I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 139

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#139. Political faction? Sapa? Demonic religion!

“radish… “Co-op?”

“count… total?”

Everyone looked at Damdeok with dumbfounded faces.

The first thing that caught my eye was the white cloud that had been fuming until now.

“oh my god! really?! Are we finally going?! To that world of nothingness and negotiation?!”

“… Where are you going to hang out?”

Adele Sharon scolded him, but he didn’t care.

“If you go there, you can learn martial arts that you only read about in books.”

“… “What is martial arts?”

Pao opened his eyes and asked, but Baekgureum did not respond and was busy just saying what he was saying.

“Wow, awesome. “I just recovered with a fortune-telling breakfast without any skills, and also received training in the martial arts level of the famous Nine-File One-Bang!”

He was already full of his own dreams and hopes.

“This is my first time hearing about the martial arts world. Is it such an exciting world? “Is it cuter than the fairy world?”

Adele Sharon tilted her head and looked at Damdeok.

It seemed like he wanted an explanation, but… .

“I don’t know, but it won’t be a cute world. “I don’t know the details.”

Damdeok confessed honestly.

Martial arts.

It was a fictional world that I only saw in novels and movies. I didn’t enjoy reading martial arts magazines to begin with.

‘I’m so busy with my part-time job, where do I have time to read stuff like that?’

He was so busy making a living that he didn’t even have a proper hobby.

So, of course, I have no choice but to be ignorant about that world.

All I know is the internal skills and martial arts that I roughly picked up… Just things like that.

“Is it okay to go to a place I don’t know well like that?”

Adele Sharon sighed with concern.

“When did we get to know each other so well? “It’s the same everywhere else.”

“Well, that’s true too… .”

Damdeok chuckled as he saw Adele Sharon quickly agreeing.

“Whether it’s martial arts or anything else, we only need to bring the seventh guardian. Don’t make such a fuss by saying you want to learn martial arts or fight a strong guy there! The goal is to quickly recruit only the guardians. “Everyone understands, right?”

Damdeok looked straight at Baekgureum, who was particularly excited, and said.

“Ah, you always say that, but in the end, you end up making a fuss.”

“That’s also true.”

“This time, we had a great fight in the demon world.”

“That’s right. I still can’t forget that scene. “I felt traumatized.”

“Pharaoh knows no fear!”

As each of his colleagues made a comment, Damdeok frowned.

“Why is there so much talk? Anyway, my next part-time job is a place with the least amount of information out of all the places I’ve been to so I’m taking a good rest while preparing. “I have to leave in two days.”

“Now that you say that, it makes me want to go even more… Soyul, don’t you know?”

Adele Sharon looked at Zhou Juyul standing still.

Ju Soo-yul quietly shook her head. Adele Sharon said to her, “Hmm.” She blinked and stared.

“Can’t you lie to your sister?”

“Someone said they lied.”

“Anyway, it’s chilly… good! Now then, let’s all focus on getting a good rest. The captain here wants to gather at least one more comrade before the war of gods breaks out, right? now! “Let’s all stretch our legs, get a good night’s sleep, and then set off!”

Adele Sharon started to liven up the mood by clapping vigorously.

Baekgureum was still unable to hide his excitement, and Poppy opened his phone every now and then to check the guild situation.

Pao resumed playing ball with Baekseol inside the yard, and Damdeok watched them happily and walked away.

As I was walking, someone caught my eye.

Alui has been standing calmly since before. He’s probably trying hard to figure out what’s going on.

Damdeok approached him and asked, putting his hand on his shoulder.

“how is it? Do you understand?”


“Then get some rest. “In the demon world, you have classes every day. You must be tired.”

Alui was given a separate guest room as soon as he arrived in this world.

With that, Baek Gureum made a fuss, asking why he was given a separate room when he was sharing the same room with Poppy… .

‘Anyway, I have a fiery personality.’

Alui hesitantly opened his mouth.

“however… .”


“With the Demon World… “Is your father going to be okay?”

I was speechless for a moment.

Was this guy worried about Lucifer, not what was to come?

