I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 138

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#138. Preparing for the next journey

[Demon Alui (Demon)]

[Occupation: Fifth Priest]

[Talent: Magic Management (SS)]

[Skills: Demon swordsmanship (S+), Demon spear (A), Demon martial arts (A+), Demon flight (S), Greedy predator (SS)]

[Description: As the 5th prince of Lucifer, the ruler of the 100th floor, who is reputed to be the most powerful in the demon world, he has exceptional fighting skills, including sword skills, spear skills, and various weapon skills. Even among dogs, he has an innate talent for using demonic energy, and his other combat abilities, such as flight and martial arts, are also extremely superior to those of demons his age. However, he has one crucial flaw: he is already an outcast in the entire demon world due to his very gentle and peace-loving personality, which is not typical of a devil. Nevertheless, he is no ordinary idiot, as his only dream is to become a demon king and create a peaceful demon world.]

“By the way, what is a fool to a child? A fool… .”

Damdeok, who was scanning the system window, clicked his tongue quietly.

Hyeonse has barely returned.

Lucifer waged his first major war against Michael’s great army, and the demonic world was truly devastated.

‘If there were a hell, it would look like this.’

Lucifer’s actual power, which only seemed indecisive, was beyond imagination.

It is powerful enough to easily take on half of the countless troops called the Heavenly Army, including Michael.

In the face of that overwhelming power, Damdeok and his colleagues could not help but feel dizzy.

‘Thanks to you, I escaped to this world without any guilt.’

Originally I was going to help out a little, but there was absolutely no need for that.

With all the demons from all levels of the Demon World flocking in, it seemed like there was nothing they could do, no matter how large the angel army was.

Lucifer becomes more and more frantic as time goes by, and the demons take over his will and become more rampant.

I didn’t watch the battle until the end, but the outcome seemed very clear.

“But now that we’ve included Alui, gathering guardians will be faster.”

Damdeok turned his head at the sound of Ju Soo-yul’s voice.

She was sitting on the sofa with a more relaxed expression and stroking Baek Seol.

As soon as he got home, he kicked out all the other kids out into the yard, saying he had something to talk about alone. He stayed silent for a while, and then he finally said that one word.

“so. “What do you have to say?”

“That’s all I just said. Collecting Guardians is progressing steadily, so now all that’s left is… .”

Damdeok cut her off.

“You speak more leisurely than I expected. Even though the sixth guardian died because of Elia? One of the 12 Guardians’ seat is empty. Is this okay? “Is there any problem in preventing the war of the gods?”

At those words, Ju Soo-yul’s hand that was stroking Baek Seol paused for a moment.

“There is a loss of power, but… “Still, it’s not a completely hopeless situation.”

“what do you mean?”

“Of course, gathering the 12 Guardians is important, but you are actually the key to all of this. Your potential hasn’t even begun yet. “It means we don’t yet know what the future will hold.”

It’s like that again.

Another riddle like that.

Damdeok’s eyes narrowed.

“Why don’t you stop saying such strange things?”

Jooyul just shrugged his shoulders.

‘You still think I don’t know anything.’

Damdeok glanced at the system window.

Fragments of memories that have come to mind so far.

In particular, the messages of memories that came to mind after directly encountering Tartarus (the eyes of the abyss) revealed without filtering the truths that Ju Soo-yul had hidden from himself.

“Yes, I understand. Why is it difficult for you to tell me everything? Since the Eyes of the Abyss have absolute prophetic power, you probably had no choice.”

As Damdeok spoke in a muttering tone, Ju Soo-yul’s eyes widened slightly.

“… what?”

“You deserve it. My spiritual power is still low, so if the Eye of the Abyss uses its prophecy ability, it will know our plan in detail. “You may have the power to prepare for that, but I don’t have anything yet, so it’s worth worrying about.”

“How did you… .”

Ju Soo-yul was looking at Damdeok as if possessed by something.

It seems unbelievable.

‘Even if you lived your life over and over again, you probably didn’t know about this diary-like system, right?’

This brings us one step closer to saying that this system’s message is closer to the truth.

Damdeok continued speaking slyly.

