I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 130

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#130. Fallen Angel, Lucifer (2)

“It feels strange.”

Damdeok muttered.

Alui’s expression also hardened.

After leaving the castle, the other princes started taunting and taunting, but as soon as Damdeok showed his fierceness, most of the beggars left.

After that, I summoned wolves and started hunting for treasure, but as soon as I entered the new path, the atmosphere changed strangely.


A chilling wind blows.

Damdeok looked around.

– Crrrrr… !!

– Cough! Wow!

The wolves showed their sensitivity and began to be on guard.

In the middle of a large reed field.



Several princes began to surround Damdeok and Alui.

Glancing in this direction and observing was an obvious action for anyone to see.


The wolves growled fiercely at their sudden appearance, but the princes did not care at all.

On the contrary, when the first prince, who was the biggest of the dogs and wore a flashy outfit, sent a hand signal, they began to narrow the siege in a coordinated manner.



The distance between them was getting closer and closer.

In the end, Damdeok’s expression was crumpled.

‘What are we going to do now?’

No matter how much they were the princes of the demon world, they were still children, no more than middle school students.

‘Do you want to try it?’

Honestly, if you put your mind to it, you won’t be at a disadvantage even if the other side is the majority.

‘On the surface, you guys have a lot of people, right?’


There are only 5 wolves out there right now.

There were still many cards left that could be called.

Compared to Damdeok, who was ready to pull out the next card at any time, Alui’s face was pale.

“The 1st prince, the 2nd prince, and the 4th prince… Why is everyone flocking here like this? ? Trying to attack them all at once… ?”

I promised myself that I would show something this time, but I guess I still don’t want to fight.

Alui looked around with an anxious expression.

“calm down.”

Damdeok comforted Alui and looked at them calmly.

‘I can’t help it. If anything happens, I have no choice but to beat him up.’

It’s not against the rules, so if you do it in moderation, there won’t be much of a problem.

It was at that time that Baekseol came out onto Damdeok’s shoulder at Damdeok’s call.


Damdeok now realized that there was something strange about this siege.

‘I don’t think this is an attack?’

Usually, if you have the will to attack, you usually keep your eyes on the target and glance at the surroundings.


They were staring straight ahead, glancing at us.

As if there was a separate goal.


Damdeok felt something cold and looked straight ahead where they were watching.

An endless field of reeds under the red sky of the Demon World.

A small hill was visible in front.

Damdeok felt a strange energy.

Felt from beyond the hill,

Heavy… .

Sticky… .

Magic energy.

thud. thud.

My heart started pounding.

It’s ominous.

Nevertheless, he did not stop walking and moved forward slowly.



Every sound of cutting through the reed fields pierced sharply into my ears.

And finally,

When Damdeok stood on the hill.

[The power ‘Sword and Body Unity’ is unleashed!]

A power activated instinctively.



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Damdeok’s body stood still.

At the same time, Alui stopped, and all the princes around him also stopped.


The wind blows once again.

down the hill,

The first thing that caught my eye was the silver-haired Elia.

And in front of that… .

A pitch-black robe.

A man like a pitch-black shadow, with no face, no shape, nothing to see.

It looked completely unidentifiable, but Damdeok was able to figure out what it was.

‘Asmodeus, King of Swords.’

I stared at his empty, dark face.

His lower robe moved slightly.


A horrifying sound echoed on the wind.

Soon after,






The friction sound of blades was heard one after another, and there were a total of six knives he had drawn.

Six arms were sticking out from either side of the black robe, holding a great sword.

“The demon king of the 44th floor… !”

Alui slowly takes a step back, covering his mouth.

The princes around him were the same.

As if everyone’s goal was to bring Damdeok all the way here, they all seemed busy maintaining a safe distance as soon as Asmodeus drew his sword.

Asmodeus saw this and his black robes began to tremble like crazy.

[Kkkkkkk! Kkkkkkkk! The demons on the 77th floor are extremely weak.]

At the same time,


A sticky and unpleasant demonic energy covered the entire field.

The reeds turned black and rotted in an instant.


[Exposure to serious fear!]


[Exposure to serious fear!]

The system window beeps sensitively.

Not only the wolves, but even the princes and his assistant instructors around them were all shocked and panicking, not knowing what to do.

[The first title effect of is activated!]

[Resists the status abnormality ‘Fear’!]

[Fear resistance increases!]

[Fear resistance increases!]

It feels completely different from when I fainted as soon as I encountered it.

‘I still feel dirty.’

I couldn’t find any pressure that was so strong that I couldn’t bear it.

‘the problem is… .’

Damdeok glanced back at Alui.

The guy looked very anxious.

However, I was not in a state of panic, overwhelmed by fear.

‘As expected, this guy is different.’

It was clear that Alui had a natural talent for martial arts and magic.

The problem is that his fighting sense is ruined because he has such a good personality.

‘At this level, I don’t have to worry.’

“Alui. “Stay back.”

Damdeok made that decision and pushed Alui back slightly.

“Oh, but don’t fall too far. From now on, take care of yourself. If you feel like you need a little more strength, you can fight with wolves. “You guys have become quite close over the past few days.”

