Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 431

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Chapter 432

Hwareuk. Hwareuk. Hwareuk.

A fire flickered in the darkness that I could not see.

– [──────.]

Mortis smiled and whispered.

However, if Pocket’s translation function did not work, it was a language that the human ear could not understand.

“Damn… … .”

Yura placed her hand on the missing stomach. I laughed out loud as I was looking at the boat that had a hole in it.

“Even if it’s a hunter… … In the end, we are human. “How can I overcome the evil spirit?”

As Yura’s defeat deepened, Mortis’ eyes glowed even more red. As if responding to Yura, Mortis took out a huge spike and a straw doll.

“Just run away! The curse is inevitable… … “It’s like fate!”

When Mortis raised his hand, Shin Yuseong gushed out mana to block the curse.

Tushinryu Chapter 5: Wave Resonance (波流共鳴)

Wave resonance is a force that strikes back.

If the opponent had used mana, their forms would have merged and become distorted.

I slammed my arm down without any effect. That meant that the catalyst Mortis used was not mana, and that Shin Yuseong’s specialty, mana resonance, did not work.


When the spike hit the straw doll’s arm, Shin Yu-seong’s right arm spurted blood as if it had been hit by a sharp weapon.


Yura turned her head away feeling guilty, perhaps thinking that all of this was because of her. This was a catastrophe brought on by the curiosity of my immature days.

He couldn’t bear to see Rookie, who was innocent, die because of him. He almost wanted to suffer in his stead as many times as possible.

– [──────?]

Mortis expressed his doubts as he saw Shin Yu-seong not trembling in fear. Among the people who faced him, Shin Yu-seong was the only one who stared straight at him.

– [──────. ──.]

Mortis kept gaping. Then, the language that was completely incomprehensible gradually found its form and changed into a form that Yura and Shin Yuseong could understand.

– [you. Soon, curse. Die. death. Are you afraid?]

The language was like a broken translator, but I could understand the intent. But Shin Yu-seong had no intention of talking to Mortis. She was talking to Yura, who was still in a panic.

“I told you. Seniors? “There is no attack that cannot be avoided.”

Shin Yu-seong spoke calmly even though his arm was bleeding profusely. He couldn’t even lose his cool. She had a promise that must be kept in order to defeat Mortis.

“… … “Just as there is no such thing as an unavoidable attack, there is no such thing as an unavoidable fate.”


Mortis hit the spike again. This time, blood flowed from Shin Yu-seong’s other arm along with the sound of a bone breaking.

“If Mortis is such a powerful being, why is this troublesome ritual necessary?”

However, Shin Yu-seong’s story did not reach Yu-ra, who was already panicking.

“That’s not important. I’m going to die like this… … . I didn’t mean to bring you… … Even Rookie who is innocent because of me… … .”

“If you are a senior, you can see the essence. “Why did Mortis place a weak curse on me and why can’t he kill me?”

Even as Shin Yu-seong was talking, Mortis raised his arm and hit the nail again.


This time it was my left leg.

If the curse had been directed to the heart, Shin Yu-seong would have gone straight to death, but Mortis could not.

Like an old-fashioned promise, it slowly eroded Shin Yu-seong.

‘… … nature?’

Even in Yura’s panicked mind, it felt strange. If she were in the original dimension where Mortis was, she would have used a curse that would cause the enemy’s death rather than a curse that was this annoying.

But what Mortis used.

‘okay… … . ‘It’s strange.’

It was a shrine to pray for Kamikakushi (神隠し), which causes the body of the opponent to go missing, and curses the opponent by driving nails into a straw doll.

‘Why did Mortis use the curse of our world?’

Yura’s brain, which had been terrified, slowly began to regain its sense of reason. Now that I think about it, there were more than one or two strange things.

Why was Yura the sacrifice Mortis needed to cross the dimension? If you add words like coincidence or fate, you will not be able to understand the other person’s intentions.

Mortis choosing Yura was not a fateful meeting. There was an absolute reason why Yura had to be sacrificed.


Yura let out an exclamation that sounded like a sigh or a sigh.

“… … It’s not like fate. The reason Mortis wanted to sacrifice me was because I fit those conditions. … … Right?”

If you think about all of these phenomena with a cool head, it doesn’t require such difficult reasoning.

“You realize it. Seniors.”

“… … It was strange when I thought about it. “Why did Mortis only use the curses I knew about?”

That might be because of restrictions.

There is no phenomenon without an absolute reason. The light of truth, which was not visible when reason was paralyzed by fear, illuminated Yura’s mind.

“To be exact, I had no choice but to use that curse… … . “No matter how evil he is, Mortis’ curse cannot be used here.”

The more people who believe in a curse, the stronger it becomes. The reason Mortis, who was a goddess, became an evil deity was because many of the people who believed in Mortis were evil.

