I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 137

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#137. Michael VS Lucifer

[That’s strange.]

Lucifer slowly approached Damdeok.


As the large black wings flapped slowly, Damdeok got goosebumps all over his body for some reason.

I knew it right away.

‘This person is truly… .’


A force that overwhelms those around him just by looking at him was emanating from the man in front of him.

‘A power that is one level higher than King Arthur’s equanimity… .’

In a situation where everyone slowed down, Damdeok’s fingers were moving freely.

‘Is it possible to directly designate the subject of control?’

Unlike King Arthur’s time-limited equanimity, it was clear that Lucifer could more completely dominate the surrounding space and time.

[Michael… Did you show up in person this time?]

Lucifer muttered softly as he looked at Michael, who was moving in slow motion.

There was no emotion in his eyes.

[…] … .]

The emotionless gaze passed by Michael and slowly scanned the chaotic battlefield, then slowly returned to Damdeok.

[…] Asmodeus has disappeared. Is this your fault?]

When he asked the question, his gaze was directed elsewhere.

These words were uttered while looking intently at the place where Asmodeus’ vitality disappeared among the numerous crowds.

[I asked if it was you who did it.]

“… “So are you going to kill me?”

Instead, Lucifer’s eyes turned to Damdeok again as he boldly asked.

[That’s funny.]

He chuckled.

There is no way Michael killed Asmodeus.

However, there is no demon on this floor that can kill Asmodeus.

If so, there is only one answer: the actions of a powerful outsider.

Although it is a bit lacking compared to Asmodeus’s original power, it is powerful enough to catch him off guard, and if he has excellent swordsmanship to attract his interest… ?

[Did you feel like my question was just a random question? Don’t correct me. I am already convinced that you killed Asmodeus.]

The only one who meets all the conditions to kill Asmodeus.

No further explanation was needed.

Lucifer’s confident eyes looked piercingly at Damdeok.

Damdeok was swallowing dry saliva and examining the atmosphere.

‘What are we going to do?’

The situation was very uncomfortable.

The battle for the Demon King and all that was already over, and his only goal was to escape safely with his comrades from this crappy situation.

‘The story with Alui and the priest has been completed, so as long as we return safely from here, we will be successful… .’

Due to the variables of Elia and Asmodeus, the situation spread to the point where it could not be reversed.

‘What would you do if you used your energy to defeat Asmodeus?’

Two enemies stronger than him appeared at the same time.

As Damdeok, he was really crazy and jumping around.

‘Archangel Michael and the great devil Lucifer… .’

Damdeok knew.

With his current skills, the Michael in front of him was Michael, but Lucifer, who was radiating that terrifying force, was truly impossible.

‘I’m going to turn, really…’ .’

Moreover, although it seemed like quite a bit of time had passed, this slowed time and space showed no signs of loosening up.

‘As soon as King Arthur’s composure is used, his spiritual power suddenly drains from his head… .’

In fact, Lucifer didn’t look distressed at all.

He just calmly looked at Damdeok and glanced at the battlefield.

[He’s not talking. Are you scared?]

When Damdeok continued not to reply, Lucifer spoke alone.

[It’s a pure white sword. He must have liked it quite a bit.]

[It’s a pity that he died at the hands of a foreign god… On the one hand, it might be a good thing for the demon world. Because he was a warmonger who couldn’t be stopped. Now, the unnecessary sacrifices on the 44th floor will be greatly reduced.]

[But because of you, the situation has become quite difficult. Michael personally led the heavenly army… This is why the belly button looks bigger than the stomach.]

Damdeok, who was listening to Lucifer’s muttering, felt a strange sense of strangeness.

‘what. They say he is the devil of devils… What I’m saying is… .’

It’s like Saenim.

No, he goes one step further than Saenim, and seems like a terrible pacifist.

Damdeok’s eyes automatically fell on one guy.

The guy who sits where Lucifer glances.

It was Alui, with his back to White Cloud and his sword raised.

His swordsmanship was still timid, but his eyes were clearly different from before.

‘What was this, spying on Alui…? .’

Was my son a fool because he was so arrogant?

Damdeok felt that Lucifer was quite similar to Alui.

I’m really good at fighting, but I actually hate fighting… .



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A person who is very talented but doesn’t want to use their talent… That kind of thing.

‘Wait a minute, maybe if I take advantage of the situation… .’

Damdeok’s eyes quickly turned.

The puzzles are being put together one by one.

Everyone ignores and dislikes Alui, but only Demon King Lucifer tries to take care of Alui. That was why he was selected as an assistant instructor. Moreover, considering that he said that he would generously provide other support to Alui… .

‘He thinks Alui looks just like him.’

Lucifer’s secret affection.

After thinking that far, Damdeok’s eyes lit up.

I found a perfect solution to this crappy situation.

Did they say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Damdeok opened his mouth.

“To answer your question earlier, it is true that I killed Asmodeus. but… “I think Lucifer would be more curious about something else than that.”

[What does it mean?]

“For example, about Alui, who you are watching right now.”

In an instant, Lucifer’s complexion changed.

A look of embarrassment appeared on his dull face, and he began to spit out mechanical answers without realizing it.

[I am not partial to any of the princes… .]

Damdeok didn’t care and said what he had to say.

“Alui wants to become a demon lord.”

Lucifer’s muttering stopped at the sudden remark.

“He said he wanted to become the Demon King and make this demon world peaceful.”

[…] … .]

Lucifer looked at Damdeok in silence.

[Why do you have to tell me that story? If you are a prince, it is natural that your goal is to become the Demon King.]

“You don’t know why Alui wants to become the Demon Lord, do you? He is different from other princes. “Rather than keywords like ‘dominion,’ ‘power,’ or ‘killing,’ Alui just wants ‘peace.’”

