I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 124

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#124. Demone Alui (1)

“Please come this way.”

In the dark hallway of the Demon King’s Castle, Damdeok was moving under the guidance of an unfamiliar butler.

The butler had the appearance of an old grandfather, but the two towering dark red horns on his head proved that he was a demon.

‘If White Cloud had seen it, it would have been really amazing.’

For now, it was Damdeok who came alone, leaving his companions behind.

The first reason was that the part-time job was about an assistant instructor, so it was unlikely that I would be able to work alone, and the second reason was that I decided that it would be better to save my spiritual power since the Demon World is a place where you don’t know what will happen at any time.

‘If you need your colleagues, it’s not too late to call them.’

It must have been filled with wolf armies. The reassurance was different.

Besides, isn’t Baek Gureum quite serious about his training these days?

I had no intention of bringing him in and disturbing him.

‘It seems like only yesterday that he was so overconfident that he was a genius.’

I think I was influenced by the continued emergence of prominent guardians like Adele Sharon, Ettin, and Pao.

what. Actually, maybe I’m just working hard because I’m so excited about getting Achilles’ armor set?

In any case, his serious training was something that Damdeok welcomed.


Quiet footsteps echo.

Through the arched windows of the hallway, a red-hot panoramic view of the Demon World was visible.

‘It’s a bad place after all.’

The entire place was filled with sticky and rich magical energy.

Is this called magical energy?

It didn’t feel like it was falling cleanly like a divine power, but rather an uncomfortable feeling.

“I… “How much further do we have to go?”

“We have to walk a long way to the Fifth Prince’s mansion. As you know, dimensional travel is not possible inside the Demon Castle.”

The butler chanted in a gloomy voice.

You have to go for a while.

It seemed to be in the same vein as the fact that there was no dimensional shift inside the pyramid.

Actually, since I arrived here, I’ve been walking a lot like this… .

His employer, Lucifer, was out of town for a while and was not at the castle, and when a butler named Albert followed him while explaining the details of his part-time job, Damdeok had no choice but to follow him in silence.

‘Since I came to the Demon World part-time, I wanted to see what Lucifer looks like at least once.’

Anyway, these days, there are many places where it is difficult to even see the boss’s face even if you work part-time.

The work is left to part-time workers, and the boss wanders around like that.

It seems to be an immutable truth wherever you go.

Damdeok felt a sense of regret as he walked endlessly through the hallway that seemed to be the same every time he walked.

* * *

“Say hello. This is the new swordsmanship instructor. He is in charge of the sword god in the outer world, his spiritual power is 500,000, and his level is intermediate god. “He already has four priests under his direct command, and all of them are people with excellent combat skills, so he is a person with trustworthy skills in battle.”

Butler Albert recited Damdeok’s personal story one after another without taking a breath.

Thanks to this, Damdeok had to open his mouth and immediately close it.

‘Why aren’t you giving me a chance to introduce myself?’

There was a large circular table in front of Damdeok, and five high-ranking demons were sitting around it.

High-ranking devils who serve as official instructors of the 5th prince, Demone Alui.

They all give off a noble atmosphere… .

‘… ‘It looks terrible.’

Damdeok really thought so.

They all had strangely bent black horns on their heads, their faces were hideously distorted as if they had been burned by hell fire, and their skin color had turned dark red, possibly due to rotting or being consumed by demonic energy.

These were faces that made you feel intimidated just by looking at them.

‘Do you have to look like that to be an instructor?’

While looking at them, he looked at Albert, the butler who had guided him, and he looked very normal and handsome.

When Damdeok was thinking that, they were also looking him up and down with disapproving faces.

“Hmm, intermediate god?”

“500,000 spiritual strength?”

“With 500,000, isn’t he still a long way from being a high-level god?”

“Albert. “I thought you said you had to be at least a high-level god to teach Alui?”

“The battle for the devil is not a child’s joke, this is… .”

Everyone was making noises, but Albert quietly lowered his head without changing his expression.

“It is Lucifer’s decision.”



When the name of the current Demon King came up, everyone was speechless.

Finally, in a tense atmosphere, the official instructors stood up.

“Follow me. “I will go straight to the master.”

In the middle, the large demon said that and turned around.

The rest of the demons also glanced at Damdeok, then turned their backs and left.

In the cold atmosphere, Damdeok could only burst into laughter.

‘Oh my, I’m so territorial. If I didn’t have fear resistance, I wouldn’t be able to breathe.’

As Damdeok was shaking his head, Albert, who was behind him, quietly approached and added an explanation.

“The battle to conquer the Demon King began several months ago, but the 5th Prince, Alui, has not been able to win a single match. As of now, it is ranked last. “It’s no wonder that the official instructors are so nervous.”

Last place… .



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Is he not that talented?

“How many people are participating in the skirmish?”

“There are 77 people. Everyone has the status of a demon prince. The smaller the number in front of it, the more of the devil’s blood is mixed in it, making it more powerful. However, even though Alui is the 5th prince, he was brutally destroyed by the 73rd prince a few days ago.”

“If you are the 5th prince, does that mean your blood is the fifth thickest?”

“Yes. Since the blood of the Demon King is thickly mixed, he must have tremendous potential, but the 5th Prince has always… .”

Albert spoke for a moment.

“What is it always?”

Damdeok was about to ask more, but sharp voices were heard outside the door.

“What are you doing inside! “I want you to follow me right now?!”

“Such a goyan! “The assistant instructor is already not following the official instructor’s instructions, so why should it be like this?!”

“Anyway, even if you say that we are the only instructors who can properly teach Alui… ! “Ah, with an assistant instructor like that, wouldn’t Alui’s rank not only rise, but fall even further!”

“Lucifer too… Why are you wasting your name on such useless things? .”