“This is just a gap in the dimension, and the world we were in is not the dimension Mortis was in.”

So you can’t exercise your power here. Mortis was originally an evil spirit born from human resentment.

This is not a world where humanity worships the evil god Mortis, but just a gap in the dimension.

“It’s just me and my senior in this gap. Senior Yura is half of the world, and the other half is me.”

It is the worst place for evil spirits, who become stronger as more people believe in them and as more evil intentions gather. So Yura’s presence would have been necessary.

“Then it’s all thanks to you that we’re alive. Because unlike me, you weren’t overcome with despair or fear when you saw Mortis.”

When Yura realized the whole truth, Mortis stopped his arm that was about to strike down. Mortis could no longer curse.

Yura had many questions as she watched Shin Yuseong.


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“… … “How did you find out the truth under these circumstances?”

Shin Yu-seong, a level 6 hunter, reacted much more calmly than he did. The fact that Yura was able to understand the essence of Mortis in the current situation was all thanks to Shin Yu-seong’s response.

Yura felt that Shin Yu-seong had a level of skill that surpassed even her as a veteran. How did a student with little experience develop such skills?

“In this world, there is no attack that even an absolute being cannot avoid… … . But if you believe that, that moment is the end. “This is what Master said.”

His true identity was King Gwon.

He was an absolute being to all hunters and a person who opened a new world in the hunter world.

“Are you not alone even if you are alone?”

Yura realized.

The experience of the legendary hunter, King Kwon, was continued through Shin Yu-seong. He was even growing stronger and more solid than before.

What kind of fruit will be produced when this tree grows and eventually blooms?

“Well, really… … I guess it depends on your mind. “I didn’t know we could win with this old slogan.”

Yura looked down at her stomach and smiled vaguely. Yura’s body had returned to its original state.

Shin Yu-seong’s injured arms and legs were also restored to their original condition.

“Seniors. Trust me this time, not Mortis.”

When Shin Yu-seong spoke after taking his stance, Yu-ra shook off her suit and stood up, laughing.

“How can I believe it?”

“My attack will reach, I will win. Please believe that.”

It’s such a shame.

As a senior, I felt disgraced to entrust my long-held wish to a junior in this way.

But the Shin Yu-seong that Yura saw had that power. It made the viewer cheer and depend on it.

So I was able to say this with a happy heart.

“huh. believe.”

A divine meteor the size of a span of time rushed towards Mortis, which had a huge body.


When Shin Yu-seong physically ripped off Mortis’ arm, which looked like a spirit body, Yu-ra created a barrier like a stepping stone.


Shin Yooseong stepped on the barrier and leaped towards Mortis’ head.

Tushinryu Chapter 1 Nakwolgak (落月脚)

Shin Yuseong, carrying the momentum, lowered his leg and hit him from the front, and Mortis’ head fell like a doll mask.

If it were Mortis, an evil god from another dimension, he would not have been able to defeat it, but this is just a fake with a similar appearance.

Tushinryu Chapter 3: Breaking Heavenly Strike (破天拳擊)

When Shin Yu-seong’s fist hit his bone body, Mortis collapsed as helplessly as a balloon doll.

– ──────.

Mortis’ fallen head muttered something. Even as his bones disintegrated like a skeleton, Mortis did not protest at all.

Crackling, crackling!

– [what a waste. Disruptor.]

Mortis’ head turned into liquid and melted. Instead, where her head was, there was a golden goblet.

Mortis gave up on the Second Coming. Instead, the evil god from another dimension chose to take revenge on Shin Yu-seong and Yu-ra.


When the golden cup appeared, the remains of Mortis’ blood and bones were instantly absorbed.

Bubbles boiled like lava in the golden goblet containing the remains, and then black liquid spewed out.

Yura had definitely heard of it.

[Look back, the queen’s advent, the festival of eternal night… … . Ride across the river of promise from which there is no return.]

The river of promise that appeared in Mortis’ literature. It was the river of forgetfulness that the dead crossed before going to the underworld.

If you reach the river of the dead, everything will be over. You will forget not only your memories, but even your own existence.

It is truly eternal death.

“Shin Yuseong-!”

Yura, having made up her mind, called Shin Yuseong. From the moment we first met her, she remembered her name, even though she had never called it before.

Although Yura is an ugly senior, I wanted to call out Shin Yuseong’s name one last time.


Yu-ra trapped Shin Yu-seong and herself with a barrier.


Each other’s voices were blocked by the barrier and could not be heard. Yura blocked the overflowing river of forgetfulness with a barrier. I felt that I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed and that the barrier was being corroded by the power of oblivion.

‘… … As much as you. Somehow, by any means necessary. Even if I forget everything… … I’ll protect you.’

I poured out all the mana left in my body and made an endless promise.


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