… … .”

Cheon Taerang silently looked down at the scene unfolding beneath his feet.

A vast field.

There were countless graves lined up without any tombstones or markings.

There was no particular reason for coming here early in the morning.

I just wanted to see it with my own eyes.

In a situation where you can’t tell whether what you’ve done is a dream or reality, and if you have to leave this world for the last time… .

“We buried every single person. Oh, of course, there are many badly damaged bodies so they may be buried together… Anyway.”

Despite Ju Ju-yul’s explanation, Cheon Tae-rang just looked at the tombs in silence.

‘There’s no end… .’

Among those tombs, there are probably many innocent young people who simply followed their teachers and sects and died.

But I don’t blame myself.

I just wish you peace in peace.

Cheon Taerang, who had been looking around the tombs for a while, asked.

“How did you manage all this?”

Excluding Damdeok, their number is only four. It was impossible.

“There must be hundreds of thousands of martial arts warriors gathered here. “How did you fix it?”

Cheon Taerang asked again.

“what… “We have a lot of talented people.”

Ju Ju-yul responded like that without even looking at Cheon Tae-rang.

In fact, Pao’s mummy unit did a good job, but there was no need to explain it in detail.

Cheon Tae-rang looked at the address blankly and then slowly nodded.

“Yes, you have the ability. “I have the ability.”

Cheon Tae-rang said something that seemed to be a compliment but not a compliment, and tied up his flowing black hair.


A ray of wind blows.

It was a wind mixed with the bloody smell of the grave.

Naturally, someone came to mind.


A heartbreaking yet pitiful name that has now turned into a lump of blood.

Without fail, a numbing sadness surged through Cheon Tae-rang’s entire body.

But this time, another face besides Seol also appeared.

‘… … .’

The one who will be his first and last disciple.

Someone once said that.

“Master, why don’t you take in disciples?”

“Isn’t it appropriate? If it’s me, it’s already… .」

“Why isn’t there a saying that a child is a disciple for life, and a disciple is a child for life? ha ha ha.”

It was a story told by a village old man who did odd jobs for the Demonic Church.

It was his grandfather who had looked after him since he was a baby.

Although he was the only one in the Demonic Cult who lived without fault, he was murdered by someone not long after he became the leader of the Cult.

I don’t know the reason.

Some say that he was beaten to death by the religious leader because he was arrogant, while others say that he was killed by the vice religious leader’s closest associates to keep the religious leader in check.

‘The incident was concluded as the former.’

If you think about the warm words he said to you from time to time, you might be really lonely.

“You learn quickly, right?”

Cheon Taerang raised his head at the sudden question.

Before he knew it, Ju Soo-yul was staring at him.

“… “You’re quick at learning?”

“The speed at which he learns. You’re a disciple now, right? “Aren’t you happy when your student learns quickly?”


It was an unfamiliar and awkward word.

Cheon Taerang turned his head for a moment.

What Joo-yul said is correct.

This guy was frighteningly fast at learning.

‘He definitely has talent… .’

In fact, he had a genius temperament that was even more outstanding than talent.

Not only that, but his sense of everything that moved his body was also exceptionally good.

Isn’t the task of teaching the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique so difficult that even my father, who was called the best man in the world, was sweating?

It’s such a painful experience for the recipient, so what about the person who has to fully accept it?



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‘Normally, the body can’t hold on and starts to explode little by little… .’

But he endured the pain.

It felt like he was not only enduring it, but was even trying to recover in the process.

‘Not only the external injuries, but also the internal injuries must have been severe.’

Although weak, the person who endured the pain and even attempted to recover was a strange person even to the woman who had ascended to the position of Heavenly Demon.

‘It’s an unknown guy…’ .’

Cheon Tae-rang didn’t know.

The fact that Damdeok’s power was desperately being activated the entire time he was in the cave… .

Ju Soo-yul laughed while looking at Cheon Tae-rang, who had a serious expression on his face.

