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#132. King Arthur’s Serenity

[Excalibur’s second attribute has been unlocked!]

[Activate !]

‘King Arthur’s equanimity?’

It was a strange experience.

Through the translucent window, Asmodeus could be seen with an angry face.

The guy’s trident, which was blowing like a storm, was moving slowly, as if in slow motion.

‘What is this?’

It wasn’t just him.

Everything around me was slowly turning in black and white, like a tape slowly winding.

[Kkeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !]

As Asmodeus’s cries grew slowly, a sharp trident slowly pierced the air.

It was an attack that was aimed at his neck and eyes without hesitation, but Damdeok just stared at it blankly.

‘This… ‘Is it too slow?’

It was like that.

Even though it was slow, it was too slow.

The trident was approaching Damdeok at a tediously slow pace, like the speed of a slug.

‘King Arthur’s equanimity… Was it something like this?’

Damdeok’s eyes lit up and he turned slightly.

With this speed, it would be easy to win even if it were not the Demon King but the Demon King Grandfather.



Since he was no different from usual, he naturally thought that his body would move as usual, but



Unexpectedly, my body did not move as quickly as I thought.

‘Hmm, even though my vision and mind are fine, the body itself is limited by time and space.’

It was a little disappointing, but whatever.

In any case, as long as you keep your mind straight, avoiding Asmodeus’ attacks was not that difficult.

‘The attack orbit is so slow that you can clearly see it.’




In a slow-moving time and space, Damdeok easily avoided Asmodeus’ attack.

Of course, it was a bit uncomfortable because the body moved too slowly, but in any case, it showed clean avoidance ability without a single error.

Just a moment ago, I was only focused on blocking Asmodeus’ attacks, but it felt like my combat power suddenly jumped.

‘This is really amazing.’

For some reason, an unknown feeling of joy spread to every corner of my body.

I feel like I am a god of battle.

‘Good.’ Let’s avoid attacks like this and aim for the vital spot!’

Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

‘The serenity of King Arthur. ‘You’ve completely caught the lottery trait.’

Damdeok smiled and looked straight at Asmodeus.

[Iinoooomiii… … !]

The enraged Asmodeus let out a slow roar and raised his weapon as he continued to dodge his attacks.

His trident began to split into six blades again.

Of course, it was splitting very slowly, like a flower bud blooming.

‘okay. come.’

Damdeok was still relaxed.

All he had to do was dodge all six or eight of his blades and stab the last one in his throat.

‘You only get one chance!’

Of course, since the body moves slowly, dodging and attacking successfully was not that easy.

‘If the first attack fails, the probability of success continues to drop.’

Finish it in one go.


It was at that time that Damdeok was very slowly holding the handle of his sword.


For a moment, it felt like a gust of wind blew, and then all the senses in my body came back vividly, as if the anesthesia had worn off.

The surroundings, which were black and white, instantly turned colorful.

[Failed to open the mind’s eye.]

[ is canceled.]

‘what? ‘Opening of the mind’s eye?’

what is that?

But without even having time to think about it,


Asmodeus’ blades struck like a storm.

Quang! Ga-ga-ga-ga-gak!




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I barely managed to block the blades coming into my neck, but my right shoulder and left side were torn off in an instant.

The wounds quickly became stained with blood.

Damdeok frowned at the unpleasant warm touch.

‘It’s hard to block properly because it has six blades.’

Moreover, when I returned to reality after being in a slow space-time just a moment ago, it felt like it was twice as fast, even though it was the same speed.

[What? Where did all that leisure go just now?]

Asmodeus sneered and swung his blade.


Quang! Quang!

Damdeok’s body was only pushed further and further back.

[They said he was the god of the sword, but he was a guy who played soldiers. If so, take a close look at him. This is the pinnacle of a true sword!]

Asmodeus was pushing Damdeok like a ghost from hell.

‘Ugh! too fast… !’

The moment I lost my mind, even for a moment, the attacks continued as if my body would be torn apart.

‘It can’t go on like this…’ !’

Through Asmodeus’ blade swinging like a storm, I could see my colleagues struggling.

Ice giants struggling to block giant skeleton soldiers, a white cloud running across a red field like a little beast, Jusoul swinging a small dagger like a flash, summoning a fireball larger than his own body without hesitation. Adele Sharon and Alui are fighting with all their heart in their first real battle.

Pibig! Pick!

Meanwhile, Asmodeus’ blades were cutting into Damdeok’s entire body.

The skin split open and blood burst out, but Damdeok didn’t care.

[The power is activated!]

Even small wounds like this heal quickly.

What’s more important now is… .

My colleagues are fighting to the death.

He also had to repay him.

Let’s think. thought.

‘I need to open my mind’s eye according to what comes up in the system so I can make more use of that slow time.’

The idea of ​​unlocking King Arthur’s equanimity by failing to open the mind’s eye could not have simply occurred to me.

‘It’s the mind’s eye… Is that the key point of this battle?’

