I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 147

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#147. Heavenly Demon God’s Intangible Sword (2)

“uh… .”

“hmm… .”

“ah… .”

“… … .”

The group looked at Damdeok standing awkwardly in front of them.

Today is the 22nd day since I came to the martial arts world. Kwaang at dawn! The group woke up to the loud noise and ran out to find that the entrance to the cave of eternity had collapsed, and Damdeok and Cheontaerang were standing side by side in front of it.

Both of them are dressed in rags and wearing clothes that are not particularly tattered.

Baekgureum, who was looking at the two people in turn, was the first to open his mouth.

“brother… “Are you okay?”

At those words, Damdeok smiled and nodded.

A smile as usual.

Only then did sighs of relief break out everywhere.

In fact, it was the first time I saw Damdeok in a long time, but his mood had strangely changed.

A heavy feeling that cannot be described.

That’s why the group couldn’t immediately start talking to them as soon as they saw them.

Baekgureum deliberately spoke louder to hide his awkwardness.

“As soon as I heard the sound, I thought, wow, my brother has finally appeared! I said I did it. Haha, I guess Alui was really surprised by the loud noise? right? “She had a heart attack, didn’t she?”

Alui, who had been silent next to him, looked at Damdeok with curious eyes and responded.

“at all. “What can you do with this much noise?”

It actually did.

In the demon world, sides were often divided and gang fights broke out.

The thunder-like roar that came out of nowhere was familiar.

But Baekgureum didn’t believe that. Instead, he arrogantly ran his hand through his white hair.

“Oh, you’re usually a bit weak and easily startled. Hehehe, as soon as this brother heard the roar, he immediately grabbed his sword and ran out. “I don’t know what it was, but I had the confidence to knock it down.”

“Wow. “I saw them shaking in shock.”

“what? This kid… .”

Still, perhaps thanks to being together for nearly a month, Alui and Baekgureum became quite close.

Ju Soo-yul stepped forward, leaving behind the bickering two.

“It seems like a success. congratulations.”


In fact, there was an anxiety about failure in one part of Ju Ju-yul’s mind.

‘I can’t say that this life is smooth, but still… ‘This is enough.’

Ju Soo-yul’s gaze scanned Damdeok from head to toe.

The flow of energy had definitely changed.

‘At this level, it’s a tolerable enemy…’ .’

It won’t be a match for you either.

‘Even if it’s a high-level god.’

Damdeok’s status had already changed.

Cheonma Cheontaerang (天魔天太郞).

A person who takes on the position of Asura, the god of hell, in a human body.

Since I had learned the magic arts from such a person, it was only natural.

There were many things he wanted to ask, but Soo-yul tried to swallow what he wanted to say.

Haven’t I heard in detail about the terrible time I had in that cave for over 1,000 lives?

After telling the others not to ask anything, Ju Soo-yul spoke to Damdeok.

“It would be impossible to leave right away. come in. “I’ll bring you some food.”

A little less than a month.

However, in the meantime, the inside of the cave was decorated with decent living arrangements.

Beds made of woven straw and bowls made of clay.

Dried fish are hung in rows on the walls, and smoked meats are lined up on flat rocks.

“That’s amazing.”

Damdeok looked at them and giggled.

As the atmosphere relaxed somewhat, Adele Sharon, who had been watching the situation closely, spoke to Cheon Tae-rang, who was still standing like a statue.

“… “Handsome sister over there?”

“… … .”

“come in. Are not you hungry?”

“… … .”

“Well, we’re one team now, right?”

“… … .”

There was silence for a moment.

Ju Ju-yul and Dam-deok, who were entering the cave entrance, also stopped and looked back at Cheon Tae-rang.

She was still standing outside the cave.

“… okay.”

The positive answer came easier than expected.

“Then come on in.”

Adele Sharon’s expression brightened and she grabbed Cheon Tae-rang’s arm, but for some reason, her body did not move.


Adele Sharon was embarrassed and gave more strength.



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No matter how weak a wizard he is, how could a person not budge like a stone when he pulls it with all his might?

Perhaps sensing an unusual atmosphere, Ju Soo-yul and Damdeok’s bodies completely turned towards her. She did the same with Alu Yi and Baek Cloud, who were standing side by side.

Everyone’s eyes met Cheon Tae-rang’s gaze exactly.

The group inside the cave and Cheontaerang outside the cave.

She slowly opened her mouth.

“This seat is… Still in this world… .”

Cheon Taerang struggled to swallow his next words.

It was frustrating.

What on earth is there… .

His own two hands came into Cheon Tae-rang’s field of vision.

Two rough hands.

Didn’t I destroy everything with these hands?

It was all his own karma. But why can’t I let go of my attachment to this world?

‘It’s already done. It’s over.’

No matter how much I repeat it, I cannot calm down.

Ju Soo-yul, who was looking at Cheon Tae-rang blankly, opened his mouth.

“entire… .”

Cheon Tae-rang’s gaze met hers again.

A child with jet black hair and jet black eyes similar to himself, a child with several unusual energies similar to Damdeok. However, unlike Damdeok, he is a child who knows how to hide things thoroughly.

A child who doesn’t stand out, but stands out more than anyone else if you focus.

Addressul slowly spoke.

“entire… “I buried it.”

Cheon Taerang’s eyes widened for an instant.

It was just one word, but there was no way I couldn’t understand it.

All the people he killed and the countless ghosts he left behind in the canyon.

They buried it all… That kid… .

“why… “Why did you do that?”

I never wanted it myself.

They deserved to die.


perhaps… .

Instead of giving a specific answer, Ju Soo-yul just made eye contact with Cheon Tae-rang without saying a word.

