Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 444

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Episode 445

How can I forget that day?

Sardonyx lived life as a human, not a dragon, under the name Retina.

And then Taru.

I met a boy whose name I could never forget, even in my dreams, and had a love that was hotter than breath.

Is it because of that?

Sardonyx could not let the human Taru go. I could not accept the reality that I would now have to bury the name Taru in the past and live my whole life remembering him.

[…] … I promise. People in Rendel are reincarnated, right?]

So, a covenant was made.

I swore like this while holding hands where the warmth of life was cooling off and shedding tears.

[…] … No matter how much time passes. Whatever it looks like. Taru… … . I will find you.]

Even if it takes eternity.

Even if you cross infinite dimensions.

As time and space passed, even memories faded, and the poor dragon, unable to keep the covenant, slowly lost its sense of self, but Sardonyx had no regrets.

The short life she spent with a boy named Taru was worth more to Sardonyx than the rest of her life.

“Taru. In the eyes of other dragons, I must be such a foolish fool.”

So even if someone criticizes you.

“For human men.”

Even if you don’t understand.

“And that’s because I gave up everything for a fleeting moment in a dragon’s life that isn’t even a fragment.”

Sardonyx didn’t care.

Rather, because he is that kind of person, Sardonyx wanted to support Shin Yu-seong’s choice.

“So, I hope Taru will be honest with his feelings. Taru, you definitely want to win this match, right?”

In response to Sardonyx’s question, Shin Yu-seong closed his eyes and thought of those who passed by him.

Hunters are people after all. Each person lives for their own reasons, their own desires, and their own beliefs.

There were so many great hunters that I could trust and entrust with my future. However, Shin Kang-yoon and Yoo Min-seo were not like that.

They were both human beings who filled the empty space of their hearts with the word ‘power’.

“Yes, I would be lying if I said I don’t have a desire for revenge. But I don’t want to entrust the future of hunters to people like that. Maybe that’s… “That’s my honest feeling.”

Therefore, Shin Yu-seong thought that it was too much for him to still be the president of the association. He thought there was no direction or belief that could convince everyone.

Worries came to mind first.

In the end, as Shin Yu-seong’s face became increasingly worried, Sardonyx rubbed his cheek against the other person’s shoulder.

“Taru~ Hmm~ It would be okay to live a long life, but life is too short to deceive the mind. I think a human heart should be hotter than a red dragon’s dragon heart. Taru, do you know what I mean?”

Shin Yu-seong smiled. Even though she lived for over hundreds of years, she found Sardonyx to be cute, acting like her child.

Isn’t the charm of Sardonyx that she can be this honest about her feelings with someone she likes?

“You’re saying you have to be honest about your feelings, right?”

Shin Yu-seong opened his heart little by little to Sardonyx’s innocence and eventually smiled.

“That’s right. “In the end, what matters is Taru’s heart.”

“But if you don’t know which is the right choice… “Honestly, I don’t even know what my heart wants.”

“That’s a little sad. “Nothing makes adults more sad than a child who grows up early.”

Sardonyx’s deep eyes were moist as she looked at Shin Yooseong. She calls herself Ai, but that phrase well explains their unique relationship, which is like a friend, a lover, and even a teacher.

“Because Taru is still young in this life. I didn’t want to have to carry such a heavy burden… .”

Of course, the current Sardonyx rested her chin and thought seriously like an angry mother.

“But Taru. I don’t think it’s difficult to be honest! “I just need to listen to my feelings a little bit, right?”

Sardonyx clung to Shin Yu-seong’s arm and slowly savored the memories, one by one.

“For example… Taru now has a new name, Shin Yu-seong. Because I have a new life. New encounters… … “There are a lot of new relationships, right?”

Sardonyx looked at Shin Yu-seong and smiled mischievously.

“On the one hand, I feel fortunate that Taru is happy, but honestly, I’m jealous. Taru was all mine, but all I had was Taru… .”

Of course, given the dangerous atmosphere it gave off, Sardonyx was indeed a dragon.

Whether it is material or life, the characteristics of a dragon are strong [attachment] and insatiable [greed] that obsesses over and wants to possess the object they like completely.

It could be said that the fact that Shin Yu-seong was able to attack Sardonyx with ‘fate’ rather than ‘force’ was entirely due to luck.

“huh! “This is my honest opinion.”

“But Sardonyx. I am… .”

I know what you mean.

I wanted to fully acknowledge what I wanted and stop the Sinnoh family in order to maintain a peaceful daily life. I wanted to be recognized by Kim Seok-han.

No matter how noble the reason, I could not deceive myself by lying to its essence.

Becoming the next president of the Hunter Association means ultimately subjugating the Shinnoh family and standing tall among the country’s worst hunters.

Shin Yu-seong’s heart was asking himself if he was worthy of it and at the same time, he wanted it intensely.

“Honestly, I want to. Even if it was an extremely selfish greed, the man who abandoned me, my father… … “I want to win.”

Shin Yu-seong knew that if he said these words, he would feel humiliated. In the end, it just proves your weakness.

It was my intention to erase the trauma of the past by having my own value recognized.

“good job. Taru also became a little more honest. “I’ll be honest too.”

