Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 430

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Chapter 431

I can’t feel any mana in the picture. When I looked at it from the outside, I thought it was really a painting.

But in other words, it was evidence that the place where the main body in the picture was located was on a different level from the current space.

If the entities of the picture are in the same space, each other’s presence can be felt, but if the entities are located in different places, nothing can be felt.

“So, are you saying that the other person hid in this picture and did what he did now?”

“To be precise, my barrier is the ability to manipulate space. It is an incredible power among ordinary hunters… … What the opponent is using is a power that is at a level higher than mine. … … “It’s the ability to manipulate dimensions.”

Although it has been summarized in one word, the ability to manipulate dimensions, the ability actually requires multiple powers.

‘I’ve heard it from my teacher.’

Yu Won-hak, Shin Yu-seong’s teacher, climbed to the upper floor of the tower. Among them, there were monsters that easily exceeded level 7 danger.

– I have seen enemies with dimensional manipulation abilities. Most hunters think that monsters with strong powers will be able to travel between dimensions easily, but that is actually an illusion.

Shin Yu-seong recalled the explanation Yu Won-hak gave. Then I could immediately understand what was happening.

“Then the opponent… … You have completed the two conditions required for dimensional travel. And now I’m looking at all three.”

Shin Yu-seong calmly shared the terrible information. However, what surprised Yura even more was the fact that Shin Yu-seong knew the conditions for dimensional movement.

“Do you know about dimensional travel? It would be difficult to find materials and there would be no education provided to students… … .”

However, there was no way that Shin Yu-seong, who was stuck on Mt. Musin, could have any data. All of Shin Yu-seong’s knowledge was passed down to him from his teacher’s practical experience.

“Why do weak monsters often appear at the gate? “I thought about it when I was young.”

King Kwon’s teachings began with that question.

– A gate is a naturally occurring passage. However, there are rules for moving between dimensions.

Dimensional travel requires rules that must be followed. There are a total of 3 rules.

“And the answer is dimensional resonance. Dimensional passage. And catalyst. “These three conditions were met.”

“that’s right. A naturally occurring gate satisfies all three requirements.”

Yura listened to the walkie-talkie she had given to Shin Yu-seong earlier.

-Ah, can you hear me well?

The radio transmitted voice accurately in a space where even the pocket did not work.

“To use an analog analogy, dimensional resonance is similar to frequency. “The gate phenomenon itself occurs when waves between dimensions meet, creating a crack, and the force that cannot move distorts space and time.”

But resonance itself has no meaning. What was important was the passage through which we could recognize each other’s dimensions.

What was more important for dimensional travel were passageways and catalysts.

“… … This makes it clear. “The other person didn’t give his strength for my senior, much less came to quietly take my senior’s life.”

“What is that… … .”

“Why is it that the Banshee is being controlled by the other party? Why were the survivors okay without a single casualty?”

Yura trembled at Shin Yoo-seong’s story, which seemed to have awakened her to something.

“When the gate occurred, she sent banshees to capture the survivors, and in the process created a space using paintings as a medium… … .”

“I guess the purpose wasn’t just for eating or wanting mana. There is no need for a being with level 7 or higher power to do that.”

Yura put the puzzles together one by one. The banshee sent by the evil god gathered humans and captured them in Delta Tower, and the evil god made a contract with Yura and gave her strength.

He went into hiding hiding his identity, but when he sensed Yura’s presence, he locked her in a space in another dimension as if he had been waiting.

“It’s the same with my senior. Why did the opponent give strength to the senior? Why did you wait until you got to Delta Tower?”

“… … ah.”

Yura sighed.

Shin Yu-seong was right. In the process of blaming myself for all of this, I missed this simple truth.

“why… … Did you not know? There’s no way the evil spirit would be satisfied with just a few citizens or a level 6 hunter.”

Shin Yu-seong nodded.

The evil spirit created a passage, kidnapped people, and prepared a catalyst called Yura through a contract. All these uncomfortable conditions were rituals and contracts.

“The opponent’s goal is clearly [dimensional movement] itself. “The goal is to manifest into the world we live in in another dimension.”

The puzzle has been put together.

Yura gritted his teeth at Shin Yu-seong’s explanation and glared at the huge painting.

“Then sacrifice me…” … Are you trying to destroy this world? “I thought the misfortune that happened around me was because of me!”

Yura made the barrier look like a sawtooth and threw it. The barrier made a loud noise that could only be heard at a construction site and tried to tear the painting apart.


However, the picture swallowed the jagged barrier like mud or a swamp.

-You foolish human, you broke your promise!

– How can you break the contract?

As Yura recognized the change, the voices of an indignant old man and a sad young girl could be heard in the picture.

– The queen granted your wish.

– To our mother… … I gave you strength.

