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#136. Lucifer’s Sorrow (3)


The sound of the wind passing by is as harsh as a spear flying away.

‘Oh my gosh again…’ .’

Lucifer thought as he flew over the red earth of the Demon World.

A little while ago, news came from Albert, who followed behind him.

“Lucifer, the angels have invaded the demon world again. how… will you do it?”

Albert’s expression was hard when he asked that. Lucifer knew well the hidden meaning behind the hesitant question he asked at the end.

‘I didn’t ask what to do, but I guess I wanted to ask whether you would tolerate it again this time.’

Angels’ invasion of the demon world.

This was a clear act of provocation.

So much so that it wouldn’t be surprising if we went to war right away.

However, he himself has never confronted this behavior head-on.

Because of this, there has been countless conflicts with demon lords from other levels.

Of the six invasions, five were defeated, but in one case, demon kings and angels from different levels clashed heavily.

It was a shame that Lucifer personally took action and sent the angels back just before the war intensified. Otherwise, there would have been more casualties.

after that,

There were ugly rumors going around in the demon world.

The current master of the demon world, Lucifer.

There are rumors that he, the devil of devils, is actually a puppet of abominable angels… .

‘What nonsense.’

Lucifer gritted his teeth.

Among the demons of the Demon World, there is probably no one who hates angels as much as he does.

However, the false rumor spread quickly, and forces opposing Lucifer naturally emerged.

The rebel army that started from an unknown corner of the demon world,

Before we knew it, it had grown so large that it even surpassed Lucifer’s status.

However, the Demon World is a world of the fittest.

Even if they all worked together, it would have been foolish to confront Lucifer head on.

Therefore, the rebels attempted a last resort.

‘Asmodeus… .’

As the demon king of the 44th floor, he had a natural talent for fighting.

At this point, if the second-in-command of the Demon World was to be chosen, he was a strong enough devil to take the position without any disagreement.


For some reason, Asmodeus did not join the rebellion.

Lucifer had heard about the whole situation through Albert, but honestly, he could not easily understand Asmodeus’ actions.

I was puzzled.

He is following a different path from previous demon kings.

Moreover, if he is strong enough to occupy the second-in-command position, wouldn’t it make sense for him to take the lead and lead the rebels?

But Asmodeus did not do that.

His only interest is the sword.

He was a strange guy who said he had to constantly work hard to strike a good sword, and didn’t hesitate to travel across dimensions, which all demons are reluctant to do.

It was routine for him to leave the Demon King’s seat for months at a time, and when he returned from meeting reclusive masters from other dimensions, he would tirelessly tell stories of his heroics in front of him for hours.

‘Is this because we are from the same angel?’

Lucifer smiled bitterly.

Asmodeus, a direct subordinate of Archangel Metatronios and one of the archangels, was an angel who came down to the demon world before Lucifer.

Unlike Lucifer, who came to the demon world voluntarily, he is a true fallen angel who constantly fights with his fellow archangels and is eventually kicked out with all his wings torn off.

Even after being driven down to the demon world, he devoted himself to fighting like crazy, and eventually rose to the position of devil lord on the 44th floor, which was said to be the most dangerous, but he tried to be especially close to Lucifer.

‘Tartarus… Until that black guy showed up.’

Lucifer’s eyes sank coldly.

“Lucifer, did you hear the news? “I heard that this guy called Tartarus is causing war throughout the entire dimension?”

When Tartarus first approached the Demon World and explained about the Gate, Asmodeus was very excited.

「K~ It’s killing me? It’s like a war of gods. Since we were unfairly taken to the Demon World, we are fully qualified to participate in the war as forgotten gods!”

But his excitement did not last long.

“what? You don’t? why? It’s a great opportunity to run wild to your heart’s content. Lucifer. “I’m going to take revenge on those heavenly bastards!”

From the beginning, the directions Asmodeus and Lucifer pursued were different.

Lucifer came down to the Demon World because he hated fighting with his colleagues.

Asmodeus loved fighting, so he was kicked out to the demon world.


There was only one reason why Asmodeus, who was a fighting maniac, did not join the rebels.

The enemy Lucifer does not use the ‘sword’.

It was a completely useless fight for him.

But the War of the Gods was a different story.

Asmodeus did not talk to Lucifer after that day.

Instead, he seemed to be out of his mind as he went in and out of the abyss of Tartarus every day, plotting something.

Lucifer’s eyes became clear again as he recalled the past.

Asmodeu’s vitality that had been felt just moments ago disappeared in an instant.

‘As expected, did they grant the request of bringing in a foreign god for no reason?’

It was a decision to appease Asmodeus.



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One way or another, if he goes over to the rebels, a big fight cannot be avoided.

‘I wonder how things are going… .’

The invasion of angels can be said to be so. However, who killed Asmodeus in the demon world was a mystery.

My head is complicated.

I shook my head slightly from side to side.

‘… Anyway, you’ll find out when you check.’

Lucifer silently increased his speed even further.

* * *

Let’s go!

Damdeok’s sword deflected Michael’s spear blade.

[Is it pretty?]

“He always says things like that.”

Kagang! Cheaaa!

The light friction sound of blades echoed throughout the battlefield.

Damdeok’s sword and Michael’s spear were exchanged as a signal, and the land had already turned into chaos.

“profit! Oh my! “They say they’re angels, but they fight so ignorantly!”