“Are you this surprised? “We haven’t even started yet.”

Damdeok began to line up the facts he had guessed based on the fragments of memories that surfaced in the system.

In fact, Joo-yul is not a prophet, but a ‘returner’, close to the concept of endless reincarnation.

The fact that the 12 Guardians and he prevent the war between the gods is by no means the end of all this.

The whole time he was listening to the story, Ju Soo-yul’s face was contorted in astonishment.

“Looking at your expression, it’s all true.”

Damdeok laughed as he pushed the system window away.

There was no need to talk about fragments of memory.

There was no need to say anything right now, and I decided that I needed at least one card of my own.

“Uh, since when… “Since when did you know all that?”

Ju Soo-yul’s voice trembled a little as he said that.

I think I was more surprised than I thought.

“Well, let’s just say it wasn’t much time-wise.”

“how… .”

“Don’t ask such trite questions. “I’m not going to tell you anyway.”

When Damdeok smiled slyly, Ju Soo-yul kept his mouth shut.

As silence fell in the living room, noisy noises from the yard could be heard right through the floor-to-ceiling glass.

– Come on! Come on!



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– Ah, why is this kid doing this again? Stop it!

– Okay, Adele. You stay out!

– This is for my sister!

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and stood up.

“You also hid a lot from me, so let’s talk about it like this this time. Are you fine?”

Ju Ju-yul stared at Damdeok blankly, and he smiled cheerfully and headed toward the yard.

* * *

“Are you scared?”


“Then come at me! “You said you could use a sword?”

Baekgureum flashes his sword and clucks.

Alui glared at him with a shit-chewing look on his face.

Adele Sharon, who was observing the atmosphere, clicked her tongue and came out.

“Hey, so childish. Stop it. Alui is different from a bastard like you, he’s very calm. “She says she doesn’t want to fight, why is that?”

“That’s right. “Why do you make such a fuss by touching someone who is just sitting still?”

Poppy, who was next to him, also stepped in to help.

“okay. Rather than doing unnecessary things, it would be better to at least play ball with Jim… .”

Even Pao, who came with a large bouncy ball, took Alui’s side, and White Cloud ended up winning! I screamed.

“shut up!! Adele, I told you to leave! Poppy, you too, do well with your guild work! Little mummy! “You stay in the backyard and play ball!”

Pao dropped the bouncy ball because he was shocked by White Cloud’s loud shout.

Tang~ Tang~ Tang… .

“How dare you, Little Mira… To me, the 12th king of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt… !”

“What’s wrong with you?”

Just then, Damdeok opened the door in the living room and came out.

Adele Sharon was pleased and immediately handed over the work to Damdeok.

“Hey, evil business owner. That damn bastard is having a hard time catching me, so I’m anxious. Please do something. “If you brought him here, you wouldn’t have to take responsibility until he gets used to it.”

At Adele Sharon’s words, everyone’s eyes were focused on Damdeok.

“Don’t even think about going out, brother! “This is a battle of rank that a Guardian must naturally engage in.”

Baekgureum said seriously.

Damdeok chuckled at his words.

“We’ve never done anything like that before, so why is this a battle for rank all of a sudden?”

“Oh, don’t talk nonsense! “If you don’t want to disturb me, don’t disturb me!”

The guy acts even more excitedly.

It seems that I am very firmly attached to the ‘fight for rank’.

‘He’s the same age and uses a sword, so he must want to win.’

Moreover, Alui was not an ordinary human, but a ‘high-ranking demon’.

To be honest, even Damdeok looked cool with his red hair, white skin, and black wings on his back.

Moreover, in the eyes of boys of that age, it was enough to not only look cool but also become an object of jealousy.

‘He’s such a competitive and simple guy… .’

It’s not that I don’t understand that.

But you can’t waste power for no reason.

“Poppy. “How is the guild situation now?”

Instead of reprimanding Baek Gureum, Damdeok asked Poppy about the current guild situation.

Poppy hesitated for a moment at the sudden question, but then began to answer without hesitation.

