Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 429

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Chapter 430

Kim Eun-ah looked at the clock.

10 pm.

The days I spent at the academy during vacation were very short, but today was particularly long. A full day was spent meeting people her grandfather had introduced and following his family through the training needed for succession.

[I can’t believe you immediately realized how practical our company’s products are! Until now, most of the conversations have been through advice, but you are truly amazing!]

Everyone that Eunah Kim met was friendly to her.

‘Well, of course.’

Well, how clear is the relationship?

There was no need to know who each other was, and only the profits had to be calculated. It’s not people that are talking, it’s money.

What we need to know is the content of the contract, and what we need to agree on is the amount of money. The process was excruciatingly simple and clear.

As an elite leader of the group, these were things I had learned since I was young, so I was very familiar with them.

‘Everyone, what are you doing? Velvet is at this time… … You’ll sleep, right? ‘Is Adela going to stay up?’

I heard that Adela is busy these days with people visiting from Italy.

They said it made no sense for Italy’s most notable rookie to not be in Italy and asked him to return to the Bianca Academy.

Of course, from what I heard, everyone rejected it.

Adela still remained in Gaon.

‘Sumire must be very busy.’

I heard that he was helping Class F and participating in dungeons here and there. Sumire, who was an inferior student, suddenly became a necromancer who summoned a bone dragon and was attracting attention as a leading figure in the academy.

Besides that, the party members were becoming busier for their own reasons. Sakura and Lee Si-woo were always together, hoping to revive the dojo together, and Amy, a celebrity, had her schedule filled with all kinds of broadcasts.

Looking at it like this, Kim Eun-ah felt like the time she spent almost the entire day in the club room was just a momentary dream.

When she opens her eyes, it seems like just yesterday she was with her colleagues, climbing towers, and conquering dungeons, but now Eunah Kim has found herself in a completely different world.

“Eun-ya, it’s late. Should I go back now? “The secretary has been waiting for you since an hour ago.”

Kim Eun-ah looked at her watch when Kim Jun-hyuk finally came to her office. She was so focused on work that it was long past time to go back.

“huh… … . Just check this.”

With an expressionless face, Kim Eun-ah checked the documents. In her dossier, more than 10 companies all responded with proposals that Eunah Kim wanted. Nothing about the Hunter job turned out the way I wanted, but how could this be so easy?

Maybe it was true that caterpillars should eat pine needles.

Of course, if that happens, wouldn’t he be more of an entrepreneur Songchungi than a hunter Songchungi?

She never defeated Adella, wasn’t as strong as Shinyuseong, and was pushed out by Sumire’s growth when she was in second place.

On the other hand, each of the achievements that Kim Eun-ah achieved within a day of joining Shinsung Group was a major event that would cause upheaval in the business world.

“Are you really okay? “It’s good to work hard, but if you do that, you’ll get hurt.”

“are you okay. “I’m planning on handling the mine matter by today.”

“It was unconventional. The first place I visited as soon as my mother gave me free rein was a mine in Australia.”

Kim Eun-ah checked the documents while listening to Kim Jun-hyuk’s story. Although it was a contract that was initially checked by the advisor, she checked it carefully since it was still something she had to give permission to.

“… … There is always a magic stone delivery period in the new year, right? This time, the export volume was very small. “I thought about why, and the problem was the new product made by Hunter Byon.”

“Does this magic stone matter have anything to do with Hunter Byon?”

“huh. However, not all magic stones, but only low-level magic stones, and the extraction process so far has been very inefficient. Excluding the mana stone price and extraction costs, the profit was 5%. Of course, the price of low-level mana stones was cheap. “It was so overflowing that it would be difficult for companies to deal with it.”

“This product is said to improve extraction efficiency by about 20%… … .”

“The profit margin, which was only 5%, will rise to 25%. Of course, then the price of magic stones will also rise, right?”

Kim Eun-ah floated a hologram in front of Kim Jun-hyuk. There, the recent sales volume of low-level magic stones and price changes according to the amount of magic power were written in detail.

“As evidence, although the quantity exported to the market was small, the sales volume itself increased.”

“But how? It must have already been difficult to secure items for sale from the moment the quantity decreased… … .”

“No, just because I recently received a supply doesn’t mean I made a transaction recently. Do you know the term contract farming?”

Contract farming is a form of contract often used for agricultural products such as vegetables and mandragora. When the price fluctuates more than the amount of production, the price and quantity change. He also talked about a transaction method in which the production method and payment method are agreed upon in advance and the product and payment are exchanged at a scheduled time.

“… … “I don’t know who it is, but Hunter Bion already signed a contract for a large quantity of magic stones before the product was announced?”

“yes. In fact, there is no need to know who the other person is or what their intentions are. “It may be difficult to read people’s minds, but money is honest.”

We don’t know where the human mind will go, but the flow of funds was based on the logic of the market.

It was a stage for Kim Eun-ah, the king of the business world who had received elite education since childhood.

“Of course, that’s why we bought the mine itself. “People with money have an absolute advantage in securing properties for sale.”

“Is there a reason why you raised the price so unreasonably?”

Kim Jun-hyuk was surprised that Kim Eun-ah was up to date with the latest news. Well, in a way, she was natural. However, Kim Eun-ah’s ability was not exactly extensive knowledge.

