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#134. Lucifer’s Sorrow


The black earth swirls like a black hole and begins to be sucked in.

Damdeok stared blankly at the huge eye in the center of the whirlwind.




He was someone who would nod his head no matter what negative words were thrown at him.

Damdeok’s eyes went blank.

“no! “Don’t look straight at that!”

Ju Soo-yul’s cry was heard from afar, but Damdeok couldn’t take his eyes off those eyes.


[The eyes of the abyss are looking at you!]

No, I didn’t take my eyes off it on purpose.


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Fragments of new memories… .]

System windows constantly popping up.

I was completely out of my mind.

The random combinations of type that come to mind are stuck in my mind in real time.

[I encountered Tartarus too quickly in this life… .]

[You shouldn’t run into him quickly. Then the plan was discovered too quickly… .]

[The Eye of the Abyss, Tartarus, is its only confidant… .]

[This guy has no substance. It’s just organically connected to the demon world… .]

[The forgotten gods are planning all this inside Tartarus… .]

It was intense.

But it was too much information to process at the same time.

It’s like a slot machine in a casino! System messages that come to mind like crazy.

It was too much to take in in real time, but Damdeok was convinced as soon as he saw them.

‘Tartarus! This guy is the core of the war of the gods… !’

There was no need to add further causal relationships.


This guy was one of the major axes of the war between the gods.

As soon as his thoughts reached that point, Damdeok’s hands immediately tightened.



So what should you do now?

“If we just get rid of that guy here, don’t you think we can avoid the war of the gods…?” ?”

It was a really simple conclusion.

But is there a more attractive option?

A conclusion more confident than ever was quickly formed in Damdeok’s mind.

Damdeok, who finished organizing his thoughts in an instant, his eyes hardened.

“What are you thinking? hey!!”

Ju Soo-yul, who was watching Damdeok closely, noticed something strange and shouted again.

But Damdeok didn’t care.

He just focused his mind more on the current situation.

My own secret technique that allowed me to eliminate Asmodeus just now.

King Arthur’s serenity.

Among the numerous abilities and powers I had acquired so far, it was by far the highest level ability.

If only I could do something with that guy!

Damdeok’s head and vision quickly turned.

Elia walks away.

Eyes quietly staring at you.

‘Anyway, he has no intention of attacking right now.’

His eyes were just staring at him quietly, and he didn’t feel alive at all.

It seemed that the main purpose was to hide Elia in the dark.


‘You can hit the player from here!’


Damdeok’s eyes sparkled blue.

[ is activated!]

Time and space slowed down once again.

Quaa… iced coffee… ! ah… !

The fast-moving dark whirlwind began to flow slowly, as if in slow motion.

As I was looking at the slowly rotating black hole, I felt an eerie feeling.



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I was afraid that if I let my guard down, I would be swallowed up by that darkness in an instant.

‘Let’s stay calm.’

Damdeok consoled himself.

No matter how high-level a being Tartarus is, in this situation, he is the only one who is not governed by time and space.

‘About 20 seconds. ‘I’m betting everything on it.’

My spiritual power has already run out.

This means that if you fail, you will never have a second chance.

Damdeok calmly took the next step.

‘King Arthur’s equanimity is not just the ability to slow down time and space.’

Mind’s eye.

It connects me and the other person as one,

In some ways, it was an ability that could be considered the highest level of martial arts.

And it is that lays the foundation for that ability to be demonstrated.

‘Let’s focus. Tartarus and I become one.’

As if just now, Asmodeus and himself were organically connected.

If I could connect myself with Tartarus as one, then getting rid of him right here wouldn’t be such an impossible task.

‘If you do well, if you do really well, you can end all of this in one shot.’


I took a long, deep breath.

Oxygen entering through the airway, lungs expanding and swelling, vocal cords contracting and breathing, the whole process began to feel slow and vivid.

Damdeok stared into the eyes.

Tartarus’ huge eyes blink slowly.

‘We become one. One with him… .’

Damdeok stared intently and persistently into Tartarus’ eyes.


[The eyes of the abyss are looking at you!]

[The title is activated!]

[Fear resistance increases by one level!]

[Fear resistance increases by one level!]

[Fear resistance goes one step further… .]

Damdeok’s body twitched and stopped repeatedly.

His existence was much bigger than I thought.

‘no. I can’t connect them together… !’

This was similar to trying to squeeze a huge elephant into the body of a tiny ant.

Not possible.

Damdeok’s face was distorted in pain.

And soon,

[ is unlocked!]

In the end, the ability was canceled.

And then the tornado began to be sucked in with force again.


Damdeok, whose entire body was covered in sweat, could only look down.

A devastated face.

Elia’s silver hair was fading away, and her huge eyes were still staring at Damdeok.

