Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 445

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Episode 446

Although she is now lying on the floor of the guild and rolling around holding Lady Bamboo, there was a time when Roja also commanded the hunter world.

[Well, that person made a contract with the Spirit King… … .]

Rosa Cecilia.

A legend from Bianca, and a top veteran who set the record as [Italy’s youngest level 7 hunter] at a age one year younger than Aden’s record.

However, the reason she was able to achieve such incredible growth and records was because of her characteristics. Thanks to her contract with the Spirit King Elk Raia through [Her Spirit Contract], Roja was able to shorten her growth rate by several times.

‘But things like Mana Link are stories from people who don’t know the truth. What’s really important is thanks to the artifact given directly by the Spirit King.’

Bookmark of Transcendence, an ancient artifact.

The effect of the bookmark with only three sheets of paper remaining was movement. However, it was not a trivial warp like a portal, but an artifact that could travel to [the world most similar to what one is longing for] while ignoring any rules of cause and effect among time, space, or dimension.

“Shin Yu-seong. How many copies did you give to that student?”

“Chapter 3.”

“Did you give me everything that was left?”

“I received something, and that’s right. Or are you saying that Yura’s life is worthless?”

“Wouldn’t it have been better to leave at least one copy just in case? “I thought.”

“I know, I just wanted to make fun of you. But I really don’t need it anymore. The value of the bookmark I can use is insignificant compared to that child’s.”

“What do you mean by value?”

“Even if I go to another dimension, the most I can do is catch a giant deer.”

The giant deer she was talking about was Duraþrór. As one of the four deer that appear in mythology, it grew up eating the leaves of the World Tree and even possessed divine power within its body to defeat the undead.

The danger level would be level 6 for Rosa in her early days, and level 7 for Rosa in her prime.

In this way, Rosa used the power of the bookmark to make a contract with the spirit in another dimension.

Perhaps, for Rosa, the Bookmark of Transcendence was the key to becoming a level 7, so it was an item she cherished like her life.

“But Yoosung is different. I felt it since the Sardonyx Raid. That kid is going with the flow. “The whole world continues to support that child as if it is blessing them.”

Nominally, it was just a reward for saving Yura, but considering Roja’s personality, I couldn’t understand this action alone.

It was clear that Roger was looking at the bigger picture by investing in Shin Yu-seong.

“So, you’re curious.”


“Aren’t you curious about what kind of world Shin Yu-seong will see through the Bookmark of Transcendence and what kind of hunter he will become?”

Rosa did not necessarily deny the knifeman’s words.

“It sounds a bit grandiose when you say it like that. All I want is a better world. that is… … “That’s why I still remain a hunter.”

Rosa laughed weakly. She was just a temperamental guild master who had lost her powers and was on vacation.

* * *           

yellow hat. Ready!

Shorts for travel are also ready!

Cute coin purse! Ready!

You’ll also have a coin purse and pockets filled with delicious snacks for emergencies!

“dad! “Get ready!”

Velvet, who had prepared everything, gave a signal with a determined look on her face. When going on a long journey, supplies for survival were just as important as physical strength.

“Okay, then shall we come together?”

As Shin Yu-seong and Velvet held hands and finished getting ready to go out, Orca watched them awkwardly behind the door.

“Well, are you two coming together?” If it’s okay, I’d like to go with the little master… .“

Normally, he would naturally have agreed to Orca’s request, but unfortunately, Shin Yu-seong could not do so today.

“Sorry Orca. “There is only one person I can go with today.”

There would be no such restrictions in an ordinary playground or mountain climbing, but Shin Yu-seong needed his own rules in order to use [Bookmark of Transcendence].

When using the Bookmark of Transcendence with someone other than yourself, the number of people allowed is only one person holding hands.

Any more than that and the artifact’s power would not be exerted and it could disappear without meaning.

“it’s okay! “Then, since Madam Sumire is not around, I will clean up in advance!”

When Orca heard Shin Yu-seong say this, he seemed to realize the importance of the matter and left the room.

“If Sumire comes, tell her not to worry if we come back late.”

“Hey Orca! “I’ll be back!”

Thanks to this, Shin Yoo-seong and Velvet say hello with a light heart and head out.

“Then shall we go?”

Shin Yu-seong held Velvet’s hand and left Gaon. In Academy City, tall buildings could be seen in the distance, and there were many state-of-the-art facilities.

But it didn’t move to the warp system.

[KTP Airlines]

Shin Yu-seong chose an airplane as a means of transportation to reach his destination, rather than a warp in the portal zone.

“This is my first time on a velvet airplane!”

Seeing that Velvet was excited even before getting on the plane, it seemed like the answer was right. Shin Yu-seong patted Velvet’s head excitedly.

“velvet. Do you know where we’re going on a plane?”

“Hum… The plane flies in the sky, so it’s a very far place. Kyahang! Pacific ocean!?”

Velvet must have read a book about that place at some point, as she was suddenly looking for the Pacific Ocean out of nowhere. But unfortunately, it wasn’t the right answer.

