I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 146

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#146. Heavenly Demon God’s Intangible Sword (1)

“Cheonma… Shin Gong… ?”

Cheon Taerang glanced at Damdeok, who had a blank expression, and gestured.

A gesture telling me to come closer.

Damdeok’s head tilted.

“Why don’t you say come here?”

“… why?”

As Damdeok sneaks closer, Cheon Taerang’s hands suddenly begin to grope his entire body.

“W-what are you doing!”

When Damdeok stepped back in horror, Cheontaerang frowned and continued speaking.

“Why are you making such a fuss? I’m trying to see how much strength I have built up. Just stay still. “I, Won, you are not serious at all.”

Cheon Taerang, who had scolded him, came back and played with his hands busily for a while.

It was a task to measure the depth of energy accumulated in the body by closing the eyes and letting the energy flow, but Damdeok, who did not know the meaning, could only watch indifferently.

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

A question appeared in Cheon Tae-rang’s mind.

‘The power that can be used through fortune telling will be limited. How can so much energy flow? .’

The energy felt in Damdeok’s body was not one.

If the inner energy was like transparent white smoke, all kinds of energies were mixed in Damdeok’s body, including bluish energy, reddish energy, and even energy resembling black darkness.

Moreover, rather than being chaotically mixed, the energies were harmonizing with each other as if the colors were in harmony, erupting like an active volcano.

‘As expected, it’s unusual… .’

Cheon Taerang did not understand that it was a different energy source called mana and divine power.

That’s why she found Damdeok in front of her so amazing.

Although he had been working in the Gangho for several decades, he had never seen anyone operate with such a strange mixture of energy.

‘It’s beyond bizarre.’

Looking at Cheon Taerang lost in thought for a moment with his eyes closed, Damdeok asked a question without hesitation.

“why? What is it like? “Do you think it’s a Heavenly Demon Divine Technique or something, and isn’t it enough to learn it?”

Is it a Heavenly Demon God or something?

Cheon Taerang’s eyes suddenly became sharp at the extremely light choice of words.

“What is the Heavenly Demon Divine Art… ? “How dare you describe my martial arts skills in that way?”

Damdeok flinched at the sharper reaction than expected.

“That’s not it, I just…” .”

It was unfair.

In the first place, they didn’t even explain what the Heavenly Demon Divine Gong was.

Before teaching something, isn’t it polite to explain the table of contents first?

“no… “What on earth is the Heavenly Demon God Technique?”

“This is an unrivaled magic trick.”

“So what on earth is this magic trick?”

There was no ignorance like this.

Baek Gureum, a martial arts fan, might not know. Damdeok really knew nothing about martial arts.

“… … .”

Cheon Tae-rang’s eyebrows furrowed! It was natural for it to be narrowed down.

But she soon relaxed her eyes and opened them.

‘Why should I explain it?’

Don’t they say he came from an unknown world?

I knew very well that behaving like that wasn’t a deliberate attempt to provoke me.

‘Still, I still feel the heat for some reason… .’

There are one or two people in Kangho who are anxious to become his disciples.

However, while this guy is enjoying the peak of glory, he is only asking stupid questions like what is the Heavenly Demon Divine Art?

‘This is a deplorable thing… .’

However, it is not a very hopeless situation.

Anyway, I decided to accept him as a disciple.

Although the internal energy is not sufficient yet, the energy flow itself is not that bad.

No, on the contrary, it had an extremely explosive power.

‘Maybe we’ll succeed right away.’

Cheon Taerang continued speaking while flipping his long black hair.

“It is too long to explain the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique in detail. Anyway, you seem to have some basic understanding of martial arts, so learn as you go.”

Damdeok was taken aback by the sudden development.

“No, wait a minute, but please explain what kind of technology it is… .”

“Wasn’t it you who urged me to hurry up because I didn’t have time?”

Damdeok, who was about to refute, closed his mouth.

This was because I remembered how I complained about not having time to Cheon Tae-rang, who was trying to teach me step by step from fortune telling and basic martial arts.

“Whew. good.”

In the end, Damdeok decided to accept the current situation.

Cheon Taerang had also completed all his thoughts and preparations.

The two looked at each other.

‘I still have no regrets about this life.’

Cheon Taerang took a couple of deep breaths and calmly settled down, thinking.

To her, what was currently happening still seemed like a dream.



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The betrayal of the Demonic Cult, the death of the child, the destruction of the Gangho, and the fact that he thought he had lost everything, why did he come back to this place and accept that guy as his disciple… .

No matter how much I thought about it, I was in a situation where I couldn’t understand myself.

But I decided not to think about much for now.

‘You just have to live the way you live and go where your steps take you… .’

Cheon Tae-rang, who closed his eyes for a moment, quietly raised his head.

Cave of Eternity.

A stranger entering this place filled with those terrible memories.

Yu Dam-deok.

A smile appeared on Cheon Tae-rang’s lips as he looked at the stranger.

“Let’s start teaching the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique.”

“okay! Anything comes! Anyway, once you learn this, you and I will come together?”

“okay. Let’s do it. “If only we could remain fully alive.”

“what… ?”

Damdeok’s eyes shook uneasily, and Cheontaerang quietly closed his eyes without losing his smile.

“Please don’t die. “Disciple.”

* * *


With a loud noise, Ju Soo-yul’s eyes opened quickly.

