I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 131

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#131. Fallen Angel, Lucifer (3)


A place where angels live together.

Humans consider this a sacred and inviolable territory, but Lucifer thought differently.

A place where pure white clouds spread out like a field. Above, the battle was in full swing.

[Michael, my brother.]

Lucifer muttered softly.

In front of me was Michael.

Michael, covered in dark red blood, slowly turned around.

In his left hand he held the dragon’s windpipe, and in his right hand he held a sword of flashing light.

The caught dragon flapped its body like a freshly caught live fish. He was still a small guy.

Lucifer’s eyes wavered slightly as he looked at it.

[Why do you do that, Lucifer?]

Michael’s soft voice tickled my ears.

Sweet, yet creepy.

Lucifer thought so.

His gaze rested on the suffering dragon and then turned to Michael.

[That dragon is still young. Isn’t it too much to ask for the mother’s sins as well?]

Michael stared at Lucifer in surprise for a moment.

But soon Michael’s eyes returned to composure.

[That’s right… . That’s a strange thing to say. Lucifer, my brother. Look around. A group of evil dragons have invaded heaven and are wondering what they are doing. What kind of humiliation are our brothers suffering?]

As those words gained strength, Lucifer’s vision widened in an instant.

Scenes I didn’t want to see were projected as clearly as a projector.

Far away, in every corner.

The dragon’s sharp claws tear the angels apart, and its hellish breath burns them.

Before I knew it, the once pure white field of clouds was soaked in a thick bloody smell.

[Lucifer, my brother.]

Michael spoke again.

The voice was not as merciful as before.

[Fight for your brothers. Mercy is a luxury to those of evil.]


A flash of blade pierced the young dragon’s neck.

The small body that was fluttering around soon sank down.

Lucifer was silent.

Michael came over and placed his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder.

[Brother, why can’t I concentrate on the battle these days? Aren’t you the most outstanding of the heavenly angels? Worthy of the name ‘Morning Star’… .]

Lucifer interrupted.

[It could have just been a young dragon following its mother.]

Michael’s mouth opened slightly.

[…] Is it that sound again? You’re being stubborn. Whether young or small, when a dragon becomes an adult, it becomes nothing but evil, burning down human villages and indiscriminately devouring all other life forms. How can the Chicheon not know that?]

[Why is that evil? Predating to survive is something all living things do. Moreover, humans invaded the dragon’s nest first and stole the eggs. Is it so evil to burn a village out of revenge? Don’t they also have the right to be angry!]

When Lucifer shouted, Michael was silent this time.

[…] Brother. I have no idea what you’re talking about… .]

Michael looked back at the small, dead dragon. The guy was dead with his tongue sticking out.

A coolness passed through Michael’s eyes.

[…] That guy is just a soulless creature. But is that really that sad?]

[It’s a soulless creature… Isn’t that just your opinion? Michael.]

Michael let out a long sigh.

He asked again, pointing to the middle of the battlefield with the blade of light.

[Lucifer, can’t you see our bleeding brothers over there?]

[…] see.]

[Then go and fight. Punish those wicked people who take the flesh and blood of their brothers. Do not forget that the leader of the Archangels is still me, Michael.]

Languages ​​filled with the power of archangels.

Lucifer’s body twitched slightly as if he was rejecting those words outright, but then, against his will, he said, “Ahhhh!” The wings spread out.

The symbol of an angel, pure white wings.

Michael looked at Lucifer’s back indifferently and muttered quietly.

[good. Lucifer. The strongest of the Archangels… Morning star of dawn.]

With those words, Lucifer’s body was launched into the middle of the battlefield.

that day,

Lucifer decapitated the dragon with his own hands, pulled out its internal organs, and stained the entire field of clouds with blood.

In heaven, a party celebrating victory took place all night long, but Lucifer did not go to the party that day.

* * *

“What are you thinking about?”

Butler Albert asked.

Lucifer, who had his eyes closed while holding a wine glass in his hand, slowly opened his eyes.

Coo! Kuguung!

From a while ago, there was a constant roaring noise coming from outside the window.

The slightest tremor in the castle was the same.



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Because of this, Lucifer’s shirt had quite a few wine stains on it.

[Just thinking about old times for a moment.]

pure white shirt,

Drops of wine spread like blood,

Lucifer stared at them in silence.

It was because of these little things that I always remembered useless old memories.

[…] I threw away all my shirts.]

Soon, Lucifer muttered quietly and Albert quickly responded.

“I’ll tell you to prepare new clothes.”


There was a heavy air.

After a short time lag, Albert began his luck again.

“I looked to see who was fighting on the side where the noise was coming from.”

[okay. someone. At first glance, the cute princes are engaged in a fierce battle. Is this also a battle between the belligerent 1st and 4th princes? Or is it an alliance between the princes and a guy named Elia brought by Asmodeus? Either that or… The second prince is struggling these days… .]

“I’m sorry, but everything… no.”

The wine glass that Lucifer was slowly turning stopped.

[entire… no?]

“yes. From what I checked… Asmodeus and the 5th Prince’s assistant instructor are fighting.”


Lucifer asked with a look of disbelief in his eyes as he heard the sound of a wine glass being placed on the table.

[…] What does that mean?]



There was still a constant roar coming from outside.

Asmodeus is the demon king of the 44th floor.

The 5th Prince’s assistant instructor was at best a mid-level rookie part-timer.

But can those two fight for this long?

It was the same thing as saying that a lesser angel was fighting on equal footing with Archangel Michael.

This cannot happen.

But Albert broke into a cold sweat and said something else.

“I’m sorry… Lucifer. “I still have more news to tell you.”

Lucifer’s heavy gaze turned to Albert.