The blatant sarcasm of the formal instructors who went before us.

Albert must have sensed that and stopped talking.

“… I think you should follow along quickly. “If you get out of sight of the official instructors, you may have to go back immediately.”

Albert’s explanation was kind, but I felt no emotion.

He also seemed to want Damdeok to move quickly without causing harm to him.

In any case, the official instructors are high-level demons here, and Damdeok is a middle-level god and a god from outside.

Damdeok chuckled.

The territory of demons.

Isn’t it an amazing experience?

‘Let’s see how great of a lesson you can teach.’

Damdeok walked quietly.

* * *

“… “Has the assistant instructor changed again?”

5th Prince, Demone Alui.

He glanced at Damdeok with unmotivated eyes, then lowered the wooden sword he was swinging.

The reddish hair and pure white skin stand out.

Rather than a demon, he looked like a master from an Eastern European noble family.

‘Except for the big horns on his head, he’s a pretty boy in puberty, right?’

Damdeok looked at Alui, who was giving off the vibe of a flower boy, and thought of Baekgureum, who must have been training hard.

They seemed to be around the same age and seemed like they would get along well when they met.

However, as I watched his actions quietly, I realized that he was completely different from Baek Gureum, who was full of confidence and motivation in everything he did.

“Alui. “You still haven’t cut down a single goblin?”

“I said it wasn’t that I couldn’t cut it, but that I didn’t cut it.”

Various monsters were captured in the corners of the spacious training ground, and among them, one goblin was tied to the central wooden pillar.

It seemed like a training device made to cut down goblins instead of hitting scarecrows.

Alui was unable to inflict even a single wound on the goblin’s body.

“Why are you holding a wooden sword! “Didn’t I tell you to train with a true sword?”

“I said I didn’t like Jingeom. “I don’t want to harm life.”

Alui said bluntly.

The official instructor looked as if his stomach was bursting. Alui’s true sword was lying on the floor, covered in dust.

“no! What is this again?! “Did you even provide food for the goblin?!”

“… It’s pitiful. “I’ve been tied up here all day.”

A bowl filled with water and an empty bowl with traces of food.

Official instructors take out those dishes! He kicked it away and grunted.

“Why on earth are you like this! “I told you several times to act like a devil, but why do you keep going astray like this?”

“Did I make a mistake by providing food? “Why is my rice bowl cold?”

“No, what kind of kindness can you show to a low-level monster! “Why do you keep doing good things?”

“Ugh, you’re always nagging me again.”

“Alui! This isn’t nagging… !”

“it’s okay. “You’re a nag.”

Despite the official instructor’s serious sermon, Alui could only pout.

The other official instructors, who were watching the scene in silence, also seemed to think it would be a good idea to help each other.

“Alui! “If you’re a demon, you should be able to jump rope by crushing the head of a goblin and pulling out the intestines in one go!”

“you’re right! “Why do you keep insisting when even demons much younger than you are doing it?”

“Giving food to someone weaker than you is something only ugly angels would do!”

It was very uproarious.

The official instructors, who gave an impassioned speech, began to shout louder the correct words to the 5th prince, asking him to correct his evil nature.

It was an amazing sight.

Damdeok quietly watched the scene.

Oh, I’m taking back what I said earlier about Baek Goo-reum and I saying we would look good together since we’re the same age. I just hope it doesn’t get hit.

Alui seemed to be quite familiar with this type of situation, so he was listening to the official instructors’ words with one ear and letting them go with the other, and the more he did this, the more angry the instructors became.

‘What a strange guy.’

The devil does good deeds.


Why do you act like that alone?

Several questions came to mind at the same time, but when I thought about it deeply, it wasn’t really that strange.

‘There are mutants wherever you go.’

Not everyone can be the same.

A being different from ordinary beings.

Beings that are everywhere but cannot belong anywhere have always been a part of the world.

Strictly speaking, isn’t he one of them?

A non-talented person born among talented people.

Therefore, Damdeok was able to understand Alui’s actions to some extent.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Damdeok asked Albert, who was watching from the side.

“yes. “Tell me.”

“Alui doesn’t seem to be interested in the position of Demon King at all. Do you really need to participate in the contest?”

Albert looked at Damdeok with a surprised face.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Is this really that surprising?

Indeed, ‘since I was born as a devil, I can’t even imagine doing such an ambitious thing.’ Well, I guess that’s not what I’m trying to say.

“why? “Did I say something strange?”

“… “I was surprised.”

“So what do you mean?”

Albert took a breath and continued speaking.

“… Firstly, I was surprised that she called the 5th Prince Allui like her friend, and secondly, I was surprised that she said that the 5th Prince did not seem interested in the position of Demon King at all.”

Albert is all good, but he speaks a bit like a robot.


The appearance of a typical long-lived devil.

“ah. From now on, I will call Alui with the letter ‘nim’. “Anyway, I was surprised to hear that you didn’t seem interested. Does that mean that Alui is interested in that vicious demon lord position?”

Albert nodded with stern eyes.

“yes. of course. Alui wants to become the Demon King more than any of the 77 princes. It was Alui’s request to hire an assistant instructor because he didn’t like the guidance of the official instructors. “He has greater ambition than anyone else in the position of Demon King.”

What on earth does this mean?

A warm demon who provides food and water to goblins captured for training, dreams of becoming a demon king more than anyone else?

Before the confusion subsided, Albert asked a question in return.

“But listening to what you’re saying, it seems like the new instructor doesn’t know much about the demon world.”

“yes. I’ve never worked part-time here before… .”

“okay. Foreign gods tend not to come to the demon world. If not… .”

Albert continued speaking again and looked at Damdeok intently.

Blood-red eyes met Damdeok’s gaze.

“… “I guess you didn’t know how dangerous this part-time job was?”


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