“You saw it too. Angels are no match for Lucifer. Moreover, demons from all levels of the Demon World have come, so we are no match for them in numbers.”

“I didn’t mean angels.”


“Tartarus… .”

Dark magical energy flowed from Alui’s body as she muttered.

Sadness, anger, fear.



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Complex emotions are felt at the same time.

“The Demon World is like an important stepping stone to Tartarus. You can go to another world… .”


Isn’t this the principle of opening a gate at the end of the space called the Demon World and connecting it to another dimension?

But why did Alui suddenly tell that story?

“If such a large-scale war breaks out in the demon world, the membrane protecting the gate will be destroyed.”

“Gate shield? Oh, you mean the opaque screen in the middle?”

“huh. If that disappears, the boundary between the demon world and the gate will disappear, and then the troops at war will be pushed into the gate area created by Tartarus. If so… .”

“If so?”

“It will interfere with the invasion they are preparing, so they will definitely try to kill us and the angels.”


This means that if the inside of the gate becomes complicated, it will interfere with the path of the forgotten gods.

‘… I didn’t even think about it that far.’

Alui, this guy seems to be able to think much more carefully than he looks.

Alui’s anxious eyes stared at Damdeok.

Red-tinted eyes.

It contained a lot of emotions.

‘It’s difficult.’

Instead of Damdeok, who was thinking about what to say for a moment, Ju Soo-yul suddenly approached and blurted out something.

“don’t worry. “Because the gate shield will not be destroyed.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I’m not sure, I can see it. I have the power to see distant dimensions. “The shield hasn’t been destroyed yet, and it won’t happen in the future, so don’t worry.”

Alui, who was staring at Soo-yul speaking dryly, looked at Damdeok again.

The look in your eyes as if it were real.

“He may be a bit picky, but he’s not bad enough to lie about something like that.”

As Alui’s expression became brighter, Sooyul suddenly turned around.

‘If you’re here to comfort me, at least say something warm. anyway… .’

Damdeok shook his head as he watched Soo-yul quietly walking away, saying only what he wanted to say.

“Hey, Aloha!”

A white cloud approaches, shouting bluntly.

“I would have told you to focus on recovery and not do unnecessary things.”

As Damdeok rolls his eyes, Baekgureum shouts as if he is being wronged.

“why! It’s not a fight, it’s just training! training! Let’s bet on who can swing 1,000 times first! “Don’t you need to have proper form before going to the martial arts world?”

Damdeok looked at him with suspicious eyes, but Alui, with a somewhat lighter expression, accepted Baekgureum’s words.

“good. “If I lose, there’s no need to duel or anything.”

“Because you don’t say that?”

“And my name is Aluiya. “It’s not aloha, it’s alu.”

“Aloha, Alu, whatever!”


“Oh yeah! Aluha!”

Damdeok, who was watching the two bicker, took a few steps and lay down on the hammock installed in the yard for the first time in a long time.

“Because you are young, you are full of strength. “I told him to get some rest.”

The bright sunlight makes me feel good.

Damdeok quietly closed his eyes.

* * *

In the abyss, pitch black darkness.

Thump thump! Thump thump! Thump thump!

The darkness itself rises and falls repeatedly in sync with the sound of a heartbeat.

There was a whitish figure standing there, seemingly invisible.

“What are you complaining about?”

A sharp voice rang out.

At that voice, the dark space moves up and down! split apart

[…] Why did you do something useless?]

Huge eyes appeared from the darkness and stared at the girl in front of them.

It was a sight that would make one’s stomach tingle, but the silver-haired girl, Elia, didn’t care at all.

Instead, he snorted and boldly asked back.

“therefore. Why on earth is that so useless? It was your idea to put up the gate shield in the first place, right? “I saved it from being almost destroyed, so why are you saying it’s useless?”

The huge eyes blinked slowly a couple of times.

[Are you really asking because you don’t know…? . A good opportunity to wipe out all those troublesome guys at once… You ruined it.]

Elia’s silver eyes shone coolly.

“You are doing something useless. What are you going to do by killing a few more demon bastards? If the inside of the gate becomes complicated, it will only hinder your sortie. I’m warning you, leave the double barrier I set up as is. “You just have to do what your father tells you to do well.”