‘Has it begun…? .’

Jusoyul got up and walked outside and glanced upward.

The entrance to the Cave of Eternity located in the middle of the cliff. I could see the surrounding area shaking slightly.

It is not an earthquake, but it is a phenomenon in which the heavens and earth shake quietly.

Her companions might be surprised, but at least it wasn’t the first time she had experienced this phenomenon.

‘Yoo Dam-deok, you’re going to have a hard time.’

At first glance, it looks intense, but in fact, it hasn’t even started yet.

‘It will get worse in a few days.’

Ju Soo-yul walked away, licking his lips with the dew that had formed on a large leaf.


Meanwhile, the sound continued to be heard.

There are two ways to learn the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique.

One is to slowly build up martial arts from the basics according to the rules,

Another way is to quickly absorb martial arts in a short period of time, as is expected of an exceptional magic attack.

What was happening now in the Cave of Eternity was, of course, the latter.

A method in which both the person teaching the martial arts and the person receiving the skills take on enormous risks.

But in the end, Damdeok will do it.

That’s what Jooyul believed.

No, I had no choice but to believe that.

‘are you okay. Everything will go as it should.’

Ju Soo-yul’s steps gradually slowed down.

Although the probability that Damdeok accepted Cheon Taerang’s Heavenly Demon Divine Art at once during his countless lives is only 55%, this life will be a little different.

‘As the war between the gods has accelerated, the speed of his growth is also different.’

Hasn’t Damdeok almost reached the level of a high-level god?

It may still be the strongest among intermediate gods, but it was after acquiring many powerful new skills such as Igigear Swordsmanship and Intangible Swordsmanship.

Moreover, if he absorbs Cheon Taerang’s Heavenly Demon Divine Power this time, the potential of Damdeok’s skills and powers will explode.

Then, it was obvious that it would become exponentially stronger in the future.

Slowly waking up, Ju Ju-yul was lost in thought in silence.

It’s still early in the morning.


Jooyul walked alone for a while in the forest, where only the sounds of birds could be heard.

Dawn air.

The familiar smell of grass.

I never get tired of this world.

How long did it take to walk like that?

Along with the sound of bustle, voices began to be heard from the direction where the companions were.

‘Is everyone awake?’

While Damdeok trained with Cheon Taerang in the Cave of Eternity, Ju Ju-yul and his companions decided to fulfill their respective roles in this world.

‘Each person’s role is to take turns training.’

It was a simple task, but the results were not that light.

‘Baekgureum and Alui’s sword skills have improved noticeably.’

This may be because the two are the same age, so their rivalry is even stronger.

Poppy had to take care of the Sword God Guild’s business, so he was sent back to this world first.

Pao was also sent back, complaining that there were no snacks or sodas here.

So, except for those two, all the remaining members are training while waiting for Damdeok.


Adele Sharon is the first to run out and greet Jo Soo-yul.

After that, White Cloud followed, taking off his top like a caveman.

“The inside of the cave almost burned down because of my sister! “I almost died by accident in my sleep?!”

Although Adele Sharon reached the 8th Circle Archmage, she often had the side effect of not being able to stop the mana surge, perhaps because she reached it too quickly.

“Hehe, I guess I was really hungry. “I used fire magic to cook meat in my dream.”

Adele Sharon said that with a bright smile.

“Smile? Smile?! Is this sister crazy! “A person almost burned to death!!”

As White Cloud fumed, Adele Sharon also started to get angry.

“hey! Alui, who sleeps next to you, is fine, so why are you making a fuss?”

“Well, that’s it, that bastard…” !”

Baekgureum, who was about to retort something, jerked! I stared into the cave.

Alui was in a deep sleep with her black wings wrapped around her body.


Baekgureum, seeing this, became even more excited and shouted.

“That bastard’s wings don’t burn in fire!!”

“I know. “Unlike anyone else, you have really good wings.”

“what? What’s good about that?! “Even if I give you those black wings, I won’t take them!”

“Yeah, yeah~ And you always get embarrassed when you spar with Alui, right?”

“Who’s in trouble? Honestly, it’s foul because that kid has wings, right? “Even though I’m barefoot, I’m good at attacking.”

A childish argument continues from morning.

Jusoyul seemed to be used to it by now and passed them by without replying and entered the cave.


Only then did Alui wake up, spread his wings and stretched.

When he woke up with messy hair, the first place his eyes turned to was the Cave of Eternity.


A loud noise is heard again.

The bickering between Adele Sharon and Baek Cloud stopped for a moment.


A strange sound, as if the air was compressed in a cave and then exploded.

“and… “This is my first time hearing such a strange sound.”

Baekgureum swallowed his saliva and looked back at Juryul.

“When is your brother coming out?”

“Hey, Soyul. Doesn’t that lead to the death of the evil business owner? “It sounds scary.”

“Oh, why are you saying such nonsense?”

“You black guy. I just tried it. “Is he going to die?”

In the cave, which had become bustling as if it had never happened before, Ju Soo-yul smiled faintly.

“We just have to do our job. “It’s not long now.”

Everyone’s heads nodded slightly at those words.

Immediately, there was a lot of talk about today’s hunting duty and training schedule, and Ju Soo-yul’s gaze, which had been looking at the Cave of Eternity, was soon withdrawn.

It was three weeks later that Damdeok came out.


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