I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 145

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#145. Cheon Taerang (天太郞) (6)

[I activate the skill !]


The bluish swords surrounding Damdeok.

Cheon Taerang’s mouth opened slightly.

The inside of the cave became brighter, making Cheon Taerang’s surprised face more visible.

“How can you do martial arts…?” ?”

“It’s not martial arts.”

Cheon Taerang raised his eyebrows.

Anyone can see that it is a part of swordsmanship, but it is not martial arts?

“Now that I think about it, you also broke my Heavenly Demon’s Wavelength Method. okay. “What on earth is that strange technology?”

Cheon Taerang asked in a very serious voice, but the answer he received was extremely light.

“Igigeeo swordsmanship.”

Damdeok threw it away plainly.

I was just reading the words written in the air.

“what… ?”

“It says Igigeo Kensul here. It’s an S-class skill. “It’s a skill I obtained after fighting a guy named Asmodeus.”

Damdeok looked at his profile carefully and said with a smile.

Gaining new skills is always exciting.

This is especially true when it comes to technology with such spectacular effects.

Cheon Taerang looked at Damdeok with a puzzled expression.

“For sure… Didn’t you obviously come from different dimensions? But how can martial arts… .”

“You’re saying it’s not martial arts? “It’s a skill.”

“skill… ?”

“Okay, skill. Actually, I don’t know exactly what is different from martial arts… .”

“What on earth is a skill…?” .”

“I don’t know either. Anyway, since I’ve met the conditions you mentioned, I’m accepting you as a disciple now, right?”

Damdeok waved his hands as if he hated difficult things.

Instead, his eyes lit up and he asked if he would accept me as his disciple.

Cheon Taerang swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.

Her eyes were full of trouble.

It wasn’t a positive enough sign to allow it all at once, but it didn’t seem as resolute as before.

“This seat is… .”

When Cheon Taerang finally opened his mouth, everyone’s eyes turned to Cheon Taerang.

Among them, Damdeok’s eyes were especially earnest.

‘If you say you won’t accept it even though I’ve done this, then really… .’

There are no more answers.

Her strength was too great to force Cheon Tae-rang away, and even if she did, what would be the point?

‘A priest cannot be made by force. ‘Only when we trust each other can we achieve synergy in battle.’

Now that the war of the gods is just around the corner, and in a situation where guardians are being gathered rather hastily, a minimum of trust is an essential condition.

‘If we can’t take the Heavenly Demon here, the remaining guardians are the Dragon Clan Shaorang and Jecheon Daeseong Son Wukong… .’

Damdeok was quickly completing calculations in his head.

With the Fairy King Leaf already lost, they can’t even take the Heavenly Demon, Cheon Taerang?

It was literally the worst.

‘please… .’

That’s why Damdeok prayed in his heart.

I hope this blunt strongest person will be on his side… .

Cheon Taerang, facing Damdeok’s earnest eyes, stood in silence for a long time.

She seemed to be thinking deeply about something, but she finally finished speaking.

“good night.”

Short answer.

Damdeok’s face became brighter than ever.

* * *


The sword that hit hard bounced off with sparks flying.

The sword that was drawing an arc suddenly stopped.

Before I knew it, Jusoyul’s dagger was pointed at Alui’s neck.

Alui lowered his sword with a shocked expression.

“… I lost. But is Master still there?”

His eyes turned to the cave on the cliff.

It was a cave where everyone had been together just a moment ago, but everyone in the group except Damdeok had been kicked out.

“why? “Are you okay with training with me?”

Ju Ju-yul chuckled and put the dagger in his waistband.

“It’s not that bad, but your swordsmanship isn’t my style… .”

Alui looked the other way and looked around.

“okay? Then, try hanging out with someone who is a little more wild. “I’m bored to death.”

Jooyul pointed to Baekgureum, who was sitting on a tree, chewing some unknown grass.

Alui’s frown frowned slightly.



