I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 140

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#140. Cheontaerang, the Heavenly Demon (1)




In a forest full of all kinds of sounds.

Damdeok and his group looked around blankly.

Dense trees and nameless plants blooming luxuriantly.

The constant, lively sound made me feel as if I had entered the primordial Earth.

Damdeok and his party were standing alone in that unknown primeval forest.

“… jungle? Amazon? “What, is this a martial arts world view?”

“Isn’t this one hundred percent wrong?”

“Brother, this feels kind of cheap… .”

“It’s much more serious than the northern forest of Atlaum… .”

Amid everyone’s worries, Damdeok opened the system.

Dimension Area C-132.

The martial arts worldview was clear.

“… Hundred Thousand Great Mountains (十萬大山)? “They say this is Hundred Thousand Mountains Mountain?”

As Damdeok recited the words written in the system, the heads of the group all tilted.

“Hundreds of thousands of mountains?”

“Is this the mountain where 100,000 armies are hiding?”

“… Ah, if that’s true, the name is so cliché.”

While everyone was muttering meaninglessly, Baek Gureum, a martial arts fanatic, was alone with his eyes sparkling.

“Everyone doesn’t even know how to make 100,000 units?! It’s the mountain where the Demonic Cult’s stronghold is located! “There are 100,000 large and small peaks gathered together, so it’s called 100,000 Mountains!”

Of course, others, including Damdeok, who had no interest in martial arts, just nodded hesitantly.

“Ah, so 100,000 units… .”

“okay. “Whether it’s 100,000 mountains or 1,000,000 mountains, I’ll definitely take a look at the pool today.”

“Hmph, Jim feels comfortable in the sand! It is impossible to find peace of mind in a place where these green things are rampant… !”

It was then.


A huge snake came out from the bushes and flicked its tongue towards Pao’s bandage.

“Quaaaah! Mo, everyone, protect your luggage! “Gather together, gather together!”



“Hey! “What kind of snake is that big?!”

A giant, fluorescent snake that seemed to be well over 3 meters long was looking down at Damdeok and the others with its long tongue lashing out.

After a very brief moment of silence, Adele Sharon licked her lips and quietly launched a fireball into the palm of her hand.


“Hmm. “I’ve never tried grilled snake, but it tasted good when I was hungry.”

Damdeok was shocked and stopped her as she smiled leisurely.

“it’s crazy? Are you planning on burning down the entire forest around here? “I told you not to do anything conspicuous!”

“No, whatever. That’s what it means. I mean… .”

In response to Damdeok’s restraint, Adele Sharon quietly licked her lips and stepped back.

As soon as she fell, Baekgureum stepped forward and drew his sword.

“Ac! good! “I’ll handle it!”


The elegant sword body revealed with a cheerful sound, the sword of Achilles was held in the right hand, and the shield of Achilles was held in the left hand.

White Cloud, who looked like a boy general and was armed with gold, swung his weapon at the giant snake.

“Get away from me! You bastard! “You bastard!”



The giant snake did a good job of avoiding it, but then, as if it couldn’t help itself, it disappeared behind itself.

“Where are you running away?!”

The moment the white cloud chases after you and is about to finish you off, flutter! With the sound, my vision was blocked.

“What are you doing now?”

Alui’s black wings completely blocked White Cloud’s eyes.

“… “Take this away.”


Alui folded her wings obediently, but in the meantime, the giant snake had long since disappeared into the lush forest.

“What are you doing now?”

White Cloud growled and approached Alui.

It was a threatening enough action, but Alui remained calm.

“It’s okay because I ran away. He was just surprised by our intrusion. “There might have been a cub nearby.”

“what? Are you worried about the snake bastard’s situation now? “Pao almost got swallowed in one bite.”

As if Baekgureum was trying to prove his legitimacy, he looked at Pao, who was turning pale and trembling in Poppy’s arms! pointed.

“Yeah, yeah. “Well, didn’t you almost become food?”

White Cloud, looking at Pao’s crying eyes, looked even more triumphantly at Alui and shouted.

“Hey, do you think the situation of that fluorescent snake bastard is more important than the safety of your colleagues?”

Alui sighed softly.



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Alui stroked her red hair and spoke quietly.

“That’s not it, they didn’t show any signs of attacking us. So there’s no need to chase it down and kill it.”


Baekgureum snorted exaggeratedly on purpose and looked back at Damdeok.

An expression that makes you feel like you’re about to die.

An exaggerated gesture of shrugging the shoulders.

It may have been an act of asking people to take his side, but Damdeok did not live up to Baekgureum’s expectations.

“it’s okay. Alui is right. He doesn’t need to be killed. Our goal is to find the next Guardian. “With that said, let’s leave now.”

As soon as Damdeok took a step, Baekgureum started complaining that it was nonsense.

However, soon after facing Ju Soo-yul’s murderous gaze, he became a liar.

Of course, that didn’t mean the guy’s tantrums completely stopped.

“Tch, that guy is a devil. Why are you so embarrassed? It looks just like Snow White… The liver is the size of a pea. Anyway, I don’t like it!”

White Cloud’s complaint, which may have been a bit cute, reached Alui’s ears without a doubt.

But he laughed lightly and ignored them all.

Compared to what happened in the demon world, this is nothing more than cuteness.

In the end, Baekgureum stopped complaining because he was tired of everything, and calmed down his anger by cutting down the giant spiders and strangely large wild animals he encountered as he made his way through the grass.

In that way, Damdeok and his companions were navigating Hundred Thousand Mountains relatively smoothly.

How long did you walk?