“why? Although I am a disciple, I don’t want to admit it yet. “What is that?”

Cheon Taerang shook his head.

“It’s not like that.”


Ju Soo-yul’s pitch-black eyes stared at Cheon Tae-rang once again.

“… “It feels a little foreign.”

“That guy is just like that.”

Jo Soo-yul smiled slightly.

But Cheon Tae-rang was still serious.

No matter how much I thought about it, it didn’t make sense that I would succeed so easily.

“The ability to learn and resilience itself seemed to surpass that of humans. Plus, my understanding of martial arts… No matter how much I imbued my body with the Heavenly Demon’s divine power… .”

“But that’s the beauty of learning magic, isn’t it?”

“It’s different from that. It’s as if this guy has absorbed the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique before… Ha, what am I talking about? “That can’t be possible.”

Seeing Cheon Tae-rang smiling as if he were dumbfounded, Ju So-yul raised the corners of his mouth without saying a word.

‘I’ve absorbed the Heavenly Demon’s magic before…’ It’s not wrong.’

Damdeok has been taught the Cheonma Divine Art by Cheon Taerang not only in this life, but for over 1,000 lives already.

‘Even if you can’t remember those moments in your mind, your body probably remembers them.’

Of course, even so, there were 700 times that I couldn’t hold on and died on the way.

‘Fortunately, this life is a success.’

I felt much lighter.

Ju Soo-yul turned around, tucking her hair that was blowing in the wind over one ear.

“Let’s go now.”


Jusoyul nodded as if it was obvious.

I knew well that Cheon Taerang did not ask to come here in the first place out of guilt.

‘More than that, I probably wanted to relieve some of my regrets before leaving.’

Looking at his face, he seemed to be thinking more about Damdeok than guilt, so his intended goal was achieved.

Ju Ju-yul spoke to Cheon Tae-rang, who looked regretful.

“That guy will probably try his martial arts skills as soon as his body recovers.”

The response came immediately.

“That can’t be said. Even if you just focus on recovery, it will take several months… .”

Cheon Taerang’s face naturally frowned.

After receiving the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique, he was unable to move and lay in bed for ten days.

But hasn’t it only been three days already?

“So, we should go back quickly before they go on a rampage.”

I knew the address rate.

When Damdeok finishes recovering, he always tries to test his martial arts skills.

And usually three days was the maximum for that recovery.

“If it’s too late, it might turn the neighborhood into a wasteland.”

Cheon Tae-rang’s face frowned even more at Ju So-yul’s words.

“A strange guy has come in as a disciple.”

* * *

“and… .”

“Kill me… .”

White Cloud and Alui’s eyes turned frantically.

In the air, Damdeok was swinging his blades around like crazy.

“Hahaha! Did you see it! “This is my brother’s martial arts!”

Cham chan chan chan!!

At first glance, the flying blades looked like the pure white sword that Baek Seol had transformed into, but in fact, they were swords created by condensing the energy of the caster, and in the demonic religion, they were called shapeless swords because they were swords without form.

It is similar to Igigeo Swordsmanship, but it is a martial art of a higher level.

“Now I can swing the sword without Baek Seol!”

Damdeok was talking excitedly.

Baekseol was chewing on fish bones while looking at Damdeok.


The reticence he showed when he just came out of the cave was nowhere to be seen in Damdeok’s appearance now.

Actually, I was just so tired at the time that it was difficult to talk.

“Oh~ My body is getting lighter!”


Damdeok, who was very excited, began to move more and more vigorously.

“Uh… “Brother, please be gentle.”

“If I keep going wild, Adele will scold me?”

Baekgureum and Alui, who were watching, began to take notice as they slowly pulled back.

But Damdeok was already falling into a trance.

‘good. More here! more!’

Hellish times in the cave.

Aren’t they the martial arts people who endured those terrible times that I don’t even want to talk about?

It was natural for me to want to try out the martial arts that were engraved on my fingertips as well as my head.