“No, it’s Italy!”

The destination for Shin Yu-seong and Velvet is none other than Italy. It was the country where Bianca Academy, where Adela stayed, was located, and the place where Castellana Cave, where Sardonyx appeared as the boss, was located.

“This is where Adela is.”

“Kya, kyaang! Adela’s mom!”

Velvet’s eyes widened with joy.

Due to her busy schedule for the past week, Velvet has not been able to meet Adela for a while. Although she didn’t show it, she seemed to be concerned.

‘As expected, going first with Bianca was the right answer.’

Shin Yu-seong smiled with satisfaction and stroked Velvet’s head. She is looking forward to the upcoming mother-daughter reunion between Adela and Velvet, but if Shin Yu-seong meets Adela now, she has a story she must tell.


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* * *           

Brilliant is a strong guild.

Although it was difficult to be counted among the five guilds, being pushed out by Jinsan, Heuksan, Myeongwol, Sinnoh, and Yusu, it was still a guild that was always counted among the ten.

At that level, a guild master with hundreds of hunters could be called an army.

Not only the branch heads at the provincial level, but even the country’s director-general had power that they could not dare to abuse.

“… … So, you probably never dreamed that you would meet me here.”

A calm and calm low-pitched voice.

King Lee Hyeon-jo, with his distinct masculine features and indifferent but fierce eyes filled with intimidation, expressed his discomfort at the unexpected appearance of Shin Kang-yoon without hesitation.

“That seat is mine. “This is a seat only for Brilliant’s guild master.”

However, Shin Kang-yoon did not even blink at the appearance of his owner, Lee Hyeon-jo. He didn’t even get up from his seat. Rather leisurely, he looked at the items on the table one by one.

“It’s a picture of your daughter. “It seems like he really cares about his family, seeing that they are so close to him.”

“That’s right. “The family tradition is a bit different from the Sinnoh family.”

There was a lot of tension between the two people. There was heavy pressure on Shin Kang-yoon, and Lee Hyun-jo responded with a veteran-like skill and a sly smile like a sly old man.

“Then I guess you don’t know yet. “The more things we have to protect, the weaker we become.”

“Are you threatening me now?”

“… … I heard the story. It looks like Shinsung Group made a really good offer. To the point where he forgot the promise he made to me. Very unconventional.”

“It was just a one-sided request. It was a request for Five Star to select candidates fairly. By the way, it’s not a candidate who has been identified in advance… … .”

Lee Hyeon-jo provoked and laughed, but Shin Kang-yoon still remained unmoved. Rather, Shin Kang-yoon, who was carefully examining the photos on the desk, checked his pocket as if it was time.

“No, you are wrong. It’s me who chooses, not you. The reason I chose you… … .”

Shin Kang-yoon covered the picture frame on Lee Hyun-jo’s desk.

“Because you were cowardly, mean, and yet ambitious. “There are a lot of things to protect.”

Shin Kang-yoon did not do anything like declare war. Hyunjo Lee was a man who didn’t need to do that.

“Because I am not of a good character to tolerate a traitor. “You know what I mean, right?”

This was because Lee Hyun-jo knew Shin Kang-yoon very well. If he spoke like this, he was a man whose body was shaking as to what action he would take.

“… … It doesn’t matter which one you choose, just think about it carefully. “The fate of not only you but your entire guild is at stake.”

If it were anyone else, it would have been an empty threat, but Shin Kang-yoon’s declaration of war, with both Sinnoh and Yusu in his hands, had a lot of power.

* * *           

Severe withdrawal symptoms.

Adela, who had not seen Velvet for nearly a week, was having not only dreams but also auditory hallucinations.

[Adela’s mom is a mess!]

‘velvet… … .’

I would like to ask you to participate as a representative in this competition only. Adela could not refuse the earnest request from Italy, her home country, and from Bianca Academy, where she briefly served as student council president.

Of course, my wish now is to finish work quickly and return to Gaon where Shin Yu-seong and Velvet are.

“Adela’s mom!”

Adela closed her eyes. Velvet’s voice rang out.

“long time no see. Adela.”

Shin Yu-seong’s voice also lingered in my ears.

‘Today, I miss Velvet and you even more… … .’

Adela still misses Gaon with her eyes closed.

“Kyahang, Velvet came, but you didn’t even look at me… … .”

“I see. Adella… … “Am I dozing off because I’m tired?”

However, Velvet’s hurt voice and Shin Yu-seong’s puzzled voice felt too real to be hallucinations.


Adela ran towards her with short steps and was taken into her arms, and only then did she open her eyes.



A touching mother-daughter reunion that took place not in Korea or Gaon, but in Italy.


Adela, who finally realized that all of this was real, hugged Velvet tightly and Shin Yu-seong smiled as if relieved. I just have one worry.

‘… … Adela, will you give permission?’

Castellana Cave.

It was about whether Adella would allow Velvet to hear the short and long story that started there.

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