In the picture, the goat’s horns extend out. A girl wearing a white veil walked out. Yura and Shin Yu-seong took a fighting stance, but the black goat and the girl did not seem to have the will to fight.

– … … Now it’s your turn to keep your promise. Please give my mother back her power.

The girl stretched out her hand, asking for ‘something’ back. Clearly, it was Yura’s life.

“You said you were going to make me a sacrifice. Did you think you would nod in favor if you said that?”

Yura opened a barrier and trapped the goat and the girl. If it were a threatening enemy, it would have attacked, but the opponent could not sense any fighting power.

– Foolish human being. Don’t you know that this whole situation is destruction brought about by your greed?

– What we came to in person is the merciful heart that our mother gave us.

– If you resist until the end, the Queen will come to you personally.

Yura’s prediction was correct. They were envoys who came to convey the words of her mother and queen, the evil spirit.

“Luckily… … We rescued most of the survivors, and our senior hasn’t been eaten yet. “If you don’t have a catalyst, you won’t be able to manifest properly.”

As Shin Yu-seong, wearing a black dragon robe, wrapped himself in mana, blue waves rippled. And Yura clung to him next to him, asking when he had done that.

“sorry. I met an ugly senior and became a level 7 boss from the beginning… … “Both of our lives are in danger.”

“thank you. “It will be a good experience to conquer level 7 from the beginning.”

All that remains is the evil spirit’s journey.


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The girl trapped in the barrier seemed to be possessed by something and recited it like a spell.

– Life is an eternal cycle of reincarnation and a curse. Our Mother will break the chain and set you free forever.

As soon as the girl finished speaking, a long arm crawled out of the picture.

– A day when two suns and two moons rise. Two dead men will recite the apocalypse.

As soon as the black goat finished muttering, the other arm crawled out of the picture.


The huge hand broke the barrier and grabbed the black goat and the girl. Yura cried out as the barrier that withstood the collapse of the building shattered as easily as glass.

“… … “It’s ignorant power.”

Shin Yu-seong sensed the other person’s power just by the hand extending out of the picture. Once he was placed on the same level, he could feel it clearly.

The Red Dragon Sardonyx was not defeated through battle, and Winter Witch Louise had the help of her colleagues and the goddess Lorelai serves.

It was almost the first time that we faced each other head-on like this.

‘The biggest problem is… … Since this is an urgent situation, the investigation is insufficient. ‘I can’t predict what kind of attack they will come with.’

However, sacrificing Yura’s life and making the evil spirit appear was an option that Shin Yu-seong did not have from the beginning.

What’s the point of having power that can’t even protect a comrade next to you?


A face popped out of the picture and swallowed the girl and the black goat in one bite. The goddess, death itself, looked at her Yura with a smile as wide as her picturesqueness.

“… … Mortis.”

Yura, facing the enemy head on, finally chanted his opponent’s name.

“It’s a name that means death in its own dimension. She was an ordinary goddess, but because her followers were evil, she has now become an evil deity… … .”

If Sardonyx and Lewis were dragons and witches, what they had to deal with this time was an evil spirit from another dimension.

– ───────.

Mortis looked at Yura and let out an unintelligible sound.

“Hide behind my barrier!”

I don’t know what kind of attack it was, but Yura first set up a barrier. He had the complacent thought that if the enemy’s attack was mana, he could survive by deploying a barrier.

But the barrier did not work.


Yura’s stomach was clearly hollowed out in the shape of a circle.

“Ugh, ugh… … .”

Yura intuitively knew. He wasn’t physically attacked. Yura’s body disappeared somewhere in the shape of a circle. This was a curse, not mana.

‘Is it Kamikakushi (神隠し)? … .’

Since Mortis comes from a different dimension, it must be a curse with a different name. However, there was a similar form of curse in Japan as well.

However, while other ghost-type bosses had a curse that caused one to go astray, Mortis was on a different level.

‘In my body… … I can’t feel the mana anymore.’

Mortis caused the mana-producing part of Yura’s body to go missing.

‘like this… … ‘Overwhelming?’

I never thought I would defeat the evil god Mortis. However, Yura also had many experiences with level 6 bosses. I never thought I would feel such a difference in power just by rising to level 1.

Mortis’ body flew away with just one mutter. I had no idea what would happen when I recited the next curse.

“I can’t win, I can’t…” … .”

Yura muttered in a voice full of despair. However, Shin Yu-seong, who watched all of this, did not give up.

Instead of giving up, he calmly calmed Yura down.

“There is no need to win.”

The reason Shin Yu-seong was able to remain calm like this was alone, but he was not alone.

– Yoosung-ah. How to avoid intangible attacks. Aren’t you curious?

Right now, in Shin Yu-seong’s mind, someone very trustworthy was telling him a strategy.


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