I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 123

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#123. variable

[So what you’re saying now is… .]

Hera looked at Damdeok in front of her with wide-open eyes.

Damdeok just stood there awkwardly with a troubled look on his face.

Behind him, hundreds of wolves were sitting in an orderly manner.

[Number of groups following you: 502]

A total of 502 wolves, including 166 sun wolves, 184 cloud wolves, 100 lightning wolves, and dead hounds, ice wolves, Cerberus, and the Egyptian dog-headed god who are not present here, are subject to Damdeok’s opening decree.

Damdeok should have been happy that he had achieved his goal at once, but he was extremely embarrassed by the sudden appearance of Hera.

‘Isn’t this causing a stir for no reason?’

As expected, Hera was now in a very sharp state due to Zeus’ deviant behavior.

[…] Are you saying you have the power to rule over those countless spirit creatures? Only an intermediate god?]

Hera’s eyes glanced towards Damdeok’s back.

Wolves sitting in rows like well-trained soldiers.

Honestly, it was a bit surprising.

These guys aren’t that good at listening, so how can they be so dignified?

‘Besides, looking at the command you gave earlier… .’

sit down. hand. Lie down. spin. Even bread.

There was no fun party like this.

It seemed like it would be difficult for Zeus, the owner of the wolves, to follow such detailed instructions even if he himself did so.

But it was only a part-time worker who did it… ?

It was natural for Hera’s eyes to become suspicious.

[What is your power to do that?]

Hera asked.

If I had the power to give such specific instructions to the wolves, it seemed like I could quickly find Zeus by using the wolves in the future.

The name of power.

From Hera’s point of view, all she had to do was buy that kind of power from a store.

‘It’s not a power, but a trait obtained through the effect of the Cerberus title.’

But I couldn’t say it straight away.

Skills, title effects, characteristics, and other complicated things were all linked to ‘talent’.

It was an unfamiliar concept to gods who only used power and divine power, so I couldn’t say anything that would raise suspicion.

Damdeok scratched the side of his head for a moment and then answered.

“The name of power is… “This is the opening decree.”

[dog… ?]

“President… ?”

Hera and servant Rael tilted their heads at the word they were hearing for the first time.

Opening order?

The tone was very strange.

[Hmm… It’s an opening order… .]

Hera thought for a moment, then started waving her hands in the air.

They are searching the stores of the gods.

Hera, who had been scrolling for a while, narrowed her brows.

[…] No matter how much I search, there is no such power in the store? It’s not registered.]

Some special powers are not sold in stores.

Hera bit her lip with a regretful expression.

Sun Wolf, Cloud Wolf, Lightning Wolf.

What kind of beings are these spirit creatures?

They were all Zeus’ wolves, but aren’t they the bastards of Olympus who sometimes can’t even listen to their master’s words?

The same applies to sheep farms.

The wolves often ate Zeus’s beloved sheep.

Wolves were the ones who thoughtlessly did things that other gods or spirits could not even imagine.

Although they were such low-minded people, I lived my life thinking that it was fortunate that they at least pretended to listen to what I, the wife of Zeus, said… .

For some reason, a god who can control wolves like limbs has appeared.

A god who handles wolves better than Zeus.

It was natural to covet that ability.

‘But it’s a power that isn’t even in the store… .’

Hera’s sad eyes soon turned into realization.

‘No. If I can’t get the power directly, I can just make this guy on my side, right?’

Hera’s head nodded slightly.

[…] But you. How dare you tame the king’s wolves? Even if I get hit by lightning right now, I have nothing to say. yes?]

Hera spoke as if she was intentionally threatening.

To the struggling part-time worker, ‘Don’t worry, what could be your fault?’ I planned to protect him and naturally make him his side… .

“It was Zeus’ instructions.”

None of the part-time workers were embarrassed.

Hera’s brows narrowed again.

[…] what? Was it Zeus’ instructions to tame the wolves?]

“no. The instructions were to protect the sheep from wolves.”

[so? Did you just follow instructions?]

“… To me, Zeus’ sheep and the attacking wolves are all fine. Is this a problem?”



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Hera was momentarily speechless at Damdeok’s innocent attitude, as if he really didn’t know.

This was my first time working as a bold part-timer.

‘What on earth is God doing?’ .’

Hera quietly looked at Damdeok in front of her.

Her suspicious eyes widened for a moment.

Appearance with nothing special.

But when I looked at it, the face seemed very familiar.

‘ah! That lesser god back then!’

A low-level god who competed with Hades over the limits of his divine power. In the end, he was a low-level god who defeated the king of the underworld and attended the banquet of the gods.

For a while, Olympus was abuzz with his story, but it was soon forgotten.

‘okay! Now that I think about it, I heard that this guy even tamed Cerberus!’

Hera’s eyes began to sparkle.

‘I really need to get this guy on my side.’

* * *

[(Short term) Shearing the sheep at the sheep farm!]

Employer: Hera

Spiritual power: Regardless of spiritual strength

Experience: Beginner possible

Job description: Shearing sheep

Business hours: time negotiable

Salary: 100 hera

Damdeok looked beyond the floating part-time job window.

Above the small garden, little Zeus was seen being dragged by Hera by the ears.

[Ouch! Hera! Talk about this!]

[It’s noisy!]

[But I still have face! What if my ears are pulled!]

[I said it was noisy!!]


Hera and Zeus were enveloped in a cloud and disappeared in an instant.

Damdeok could only taste the food as he looked at it.

“Great. “How did you come up with that idea?”

The servant Rael came right behind Damdeok and asked when he had approached.

Damdeok, who was shearing sheep, stood up and looked back at her.

There were already clumps of wool all over his body.