Lucifer closed his mouth.

He then turned his gaze towards his son, Alui, who had been watching his movements with all his might.

The guy was holding a sword.

The guy who always fought with only a wooden sword was standing on the battlefield holding a real sword this time.

‘Standing with your back to others… Are you saying we’re fighting together?’

He is back to back with a child of a similar age with white hair, and around him are other people who appear to be helping each other.

Lucifer’s gaze wavered here and there.

[…] So what do you want to say? Anyway, please help me avoid this situation. Isn’t that what you want to say? Once again, this whole situation happened when you killed Asmodeus. If you think about it, this is all your… .]

Damdeok cut off his words.

“you’re right. It’s my fault. “But I’m not asking you to avoid this situation.”


“Let me ask you just one question. “Lucifer, why did you come here?”

The angels were already waging war with Lucifer’s permission.

He knew all of this and tolerated it, so why did he come here?

[…] Are you looking at me now?]

“no. “I’m asking because I’m genuinely curious.”

Lucifer frowned for a moment.

The reason you came here.

to be honest… I didn’t know clearly myself.

He was just drinking wine when he heard an unusual sound coming from far away. Afterwards, the moment Albert said that Alui was there,

‘My body went out before I thought.’

Thinking that Alui might be in danger, he shot himself through the window first.

And soon Albert’s message followed.

Asmodeus’ death and the angels’ invasion of the demon world.

Everything was confusing.

Should we once again protect the majority at the expense of the minority?

Or should he go and personally stop the young princes from getting caught up this time?

However, Lucifer ultimately had to turn away from Albert’s expectant eyes as he looked forward to a war with the angels.

Some might say it’s not the same, but I always wanted to make the minimum sacrifice.


Lucifer tolerated this time as well as the previous five invasions. Thus, Michael and the angel army began their invasion of the demon world.

Lucifer left Albert’s disappointed look behind him and flew back here.


Why did you come here?

You won’t make any decisions, you won’t be able to do anything… .

My mind is a mess.

Since when has it been like this?

Why is he so unable to adapt to both the heavenly world and the demonic world? Why can’t I make a decision after coming this far? .

“Please give strength to Alui.”

Damdeok’s voice quietly penetrated Lucifer’s ears.

“Don’t say it doesn’t matter which of the princes wins, but give power directly to Alui.”

[How dare you say something like that… .]

“yes. I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure. “Only Alui can create the Demon World that Lucifer wants.”

[…] … .]

“Please stop the angels. “I formally request that you give Alui and my colleagues time to escape.”

[…] … .]

“Change the idea of ​​preventing the sacrifice of the majority by sacrificing the minority. If it were me, I would join forces with everyone in the demon world to drive out the angels. Then, the angels will probably think again about invading the demon world for some trivial reason. Ultimately, this is a way to further reduce the number of victims.”

[…] noisy. What do you know about me? How do I know the weight I feel… .]

“I know.”

[what… ?]

Damdeok grinned.

Before he knew it, his eyes were focused on Alui.

“I know. Alui told me everything. She talks about why she hates killing and how she wants everyone to be happy. Doesn’t Alui look like Lucifer? So, I know what both of you are thinking.”

Lucifer said no more.

The reason why, as soon as he arrived, all space and time except for the foreign god in front of him slowed down.

‘Maybe I was vaguely feeling it.’

The arrogant alien god who killed the madman Asmodeus and transformed Alui into such a lively person.

Perhaps he wanted to ask the cocky assistant instructor, who possessed a strange ability, to show him the direction he had lost.

okay. Maybe really… .

Old memories flashed before Lucifer’s eyes.

The day I escaped from heaven, the day I arrived in the demon world and fought against all levels of demons,

Fighting for days and days,



Kill again,

It wasn’t war.

It was a desperate struggle.

A struggle to confirm whether the meaning of one’s existence as being born to judge evil is truly better than ‘evil’.

A struggle over whether all evil in the world will become extinct if they are all killed.

Thus, when the heavenly world’s strict rules no longer teach killing, only then will everyone be able to welcome a peaceful world… All that mournful and desperate struggle lasted for quite a long time.

As he mixed his body with things defined as evil and clashed with weapons, Lucifer’s pure white wings became stained with the black blood of demons.


When all those actions stopped, Lucifer was in the position of master of the demon world.

But that was not the end of his desperate struggle.

Nothing had changed.

Angels kill for justice,

Demons kill for pleasure.

In the end, his struggle was not the end but the beginning.

[It was all fleeting… .]

Lucifer was silent for a long time.

And then he raised his hand as if he had made up his mind.


Lucifer unleashed the power of space and time.

Michael’s running movements suddenly stopped.

[Lucifer… ?]

Michael was embarrassed.

He was the one who never showed up during the six invasions of the demon world.

But suddenly he was standing in front of me, with eyes full of determination… .

Michael sensed something was wrong.

[…] What is this doing now?]

Lucifer didn’t answer.

It just quietly spreads its black wings even wider.


Intimidatingly large size.

The angels’ eyes focused in an instant.

[Michael… It’s been a while.]

[Stop saying useless greetings. I asked what are you doing! Lucifer, you’re not planning on going to war with us, are you?]

[No, I plan to do it. War.]

As Michael’s eyes widened, Lucifer gritted his teeth.

A low growl escaped his mouth.

It was an instant.

Everything began to turn pitch black in the demon world under Lucifer’s will.

Wow!! Quang!!

Light and darkness collide.

A tense battle broke out with no one backing down.

Damdeok’s companions no longer had to fight.

Millions of demons were already fighting against the great army of angels.

Damdeok flew in, shouting brightly amidst the dizzying shouts of battle.

“Alui!! “Let’s go back!!”


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