“It is a matter of caution to tell, but it seems that Asmodeus was planning to assassinate the 5th Prince. A foreign god called Elijah has raised a skeleton army, and two unidentified foreign gods and other strange forces have intervened in the fight. All the surrounding princes evacuated, but the 5th prince was caught up in the fight… .”


Albert’s words could not continue.

Lucifer, who had left his seat, was already flying away following the roar beyond the window.

* * *


Quagwang! Quang!

Six blades swirled like a storm.



Every time the blade grazed his skin, Damdeok felt more eerie than ever.

‘It’s not a joke.’

Although he was fighting back with all his divine power, magic power, authority, and skills, Asmodeus’ power was so strong that the best he could do was just hold on.

[I am casting the skill!]

[Cast the skill!]

Empty! Teuong!

Damdeok sighed as he watched Asmodeus bounce off his special moves as if he was playing a cumbersome ball game.

Of course, when he threw away the huge skill, his arm was torn from the impact, but he didn’t care at all.

His black robe was already torn and tattered, and blood was dripping from his small wounds, but he was enjoying this situation more than anyone else.

[Are you really saying you’re only a mid-level god?! A mid-level god with this much power?! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!]

Asmodeus was almost in the throes of madness.

Maybe it was because there weren’t many people in the demon world who used swords, but this moment of sword-fighting with Damdeok seemed like a pleasure.

[more! Show me more! more!]


Easy profit! bang!

Six blades whirl around frantically.

I created a magic dagger to defend against him,

Defends vital areas with ice attribute mana,

He quickly launched a counterattack with a black flame attack, but

‘No critical hits!’

Asmodeus’ body only had more minor wounds, and he was never able to land a critical hit.

Actually, I was vaguely aware of it.


This crazy guy is still fighting without using all his might.

They’re just fighting moderately to have fun exchanging swords.


Etin and the ice giants caught the sword that struck like thunder.

It was on behalf of Damdeok, who was momentarily upset and unable to defend properly.

“Hero. Counterattack in this gap… !”

Etin’s voice rang out loud, but Asmodeus only glanced at him and laughed.

[The big guys probably warned you not to get involved, right? I’m not interested in guys who don’t use swords!]

Asmodeus’ blades came together and turned into a huge hellish scythe, which was swung around in an instant.



Etin deflected most of the attacks from the front, but several ice giants behind stumbled and fell.

“no!! “Everyone, step back!!”

Damdeok quickly jumped in front of Asmodeus again.

Let’s go!

Flames spread across the blade.

[yes. Only those who use swords are qualified to fight with me.]

Asmodeus smiled mischievously and brought his swords together as if he had been waiting.

Damdeok ground his teeth.

‘I have to fight this guy even if it means dying.’

For others, the risk was too high.

“Everyone, cover Alui! “Don’t worry about this place!”

The ice giants stopped at Damdeok’s shout. Etin immediately nodded his huge head and turned back to Alui.

The moment you are on the defensive, you will come running again… .

‘Let’s not make something like that happen in the first place.’

If it weren’t for Ettin just now, five or six ice giants would have been killed in a single blow.

‘I can’t get caught up in it for no reason.’

I’m sorry for summoning you to the Demon World and asking you to fight with me, but I can’t let you lose your life!


Quagwang! Kwagwaang!

Alui came into the field of view of Damdeok, who was exchanging swords with the rampaging Asmodeus with his teeth clenched.

– Ugh!

– Oooooh!

Elia’s skeleton soldiers covered Alui’s surroundings in pitch black.

These weren’t just the skeleton soldiers I saw last time.

Skeleton soldiers holding mace-like weapons, skeleton soldiers dragging cannons, skeleton knights riding horses, and even a general as big as a house. Elia’s skeleton army had literally grown as large as the army of an empire.



Alui’s straight and straight sword skills mercilessly cut down the skeleton soldiers in front of him.

Exciting swordsmanship that does not match his gentle nature.

The fact that the enemy was a lifeless skeleton soldier was a huge advantage for the good Alui.


“Adele, you take charge of the Skeleton Knight!”


“White clouds! “You will serve as general with me!”


In the midst of a fierce battle, familiar faces appeared one after another.

Less than 5 minutes after engaging in a close fight with Asmodeus, Jooyul and Adele Sharon joined.

After summoning White Cloud and Ettin, they were blocking Elia’s fearsome armies.

Looking at Elia nervously biting her lower lip from afar, I thought Alui didn’t have to worry too much.

‘The problem is mine.’

Just like before, the ice giants provided support, and Juryul also rushed in and launched a joint attack.

‘On the contrary, they only made me angry by saying that they were not the ones using swords.’

Asmodeus was not a very easy opponent.

Moreover, Elia’s skeleton army also recovered faster than expected, so the battle was truly fierce.

[Where are you looking? Concentrate, focus!]


Every time I get struck by Asmodeus’ blade, my bones tingle.

I felt unbearable pain, but the sword flew at me before I could dodge it, so there was no other way.

‘If I wait like this, I will definitely be at a disadvantage… !’

When the fun of mixing swords wears off, Asmodeus will definitely try to kill himself with a single sword.

Then, everything from Jusoyul, Adele Sharon, Baekgureum, and Alui in the back… .

Damdeok’s eyes became harsh.


The pure white Excalibur resonates like Snow White resonates.

[It is true that he fights quite well for an intermediate god, but is this all? I’m slowly getting bored.]

Asmodeus transformed the six blades into a giant trident.

[Let’s try increasing the intensity a bit. I don’t want it to be less fun.]

The guy was grinning and quickly swinging his trident.

Suddenly time passed slowly.

‘… what?’

The system reacted before Damdeok even had a chance to question it.

[Excalibur’s second attribute has been unlocked!]

[Activate !]


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