“What is that… .”

Allui suddenly looked at Damdeok as if asking what he was saying.

Damdeok began in a semi-serious voice.

“Listen carefully. Do you see the silver hair over there? “Don’t think about anything else, just watch out for that silver-haired kid.”

Damdeok’s eyes were focused on Elia, who was standing quietly at the bottom of the hill.

Her expression was grave.

But for sure, she was targeting Alui.

The body full of energy and the eyes looking for an opportunity said it all.

The situation is not good.

‘It didn’t fit anything I expected.’

The same goes for participating in the contest as a ‘prince’.

Of course I thought they were going to attack me by surprise, but they showed up head on like this.

Besides, no way,

Who would have thought that Asmodeus would show up in person… .

Everything was unexpected.

Damdeok could not hide his sad feelings.

‘It was real… Really, that guy killed the sixth guardian and all the rest… .’

A small sigh escaped me that I didn’t even know I had.


The behavior of a guy who isn’t even a colleague makes me feel so sad… .


Damdeok gritted his teeth, held his sword, and stepped forward.

‘I don’t have time to discuss this and that.’

Anyway, now was the time to fight.

“… “I thought it would be like this with you.”

These were the words Damdeok uttered while looking at Asmodeus.

This is something I decided to do from the moment I entered the demon world.

Isn’t it like killing two birds with one stone since we can deal with Elia and him at once?

Damdeok decided to think positively.

“okay. Rather, it worked out well. “I was really curious about you too.”

Damdeok walked towards Asmodeus without hesitation.

[You cheeky… .]

Asmodeus’ gloomy voice echoed like a cave.

Nevertheless, Damdeok’s steps did not stop.



Alui shouted at Damdeok, who was gradually narrowing the distance.

“W-what are you doing! Are you really going to fight? The opponent is a demon king from another layer… !”

“Yes, that demon lord showed up to kill us. “Your prince’s friends over there were all bribed, too.”

“I don’t know why you’re doing this to us, but there must be some misunderstanding. Master, let’s talk first… .”


Damdeok’s body stopped.

The corner of his smiling mouth was still pointed towards Asmodeus.

“Hey, Alui. If you have eyes, look at what he does. “Where do you think that is, that you can communicate with each other?”

Alui’s gaze returned.

As the black robe flutters, six arms appear.

You can also see ugly blades of different shapes and shapes.

The six blades Asmodeus was holding were shining darkly under the red sky.

Each and every one of them was a weapon filled with deep murder.

“… … .”

Alui swallowed.

I want to resolve it peacefully.

But I couldn’t think of a way to solve this situation.


Damdeok called Alui again.

The gaze was still directed straight ahead.

Allui looked at Damdeok with anxious eyes.

“There are times in life when you have no choice but to fight.”

Damdeok’s foot kicked the ground.

At the same time, Asmodeus’ body shot out like lightning.



Explosive bursts of sound rang out one after another across the field.

* * *

Inside the Demon King’s Castle.

Lucifer muttered as he looked down at the empty square.

[I was very late this time.]

Only thirty minutes had passed since the battle began, but no trace of the princes could already be felt near the Demon King’s Castle.

[okay. Who do you think will get the highest victory points this time?]

Lucifer asked as he sat down.

Tiredness was evident on his face as he loosened the collar around his neck.

Butler Albert quietly lowered his head.

“This time too, the 1st and 4th princes seem to be the most likely candidates. In fact, the rest of the princes are just extras… .”

[Extra… Still, they are all my blood, so you are evaluating them too harshly.]

“I’m sorry.”

As Deacon Albert bowed his head more deeply, Lucifer chuckled.

[Sounds that don’t even make sense. Actually, I agree with what the butler said. Not all my blood is strong, right? There are also guys like Alui… .]

Lucifer’s expression looked somewhat bitter as he said that.

Albert asked cautiously.

“Why did you allow Asmodeus to participate in the contest this time? Isn’t this a very unfair treatment for an assistant instructor? Moreover, there are rumors that temporary prince status was given to a foreign god based on a letter of recommendation from Asmodeus… .”

Lucifer interrupted Albert.

[okay. Rumors spread quickly. There are many people in the demon world who speak lightly.]

Albert’s eyes became subtle.

“… Is it true? Why so much… .”

[Well, are you curious?]

Albert, with his characteristic mischievous voice, kept his mouth shut.

When the Demon King spoke like that, it meant that he was very uncomfortable.

If you don’t understand the atmosphere and start talking loudly, you will be killed in an instant.


Lucifer filled his glass with wine and slowly savored it.

Lucifer’s brow furrowed slightly at the pungent scent.

[I’m bored.]

“… “I will prepare another wine for you.”

[Not wine.]

Albert’s hurried steps stopped.

He didn’t look back.

He just quietly raised his glasses.

Lucifer clinked his wine glass and added the following words.

[Now this demon world… boring.]

It was then.


A sudden loud noise was heard.

While fiddling with the glass, a few drops of wine spilled onto Lucifer’s clothes and spread like blood.

Lucifer’s head slowly turned towards the sound.

[Who is over there now?]


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