Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 446

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Episode 447

Students at Bianca Academy, the pride of Italy, were receiving all sorts of privileges. In particular, the student council, which is comprised of a small number of people, is the pinnacle of power.

There was even a pastry chef who could make your own dessert on time if you wanted.

“Bon Pommery~ Hello little girl. “This is chocolate gelato with special syrup.”

As the gorgeous blonde boy presented a luxuriously decorated dessert on a white tray, Velvet clapped and applauded in admiration.

“the best! Gelato! The name is cute too! Kyahang!”

“You can’t just remember the name of the dessert. “I told you my name, right?”


“It’s parteh.”

“Well, take it easy! “I remembered~!”

Parte smiled and put down his plate. At first, I thought it was some kind of joke that Adella’s daughter came to the academy, but it was not a figurative expression, but a literal fact.

Velvet is the dragon that Adela officially adopted. The two seemed like a real family.

‘For our Italian ice princess, the dishes are different.’

Although Parte joined the academy a year early, he did not consider Adela a junior.

How could anyone think of the Ice Empress, who conquered Bianca as soon as she entered school at the beginning of the school year, as a junior?

Adella, who inherited the talent of the legendary Hunter Aden, also had dazzling beauty.

Therefore, no student in Bianca dared to have a rivalry with Adela.

Adela is a flower that blooms on a cliff.

He was the pride of Italy and the unrivaled presence of Bianca Academy.

‘Of course, no matter how much Adela, I would never have even thought of doing something like this. ‘You’ve adopted a dragon since you were a student.’

To be honest, Adela asks, how can a human become the mother of a dragon? There may be students who want to ask questions to her.

But no one actually tried it. If you dare make such a foolish move to the Ice Empress, you will be locked in permafrost and stored in the freezer like gelato.

Or he could have been captured by Adela’s followers and suffered misery.

“Yum! This is chewy ice cream! Kyahang! Interesting!”

“The texture is bound to be different from the ice cream you’ve had before. Unlike other frozen desserts, gelato has a higher milk content than cream and is made with bitters, so the air content is very low, ranging from 25% to 35%. Thanks to this, it has a heavy texture and dense density.”

“Huh, that means it’s delicious!”

“it’s good. The expression is a subjective impression and cannot be identified as a rule or converted into data. I once received a vote on consumer satisfaction, but that was… … .”

While Sofia was taking her time with Velvet, Parte left behind. He then spoke to Leon, who had golden hair like himself.

“Hey Mr. Leon?”

“Please feel free to call me. Seniors.”

“No, I can’t say I’m a senior or junior because I’m learning monster ingredient science rather than actual combat. The buildings are different too… … “Isn’t it easier to respect each other?”

“If you say that… … .”

“More than that, Adella, how did you happen to adopt a dragon? “She doesn’t look alike at all.”

Parte looked at Velvet curiously. Adella strongly claims that her Velvet is her ‘daughter’, but her Velvet is not a human but a dragon.

However, it did not resemble Adela’s face, and its hair color was red, not silver.

However, Leon smiled as if he was embarrassed by Parte’s sudden question.

“For more details, I… … However, what is certain is that Miss Velvet was born from an egg obtained by Adella during her raid on Sardonyx. That information is stored in the tower’s records.”

Parte tried to imagine something based on the story he had just heard. He conquered the Sardonyx raid and obtained the dragon’s egg.

Obtaining artifacts from raids is not that surprising, but in Adella’s case, it is truly a dragon hatchling born from an egg.

“It paints a picture of something. “Isn’t it true that a duckling that hatches from an egg considers the first person it sees to be its parent?”

“ha ha ha… … . “The important thing is that Adella really considers Miss Velvet like her own daughter.”

After listening to Leon’s explanation, Parte looked at Velvet again. I ate up all the gelato that was scooped up several times. I was so worried that I might end up eating my plate.

Now that I see it, Velvet’s personality is completely opposite to that of the quiet and mysterious Adella. They say that dragon or divine beast eggs are influenced by the mana around them before they are born. How is it that they were influenced by Adella, but are they so different?

“Anyway, is it okay for a student to take charge of it and raise it? In the end, not only is he not a real child of mixed blood, but he is also not a human being, but a dragon… … .”

Parte’s words were a self-talk containing personal impressions. I didn’t mean to disparage the relationship between Adella and Velvet.

But there was no guarantee that the people who heard it would also think that way. This was especially true if it was the person involved in the story.

‘What is this, it’s so cool…’ … .’

Parte turned his head without realizing it because of the chill he felt on his back. I thought it was just my mood, but standing there was an ice empress with dazzling silver hair and indifferent red eyes.

“uh… … .”

Parte’s body stiffened in embarrassment.

However, Adella did not get angry at Parte or turn people into ice cream ice as rumored. On the contrary, Parte was even more embarrassed because on the outside there was no agitation.

“Uh, that thing over there!”

Adella ignored Parte and went through the door and approached Velvet. She then smiled with a bright smile that I had never seen before and hugged her velvet.

“Wait a minute, I’ll be back. velvet.”

“Velvet, I’ll wait patiently! “I like the gelato here because it’s delicious!”

