I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 125

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#125. Demone Alui (2)

“… “This part-time job is dangerous?”


Albert’s eyes became even more blood-red.

Eyes that go beyond fear and even feel bizarre.

Normally, it would be normal to take a step back or even get startled, but Damdeok just stood there blankly.

He even tilts his head as if he is worried.

“Albert. Are you hurting somewhere? My eyes are bloodshot… .”

At Damdeok’s unexpected reaction, Albert’s eyes instantly returned to their original color.

“Hmm! hmm!”

Albert cleared his throat.

I felt sad about my situation of always being left behind by foreign gods, so I tried to make a joke… .

‘You’re not scared at all.’

Honestly, I was a little embarrassed.

He was a high-level demon, just like the official instructors over there.

The act of a high-ranking demon turning its eyes red was one of the typical abilities used to scare an opponent.

‘There is no way a mid-level god can handle the demonic energy of a high-level demon… .’

But Damdeok was still looking at Albert like he was worried.

“Are you okay?”

“… “It’s okay.”

“Then I’m glad.”

“… … .”

After a moment of silence, Damdeok opened his mouth again.

“So what does it mean to say that this part-time job is dangerous?”

“… Isn’t it mentioned in Lucifer’s announcement? “Salaries are only paid while alive.”

“Oh, I did.”

“Did you notice anything strange?”

Damdeok thought for a moment.

strange thing?

Of course, it was strange that the salary was a large sum of 1000 Lucifer, and the employer’s sentiment in parentheses was also strange, with the condition ‘if you can survive’.

That’s about it.

‘Isn’t this common in the world of gods?’

After encountering so many strange things, I came across this strange phrase… .

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

“In the first place, the greater the reward, the greater the risk. If you are alive, you will be rewarded generously… It was an announcement that clearly showed the president’s broad mind. haha!”

Half of it is sincere, half of it is sarcastic.

But Albert looked at Damdeok carefully and nodded seriously.

“I guess I played a prank. If you have that mindset, we will do our best to serve you while you are there.”

“Yes, I would appreciate it if you could.”

“You still have to be careful. In fact, the survival rate of assistant instructors is extremely low.”

As expected, there must be something there.

Damdeok asked more specifically why the survival rate of assistant instructors was low.

The story Albert told was a little surprising.

“… So, are you saying that assistant instructors must participate together in the battle against the demon king?”

It was an unexpected reason.

Suddenly, I remembered Alui’s words when he first saw me.

「… “Has the assistant instructor changed again?”

Albert continued to explain that there was an incident in which the assistant instructors, feeling threatened for their lives, ran away when Alui was defeated in the battle for the demon king he participated in.

‘This scenario is nothing special.’

Damdeok frowned.

All I have to do is take the fifth guardian. I had no intention of directly participating in the battle for the Demon King.

“Why on earth is an assistant instructor competing together?”

“It’s a tradition. Since the Demon World is a place where people live their whole lives alone, they created a rule a long time ago that requires teachers and students to participate together in the battle for the Demon King. In fact, it is said that the origin of this tradition began when many princes who became demon kings brutally killed teachers who were stronger than them… .”

After all, the Demon World is the Demon World.

The origins of tradition were once brutal.

“So, forming a bond between priests. “Are you saying that such a small rule was put in place for something like this?”

“You are correct. It was Alui-sama’s request to have an assistant instructor, but in fact, at least one person is necessary to participate in the competition.”

“No, if it’s a bond between priests, shouldn’t the official instructors go out? “I am not a demon, but a god from outside.”

“I’m sorry, but it is not only against fairness for high-ranking demons to directly participate in the contest, but if we do so, the princes will die without even having a chance to compete fairly with each other.”

What kind of bullshit is that?

The true purpose is to form a strong bond with a teacher… But what is equity? Pick pick? What on earth are you talking about?

‘Let’s not just try to understand.’

In any case, if you look at the result, doesn’t it mean that only innocent part-time workers are dying because of a useless tradition?

I felt like I knew the feelings of the assistant instructors who ran away after losing the battle.

Official instructors gathered one by one to Damdeok, who was clicking his tongue.

Everyone was raising both hands and feet to the stubborn Alui.

Alui still held a wooden sword in his hand instead of a real sword.



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“… after. Hey Bozo.”

Kun, who was in charge of teaching weaponry, said angrily to Damdeok.

He planned to teach the newbie how to guide the stubborn Alui from now on.

Of course, the real intention was to relieve the accumulated stress by shouting and hitting at the same time as the words were telling.


But Damdeok doesn’t respond.

I’m already so angry that the prince doesn’t listen to me, but even my part-time worker doesn’t listen to me?

A deep wrinkle appeared between Kun’s eyebrows.

“Hey assistant! “Can’t you hear me?”

Only then did Damdeok slyly reply.

“Oh, did you call me? My name is Damdeok, not Bojo… .”

There was a moment of cold silence.

In addition to Kun, the martial arts instructor, Urang, the martial arts instructor, Ciel, the magical energy management instructor, Hyeon, who teaches leadership, and Kio, who teaches cruelty.

The five official instructors were momentarily at a loss for words at Damdeok’s torture-like answer.

“yes. You tell me. “What’s going on?”

Damdeok leaned forward, pretending to listen.

Kun thought about sticking the blades in his belt straight into the part-timer’s head, but

… I had no choice but to endure it.

“If the assistant instructor changes again this time, I won’t leave it alone.”

Alui was watching this way with his eyes flashing.

Haven’t seven of the assistant instructors that Alui requested already run away this month?

Of course, that was probably a big reason why they had to risk their lives in the battle for the Demon King, but the extreme territoriality of the official instructors also played a role.