Sardonyx even saw through Shin Yu-seong’s heart. The two were connected through friendship, heart, and fate.

It was for the two of them that they really communicated just by looking at each other.

Therefore, Sardonyx knew that the way to help Shin Yoo-seong in his decision was to reveal his honest feelings first.

“I ended up imagining things too much while looking into Taru’s memories.”

Although it was only a fragment of the original’s memories, Sardonyx demonstrated its power. The forest, which was full of green vegetation, arrived through a gap in space and time, neither in the human world nor in the heavenly world.

This place, beautifully covered with stardust, was in some ways the universe, and in some ways it was a void suitable for the word nothingness.

“In the peaceful world where Taru lives… “How great would it be if I could be by Taru’s side as a human, not as a dragon?”


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“… … “Can you tell me in detail?”

When Shin Yu-seong smiled and asked to tell more of the story, Sardonyx was overjoyed like a child who had been recognized.

“You can’t laugh mischievously? “Then I can’t forgive you no matter how much you try.”

Sardonyx seemed excited as she said that. Although it was just an imagination, he muttered with his cheeks blushing as if he were embarrassed.

“I think a childhood friend would be good to start with. “I wish we could always be together.”

“But maybe I’m shy and talkative?”

“are you okay. Because I’m talkative. And if Taru is shy, I can approach him first?”

Sardonyx continued to let his imagination run wild, as if he was happy that Shin Yu-seong was happily listening to his story.

“Sometimes we fight, but I’ll just keep looking at Taru. We also entered a place called the Academy… . “Because we are always together, I will eventually fall in love with Taru more and more.”

Although it was just an imagination, the future of the two that Sardonyx dreamed of unfolded in the stardust-sprinkled Milky Way.

“Taru is an idiot in this regard, so I’ll confess first, right? “If you refuse, I won’t leave you alone. At that time, I will really burst out with my breath.”

“But then Sardonyx was human?”

“Hehe, that’s right… .”

Sardonyx’s dream could barely be contained in such a short conversation.

“And you have to be careful. In this world seen through Taru’s memories, there are so many things that look fun and food that look delicious. “Time will fly by.”

“But isn’t it good to have a lot of fun things?”

“Not too fast. “I want to savor it for a long time.”

After saying those words, Sardonyx crossed his arms around Shin Yusung and looked up at him, smiling like a fox.

“And the most important thing is to have a child who looks exactly like me and Taru!”

Sardonyx nodded.

Since human life is finite, unlike dragon life, a child will be eternal proof of happy love.

“I’ll give you a pretty name and tell you I love you every day.”

Rather than just throwing him into the nest like a newborn dragon hatchling, I planned to spend every moment with him.

How great would all those moments be?


“Rejoice together, grieve together, grow old together… … and… … .”

I was so happy just imagining it, so happy, but Sardonyx’s vision became blurred.

“I first heard about it… … “Even though I’m so happy, I’m crying.”

Sardonyx closed his eyes to clear his overflowing emotions and mind. The scenes of hope unfolding in the Milky Way faded away like a fleeting dream, like cherry blossoms.

“But I know. My dream can never come true… . This is a different dimension than Rendel, and Taru’s name is now Shin Yuseong. So, it would be natural to start a new life.”

Sardonyx laughed.

Tears were flowing from his reddened eyes, and the corners of his mouth that he had worked so hard to raise were gradually collapsing.

“But Taru… It’s different. “Taru can choose Taru’s future and his dreams.”

Sardonyx sobbed.

His breathing became increasingly rough, and it was impossible to tell whether he was laughing or crying. Is this love? I have to let go of the person I have been searching for for nearly eternity like this.

“Whatever choice it is… … In this world, Taru achieves his dream and becomes happier than anyone else. What I do know is that Tarrou deserves it. “Because he has a warmer heart than anyone else.”

Shin Yu-seong hugged the sobbing Sardonyx tightly without saying a word. Are the tears flowing from her eyes out of joy, as she said, or sadness filled with regret? But that wasn’t what mattered to Sardonyx.

As long as the wish to achieve the dream that he could not achieve was conveyed to Shin Yu-seong, anything would have been good.

“… … Now that I think about it, I’ve already accomplished one thing, right? A daughter who looks just like us. “It already exists.”

I could feel the mana in the piece gradually running out. She said she was just a message left by the original, so it was amazing that she had held on until now.

Is there just one last thing I can say now? Sardonyx said this while suppressing his rising emotions.

“Hello, Shin Yuseong. Velvet… … Please take care of me.”

Even if you leave, Shin Yu-seong will remain, so now you should call him by his real name. Because it’s enough for just one person to feel sad while watching a falling star.


Sardonyx, who was in his arms, pushed Shin Yu-seong. Then, Shin Yusung fell to the bottom of space, which resembled the deep sea.


“omg… … . omg.”

Shin Yu-seong took a deep breath and stood up from the bathtub. Water was dripping from her body, and in reality, a few seconds had passed at most.

‘This time… .’

An unforgettable spring dream that is too long to call a moment, but too short to call eternity. With a bitter smile, Shin Yu-seong engraved that unforgettable name in his heart so that it would never be erased.

‘Sardonyx… … .’

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