Adella left, closing the door and saying goodbye to Sofia to take care of Velvet. To Parte, those few seconds felt like an eternity.

But Adela, who left the room, was not angry with Parte.

He did not express his opinion, argue, or persuade others.

Just passing by Parteh.

Again and again.

It wasn’t until the sound of Adela’s footsteps went away that Parthe exhaled with a nervous look on his face. Cold sweat was running down my cheeks.

“Mr. Parte.”

Leon Este looked at Parte with serious eyes.

“Then you…” … “Are you trying to say that the relationship between Adella and Miss Velvet is fake?”

“that… … .”

“I don’t think what you said is important.”

Leon Este no longer smiled. Although she did not intimidate her opponent with a scary expression or use a strong tone, Parte felt inexplicably intimidated by Leon.

“What kind of person do you think Adela is in Mr. Parte’s eyes?”


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“that is… … .”

Even if you have ten mouths, what can you say? As Paste hesitated in her words, Leon turned his head.

“Adela is strong, noble, doesn’t show her emotions at any moment, and doesn’t need anyone’s help. “He is admired by everyone at the academy.”

Leon looked at Parte.

I know he’s not a bad person. I also know that he had no intention of hurting Adela.

However, whether unintentional or intentional, it was clear that Parte had hurt Adela.

Leon needed to make Parte realize what mistake he had just made.

“Did you know? Adela is from Volterra. “She lost both her parents who were her hunters.”

The appearance of Louise, the Winter Witch, in Volterra is a major event known to everyone in Italy.

Among the students at the academy, there was no one who did not know about the incident.

However, although they knew that Arden had sealed the witch, few people knew that Adela was a victim of the Winter Witch.

“Adela is as strong as we think. However, contrary to what we think, he is someone who needs someone to rely on. No, it’s not just Adela. “Everyone living in this world is like that, even if they are not hunters.”

Parte looked into Leon’s eyes.

Leon’s eyes, shining like the golden sun, were so straight. Leon would have stopped Parte even if Adela had not appeared.

“Who lives without a place to rely on?”

Leon was never one to look down on unfair scenes.

Leon was that kind of person.

The current story was not about scolding Parte or making him angry, but about persuading him. Because only Parte, who hurt Adela’s heart, can truly apologize to Adela.

“If there is such a person… … He is not a strong person. “He must be a pitiful person who doesn’t even know he’s hurt.”

As Leon finished his story, Parte lowered his head. Sometimes the words you spit out disappear without meaning, but they can also turn into arrows and hurt someone.

“I said something like that to someone who doesn’t know anything about these two people… … .”

You can’t put water that has already spilled into a cup. The words were the same. However, even if the worst situation turns out to be a wrong remark, there is still the best.

Even if spilled water could not be put back, it could be cleaned.


Velvet slowly stuck her head out and saw Parte lowering her head with a serious expression.

“Gelato earlier! the best!”

“thank you. “I’m glad you ate well.”

“Listen to Sophia’s story and understand! The desserts made by Flychae are very difficult to make! “Thank you for making so many!”

It wasn’t just dessert.

Basically, I prepare all dishes in the hope that the other person will enjoy them.

Even if the person eating it doesn’t know the difficult manufacturing process, if it tastes delicious, it has done its job.

“velvet… … .”

Only then did Parte realize why Adela had called him.

[This dessert is delicious.]

According to the rumor, Adelani, who cared for Velvet more than anyone else, would have wanted to treat Bianca to the best.

So Adela would have called Parte. To Adella, Parte was the person who made the best desserts in Bianca.

[It must have taken a lot of effort. Great talent… … . No, I should say it was effort.]

How different is Adela, who understands and acknowledges the hard work of others, even if they are completely unfamiliar with her field, and Velvet, who comes and expresses her gratitude in person?

Parte realized.

That things like hair color are not important.

“thank you. “I will try my best to make more delicious desserts.”

“Kyahan~ Then make it for Velvet next time too!”

“of course. “Come visit me anytime!”

Now, in Parte’s eyes, Adela and Velvet looked really similar.

* * *           


Adela, who was checking competition-related documents when someone knocked, answered briefly.

“… … Come on in.”

Adela didn’t look, but she knew that it was Parthe who knocked.


Parte lowered his head.

“I was talking without knowing anything. “I didn’t even think it would hurt someone.”

I wasn’t saying this because I wanted Adella to accept my apology.

“And at first I thought it was completely different, but… … “When I opened my heart to get to know the other person in detail, I felt that Velvet was similar to me.”

I had to do it because it was the right thing to do.

If you spill water, you’re an adult, so at least clean it up yourself. So Parte spoke honestly about what he just felt.

“Adella, who praised my dessert.”

The moment Parte, who bowed his head because he didn’t mean to ask for forgiveness, was about to leave the room.

“… … Velvet said that. “Of all the desserts I’ve ever had, the one you made was the most delicious.”

The old Adella would not have forgiven her. However, it was also Adela who was with Velvet and resembled her.

“Please do it again next time.”

Adela was no longer the Ice Empress. She became a person with warmth, feeling emotions, and the ability to forgive someone.

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