Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 412

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Chapter 413

Kim Eun-ah was just about to enjoy a banquet with Shin Yu-seong, but she was too busy and didn’t like it.

“Eun-ya? “Would you like to say hello to your father’s guests?”

“As soon as I arrived, they called me again… … .”

Since Kim Eun-ah was the star of this banquet held by Shinsung Group, no matter how much she wanted to hang out with Shin Yu-sung, there were too many places to go.

“I’ll be back for a bit. Don’t go too far and wait. “If you’re bored, why not play another game like that?”

So, Kim Eun-ah tightly controls Shin Yoo-seong and leaves for a while. Of course, Shin Yu-seong was going to sit at her table and quietly wait for Kim Eun-ah.

“Uh, maybe… … “Are you Mr. Shin Yu-seong?”

However, a long-haired woman holding a glass spoke to Shin Yu-seong first. Despite her cautious tone in asking the woman, she seemed certain that Shin Yoosung was the person she was looking for.

“I really wanted to say hello, but hehe, it’s my first time seeing you with your hair down. I almost passed by without notice. “I almost lost money.”

Shin Yu-seong looked puzzled at the sight of the woman smiling and speaking in a friendly way as if she knew him.

“Do you know me?”

“sure. How often did names come up during guild meetings? Do you remember? “Brilliant’s guild master is my father.”

King Lee Hyeon-jo.

The name Brilliant Guild briefly brought back memories to Shin Yu-seong. Brilliant was a guild that offered to hand over the key to the report as well as the position of the next guild master if Shin Yu-seong joined.

“ah… … .”

“It looks like you’ve come to mind. It’s a shame. If this handsome hunter were the guild master, she would have enjoyed working with her as an executive… … .”

The woman laughed while covering her mouth. Although she wore a dress similar to Kim Eun-ah, she gave off the feeling that she was a completely different adult.

“What, Seonga, I’m afraid you’re a headhunter. Do you even work at the banquet?”

Moreover, contrary to Shin Yu-seong’s intention to remain quiet, the number of people around him suddenly increased.

“Don’t you know that access to Gaon students is prohibited until the second year? “It’s an unspoken rule in our industry.”

“are you okay. Not for such business reasons. “I approached it for a more personal reason.”

“You are so crazy~”

Unlike Brilliant’s Lee Seong-ah, the orange-haired, lively-looking woman was Joo Ha-seon. Shin Yu-seong and Joo Ha-seon, whom he saw for the first time, had strangely overlapping faces.

‘Where have I seen this before…’ … .’

Shin Yu-seong continued to remember. Where on earth was she? She had definitely seen a completely different but similar face before. And soon Shin Yu-seong opened her eyes and said, Ah! ’ she said reflexively.

“… … Joo Ha-jin?”

“Why did that name appear as soon as you saw my face?”

As soon as she heard Joo Ha-jin’s name, the orange-haired woman blushed. Lee Seong-ah chuckled and laughed.

“Haseon, why are you so sick of your younger brother’s name?”

“Is it worth hating? “There is nothing similar except for hair color. How did they match each other?”

“Hmm, a bit of a reckless vibe? “I think you and your brother are similar in some strange ways.”

Shin Yu-seong nodded in agreement with Lee Seong-ah’s words.

“There is a clear resemblance… … .”

“Hehe, if you put it in order, he looks like me… … . “Because I was born first.”

When the situation got to this point, Joo Ha-seon sighed as if he had given up and then cheerfully accepted it.

However, it was not the end for Lee Seong-ah and Joo Ha-seon to gather by Shin Yu-seong’s side. Among those invited to Shinsung Group’s banquet hall were students from other academies.

“Oh, you-! you!”

The person who recognized Shin Yu-seong was none other than Inno Academy’s Na Ji-hye. However, Na Ji-hye was shocked by Shin Yu-sung’s reaction of not knowing.

“You defeated me, a genius hunter, and Adela!”

Thanks to this, Na Ji-hye added an additional explanation, but Shin Yu-seong could not remember who Na Ji-hye was.

“Huh, this is ridiculous. Do you remember your rival’s name? But it’s okay to forget. “You just have to remember it from now on.”

Na Ji-hye, who declared herself a rival, handed over her pocket ID and suggested adding contact information first.

“Because this is my ID number. Please add it. And Amy Rose is a member of your party, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, then… … Please take care of my story. I really liked the last suggestion! I was worried because I heard that the student council president of Jeondae was arrogant and harsh. “I’m so glad.”

Shin Yu-seong suddenly exchanges Pocket’s contact information and even takes on a business request. However, even Na Ji-hye did not end up gathering near Shin Yu-sung’s table.

As more and more people gathered one by one, just as the night light attracts moths to fire, Shin Yu-seong’s side quickly became crowded.

“What, where has he gone?”

But Kim Eun-ah didn’t know. She could not have imagined that while she was away for a very short time, Shin Yu-seong, who she thought would sit quietly at the table, would become the hostess of the banquet and be surrounded by women.

“If you have time today, come play with me! “I will engrave the name Na Ji-hye clearly in your mind!”

“Don’t do that. Rather than playing around with a worthless kid, why don’t you join in on adult business? If you walk a short distance, there is a table where Brilliant executives gather… … .”