Alui told Lucifer in detail that it was the atrocities of the official instructors, and since they had to go through a fairly harsh reprimand, they had no choice but to hesitate.

‘Damn you little boy!’

If it weren’t for his status as a prince, Kun would have been pounding his head and teaching him long ago, but in the end, Kun suppressed his anger and began to explain to Damdeok about his future guidance policy.

* * *

First, martial arts.

Second, weapon technology.

third. Operation of magical energy.

fourth. Cruelty.

fifth. Leadership.

Damdeok nodded as he looked at the letters engraved on the wooden blackboard.

‘Five virtues to become a demon king… .’

“Hey, don’t hesitate, get started quickly.”

Kun, the weapons instructor, urged.

The official instructors were standing crookedly in a row, looking at Damdeok, who was standing in the center of the training ground.

‘So, try teaching one of these virtues to the 5th prince, right? ‘In front of their eyes?’

Some kind of competency assessment? It was a similar concept to class observation.

Rather than observing, the eyes looked like they were anxious to catch something… .

‘Whatever you want.’

Wouldn’t it be enough to just show it?

Instead of taking Baekseol out from inside the lion armor, Damdeok picked up an old wooden sword from the training ground.

Then, Alui, who was standing in front, slowly raised his wooden sword with a reluctant look on his face.


Damdeok was slightly surprised.

This is because Alui’s posture was perfect without a single flaw.

‘I don’t think you need guidance?’

“hey! “Do it quickly!”

“Why are you procrastinating like this?!”

“If you don’t have confidence, say you don’t have confidence right now!”

‘Tch, you guys are making a lot of noise.’

Damdeok kicked the ground first as the official instructors chanted.


First, he attacked Alui with basic attacks such as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal cuts.

Crack! widely! Sigh!

Alui’s sword moved as expected.

It calmly defends well against subsequent attacks.

Then Damdeok changed his sword techniques and started attacking.

Quickly raise the slash and immediately make a diagonal cut, then sting like a bee and then turn around. While performing curved cuts with Esza, he also swung his sword as heavily as an axe.

But the results were all the same.

Sigh! Perfect! Sigh!

Alui blocked Damdeok’s attacks quite well.

No, rather, it seemed like he clearly knew the timing of his counterattack, but it felt like he was intentionally not attacking.

‘what. You’re already quite skilled, right? then… ‘This too?’

Damdeok’s movements became faster and faster.

Accordingly, Alui’s sword also changed dazzlingly.

[ skill activated!]

Various forms of swordsmanship began to pour out from the tip of Damdeok’s sword.

It started with White Cloud’s rhythmic swordsmanship, threatened with Hercules’ powerful swordsmanship, then dazzled with Athena’s gentle swordsmanship, and in between, he swung Hades’ blade filled with terrifying murder like a storm.


Alui’s once relaxed complexion gradually became more and more embarrassed, and eventually Damdeok’s stab at the end sent Alui’s wooden sword flying far away.

Whirling! Sigh!

Alui looked at Damdeok with surprised eyes.

Damdeok slowly put away his sword and bowed his head to end the sparring.

Truly close to perfect swordsmanship.

There was silence.

Clap clap clap clap!

Butler Albert, who was applauding alone, cleared his throat when he received glares from the official instructors.

“… What are you? “A sword spirit?”

Kun, the weapons instructor, has blades on his waist! I asked while fiddling with it.

I was planning on catching the pod and punishing him somehow, but the part-timer showed off his flawless swordsmanship and he seemed to be getting excited.

“yes. “This is Yu Dam-deok, the swordsman.”

“Hmph, I never even asked your name. I enjoyed seeing you perform some tricks. Even though you are only an assistant instructor… .”

Kuhn said the word ‘assistant’ with unusual force.

Then, as promised, other official instructors also began to chime in and disparage Damdeok’s swordsmanship.

“Well, swordsmanship doesn’t match the virtues of a demon lord.”

“Among these, martial arts, weapons, magic, brutality, and leadership, wouldn’t it be an answer if only swordsmanship were absent on its own?”

In response to the support of his colleagues, Kun, the weapons instructor, spoke arrogantly with his shoulders shrugged.

“I will recognize you as an assistant instructor. Starting from the next class, please clean Alui’s exclusive weapons to a smooth shine. “That’s all you have to do.”

Damdeok’s forehead was slightly tense, but he didn’t get angry hastily.

“What should we do next after cleaning our dedicated weapons?”

“What are you doing? That’s it. “You just need to be good at assisting in class.”

“Alui, you’re not teaching swordsmanship?”

When Damdeok asked that question, the faces of the official instructors crumpled.

“Mr. Lee… ! “What does this arrogant foreign god teach the demons?”

“Don’t be mistaken! You were just hired as an assistant. “You can just do whatever you’re told to do at the time. How are you going to take on the role of an official instructor?!”

“The only thing you know how to do is swordsmanship!”

The only thing I know how to do is swordsmanship.

Damdeok felt moved once again.

“Demons must know how to use a variety of weapon techniques rather than swordsmanship! What else do you know besides swordsmanship? Do you know any other weapon techniques? What about bare-chested fighting? Do you know how to do martial arts? How dare you say that you will teach Alui with nothing more than swordsmanship?!”

As criticism and ridicule continued to pour in, Damdeok, who was quietly lowering his head, muttered softly.

“It’s just swordsmanship… .”

An unusual energy flowed from Damdeok. Then, the attention of 5th Prince Alui, as well as Butler Albert and the official instructors, turned to him.

Damdeok slowly raised his head.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

“Then would you like to compete with me?”


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