No, to be more specific, as the radius of the whirlwind became smaller and smaller, the pupils were also gradually receding into the deep darkness.

‘Is this a failure?’

Damdeok gritted his teeth.

But still, there were two feelings of relief in Damdeok’s mind.

The first is that the guy named Tartarus is not very interested in him yet.

‘If that guy had attacked, everyone here would have died instantly.’

Just thinking about it sent shivers down my spine.

The second was that works even for such a scary guy.

‘Then it doesn’t mean there is no way forward.’

The next time we met, it was at a time when we were thinking about how to use the mind’s eye effectively.


Suddenly, Damdeok’s vision flipped over, and his body was dragged down mercilessly.


Feeling a sudden sense of floating, Damdeok looked at the owner of the hand that grabbed the back of his neck.

“You’re crazy. you.”

A familiar voice was heard.

Ju Ju-yul, who had the power of a fairy’s wings and transparent wings, was looking down at Damdeok indifferently.

“Are you crazy about dying? “What if I just stay there?”

Ju Ju-yul, who very carefully put Damdeok down on the ground while speaking harshly, frowned and questioned.

Damdeok answered shyly.

“Why are you saying that again? “I was just testing out my new abilities.”

The address rate was ridiculous.

Does he know what kind of person he just met is?

“Anyway, you… .”

Soo-yul was about to say a word, but closed his mouth.


“Yah!! “Evil evil upjou!!”

“and… Master. oh my god… .”

Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, Etin, and Alui all gathered around Damdeok.

Everyone was covered in dirt and covered in blood, but there seemed to be no serious injuries.

“Hey~ I haven’t seen you in a few days, but it feels like it’s been a really long time.”

“So, there are no separated families. “The evil business owner has become very grumpy?”

“brother! Why didn’t you call Pao?! “There were so many skeletons that I thought my arm would fall off!”

“Kkeuk, does your divine power flow infinitely? I was torn between Pao and Etin and called the ice giants. “Giants are better in battle than mummies.”

“Oh, my arm hurts so much.”

Damdeok smiled brightly as he looked at the whining Baekgureum and his energetic colleagues.

‘Even though the battle ended in a mess.’

Now that he has killed his long-time rival Asmodeus and gained new abilities, all that remains is to persuade Alui and return.

“thank god. Anyway, things worked out well.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with Damdeok’s words, but Ju Soo-yul had a dark expression.

“What, why are you doing this again?”

Ju Ju-yul’s gaze turned to Asmodeus, who was lying helplessly on the ground.

“I’m sorry… .”

Her eyes rested on the corpse for a moment and then slowly turned upward.

Address muttered softly.

“The real fight begins now.”



“What are you talking about again… .”

Everyone followed her and raised their gaze.

For an instant, everyone’s movements stopped, as if time had stopped.

The blood-red sky, which can be said to be a symbol of the demon world.

The sky had turned pure white, as if a filter had been applied.

A pure white sky, as if an incandescent light had been turned on.

It looked too foreign to be called the sky seen in the demon world.

“Ugh, it’s dazzling.”

“The sky… .”

“Why are you like that… ?”

Moreover, the pure white light was so dazzling that I had to look at the sky with one hand.

Everyone looks at the sky with a frown.

The rest of the princes watching from across the field did the same.

All eyes that had been focused on Asmodeus and Damdeok had suddenly moved to the sky of the demon world.

It was a strange sight.


The rumbling sound gradually gets louder and spreads through the reed field.


Damdeok was the first to mutter.

“… What is that? wing?”

The things that were shining white were gradually approaching the ground.

Wings that shine.

Pure white wings.

Damdeok muttered once again.

“… angel?”

Afterwards, others also added their words one by one.

“I guess you’re an angel?”

“Why are angels in the demon world…?” ?”

“what. How on earth does this work… .”

Damdeok, who was quietly watching the scene, felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

The lights that I thought were pure white skies were the wings of angels.

The heavenly army of heavenly angels did not cover the sky completely black, but literally covered the sky with pure white.

They were slowly coming down to the ground, heavily armed with platinum and gold.

Heavy figures that look as if they are about to go to war.

Damdeok’s face gradually hardened.

“Hey, address rate. no way… The opponent we must fight from now on… .”

Damdeok looked at Ju Soo-yul with an incredulous expression.

She was quietly biting her lower lip.

“Angels’ Rules.”


“The first rule of angels is to take revenge on your comrades even if it means going to the end of hell.”

“What do you mean?”

“Revenge of a colleague?”

“Avenge my colleagues… Why are you suddenly doing this here?”

Addressul, facing the questioning eyes, muttered slowly.

“Asmodeus… “Because he is one of the Archangels.”


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