At the academy and in the clubroom, it was Adela and Sumire, and even at the banquet, it got to this point. No matter where Shin Yu-seong was brought, Kim Eun-ah couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Oh really! Shin Yuseong!”


Kim Eun-ah quickly broke into the crowd and snatched up Shin Yu-seong. She explained how she had huge romantic enemies named Sumire and Adella, and brought Shin Yu-seong to this banquet, but she couldn’t let that moment be taken away by unknown strangers.

“I’m sorry, but I have a prior contract, so everyone can go back, right?”

Previously, she would have been embarrassed, but Kim Eun-ah confidently declared that she had no intention of hiding it anymore.

“Wow, the rumors were true… … .”

“I know. “If the opponent is Shinsung Group, then Brilliant’s proposal probably won’t work.”

Some people were making noise, but Kim Eun-ah didn’t even care. Rather, she seemed to be busy every minute and second, and she dragged Shin Yu-seong and moved away.

“Whoa… … .”

After reaching a place where no one recognized her and Shin Yu-seong, Kim Eun-ah sighed as if she was relieved. She originally said that she was the successor to the Shinsung Group.

But how can you be so obsessed and dependent on someone and even go beyond that and become jealous? It was something I could never have imagined until I met Shin Yu-seong.

“… … “If I look a little closer, it looks like this, so maybe I like Yoosung?”

How on earth can Shin Yu-seong feel secure that it is his? Kim Eun-ah didn’t like things that were half-hearted and stuffy. She was extremely possessive and had the personality to always have what she wanted.

“Yuseong, you… … “Don’t get too close to other people.”

Kim Eun-ah saw Shin Yu-seong.


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He said this with the characteristic narrowed eyes he shows when he feels jealous.

“Even if you become friendly, don’t be friendly in front of me. … … got it? If you keep doing that… … .

Kim Eun-ah clung to Shin Yu-seong, putting her arm between his arm and armpit. Kim Eun-ah, with their arms around each other, made a cute declaration of war.

“… … “You’re jealous?”

* * *

Ryujin, who broke into the banquet hall, had only one mission. To avoid any untoward situation, I take on the role of Nameless’ security guard.

‘so… … .’

As long as we remained quiet like now without being discovered, the mission would have been a success. All that was left was to wait for the signal to arrive from Rebellion’s hideout.

‘But why… … .’

Was someone staring at his face from the beginning of the mission? The girl with pink hair, who can never be forgotten once seen, continued to trace her memories as she looked at Ryujin’s face.

“Ugh- that’s strange. I’m sure I’ve seen it… … .”

To prevent a situation like this, he even disguised himself a little, but it seemed like that wasn’t enough to stop Amy’s keen attention.

“… … I guess you mistook me for someone else. “This is our first meeting.”

Ryujin tried to run away from Amy to avoid the worst situation of her identity being discovered, but instead, it held her back.

“Uh, this voice… … .”

* * *

For Amy, Shinsung Group’s banquet hall, filled with all kinds of delicacies and celebrities, was heaven. Just by eating delicious food and wandering around the party tables, I was able to build professional connections automatically. This really killed two birds with one stone.

‘however… … . ‘I think I’ve seen this person before somewhere?’

Who on earth is the man next to him? It was definitely a face she had seen before, but Amy couldn’t remember her name.

‘That’s strange… … .’

There was no way Amy, with her sharp eyes, could have mistaken the face. It was Amy’s specialty that anyone who saw her once would somehow remember her.

‘Where on earth did I see this…? … .’

Amy, who was looking at Ryujin with eyes full of suspicion, seemed to have no intention of hiding anything anymore.

“Um, hmm… … .”

Ryujin had a good enough disguise, but Amy’s sharp eyes ignored it.

“I’m sure I’ve seen this face somewhere before… … . “Where was it?”

No, now I asked Ryujin outright.

“Have we seen this before!?”

However, there was no way the criminal would confess first.

“… … does not exist.”

Despite Ryujin’s hesitant answer, Amy was already convinced.

“Ugh- that’s strange. “I’m sure I’ve seen it before!”

“… … I guess you mistook me for someone else. “This is our first meeting.”

“Is your name by any chance?”

When Amy asked his name, Ryujin was embarrassed. She could have looked suspicious if she hadn’t answered the name and held back further.

“Ryu… … .”


“Ryujino… … .”

“By any chance, are you Japanese? “Eun, did you see it when you went to your villa?”

Ryujin breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of Amy tracing her memories alone. If she just kept quiet like this, there was no need for her to do anything.

But Amy stretched out her wrist toward Ryujin, and soon light poured out of her pocket.


[Facial recognition is in progress.]

[Data recognition complete]

[Ryujin – 17 years old]

[belong… … . Currently wanted as a member of Rebellion.]

“ah… … . oh.”

But knowing the truth wasn’t good for either side. What was given to Amy after learning the truth was an awkward and long silence.

“Wow! pressure!”

In the end, Amy, who was screaming, had her mouth covered by Ryujin’s palm.

“Now, wait!”

“Ububbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbwbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbwbbbbbbwbbbbbbbbbbbbwbbbbbbwb though again. Uvuuuu-!”

An embarrassed Ryujin tried to stop him, but it was no use. Amy stamped her feet, pouting like a fish she had just caught from the sea.

“Ubung, eup, saprap murder!”

From Ryujin’s perspective, it was very embarrassing.


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