I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 135

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#135. Lucifer’s Sorrow (2)


Archangel Michael landed safely on the ground.

Following them, thousands and tens of thousands of white armies all landed on the red earth of the Demon World.

It came down so gently that even though so many troops landed, there was no sound.

“… … .”

The quiet surroundings soon turned into a noisy commotion.

The noise came from the camp of demons who were watching this scene from beyond the hill.

“What is that now?”

“What on earth… Are you doing it?”

“Real angels came to the demon world?”

“That much?”

“… “Aren’t you crazy?”

The devils’ meaningless chatter continues incessantly.

It wasn’t enough that an unknown foreign god killed the demon king of another layer, and suddenly a large army of angels appeared… .

It was natural that the other princes and demons who had been watching this situation were confused.

‘Is this also part of the struggle?’

‘Couldn’t Lucifer have prepared this event on a very grand scale?’

‘Then this could be the last match of the contest.’ All kinds of speculations and absurd opinions came and went.

The angels remained silent, and no one made the first move.

All he could do was look at Damdeok and his group with expressionless eyes and the body of Asmodeus lying down behind them.

The expressions of Damdeok and his companions, who were facing him head on, had already hardened.

“… Hey, address rate. I don’t understand. I don’t understand that Asmodeus is one of the angels, but even if that were the case, what on earth would it be? He’s the demon king of the 44th floor? But angels are running like this to avenge the devil? And leading such a large army?”

Damdeok looked at the angels in front and asked as if ventriloquizing.

Ju Soo-yul paused for a moment before continuing.

“Why do you think the demon king of the 44th floor was hanging out here?”

“hey! Is it time for a riddle now?”

When Damdeok spoke harshly, Ju Sooyul shook his head and opened his mouth.

“… Asmodeus is crazy about swords. He’s not very good as an enemy, but he’s also not very desirable as an ally. But Elia sided with that guy and came to assassinate the 5th prince?”

“… “It actually happened.”

“No, Asmodeus had no interest in Alui. This is what I expected, but he’s just here to cross swords with you. Elia probably gave him a lot of wind by saying that his opponent was the sword god or something.”

Even while listening to the story, Damdeok was still watching the angels in front.

They still didn’t move.

Archangel Michael, the bearer of a sacred name, simply stood tall, wearing splendid golden armor and armed with an imposing spear and sword.

Why on earth are you staying still?

I didn’t know, but I was glad that it gave me time to talk about the situation with Joo-yul.

“… So, Asmodeus is just a guy who is crazy about swords? But what does that have to do with the angels flocking to us like dogs? “Anyway, what you’re saying is that they came here because Asmodeus was killed.”

“Half right and half wrong.”

Damdeok’s gaze briefly turned to Ju Ju-yul.

I was wondering what on earth this meant.

“It’s clear they came because Asmodeus was killed. It’s a cause for revenge. But at the same time, they were probably the ones who wanted Asmodeus to die quickly.”

Damdeok frowned.

“Can you please speak plainly?”

Damdeok had a feeling that things were going very wrong.

This is because the scale of the angels lined up in front of me was unusual.

He had exhausted all his spiritual power and magical power in a bloody fight with Asmodeus.

‘If we get caught here, we’ll definitely lose… .’

In a situation where he needs to find an opportunity to run away somehow, Ju Soo-yul keeps talking in circles, which is frustrating.

“Easy to say! Clearly at a glance! uh?”

“… good. Asmodeus was a bastard in heaven. He was good at wielding a sword and fighting well, but the problem was that he had a very vicious temperament. The fallen angel we all know so well. Asmodeus is a character that typically falls into that category.”

“okay. So, the guy who was kicked out of the heavenly world would have excitedly swung his sword in the demon world, eventually conquering the 44th floor and rising to the position of demon king. “What next?”

“What happens next is simpler than you think. Asmodeus is not the only fallen angel. In the heavenly world, fallen angels continue to occur at a certain rate, but in the demonic world, there are no demons ascending to heaven, right? So, the forces on the heaven side will continue to experience shortages.”

“Wait a minute, so you’re saying the angels are coming into the demon world with some kind of rule to prevent power loss?”

“okay. That’s it. It’s a kind of justification. What angels value most is cause. “Because they must always be just and beautiful.”

“What, that doesn’t make sense…” In any case, you ended up coming to kill other demons out of revenge for your colleagues, right?”

“that’s right. Because the number of fallen angels is quite large. “It can be said that it is only the angels’ cause to bring a large army down and shake up the demon world every time they die one by one.”

“under! what the… .”

I laughed out loud.

Is it very different from the ‘cause’ I know?

Moreover, there was another strange thing.

They invaded with a large army like this, but will the demon world really remain silent?

“Is that so? They’re killing the troops of the demon world. “If I were the master of the Demon World, wouldn’t you rather start an all-out war?”

“That’s a good question. Of course so. But the one who is said to be the current master of the demon world is avoiding an all-out war with the angels.”


“No one knows that. But what is certain is that the angels are taking full advantage of that.”

“Using it?”