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“oh? Is it finally my turn? “Tsk!”

Baekgureum jumped down as if he had been waiting for Ju Soo-yul’s words.

The sword of Achilles was proudly placed at his waist.

“The air here is good, the water is good, everything is good~ but there is nothing! In times like this, you have to practice hard to keep your body from feeling soggy. Isn’t that right? “Alo?”

White Cloud still did not call Alui’s name properly.

Alui must have been tired, so he didn’t ask for any more corrections.

Just turn your head and ignore it.

“… He attacks so simply that it’s not fun. “I’d rather do it with you.”

Alui said while looking at the address.

“Hey! How simple! Try it and tell me! Try it!”

Immediately the white clouds became angry,

Ju Soo-yul turned around as if telling them to figure it out on their own.

Adele Sharon, who was watching, shouted at Allui’s slightly dismissive look and White Cloud’s angry shout.

“Oh, it’s noisy. Why on earth did you guys come all the way here? Have some discipline, some discipline! ok?”

“Oh, my sister is missing!”

“Oh my~ That kid is real!”

Adele Sharon approached Jooyul with her ears tightly covered.

A fierce fight broke out behind them, but the two didn’t care.

Poppy and Pao just cheered and clapped on the rock.

“So, how long do we have to stay here?”

Adele Sharon asked Jooyul, who was leaning against a tree and watching the water lilies.

“Well, Cheon Tae-rang said that in order to become his official disciple, I would have to learn a proper martial art… .”

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes turned to the cave on top of the cliff.

It was Cheon Tae-rang who threatened to accept him as a disciple as promised, but that he would be dismissed if he could not master his martial arts skills.

‘It seems like I become more strict as I go through life.’

Cheon Tae-rang had a lot of affection and was more emotional than expected, so he was easy to persuade.

But for some reason, this time, it feels like I’m having a lot more trouble than expected.

‘I will follow you if I learn proper martial arts…’ There’s nothing I can do about it.’

Because of that, Damdeok is training one-on-one with Cheon Taerang in that dark cave.

‘But it’s not a bad situation. If you learn the martial arts of the Heavenly Demon, you will probably become stronger than before.’

That cave located on top of a cliff was no ordinary cave.

The treasure of Cheonak Taegun, who started martial arts at a slightly younger age of 14 and reached the position of Cheonma at the unprecedented age of 31.

Cave of Eternity.

It was a mysterious place where time flowed differently from the outside. To roughly put it into perspective, a month in the cave was about three or four days outside.

The deadline suggested by Cheon Taerang was exactly one month.

‘It’s not difficult to wait 3-4 days… .’

Ju Soo-yul’s face darkened for an instant.

In my previous lives, I always spent four months learning martial arts in that cave.

‘It was more difficult for Cheon Tae-rang to be recognized as her disciple than to persuade her to become a colleague.’

As Ju Soo-yul looked at the cave with worried eyes, quick-witted Adele Sharon joked and lightened the mood.

“Ah, again! There is no need to worry~ Don’t worry! You heard it all earlier. Cheon Tae-rang’s life story. Could it be that someone who lived such a miserable life would do harm to us?”

Just before coming out, I vaguely heard the hidden story of Cheon Taerang.

Everyone became solemn at her terrible story, and after that, each person told their own story little by little as if they were possessed.

As if they were hosting a campfire in a cave, Cheon Taerang and Damdeok’s group shared stories with each other, even though they were only part of the group, and it certainly helped to form a minimum level of trust.

That’s what Adele Sharon was talking about.

After talking to him, he didn’t seem to be such a bad person.

“Soyul. Do you believe this girl? I am amazingly good at observing physiognomy. “I looked at Cheon Tae-rang’s eyes the whole time he was talking, and he said he would never hurt someone!”

But that wasn’t the concern about the address rate.

Although Cheon Tae-rang had a blunt and cold personality, Ju Ju-yul knew better than anyone else that he was not that evil.