Damdeok answered, shaking off the wool.

“Can I not follow you?”

But from start to finish, Rael only shrugged his shoulders.

Hera and Zeus have already disappeared without a trace.

“Anyway, if we follow along now, we’ll just embarrass each other. You two will be fighting all day today. More than that… How did you come up with this trick? “It’s really amazing!”

Rael couldn’t help but be amazed as he looked at Damdeok.

Rael’s eyes twinkled nervously, as if he were looking at a strange creature.

What a trick… .

Was that really the only word?

‘This isn’t a trick, it’s a perfect plan.’

Damdeok smiled and looked at the sheep.

All of the wool was sheared jaggedly, and if you look closely, it was all shaped like arrows.

And where the arrow points.

The forest where Zeus was hiding.

It was like that.

All of this was Damdeok’s perfect plan.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you Zeus’s location directly. “It’s obvious that sparks will fly to me later.”

“But whatever. “It’s not like there’s no way.”

Damdeok’s plan was like this.

Hera offers him a part-time job shearing sheep, and Damdeok pretends to work part-time and secretly reveals Zeus’s location.

Hera came to look for Zeus, but the fleece was so dirty that she simply gave instructions to a part-time shepherd. The arrow-shaped fleece could be shaved off later, so there was no crime as perfect as this.

‘Besides, I earn the name value.’

He also gained the trust of Hera, an influential figure in Olympus.

Isn’t this really killing two birds with one stone?

Of course, this might make Zeus suspicious of what he had done, but he was not such a petty god.

‘This happened because he cheated on me, and besides, there’s no clear evidence, so I can’t say anything.’

Above all, from Zeus’s perspective, he was used to being caught cheating, so it wasn’t such a big deal that he got so angry.

Even if the part-time worker had told Hera, it was something that would be quickly forgotten by him.

Sure enough, a message came to mind right away.


[Salary 100 Hera has been deposited!]


[100 Zeus salary has been deposited!]


Damdeok was delighted.

Seeing that the salary was deposited at the same time, it was clear that Zeus didn’t think much about this.

‘But I couldn’t say it out loud. ‘If it’s this level, it’s pretty good.’

Now that the wolf army has settled in, and the name value has doubled, everything is going well.

“Good. “Then, why don’t you just destroy the evidence and go?”

Damdeok hummed and started shearing the sheep, or even destroying the evidence, and Rael looked at Damdeok with sparkling eyes.

* * *

“and… “It’s really awesome.”

Baekgureum shook his head as if he was tired of the sight before him.

So did others.

“older brother! “Isn’t it possible to conquer the world at this level?”

“Hmm! yes! Even in our dynasty, animals were considered very precious!”

“oh! Damdeok, isn’t this guy’s fur really soft? “It looks just like a cloud.”

“That’s a cloud wolf.”

Mother Jo Yoon-hee’s eyes widened.

“Oh! “The sun wolf and lightning wolf are dangerous, so don’t get close to them.”

“I won’t go near them, son… .”

Jo Yun-hee hugged the cloud wolf and looked at the sun wolf wrapped in flames and the lightning wolf sparkling.

Even though it was an underground bomb shelter, the thought of what would happen if those things ran outside was terrifying.

The cloud wolf is just fluffy and cute.

“swimming. It’s cute. “I am your king.”

“This little guy! “My brother tamed it, so why do you talk about it as if it’s yours?”

“Hey, don’t be like that. “Children always insist that everything is theirs.”

“The kid is a piece of shit. “He’s much older than me.”

“This is outrageous! I’m not a kid! As the 12th king of the 18th Dynasty… !”

Leaving his companions busy looking at the newly tamed wolves, Damdeok quietly returned to the corner.

The salary I received this time is equivalent to the names of Zeus and Hera, so I will probably be able to buy a small amount of power at the store.

‘I guess I’m finally going to try flex too.’

I will have to take my time to think about what to buy at the store.

And there was one more good news.

[Third Priest ‘Ice Giant Ettin’ has absorbed a new tribe!]

[The ice elf tribe by the stream joins Ettin’s tribe!]

A message that Etin has gathered other tribes.

‘This makes the army bigger.’

The newly tamed wolves, Ettin’s tribes, and Pao’s mummy unit were enough to not be defeated even if they went over to the demon world right away.

But even so, Damdeok’s expression couldn’t brighten easily… .

‘Variable (change number).’

An unexpected variable arose.

A message came from Ju Ju-yul at the end of shearing sheep.

The story was that Elia killed the sixth Guardian and left, saying he would also kill the remaining Guardians.

Honestly, it was shocking.

12Killing the guardian?

‘That guy was really such an evil guy… ?’

Although he was quiet and a bit indifferent, he didn’t seem like a bad guy… .

But what use are these thoughts?

‘We have to stop it.’

Damdeok made a decision quickly.

One guardian has already crossed the river of no return.

It was clear that losing another person here would have a fatal impact on our military power.

‘Because Joo So-yul and Adele said they would be guarding the seventh guardian.’

This side had to go to the fifth guardian immediately.

‘The rest said that Elia is still too difficult to kill.’

If you just stick to the fifth and seventh steps, the next one will go a little smoother.

“Is it finally the Demon World?”

Damdeok opened his part-time job window with a solemn expression.

[(Auxiliary) Looking for a swordsmanship instructor]

Employer: Lucifer

Power: over 500,000

Experience: Must have a lot of experience fighting with a sword.

Job Description: Assisting existing swordsmanship instructors and instructing the 5th Prince Demone Alui.

Business hours: Until the battle for the Demon Lord ends.

Salary: 1000 Lucifer (if you can survive.)

A word from the boss: My magical power is undeniable~


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