“Do you need any other reason for that? “I was just doing my duty as a human being.”

Cheon Tae-rang didn’t say anything.

“Every single person was comforted. “We buried their bodies and their sins together.”

There was no hesitation in Ju So-yul’s words.

“I buried everything you were worried about. We buried everything, including joys and sorrows, self-reproach, and even possible regrets. so… .”

Cheon Tae-rang still didn’t say anything, and Ju Ju-yul stared at her and then quietly turned around.

“So now, don’t worry and come inside.”

There was silence.

Inside the cave,

The appearance of the companions came into Cheon Taerang’s field of vision.

The eyes of his companions looking at him.

I didn’t say anything, but I felt it.

What do they want now?

Ju Soo-yul turns around in silence, and Dam-deok calmly looks at her next to her.

Cheon Taerang smiled slightly.

And soon, her steps headed into the cave.

* * *

[The skill is activated!]


Energy gushed out from Damdeok’s body.


Every time I breathe, pure white air is spit out from my mouth.

Like a steam locomotive, Damdeok’s body was glowing a light red.

White Cloud and Alui were looking at him with curious expressions.

“oh my god. Isn’t that similar to the process of turning into a monster? Well, it’s really cool that you’re doing it.”

“Turn into a monster? what is that?”

“there is. Ah, wait a minute. It’ll be a pain if I get misunderstood again when I return. Well, I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” .”

“Young children don’t need to know.”

“Demons live four times as long as humans?”

“Yeah, I can’t hear you.”

While the two were talking, Damdeok’s right foot kicked out a powerful foot cloud.


And right away,

[I am activating the skill !]


A palm shape with transparent energy crossed the forest.


Trees, grass, and even the rocks that were stuck were all swept away.

“and… .”

“crazy… .”

White Cloud and Alui’s mouths opened.

As if encouraged by that reaction, Damdeok’s movements began to become faster and faster.




And every time, everything around was swept away and disappeared.




Baekgureum and Alui were already applauding enthusiastically from a distance.

“brother! oh my god!! It’s amazing to look at! It’s a step forward from martial arts, right?! After all, martial arts is the best!!”

“… “Master, please let me know when you’re done practicing.”

“Hey, you think anyone can learn something like that. “Didn’t you hear the story about someone dying in a cave and coming back to life?”

“You and I are different.”

“What’s different?”

“You are a human and I am a high-ranking demon… “Kek!”

Before Alui could finish speaking, Baekgureum gave him a headlock.

Even as the two continued to bicker, Damdeok was quietly refining his martial arts skills and preparing for the next meal.

In that solemn atmosphere, the sound of breaking labor was heard.

“hey!! The food was all overturned! Damdeok Yu! “If you’re going to show off your strength, do it from a distance!!”

Adele Sharon, who was clumsily cooking with a fireball, screamed loudly from inside the cave.

Damdeok’s eyebrows twitched slightly as he concentrated, but he quickly ignored it.

“Well, those things don’t listen unless it’s Soyul. Hey, if you have that much strength, you can go back now. How long will we have to live a primitive life here!”

Ju So-yul and Cheon Tae-rang left early in the morning to go somewhere, and there is still no news.

Adele Sharon grumbled and began to rearrange the overturned food.

They said they would only stay for a day or two until Damdeok’s strength recovered, and it was already the morning of the third day.

Adele Sharon was slowly getting bored with the repetitive dinner table.

“I want to eat steak… Oily steak… Chureup… .”

Today, I wanted to see the top chef, the Dragon Clan Xiaorang, even more.

The food he cooked was really delicious… .

– will!

“Oh, surprise!”

Baek White, who broke Adele Sharon’s thoughts, climbs up the rock and sniffs it.

“Baekseol. Go and stop your master. I’m so energetic from the morning. How did it become so crazy as soon as I regained my energy…? .”

In fact, when Damdeok, who had recovered his energy, showed off his martial arts skills for the first time this morning, Adele Sharon was also busy watching for a while.

Isn’t it amazing?

When I first saw Damdeok, it was surprising that he used weapons and skills rather than magic, but now he is using a different ability called martial arts.


She became increasingly bored with repeating the same thing over and over again.

“Those two idiots seem to be amazed even when they look at the same thing… .”

In fact, even though it was the same martial art, the movements were different depending on the beginner’s style, but after watching it a few times, it was Adele Sharon who quickly figured out the pattern.

‘It’s the same as doing only one circle spell in magic.’

As my interest waned, I started to feel hungry, but since Soyul, the best chef, was away, I ended up having to prepare the food myself.

“He’s been moving around since morning until now, and he’s not even hungry.”

Adele Sharon’s eyes widened for an instant as she glanced at Damdeok.

“uh… ?”

Before you know it, Damdeok is holding a pure white sword.

Originally, that guy’s specialty was swords, so it wasn’t that strange.


“what… how?”

Adele Sharon’s eyes turned to Snow White in front of her.

– will?

Baekseol tilts her head and looks at herself.

And Damdeok, holding a pure white sword with an indifferent expression.

Adele Sharon’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The same was true for White Cloud and Alui.

Now Damdeok was concentrating, thinking he was going to show him something new, but suddenly a pure white sword appeared.

Honestly, it was a bit creepy.

Isn’t Snow White definitely in the cave? But how… .

Damdeok grinned as he met the two’s shocked gazes.

“Warm up just a moment ago.”

Their mouths opened even further.

“This is ready… It’s called exercise… ?”

“After mowing down this entire area?”


As soon as he answered, more intangible swords began to appear around Damdeok one by one.

White Cloud and Alui’s mouths were already wide open.

Damdeok’s feet pressed firmly against the ground.

“From now on, I will clearly show you what martial arts is.”


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