Damdeok concentrated his mind again.

[Activate !]

Time slows down again.

Asmodeus’ threatening blades instantly turned into slow slugs.

‘If I remember correctly, the time given was only about 20 seconds.’

If it is short, it is short; if it is long, it is a long time.

However, what was clear was that it was an extremely short period of time for him to avoid all of Asmodeus’ attacks and accurately target his vital points.

‘Now my body is slowing down as well.’

So, you have to open your mind’s eye.

Otherwise, this slow space-time will break again.

Damdeok closed his eyes.

Mind’s eye.

To interpret it, it is the eye of the mind.

‘I’ve never done anything like meditation… .’

Damdeok calmly closes his eyes.

Meanwhile, Asmodeus’ six blades were advancing slowly but very viciously.


Damdeok’s eyes start to tremble.

King Arthur’s trait of equanimity was basically consuming a tremendous amount of his spiritual power.

20 seconds, which felt like an hour, passed.

[Failed to open the mind’s eye.]

[ is canceled.]



“damn! also… !”

Damdeok struggled to block the attack.

Asmodeus clashed his blades and grinned. He repeatedly laughs and shows a straight face as the animal’s face splits into dozens.

‘You disgusting devil!’

Damdeok gritted his teeth and continued his attack. He continued his battle with the guy like crazy, squeezing out his divine power and activating King Arthur’s composure once more.


Time slows down.

I closed my eyes and searched for something called the mind’s eye, but this time, after 20 seconds, my composure was lifted.

Then, without fail, Asmodeus’ attacks became sharper.

Quang! Quang!


Another bloody battle continues.

I gritted my teeth and held on, then activated King Arthur’s composure.

Repeated situations where you fail to find the Mind’s Eye and Asmodeus’ stormy attacks rain down again.

How many times did that repeat?

[That’s strange.]

Asmodeus suddenly stopped moving.

His face turned crooked.

[It feels like I’m fighting someone else every now and then.]

‘You’re quick to notice, aren’t you?’

But what can I do?

Slowing down time and space was a privilege that only he could enjoy.

‘It’s only 20 seconds, though.’

You’ll have to pour in a huge amount of divine power, but it doesn’t matter.

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth rose leisurely.

‘Now I get the hang of it.’

It was already the twelfth repetition.

Skills were replaced with magical power, and all of the divine power was used up to the tips of the toes.

‘This time, I will definitely open my mind’s eye and cut off the guy’s head.’

I had a strong feeling that it could happen.

[What kind of trick are you playing? If you are a true sword god, face the duel proudly.]

Damdeok grabbed his sword without saying a word.

[Are you not even going to respond anymore? bouncer.]

Clap la la rock!

Asmodeus’ blades were in full bloom again. At the same time, a message appeared before Damdeok’s eyes.

[Activate !]


Damdeok took a deep breath.

Mind’s eye.

The mind’s eye.

It wasn’t something you could find by closing your eyes.

‘Rather, you should open your eyes straight and focus on the opponent in front of you.’

This was a fact I found out after repeating it twelve times.

In this slowed time and space, the only person in front of him who was moving at the same speed as himself was Asmodeus.

‘The rest move slowly too, but much slower than us.’

The others, who seemed almost stationary, could not be said to be in the same space and time as Damdeok and Asmodeus.

‘So, the ones trapped in this time and space are you and me. There are only two.’

In that case, wouldn’t it be enough to focus on that itself?

Damdeo looked straight at Asmodeus.

The guy’s angry face and several protruding veins on his forearms, dilated capillaries, and fast-moving blood.

You can vividly feel things that you would never normally feel.

Various detailed movements and even the cells under the skin expand and contract repeatedly.

It almost felt like I was examining him through a microscope.

Coo! Coo!

A loud heart sound was heard.

‘The sound of my heart?’

It wasn’t.

Coo! Coo!

A strange heart sound that I have never heard before.

Damdeok’s eyebrows narrowed even further.

Asmodeus was holding six blades in full bloom and slowly pounding the ground.

Coo! Coo!

The sound of his heart exactly matched his own.

Damdeok’s pupils dilated.

Coo! Coo!

The blades of Asmodeus flew into the air as if dancing,

Coo! Coo!

Accordingly, the heartbeat rang even more violently.



Damdeok was unable to move due to the strong sound that made his entire body tremble.

I felt it.

The guy’s movements.

Not the current movement, but the next movement.

Also, the next movement.

And even the next movement.

Everything about how he thinks and acts was vividly conveyed.

It was as if he and I had been one from the beginning, something indescribable… .

[I gained the power of Mind’s Eye!]

[Your understanding of Geomshin Unification will grow further!]

[The skill has evolved into !]

The shape of a huge sword appeared above Damdeok’s head.

It was a sword that reproduced all of Asmodeus’ vitality that Damdeok felt.


Like the flapping wings of a butterfly flying to a flower,

Damdeok cut off Asmodeus’ head.


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