After finishing speaking, Elia jerked! Turned her body.

[Such cockiness… .]

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The darkness all around began to pulsate rapidly. Heart beat faster due to anger.

However, Elia continued to leisurely slip into the abyss without any disturbance.

* * *

“yes. I think the North American Union guild can continue to manage that. No need to look anywhere else. We only need to keep a close eye on the Pacific Ocean.”

Damdeok spoke leisurely while looking at the large screen.

The images of hunters from each country appear on a screen divided into a total of 12. They were all guild leaders who were fully prepared for the Pacific Gate.

Officially, there was a separate person in charge of the World Federation, but implicitly, everyone was following Damdeok’s instructions.

The agenda for today’s meeting was ‘How much and where will the troops be deployed in California and Alaska?’

Now that the troops were concentrated towards the Pacific Gate, where the War of the Gods would take place, the stories were based on anxiety about what would happen if a large gate exploded in the inland, but in the end, it was decided to concentrate the troops on the coastline as Damdeok said.

‘There is a high probability that a large gate will not open in the future anyway.’

It was truly the calm before the storm.

The big one is bread in an instant! It feels like the entire Earth is holding its breath until it explodes.

Even if the gate bursts in the future, it will only be a small gate through which a few impatient gods will burst out.

‘Those kids are all minnows, so we can cover them with sufficient reserve forces.’

“Then, this concludes the video conference. Thank you all for your hard work.”

As Damdeok’s closing remarks ended, several voices were heard.

Even though it was a once-in-a-lifetime meeting where the fate of the world was at stake, the foreign hunters each joked cheerfully and ended the video conference.

As the screen turned off one by one, Damdeok got up and stretched.

“Haaam~ Poppy, did you hear everything about the meeting? All troops have been deployed to California and Alaska. Please pay closer attention in the future. “If someone calls, answer it for me~”

“yes! older brother!”

“Hey, the angle is too tight.”

Damdeok was diligently writing down something, then patted Poppy’s shoulder when she responded loudly and went downstairs.

“Is everyone gathered?”

Colleagues gathered around the spacious living room sofa.

Pao is sitting in the middle of the sofa, forgetting about a new snack, Adele Sharon is shaking off and drying her wet hair, and Baekgureum is standing crookedly with a sword on his shoulder. And today, as always, he has a perfect poker face.

what? Is there something empty?

“What about Alui?”

Baekgureum, who was standing crookedly, answered Damdeok’s question.

“That kid was too busy playing with the dogs downstairs.”

“Ah, I’ll bring it!”

Adele Sharon shook off the moisture from her head and went down to the underground bunker.

‘I was with the wolves for two whole days.’

The wolves released inside Horus’ Cube, Alui seems to have liked them.

That’s probably his best healing.

“sorry. “I fell asleep.”

Alui, covered in wolf fur, appeared with a shy smile.

When everyone gathered, Damdeok finally opened his mouth.

“Well, everyone had a good rest for two days, right? Like I said, I’m leaving today. I was shocked that all my martial arts-related part-time jobs were suddenly canceled… Well, it doesn’t mean I can’t go anyway, does it?”

For some reason, all the martial arts part-time jobs I had saved have disappeared.

It was strange, but it was not a hopeless situation.

“I’m going to use my divine power to move first. Everyone, get ready. “Once again, don’t do anything that stands out as soon as you arrive!”

“Ugh! “It was great!!”

Baek Gureum was the first to say Chuimsae.

“brother! Where are you going? After all, if you say Wulin, is it Sapa? Or political faction? Volcanic wave? Independent? Or Shaolin Temple?!”

Addressul, who was next to him, spoke quietly to him.

“We don’t go there.”

“… then?”

“I’m going to the Demonic Bridge.”

In an instant, the white clouds stopped.

It wasn’t because I was disappointed.

“Hi! Ma~ Kyo~?!!”

I got even more excited.

Damdeok launched the system in response to the guy’s shout.

[The god’s name value of ‘5,000 Yudamdeok’ is consumed to start moving to another dimension.]


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