“Pao! Please send more support here! Hey Poppy! “You’re a nuisance, so stay away!”

“Ahh! “I’m sorry!”

“It’s extremely rude to ask, but I’ll grant it for now!”

Damdeok’s colleagues were also his colleagues, but the other demons watching were also overly immersed in the battle.

“You bastards. How dare you attack me so openly?”

“What a bunch of dry flour! “Let’s kill them all!”

“Demons! “Get up!!”


In their minds, the invasion of the angel armies seemed more important than Damdeok killing the demon king on the 44th floor.

Black and white wings began to intertwine in an instant.

The atmosphere of the battlefield, where they were outnumbered, was changing in an instant due to Damdeok’s recovery of spiritual power and the participation of demons.

“hey! “Whether it’s Alui or Aloha, take the right one!”

“It’s not Aloha, it’s Aluiya!”

“Either that or that! anyway!”

Baekgureum and Alui, who had formed a duo, took the lead,

“Goes? Goes?! Is everyone sleeping or awake? Be careful of the fire?!”

Adele Sharon, who has ascended to the rank of Archmage, flashes both arms! If you raise it up,


“It’s falling!!”

Huge chunks of fire fell from the sky like crazy.

“All the tribes. “Concentrate.”

Accordingly, Etin gives command to his ice tribes.

“I am going right now. we.”

“Yep! captain!”

The ice giants, ice elves, and ice dwarves all worked together to take out the surrounding enemies.

Qarring! The heavens and earth are rumbling, the growls of wolves and clashing weapons, and huge fires and sparks spread out in all directions.

Hell too.

It was as if there was no separate hell.

In that situation, Damdeok was engaged in a frantic battle with Archangel Michael.

Of course, he was on a different level from Asmodeus.

‘It’s an honest attack, but it has a different weight.’

Asmodeus was a maniac who enjoyed sword fighting itself, and his swordsmanship was so fast and wild that he was often caught off guard, while Michael was the type who used honest and monotonous spear techniques to attack accurately.


However, this did not mean that Michael was easier to deal with.


Michael’s large wings flapped.

It seemed like a gust of wind blew, and in an instant, Michael’s body came right in front of Damdeok.


Damdeok quickly pulled back.

Although he stumbled for a moment, he was out of Michael’s range for now.


Damdeok took a long, deep breath.

Even though he had Hermes’ winged shoes, flying and fighting at the same time was something Damdeok was not used to.

No, honestly, it was a very awkward and difficult fight.

A question appeared on Michael’s face as he looked at Damdeok blankly.

[Hmm, you really killed Asmodeus with such skills… ?]


Michael’s eyes turned to the middle of the land, which had already become a mess.

Asmodeus has fallen.

Above his waist, there was no longer any form left.

This was because Damdeok’s great sword pierced it in one go.

[…] Are you not fighting with all your might? why?]

Michael’s spear extended straight out once again.


Damdeok threw it away and looked at the situation.

‘I held on to the strongest one… .’

Now all that was left was to apply the effect of the Fairy King’s power, which was to become invisible for a few seconds.

The target is myself and all my colleagues here.

‘We will take advantage of the moment of disappearance and return to the original world all at once.’

In this battlefield where angels were rushing to kill, that was the best way for everyone to return safely.

‘Address rate fast!’

Damdeok’s eyes turned anxiously.

Even though his spiritual power was restored, the number of angels was still a problem.

‘The longer you hold out, the more disadvantageous you are.’

I called all my colleagues together, but even so, the number of enemies was ‘dangerous’ itself.

‘Unlike Asmodeus, this guy named Michael is very calm.’

Perhaps the reason he was able to kill Asmodeus was because he gained a killing ability called , but what was more important was that he was arrogant and had a simple temperament.

‘Because I was able to use my abilities to the fullest and eliminate him while he was off guard.’

I was just lucky that all the circumstances coincided and I was able to pull it off.

If I were to use my original skills, wouldn’t I just be in a hurry to block the guy’s attack?

[What are you thinking?]

Michael’s spear pierced once again.


An attack that extends straight like a ray of light.

It was a simple attack, but the fast-flying spear blade was enough to make me sweat.

[I guess my mind is somewhere else. No way, you. It’s not like you’re thinking of anything else. For example… .]

Michael’s spear spun brilliantly.


And then soon! Damdeok’s eyes were at the tip of the spear aimed.

Damdeok’s shaking eyes.

[The gaze is unsettling. Are you trying to run away?]

“… … .”

There was silence.

Michael’s brow furrowed ever so slightly.

[Hmm, I wanted to hear the details about how you killed Asmodeus, that bastard… If you’re thinking of running away, there’s nothing you can do. I’m not like that idiot. I don’t relax or let down my guard when the enemy is right in front of me. So, of course, I won’t miss you. therefore… .]

It seemed like Michael’s spear was moving backwards quickly, and then suddenly everything went slow, as if in slow motion.


I swear, I didn’t activate .

‘You said that angels have the mysterious power to read the other person’s abilities.’

was an ability that he did not want anyone to know about. That’s why he never wrote it himself.

But what does this familiar slow motion mean?

It was a time when Damdeok was completely unable to grasp the situation.

[…] This is not a pleasant situation.]

A low-pitched voice coming from behind.

Damdeok’s gaze quickly returned.


With black and large wings, Lucifer was looking at Damdeok expressionlessly under the red sky of the Demon World.


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