“ah… Ah, yes brother! We have now completed all power replenishment on the east coast in preparation for the Pacific Gate! In addition, the allied guild members under Iris and Sangun are actively working to eliminate minor gates that are occurring across the country!”

“Are there any gates of a size worth worrying about yet?”

“yes! “Everything is going smoothly!”

“okay? “In times like these, we must not let down our guard.”

“That’s right!”

“It doesn’t make sense to do such a foolish thing, fighting with the same side in a situation like the calm before a storm like this, right?”

“That is a very reasonable statement!!”

White Cloud flinched at Poppy’s booming voice.

Adele Sharon smiled at that sight, and Ju Soo-yul, who was sitting on the sofa, shook her head slightly.

As the atmosphere completely changed, Baekgureum shouted with a red face.

“I’m not saying I’m going to fight! “I want to check out my colleagues’ skills!”

“it’s okay. Because I already checked. And we also fought in the demon world together, right? “What more do you need?”

“Well, I didn’t see it closely at the time.”

“what the. “A single excuse is insincere.”

“It’s real!”

“it’s okay! men and horses. Don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things, just focus on recovery. “I have to go to my next part-time job right away.”

There is not much time.

We cannot afford to wait until everyone fully recovers. We need to rest for a day or two and then leave right away.

Damdeok patted Baekgureum on the shoulder and approached Alui.

“How do you feel?”

“not bad.”

“That guy is like that, so don’t worry too much.”

“know. “There are a lot of guys like that in the demon world.”

“What am I! “What did I do?”

Although Baekgureum glowed again, it did not show any more aggression when Damdeok looked at it intently.

Damdeok chuckled and placed his hand on Alui’s head.

“We will definitely make your dream of becoming a demon king come true together. therefore… .”

At those words, Alui’s red eyes glowed softly.

“know. “Right now, I’m asking you to help me, Master, right?”

“okay. “The demon world will be noisy with war for a while anyway.”

The unprecedented war between the Heavenly World and the Demon World, and the battle for the Demon Lord, had naturally become useless, and even if Alui was there now, there was little he could do.

“It will only be a very fleeting moment anyway.”

This is because time in the part-time world and time in this world pass very differently.

“There isn’t much left.”

The first priest, Baekgureum.

Second priest, Adele Sharon.

The third priest, Etin.

The fourth priest, Pao.

Even the fifth priest, Demone Alui.

In terms of numbers, he hadn’t even gathered half of the 12 guardians yet, but including himself and Juryul, there were already 7 of them gathered.

‘Except for the dead Fairy King Leaf, the four remaining… .’

The Pacific Gate maintains an eerily quiet silence. You must defend the remaining four before it causes a huge explosion.

“The seventh guardian has nothing to worry about. “It’s like we’ve already passed over.”

These were the words spoken by Ju Ju-yul, who had just come down to the lawn.

“then! then! “Xiaoran has become our best friend!”

Adele Sharon smiled proudly and spoke up.

Damdeok looked around at his colleagues gathered in the yard.


Baekgureum’s expression was a bit rotten, but looking at it all together, I think it’s a pretty good combination.

Ju Soo-yul quietly came and stood next to Damdeok, who was smiling happily.

“I’m sorry for pouring cold water on your happy face, but do you have time to do this? “I need to be fully prepared for my next journey.”

“Ready for the journey?”

“It’s not like you’re going on some kind of trip, so why are you preparing?”

“Wouldn’t it have been better to just leave as soon as I recovered?”

“I’m going to eat ice cream, so you guys prepare.”

Ju Soo-yul let out a small sigh at the sight of his colleagues talking indifferently.

“Isn’t this something the captain should say on his own?”

Damdeok scratched the side of his head and responded to her words.

“is it. But actually, I don’t know much about that world, so I don’t have anything to explain… .”

“What, what is it?”

“Where are we going next?”

“Well, wasn’t it one of the three: the divine world, the demon world, or the heavenly world?”

Everyone’s eyes widened with curiosity.

“Oh~ My stomach is bursting! “Where on earth are you going?”

Damdeok smiled shyly and opened his mouth at Adele Sharon’s shout.

“I’m going to go with a martial arts worldview.”


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