I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 142

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#142. Heavenly Demon Cheontaerang (3)


These were the words spoken by Damdeok.

It wasn’t a scream of death.

It was an exclamation.


With a loud sound, Cheon Taerang’s hand suddenly jumped up to Damdeok’s eye level and drew an arc in the air.

It was a very fleeting moment, but Damdeok could feel it vividly.

That the person in front of him had long since reached the state of pure martial arts.

And, I can assure you that this person is stronger than all the guardians I have ever met.

So, the fact that this person is much stronger than he is now… .


So, as soon as Damdeok saw her, exclamations flowed from his mouth.

I didn’t use any skills or powers, but strangely, it felt like time was passing slowly.

But the ecstasy was short-lived,

Heavenly Demon Wave Jangbeop (天魔波掌法) Ilcho type (一楚式).

Cheon Tae-rang’s hand, which was drawing an arc, stretched forward sharply.

A thousand waves!

A black palm shape created in the air rushed towards Damdeok and his group.


Damdeok instinctively blocked the path of his colleagues at the strange shape that looked like the palm of a devil.

“Everyone step back!”

Damdeok’s eyes flashed and he launched himself towards the palm of his hand.

[Excalibur’s first attribute, ‘Fighting Spirit’, is activated!]

[All stats double for 10 minutes!]

[Activate the skill Black Moon (SSS)!]


My eyes flashed with a loud roar.

Damdeok’s body was pushed back a lot, but as a result, Cheontaerang’s Heavenly Demon Wavelength technique was split into two exactly in the air.

The black palm could not maintain its strength and was falling apart.

Cheon Taerang’s black eyebrows twitched.

I couldn’t believe it.

He ran wild here for three days and nights.

In this way, he could boast that he had killed all the so-called martial leaders.

Among them, there are at most fifteen who can avoid or block his attacks.

All of them were talented enough to be selected as one of the twelve apostles of Gangho, but in the end, they died in vain at the end of their own hands.

But this guy, who I had never heard of before, cut the Heavenly Demon Wavelength Law in half right before my eyes?

Cheon Taerang’s eyes narrowed slightly.

‘No matter how tired I am… Does this make sense?’

It was an absolutely unacceptable fact.

‘A man strong enough to split the Heavenly Demon Wavelength Law in half… .’

Eunwolshingun (夽月神君), the Murim lord, and Bicheonheung (碑天宖), a genius disciple of the Hwasan Sect, would be strong enough to do so.

But didn’t they also meet the end together with the Twelve Lords?

Cheon Taerang’s suspicious gaze glanced downward.

A lump of blood that has now been crushed to the point where its shape is unrecognizable.

Her gaze wavered slightly.

At the last moment, their cursing eyes and swear words came to mind.

So, are the man and his companions in front of him now the final assassination group hidden by the Twelve Lords?

How on earth did they keep such a powerful person hidden until now?

Since when on earth have they been making plans like this…? .

In order to destroy him, everyone in Kangho plans this plan… .


I felt dizzy.

Everything felt like a dream.

I prayed to myself thousands and tens of thousands of times that it was just a dream.

What started out like a nightmare was so sudden, happened so suddenly, and ended so suddenly.

All of this,

“Seol… .”

Damdeok cautiously opened his mouth to Cheon Taerang, who was absentmindedly muttering the name of his daughter, who had just turned one year old.

“hey… Can you calm down for a moment? “We are not here to fight you.”

As Damdeok spoke, Cheon Taerang’s blank eyes gradually came into focus.

“… “You didn’t come here to fight?”


“… “Did it look like I wanted to fight you right now?”


He just wanted to destroy all the remaining rats.

A world like a demon.

People like demons.



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A demon-like powerhouse.

Erase it all from the world,

I also thought about being erased.


That was all.


Damdeok closed his mouth as the murderous feeling suddenly deepened.

‘what. ‘The address rate is different from what I said.’

Cheontaerang (天太郞), the Heavenly Demon.

She was the third daughter of Cheonaktaegun, the worst horse in the history of the martial arts. She had two older brothers and a sickly younger sister. Her father, Cheonaktaegun, was so vicious and loved war that he brought fear to the entire martial arts world. On the other hand, the third daughter, Cheon Tae-rang, was said to be relatively quiet and introverted.

‘But is this what introverts do…? ?’

Damdeok avoided Cheon Taerang, who was glaring at him as if he would kill him at any moment, and looked at Ju Soo-yul, who was standing next to him.

She just stared at Cheon Tae-rang in silence, wondering what she was thinking.

‘What on earth? Fighting with a guy like this is suicide… .’

It seemed like Jo So-yul knew something, but he didn’t open his mouth easily. Finally, Damdeok opened his mouth again.

“Look, no matter what you think, we’re not really here to fight. “I came because I wanted to talk.”

These words were uttered with confidence, firmly believing that even if the circumstances of life are different, sincerity always prevails.

But Cheon Tae-rang’s face was becoming more like a shit-chewed face.

“Brother, what if I speak informally? Use an honorific title… .”

Baekgureum, who was watching from behind, spoke in a voice as loud as a mosquito.

“Yes, you are a vicious business owner. Why are you so clueless… Ahaha. Sister, that black outfit is cool. Oh, isn’t it originally black? Is it because the blood has hardened? haha… .”