Damdeok spoke first.

“Hey, address rate. Is this right? “Isn’t the path we’ve taken so far the right one?”

I went through the bushes and walked along the river for a while.

“okay. “The Demonic Cult’s stronghold is originally completely hidden, so we have no choice but to go this way.”

At those words, Baekgureum, who was behind him, became excited and helped out again.

“Cancer, this is a group that has the entire midfield as their enemy, so it should be in a place that is hard to find!”

“Is that so…? .”

When Damdeok looked like he didn’t understand, Baekgureum started adding various explanations.

Various settings seen in martial arts circles.

“So the Demonic Cult… That’s why the enemy… .”

“Stop it, man. It might be different from that. “This is the real world.”

It was the time when Baekgureum pouted after receiving Damdeok’s scolding.

Soo-yul suddenly stopped walking and turned his head toward the sky.

“what’s the matter?”

“The road is broken.”


Damdeok looked at where Ju Soo-yul’s gaze was directed.

Two peaks rise above a sheer cliff.

I couldn’t see any other path other than the cliff in front of me.

“Hey, the address rate is really… .”

“Couldn’t it be here now…” .”

“I have to go up… .”

The companions looked at her with a look of ‘I guess not.’, but Jooyul just nodded as if it was natural.

The faces of the companions suddenly darkened.

“If you just go over this cliff, you will be able to reach the Demon Bridge in no time.”

Ju Soo-yul said so and lightly placed his foot on the cliff.



“That sister is really… .”

Jooyul rides the cliff as comfortably as if he were walking on flat ground.

Alui, Pao, and Poppy were busy staring at the sight they were seeing for the first time.

Damdeok, Adele Sharon, and Baekgureum could only stare at the scene with shocked expressions because they had already seen it at the cliff of Samsinhalmae.

“Everyone will just watch forever. Let him go up like that. Alui! “You can take those two people with you, right?”

Damdeok said, pointing to Papi and Pao.

Alui nodded leisurely.

“huh. are you okay.”


Alui spread his black wings wide like the sails of a pirate ship.

Then, he snatched Pao and Poppy by the scruff of their necks in an instant and flew up into the air.


“wow! “It’s amazing!”

“Ji, Jim is the 12th king of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt! Be careful, be careful of your precious body… “Ugh!”

Seeing Alui soaring powerfully over the cliff, Damdeok also focused his energy on Hermes’ shoes.


“Compared to Alui’s wings, the power of flight is quite insufficient, but… .”

Damdeok grabbed Baekgureum and Adele Sharon by the back.

“There’s nothing you can’t do!”


Damdeok’s body flew powerfully into the air.

After killing Asmodeus in the Demon World, Damdeok’s spiritual power had already exceeded 970,000.

‘Just a little while and you’ll be a high-level god… !’

No matter what the Demonic Cult was like or what the martial arts world was like, I was willing to do it if a decisive act of subservience was needed to recruit the next Guardian.

‘If you take a guardian here and even become a high-class god… !’

Isn’t that the greatest achievement?

Rather than killing two birds with one stone, it was so beneficial that it could be said to be killing ten birds with one stone.

‘Finally, becoming a top god is just around the corner… !’

Although he didn’t make it obvious on purpose, Damdeok was already full of wild dreams even before he came to this world.


I can feel the explosive power in Hermes’ shoes.

The divine power, now approaching 1 million, was showing enough power to treat White Cloud and Adele Sharon like feathers.

“Hey! Soo-yul, you’re in last place in this cliff-climbing competition~!”

Ju Soo-yul frowned childishly as he watched Damdeok quickly pass by him.

“Okay bro!! Just like this, we’ll overtake that guy like Baek Seol-gi!!”

“Yes, you evil business owner! “Go!!”


Damdeok was so excited that he flew after Alui closely.

The sheer cliffs were quite high and steep, so it was necessary to fly almost vertically, but it was not a very difficult course for Damdeok, who was just a stone’s throw away from reaching 1 million levels of strength.

“That’s about it!!”


Damdeok quickly overtook Alui as if he had a booster.

“Ahh! “I was overtaken!”

“This is outrageous! How dare you go ahead of the Pharaoh!!”

“… … .”

Damdeok’s body passed over the edge of a high cliff in an instant.


A panoramic view unfolded before Damdeok’s eyes after winning a short and bold race.

“Wow, I’m just killing you!”

“Wow, the view is superb! The view is superb!”

“Brother, we arrived in first place! “Hey!”

I felt like my heart was blown by the view all the way to the horizon.

Besides, it was nothing special, but I was proud and happy to arrive at the top of the cliff in first place.

As soon as he landed on the peak after giving an excited high five, Damdeok’s expression hardened.

“… What is that?”

A strangely shaped rock cliff that has been artistically carved by hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years of weathering.

The scenery, which should fill you with ecstasy just by looking at it, is terrible. That was it.

“… War?”

“How many people died… .”

The entire cliff was a sea of ​​blood.

In the first place, I thought it was a red cliff, so there were countless corpses lying everywhere.

Not only the cliffs, but also the basin-like terrain beneath them were piled with corpses, forming a hill.

“… Nonsense.”

“How could there be this many corpses?”

Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and even Alui and Jusoyul who arrived before we knew it all looked down at the terrible scene in a daze.


Soon something writhing comes into view.

Damdeok’s vision met with the person who was shining his bright eyes in that terrible place where only corpses were lying around.

“That guy can’t be…” .”

Ju Soo-yul nodded along with Damdeok’s instinctively mumbling words.

“The eighth guardian, Cheon Taerang (天太郞).”


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