I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 141

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#141. Heavenly Demon Cheontaerang (2)

“A thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years!!”

A loud roaring sound.

Tens of thousands of people kneeling beneath the Heavenly Palace, the main building of the Demonic Cult.

Cheon Taerang looked down at those kneeling in front of him with an indifferent expression.

“This seat is… .”

As soon as Cheon Taerang opened his mouth, the audience immediately became quiet.

“This committee is not at all interested in the great cause of the Demonic Cult.”

The great cause of the Demonic Cult is to monopolize the strong. It refers to taking control of the martial arts world.

The fact that a person who had just ascended to the position of Heavenly Demon did not care about the great cause of the Demonic Cult was like a doctor declaring that he would no longer take care of patients.

But who would dare to give advice to the master of the Demonic Cult?

“A thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years!!”

No one questioned Cheonma’s remarks.

He just mechanically raised his arms and bowed his head.

Eventually, Cheon Taerang opened his mouth again.

Unlike just before, the tone was full of inner energy.

“This church will not repeat the same mistake as the previous religious leaders. As of now, the Demonic Cult will not be exchanging any communication with the outside world, so if there is anyone who feels opposition, please come forward right now. “I will personally prove that my thoughts are not wrong.”


Cheon Taerang took a step forward.

Heavenly Demon Army Limbo (天魔軍臨步).

A heavy energy immediately descended on the area.

Everyone’s heads lowered even further, as if a piece of iron had been placed on their backs.


It was a clear warning.

gulp. Only the sound of spitting was heard below the palace grounds.

“This concludes the declaration ceremony.”

With those last words, Cheon Taerang turned around.

As the black robe with gold embroidery fluttered,

“A thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years!!”

The shouts rang out for a long time.

* * *

“I think… .”

Inside the heavenly palace, the cult leader’s room.

Two men are standing in front of Cheon Tae-rang and speaking passionately.

“It may be presumptuous to say this, but refusing to uphold the legacy of the previous religious leader means not fulfilling one’s duties as the master of the Demonic Cult… .”

“Uh huh, what you’re saying is that you won’t admit that the owner of the Demonic Cult has changed!”

“what? “Aren’t I just discussing the survival of the Demonic Cult?”

“So doesn’t that mean you will rebel against the words of the current religious leader?”

The vice master, Black Heaven Demon Emperor Haejungak, and the chief elder, Galdo King Musimcheon, were engaged in a fierce debate.

Cheon Taerang just sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

“To carry on the legacy of the previous leader! How is that any different from going to war with the Murim Alliance in the current situation? Have you forgotten the days when the old gangsters took turns raiding every other day? Now, the power of the Demonic Cult has barely been restored!”

“You’re a senior elder and you don’t even know why the Demonic Cult exists! “Isn’t our goal to defeat everyone who stands in our way and stand in the sky?”

“So what the vice-religious leader is saying now is that the current religious leader is leading the Demonic Cult down the wrong path! Is that what you mean!”

The debate showed no sign of ending.

Finally, Cheon Taerang quietly opened his eyes.

“Both of you stop.”

Only then did the gaze of the sea evil and the mindless heaven turn towards Cheon Tae-rang.

“The previous leader was both the Heavenly Demon and my father. Why wouldn’t I want to follow his father’s will? But, look.”

Cheon Taerang stood up without a word and pushed open the huge window at his bedside.


The wooden window opens and sunlight pours in.

Below, the headquarters of the Demonic Cult, surrounded by sheer cliffs, was revealed.

“Look clearly with your own eyes. The power of the Demonic Cult is still recovering.”

The remains of the broken buildings are being moved here and there, and the sound of crackling is constantly heard.

“elder. Did you say earlier that our power was barely restored? Wrong. “We are still in a precarious situation.”


Chief Elder Wu Shenzhen bowed his head silently.

Eventually, Cheon Taerang’s gaze turned to the Black Heaven Demon Emperor Hae Jung-ak, who was still standing with a shit-chewing face.

“Vice-priest. Why are you so passionate about war? Do you want to regain the glory of your father’s time? or not… .”

Cheon Taerang paused for a moment.