‘My body is getting lighter!’

Damdeok, the martial arts theories swirling wildly in his head and the sensation of his body boiling uncontrollably in response, was already reaching its peak.

[The skill is activated!]


Damdeok’s intangible sword cuts through the sky.


Trees fell all at once and the cliff walls cracked.

[I am activating the skill !]

Huh! Teuong!

When Damdeok’s hands stretch out as if dancing, all the geographical features explode in waves.

Papa papap!!

Damdeok’s eyes closed quietly.

‘All energy is connected as one.’

Whether it’s magical power,

Whether it’s divine power,

Whether it is internal strength,

Whether it’s outside,

It didn’t matter.

Damdeok was now moving towards a new level.

[Activate the Mind’s Eye!]

I didn’t open my eyes, but

I feel more vivid than when I opened my eyes.

Something intangible that Snow White couldn’t feel when he was a sword… .

A state where the sword and oneself become one.

One body and one body.

The state of the Intangible Sword was the martial arts that came from it.



Huh! Huh! Kwakwakwakwa!!

Due to Damdeok’s gentle gestures, things around him began to be destroyed horribly.

“Uh… ?”

“If this continues, even the cave will collapse! brother!”

“What kind of bastard are you!!!!!!”

Beyond the white clouds and Alui’s shocked face, Adele Sharon’s angry cries could be heard, but Damdeok’s ears couldn’t hear anything right now.

‘The more I move my body, the more liberated I feel.’

It felt like I was throwing away the thick chains one by one, and I could never stop.

No, if anyone knew this feeling, they would be unstoppable!

Damdeok’s intangible sword began to grow even bigger.


Baekgureum and Alui, who sensed something was unusual, had long ago taken refuge in a cave.

– will… .

Baek White, who was chewing a fish bone, also jumped into Adele Sharon’s arms with scared eyes.

Before we knew it, Damdeok’s intangible sword had grown so large that it exceeded his height, like the deadly weapon of an angel, and soon, as the blade sharply headed toward the cave,

“Hey! “Will the evil business owner come to his senses!”


Adele Sharon cast Fire Blast and formed a shield.

The 8th Circle Archmage’s barrier was not enough to block Damdeok’s intangible sword.


The intangible sword gently pierced through the flames that were boiling like lava.

As soon as Adele Sharon’s pupils widened, Alui’s and White Cloud’s swords were pulled out at the same time.

“Stop it!!”



Adele Sharon instinctively blocked the two, but the two who had already run out were blown away like air cannons as soon as they touched the blades of the intangible sword and ended up in a corner of the cave.



“Ugh… .”

“Ugh… .”

The moment when a huge intangible sword slowly fell on Adele Sharon’s head,

Kyaang!! That’s it!

Cheon Taerang, who was suddenly standing in front of Adele Sharon, stopped the intangible sword.

At the same time, Jusoyul with fairy wings flew in and forced Adele Sharon to take refuge behind her.

… … .

As soon as the flow of martial arts stopped, Damdeok’s eyes slowly opened.

“You bastard! “Didn’t I clearly tell you not to test your martial arts skills?”

“… uh?”

Cheon Tae-rang was glaring at him with a frown, and as soon as he saw her, Damdeok’s expression suddenly darkened.

“Hmph, looking at your expression, it looks like you know you did something wrong. Didn’t I tell you to focus on recovery for the time being? What on earth were you thinking… .”

Cheon Taerang’s words stopped.

Damdeok’s hardened face was unusual.

As if I saw something I couldn’t see… .

“… “Is there something on your face?”

Damdeok muttered quietly in response to Cheontaerang’s question.

“War… .”


“War of the Gods… .”

Only then did Cheon Taerang realize that Damdeok’s gaze was not directed at him.

Damdeok’s eyes were staring at the system message that appeared in front of her.

[Poppy: Brother!! We’re in big trouble!! The Pacific Gate has exploded!!]


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