He was good at gathering information from advisors who were more experts than him and deducing the future of the business through the results he received.

“It’s okay to buy mines expensively, and it’s okay to buy magic stones expensively. “If absolute demand is fixed, it will rise that much anyway.”

Kim Eun-ah was looking much further into the future than Kim Jun-hyuk. It was a devilish ‘talent’ for a student to have this level of insight.

“The profit I thought was 15%. “I have no intention of compromising anything less than that.”

Kim Jun-hyuk looked similar to Chairman Kim Seok-han in the resolute Kim Eun-ah, who believed in her own choice and did not waver.

Kim Seok-han was a man who brought Shinsung Group, an ordinary mid-sized company, to the pinnacle of the business world.

However, it was Kim Eun-ah, not her father or herself, who inherited the talent the most.

If Kim Eun-ah’s words were true, there was a reason why Kim Seok-han died so quietly. She said Kim Eun-ah was the cute granddaughter of Shinsung Group, but she also prayed for Kim Seok-han’s successor in the truest sense.

‘Even though I just returned from the academy, I’m on par with practitioners. To even draw such a big picture at this age… … .’

The only thing that worries me as an older brother is that Kim Eun-ah, who laughed a lot when she was with Shin Yoo-sung, but who was checking documents in the office while chatting with Lee Soo-hyun all day about what clothes to wear, somehow didn’t look happy.

Kim Jun-hyuk was even sadder because he knew the gap well.

‘In the end, the reason he returned to Shinsung Group was because he wanted to become Shin Yusung’s strength… … After all, should this even be called fate?’

Kim Jun-hyuk smiled bitterly. Although it was late, he sat in his chair and waited while his precious sister took care of her work so she wouldn’t be lonely.

10 minutes. 20 minutes.

After quite some time had passed, Kim Eun-ah fell down on the table after finishing her work.

“finished… … .”

Kim Eun-ah was so tired that she didn’t even get up and kept burying her head in her papers.



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Kim Eun-ah looked back at Kim Jun-hyuk with a tired face.

“… … “Of all the occupations, why did you want to become a hunter?”

Kim Jun-hyuk was taken aback by Kim Eun-ah’s sudden question, but since it was his precious younger sister’s question, he answered as honestly and sincerely as possible.

“… … Well, I longed for it. “I thought hunters who saved citizens and protected the world from danger were cool.”

“then… … “Did you have any colleagues?”

Kim Eun-ah’s eyes were so sleepy that they closed and opened repeatedly. Kim Jun-hyuk was worried that Kim Eun-ah might fall asleep at her desk.

“huh. He was such a cool hunter that it was too much for me. He was serious, just, and very strong. I heard he is now a level 6 hunter. to be honest… … “I was very proud.”

Kim Eun-ah felt a strange feeling when she saw Kim Jun-hyuk reminiscing about his colleague. The relationship between Kim Jun-hyuk and his colleague was not currently ongoing.

Is it because my body is as distant as my mind is?

“From the way you talk, you haven’t seen each other since it happened, right? Really, without affection… … .”

“It’s just that I… from far away…” … Just watching is enough.”

However, when Kim Jun-hyuk answered, Kim Eun-ah’s eyes had already closed. Although she looked fine on the outside, Kim Jun-hyuk’s heart ached for no reason when he thought about how tired she must have been after traveling around the country all day.

‘… … Actually, it’s a lie, Eun-ya.’

Kim Jun-hyuk covered Kim Eun-ah with the outerwear he was wearing to prevent her from getting cold. She would definitely be embarrassed if I did it when she was awake, so I secretly stroked her head like I did when I was little.

‘The reason I can’t meet that person is… … Not because it’s okay. ‘Just because I’m afraid.’

Kim Jun-hyuk was at a standstill for two years, but his colleague lived the reality. How much had changed, and now that he was an outsider, he could hardly think of what to say.

I just wanted to leave it as a good memory. Because being a hunter was too much of a dream for me.

‘But honestly… … .’

Of course, ironically, if Kim Jun-hyuk had one wish, it was to meet a colleague.

“I miss you. Yura… … .”

However, Kim Jun-hyuk just recited words to himself that would not reach anyone.

* * *

Yura climbed the 14 stairs prepared for her with Shin Yuseong.

“… … Can you see that light?”

A faint light was visible through the dark vision. Candle wax was visible.

Even the candles that had been extinguished were lighting themselves on fire without any tools, as if they were happy about Yura’s visit.

“yes. “It’s nice to welcome you, senior.”

“Please don’t be scary.”

But how is it that you are not alone?

The two, who had become quite close, even exchanged jokes as they walked towards the 5th floor.

“The same goes for this space. “I don’t feel any mana.”

“I thought my ears would be tearing from howling banshees even on the third floor… … .”

Maybe it was natural.

This was not the 5th floor of Delta Tower. It was a completely different dimension, invited directly by the evil spirit.

“Perhaps this is proof that the ‘opponent’ you were thinking of is here.”

Even though the mansion was so quiet that even the sound of footsteps could be heard, Shin Yu-seong walked down the street without relaxing.

At the end of the straight passage you reach after climbing the stairs, what greets you is a huge painting.

“for a moment. stop.”

Yura called out Shin Yu-seong to the familiar face drawn in the picture.

“… … “This is the passage.”


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