The underwater devil’s eyes were strangely shiny.

“Or is it to take advantage of the chaos to drive out the main body? Is this person still young? Or did it hurt your pride to come to this position in a woman’s body?”

Cheon Taerang’s long black hair was flowing gently in the wind.

The chief elder’s complexion turned pale as he listened, and he immediately fell to his knees on the ground.


“Seo, how could that be possible! “This is absolutely unfair!”

However, Cheon Taerang still just looked at the underwater evil with an indifferent face.

“Elder, I did not ask you. Evil in the sea, you say it. “Is it true that your rebellious feelings toward the throne are your loyalty?”



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A suffocating tension filled the room.

The underwater evil had not said anything yet.

Cheon Taerang smiled slightly as he watched his white beard tremble.

“There was a strange rumor going around our school. “It is said that a body that has conceived can never maintain its previous internal strength.”

Cheon Taerang spoke the following words without hesitation.

“So, since I gave birth to a child 7 days ago, do you think I will not be able to regain my previous strength? Do you think that I, who have risen to the position of the Heavenly Demon, am hiding in the shadow of the Demon Cult out of fear of the Murim Alliance? Hello you… “Are you planning on confronting me?”

Cheon Taerang’s black eyes flashed coolly.

In the end, the underwater evil could not hold out any longer. His body slowly lowered its posture.


As soon as he got down on one knee, Haejungak lowered his head.

“Loyal! The heavenly will of the leader… I couldn’t figure it out. From now on, I will follow your wishes, so please let go of your anger.”

Because he had his head down so much, he couldn’t tell what kind of face the Underwater Evil was speaking with right now.

Cheon Taerang just quietly closed his eyes and motioned for them to leave.

The incident that would determine the existence or demise of the Demonic Cult occurred not far from that day.

* * *


Cheon Taerang’s eyes opened brightly due to the intense heat.

“This heat… ?”

I quickly looked around the room, but couldn’t see anything like fire.

‘It’s ominous.’

Cheon Taerang put on only his outerwear and left the room.

The still cool night air seeped deep through my clothes.

Cheon Taerang, who was instinctively adjusting his clothes, suddenly stopped.

A cold sensation that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Goosebumps appeared all over my body.

“… “You mean I feel cold?”

I have already reached the state of Mythological Sutra.

Since the body has entered the state of being immune to all poisons and impervious to cold and cold, as well as the Diamond Buddha, it is impossible for it to feel cold.

“this… !”

As soon as he sensed something strange, hundreds of blades rained down on Cheon Tae-rang’s head.

To others, ‘Ah, I was caught in a situation where I couldn’t move…’ .’ It may have been a moment, but it was different from Cheontae.

She was leisurely dodging the blades as if she were playing a rubber band game.

“Tch, there are no monsters.”

“Don’t delay and do it all at once.”

“Everyone goes full force!”

Black flocks hiding everywhere flew into the sky all at once.

There were so many that the countless stars in the night sky were obscured in an instant, and Cheon Tae-rang could only watch them quietly.

“It’s not the Murim Alliance, it’s the Demonic Cult.”

Familiar signs except for a few.

Among them was a pontoon sea bass.

Cheon Tae-rang felt bitter inside.

A terrible night with twinkling stars pouring down on you.

“If you want to die like that.”

Cheon Taerang’s posture, who had been standing still, changed in an instant.

“This position is amazing.”

Heavenly Demon Chamgeomsul (天魔斬劍術), One-Second Consciousness (帀硝歘), Heavenly Demon Wave and Moon Cham (天魔波月斬)!


Black moonlight splits the sky.

Hundreds of shadows quickly fell without a single scream, and the hidden stars twinkled again.

“That’s boring.”

It may be long, but it will be over in less than three years.

It was when Cheon Taerang regained his stance.

An urgent voice was heard.

“Wait! “It doesn’t matter what happens to the child!”

Pontoon pontoon underwater rock.

Cheon Taerang wordlessly waved his hand toward the source of the sound.

Pacheonsura Jangtan (派天殊剆壯彈).


Along with the sound, the bodies of all the surrounding minions, including the Marine Demon, exploded.