Moreover, even in such hopeless situations, there was never an attempt to kill Damdeok and his companions.

okay. The fact that it has never happened even though we have encountered it over 1,000 times means that the possibility of worrying about it is close to zero.

But still, what she worries about is,

“then? “What are you worried about?”

Adele Sharon asked, tilting her head.

“The martial arts that Cheontaerang is trying to teach Damdeok.”

“Martial arts?”

“That’s a bit… .”

Although Jooyul did not finish speaking, Adele Sharon shook her head as if she could guess.

“iced coffee… .”

Following Ju Soo-yul’s worried gaze, Adele Sharon’s gaze lingered towards the cave for a while.

* * *

“slowly. “You have to breathe slowly.”

Cheon Taerang’s hand touched Damdeok’s back, who was sitting cross-legged.


As a little inner energy began to flow, my breathing, which had been a little rough, became much more stable.

“Little by little, yes.”

It’s been four full days since I taught martial arts inside this cave.

Cheon Taerang was inwardly surprised.

‘No matter how much of my strength I gave away… ‘How can you learn so quickly?’

Just like a sponge absorbing water, Damdeok’s understanding of martial arts was surprisingly fast.

Damdeok was doing everything from the fortune-telling breakfast he had as soon as he woke up to the martial arts and qigong training related to swordsmanship without any hindrance.

‘Even though I said I would never accept a disciple for the rest of my life…’ .’

The teachings of Cheonma that he received from his father Cheonaktaegun were so painful and terrible that he did not want to pass them on to anyone else.

Therefore, he declared that he would not take in any disciples, and although there were many concerned looks, no one dared to say anything.

However, when I saw the guy in front of me who was faithfully learning his martial arts skills, I felt like I could understand a little why others were so disciples and disciples.

“That’s enough for early morning training.”

As if trying to shake off his thoughts, Cheon Taerang shook his head slightly and quietly removed his hand from Damdeok’s back.


Even though he said it was over, Damdeok took another deep breath and let it out. After cleaning himself up, Damdeok slowly opened his eyes.

A familiar message appeared before my eyes.

[ skill level has increased!]

[ skill has evolved to !]

“oh! nice!”

When Damdeok shouted happily, Cheontaerang’s head tilted.

“nice… ?”

An expression that doesn’t know what it means.

“Ah, I mean it’s good. haha. My skills have leveled up. As this went on, skill creation and leveling up became less frequent, but it’s been a while since I’m at it again! “It’s good to see it happen!”

Skill level up.

After listening to Damdeok’s further explanation, Cheontaerang was able to understand at a glance what that strange word meant.

It would be a similar system to the state spoken of in Gangho.

“okay. “How much did it rise?”

“Now, C-level, if I just do a little more, I think other martial arts skills will be created in succession, right?”

Cheon Taerang looked at Damdeok, who was smiling, in silence.

It was amazing.

Was martial arts originally such a fun thing to learn?

And was it something that could be learned so quickly?

‘It took even me, who was called a genius among geniuses, a year to properly learn fortune… .’

How can that guy do it in just four days?

Is it the status window, or rather the tool called the part-time job window, that makes him special?

It was a strange thing.

If his father Cheonaktaegun had seen him, he would have been a talent he would have coveted.


Cheon Taerang’s eyes calmed down.

“If your fortune has risen to that level, you can now move on to full-scale training.”

At those words, Damdeok’s head turned.

“Seriously? That’s very… “It sounds unpleasant.”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about?”

“No, I worked hard day and night, eating Qigong, and even practicing swordsmanship, but what is still left?”

“Why are you asking the obvious? Do you think you can easily become my disciple?”

“It’s that sound again. good. Because in my current state, I feel like I can do anything. What?”

Cheon Taerang let out a bitter laugh at Damdeok’s confident attitude.

“I’ll teach you the Heavenly Demon Divine Art.”

Damdeok’s expression became blank for a moment.

“Cheonma… Shin Gong… ?”


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