“For some reason, the current master of the demon world does not want to wage an all-out war. Therefore, even if they invade for the sake of a greater cause, there is a high possibility that they will tolerate the situation because they do not want greater damage to occur… .”

Damdeok’s brow furrowed at Ju Sooyul’s words.



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“What nonsense… “Does that mean that the devil is giving the angels a license to massacre?”

“It’s a similar concept.”

“Then the reason they aren’t attacking right now is…” .”

“okay. They probably sent some kind of warning that they were going to massacre them. The moment the devil tolerates it again, the angels will move. Everyone except the princes will probably be killed here.”

“This is absurd… .”

Damdeok shook his head and clicked his tongue.

The angels with their sparkling armor and pure white wings could not have looked so abominable.

A hostile atmosphere was brewing among the demons beyond the hill.

“What are they doing standing still?”

“I know. “Isn’t this making fun of us?”

“By attacking so openly, does this mean we’re going to go to war?”

“I think we’re going to do it?”

The anger was slowly spreading into madness.

Jusoyul shook his head slightly.

“This is also the way the angels want it. “If the demons attack first, that also becomes their cause.”

Damdeok carefully observed the atmosphere.

The demons watching from beyond the hill were watching this situation with blind hostility, but there was one thing that was noticeably different.

‘Most of the princes have disappeared.’

It was certainly there until the angels came down to the earth a little while ago, but most of the princes had already disappeared.

‘On the contrary, the number of demons watching has increased… .’

They were all people nearby who had heard the news and gathered there. In fact, the princes who were participants in the battle had long since disappeared.

Alui also seemed to have noticed this and looked anxious the whole time.

Now the only prince left in the field is Alui, the 5th prince. The rest were all miscellaneous demons with no origin or genealogy.

Damdeok gritted his teeth.

‘Anyway, this world or that world.’

Now there are only troops left that don’t matter if they are all wiped out.

Michael slowly rolled up the spear again. In response, the tens of thousands of angels also rolled up their weapons again.


Although there was no major movement, it was a truly threatening scene.

Damdeok deliberately held his sword harder.

The suffocating tension was rising.

“… After all, we have no choice but to fight.”

“okay. This is a potion I got from the fairy world. It will temporarily restore your spiritual strength. But be prepared because the side effects will be significant.”

“Is now the time to ask such questions?”

Damdeok took a gulp of the dark brown potion that Jooyul gave him indifferently.


It’s so fucking tasteless.

However, the effect was perfect as I saw a series of system messages saying that my spiritual power was greatly restored.

Ju Soo-yul’s face had suddenly lost its composure.

‘The Demon World is always like this.’

I knew that no matter what scenario unfolded in this life, every moment would be a crisis.

‘I just need to get through this one time.’

Addressul gritted his teeth without anyone noticing.

“Let’s hold on for a little while and then fall back. “It’s impossible to run away right now.”

Ju Soo-yul took out a dagger and stood to Damdeok’s right.

An aggressive stance never seen before, her eyes pointed sharply at her enemies.

“Oh, really… .”

Baekgureum, who was quietly listening to the story next to him, also quietly approached and stood on Damdeok’s left side.

“Brother, do you know what? I used to have crazy skills, but now even my skills are crazy. I can take down hundreds of those white monkeys at once! “This is it~”

White Cloud, wearing a shining set of Achilles’ armor and carrying a colorful sword around his shoulder, grins.

“Ah, that little brat. You’re just helping by not getting hurt~ Wouldn’t a flashy long range fight be better than a melee fight? Angels, wouldn’t it be the end if they burned off their wings?”


Adele Sharon stood behind Damdeok with a relaxed smile.

Coo! thud! thud!

Etin and the ice giants also silently formed a position around Damdeok.

Wolves enter between the giants and create balance,

“Tongue, brother! “What on earth is all this about?”

“It’s so reckless of you to call me here like this! “I was enjoying snacks while watching Aniverse right now!”

Damdeok, who had recovered some of his spiritual strength, summoned Papi and Pao, and soon Pao’s mummy troops were spread out around them.

And finally,

“Hey, why are you standing in front of me?”

Damdeok tilted his head as he saw Alui quietly approaching and standing in front of him.

“Stop fussing and go back. No matter how well you fight, you’re still a kid. And can’t you see what’s happening now? “It’s a battle and all, but our goal now is to get out of here safely.”

But Alui didn’t even listen.

He just stared straight ahead, shaking his hand tightly holding the sword.

“what the… .”

Just as Damdeok was about to add another word to his bewilderment,

The voice of Archangel Michael was heard.

[In memory of the foolish mad dog, Asmodeus… Everyone charges forward.]

His voice was neither booming nor resonated throughout his body.

However, at the words quietly uttered to the friend next to them, the angels’ wings spread all at once.

Clap la la la rock!

The bodies of the angels began to shoot out, as if menacing poisonous flowers were blooming all at once.


Damdeok, who was surrounded like a fortress by his colleagues, quickly passed Alui and ran toward the angels first.

Archangel Michael was the first to discover Damdeok.

[It’s you. I am really grateful for opening the door to this festival!!!]

It was an instant.


Archangel Michael’s spear flew quickly into Damdeok’s eyes.


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