Cheon Taerang’s eyes had suddenly become cold and sunken.

Not only was an attack in the middle of the night not enough, but they also threatened the child with their personal safety.

“You’ve gone too far. I thought about showing a little mercy… .”

A thick, murderous breath flowed out of Cheon Taerang’s mouth.

“I will take all your bones from this place today.”

“Wait a minute! “Master!”

Someone urgently shouted.

Cheon Taerang looked at the sky.

He too was one of the rebels.

Chief Elder, Musimcheon.

Cheon Taerang’s eyes wavered slightly.

“Elder, didn’t you support me?”

Mushentian couldn’t say anything.

Perhaps sensing that the situation was not serious, he disarmed all of his subordinates and then knelt down.

“… Even if there are ten mouths, there is nothing to say. But I must tell you… !”

Cheon Tae-rang did not listen to him.

“Why do you open your mouth needlessly when you say you have nothing to say?”

With a snap of a finger, Musimcheon’s head flew off.


The faces of his subordinates turned pale at the sight of Musimcheon falling down in a fountain of blood.

“You should not expect mercy from the throne.”

If the child had not been mentioned, he could have been saved.

But the line had already been crossed.

Cheontaerang’s merciless massacre began.

And, from the mouths of those who were struggling to survive, Cheon Tae-rang had no choice but to hear the truth that he did not want to face.

“Teacher, please wait a moment… !”


“The leader’s child was taken hostage by the Murim Alliance… !”


“Jin, it’s real! Using the child who inherited the cult leader’s skills as a medium, he is pouring a curse on the cult leader… !”


“If things continue like this, not only the child’s life but also the leader’s life will be in danger!!”


“Please, please believe me! For the survival of the Demonic Cult, we have no choice but to make a choice… !!”


“Master, please… !!”


For a moment,

Cheontaerang’s slaughter stopped.

The chill of the night air was becoming more and more intense.

Before he knew it, Cheon Tae-rang was trying to control his trembling body and started performing light attacks like crazy.

“That can’t be possible. “That could never happen!!”

You put a curse on yourself using a child as a medium.

There is no way such an evil technique exists in the world.


Your child is in a safe place where no one knows.

Not in midfield, where the smell of blood overflows, but somewhere else at the end of the earth!

But after a while, Cheon Tae-rang’s body collapsed helplessly.

A small village on the outskirts where she hid her child.

In front of the village that had already turned into a black heap of ashes, Cheon Tae-rang could not say anything.

I suddenly remember myself waking up suddenly due to the intense heat.

Hot tears flowed down Cheon Tae-rang’s cheeks.

Dawn was coming.

In a world dyed bright red, Cheon Taerang slowly stood up.

There was nothing more to worry about with her.

* * *

Among the rugged canyons called Hibmandaesan (十萬大山), the home of immortals.

The Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords (天魔三劍) First Style (天魔三劍) The Heavenly Demon’s Manifest God (天魔現神) Island (閃)!


Every time there is a flash of light, a fountain of blood gushes out.

It didn’t matter what their purpose was in the first place.

To Cheon Tae-rang, all the martial arts people were nothing more than greedy beasts.

Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords (天魔三劍) Jeisik (題二式) Heavenly Demon’s Revelation (天魔殃復) Change (卞)!

Every time her hand sharply cuts through the air,

Regardless of whether they were the Murim Alliance, the Demon Cultists, or the Blood Cultists, they were all broken into pieces and gushing out fountains of blood.

The third form of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords, Pacheonhwang (破天荒)!




Heaven and earth became quiet.

Shoot ah-

It’s raining blood.

In the sea of ​​blood, Cheon Taerang stood blankly for a while.

There will be no one left alive on this mountain now.

No, maybe no one survived this river… .

It was then.

I felt a buzz from above.

A group of men and women.

It was out of the ordinary.

Not only the pure white sword and the sparkling golden sword, but also a strange person with black wings hanging on his back as if by some evil trick, and a child wrapped in bandages like a jiangshi of the blood religion.

Cheon Taerang’s empty eyes suddenly became harsh.

“Were the rats still there…? .”

Her hands went into strength.


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