Adele Sharon also rolled her eyes and wandered as if she was anxious.

A situation in which all of the party members were overwhelmed by the Heavenly Demon in front of them.

In a situation where everyone was restless, Cheon Taerang slowly opened his mouth.

“You came to talk to me…” ?”


Damdeok quickly answered.

Baekgureum slapped his side again and nagged him to use an honorific title, but Damdeok tried to keep a calm expression.

‘If you get caught here, it’s over.’

We weren’t going to go out in a threatening manner, but we needed to at least give the other person the perception that we were equal partners.

‘A guy this strong doesn’t know what to do if he’s even slightly upset.’

Show as little weakness as possible and make people feel like they want to work on the same side as possible.

That was Damdeok’s own strategy.

“What are you here to talk about? I have already figured out that you guys are assassins. But how dare an assassin even negotiate with me? What kind of negotiation do you want? Do you want to save your life now? “Your teachers and classmates are lying dead below, so are you really going to beg for their lives rather than seek revenge?”

Words flowed out at a rather fast tempo.

Damdeok and his companions looked blank for a moment.

“… “What did you just do?”

“Assassin squad?”


“Begging for your life?”

As everyone looked at each other with incomprehensible expressions, Cheon Tae-rang’s face became even more mocking.

“It’s the same. As warriors, don’t you have even the slightest sense of duty? okay. It doesn’t matter anything. Kangho is already finished. “For the last time, I will judge the rats and go see Seol.”

It was once again when Cheon Tae-rang’s hands were trying to draw an arc in the air.


A sonorous sound rang out.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on one place.

“Cheontaerang, I have something to offer you.”

Jusoyul walked forward and spoke quietly.

“Even though we haven’t gathered much yet… “This should be enough to prove that we are innocent.”

Something like a soap bubble floated out of Ju Ju-yul’s hand.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know… .”

“He’s using strange techniques again.”

Jooyul frowned at the whispers of his colleagues.

“It’s not a strange technique, it’s one of the powers of Fairy King Leaf. “It is the power to condense the memories of a medium and pass them on to the other person.”

Damdeok and other colleagues’ mouths fell open.

“… “You have that kind of power?”

“It’s a strange technique!”

“I know.”

“That’s right.”

Damdeok, who was standing in front, asked.

“What, then, that’s why you’ve been pretending to think so intently?”

“I wasn’t pretending to think, I was just diligently collecting memories. The activation condition is that all media must remain still. Everyone was so overwhelmed that they stayed still. “Thanks to you, it was comfortable.”

As Soo-yul chuckled, everyone looked at her as if they were dumbfounded.

“… “Soyul, you have a plan?”

“No, please at least say something.”

“okay! “If you always handle things arbitrarily like this, it will be useless!”

“Actually, aren’t you doing this because you want attention?”

Even as his colleagues continued to shout, Cheon Taerang frowned and opened his mouth.

“Transferring memories… ? “I have never heard of or encountered such martial arts.”

“It’s okay because we’ll face each other now.”

“Doing useless things… “The moment you point that strange thing at me, all of your heads will fall off.”

An indescribable murderous spirit came out of Cheon Tae-rang.

It seemed that further appeasement would not work for Cheon Tae-rang, who had already suffered enough from evil.

However, the address rate was that of a veteran.

She had already experienced this situation hundreds of times.

“Why are you being so petty when you have a thousand horses? If you see it and decide it’s not right, then you can just kill it. “You could probably kill everyone here anyway, right?”

When Joo-yul spoke calmly as if nothing had happened, Cheon Tae-rang kept his mouth shut.

As if trying to find out whether it was true or not, martial arts filled with internal energy covered Jusoyul, but she continued her next words without any problem.

“Let me tell you, we are not strong people. Surely killing innocent people like flies is not your belief? “Then you’re no different from your father, Prince Cheonak, right?”

The complexions of his colleagues turned pale due to Jo Soo-yul’s intense provocation.

“Hey, let’s talk about family…” .”

“Soyul. Please adjust the strength… .”

However, Cheon Tae-rang actually seemed to be lost in deeper thoughts than before.

‘It’s not Kang Ho-in… ?’

I was definitely blinded by the blood earlier, so I couldn’t take a closer look, but their appearance was a bit different from the powerful people I had seen so far.

Not only the red hair and the blonde hair, but also the skin tone and clothing were clearly unfamiliar.

‘Besides, those wings… .’

A pair of wings attached to Damdeok’s shoes and the black wings worn by a red-haired boy.

This group, which included a young Gangshi at the peak of Hwaryong, was truly strange.

They were full of strange things that made them look like they belonged to a notorious blood cult, but one thing was certain: the more you looked at them, the more they gave off a different vibe from Kanghoin.

“I said there’s nothing to think about for a long time. Just take a look and think about it.”

Address rate is approaching.

Her hands were full of soap bubbles containing memories of her colleagues.

“for a moment. This place is not ready yet… How could I know that it was also an evil martial arts attack that would cause me to fall into a state of despair… .”

Ju Soo-yul smiled and approached Cheon Tae-rang, who was backing away in the air.

“What are you all doing? catch.”


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