Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 411

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Chapter 412

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

“Just pass through the inspection gate like this.”

Shin Yu-seong underwent a body search and background check wearing a suit that made him feel awkward no matter when he wore it.

‘Should I call it Eun-ah’s mansion? The number of city guards standing guard alone is enormous… … .’

Of course, the difference from before was that Shin Yu-seong was not the only guest who came to Eun-ah’s mansion.

“It’s been a while.”

“I heard there is some pretty good news in Jinsan.”

“You get the news quickly. But today, let’s take our time talking about work later. “Wouldn’t it be better to meet the Chairman now?”

“haha! you’re right. Since you invited us to this event, it is only right that we greet you first.”

The two people talking right in front of me were Jinsan and Myeongwol guild leaders. It was considered one of the five major guilds along with the Yu family of Yoo Min-seo and the Shino family managed by Shin Kang-yoon.

Of course, it wasn’t just hunter-related people who were invited.

“Oh my, our big star is here? “I heard you are busy with overseas schedules. What are you doing in Korea?”

“This is an event provided by the Chairman. Is the schedule a problem? “I owe you so much.”

There was a wide variety of people, from famous celebrities whose faces you would recognize just by looking at them to political figures. There was no need to explain how big the position of Shinsung Group Chairman Kim Seok-han was, as the entire huge mansion was crowded with such celebrities.

However, Shin Yu-sung was a VIP invited directly by Kim Eun-ah, who stands out among these celebrities.

“Shin Yu-seong! I’ve been waiting! “This is Ja-il, who will be guiding Shin Yu-seong at this banquet!”

Thanks to this, Kim Eun-ah even sent a dedicated guide to Shin Yu-seong. A man wearing an old-fashioned tuxedo and applying hair gel greeted Shin Yu-seong with a 90-degree bow.

“Nice to meet you.”

“also… … As rumored, you are a very handsome man. I participated in numerous banquets, but it was really… … “You are unique.”

As soon as he saw Shin Yu-seong, Ja-il was truly impressed. The story of how a girl from Shinsung Group, known for her arrogance, fell in love with a boy from Gaon, was widely known in social circles.

No matter how much Shin Yu-seong was a rookie who dominated the hunter world, Kim Eun-ah was bound to receive more attention from the social world.

‘I was wondering what kind of boy had captured that tomboy girl who was famous for her arrogance… … I think I know it when I see it in person.’

Rather, Zail was so uninterested in the hunter world that he didn’t even know Shin Yu-seong’s name. However, upon encountering Yusung’s appearance, she was instantly convinced of her true identity.

“Then, I will take charge of introducing the banquet hall until the lady arrives.”

“Ah, yes, thank you.”

With a smile on his face, Jail pointed to the inside of the banquet hall with both hands and led Shin Yuseong. On the table on the grass, food and drinks that Shin Yu-sung had never seen before were set up in a curved manner.

“It’s basically a buffet party, but if the food doesn’t suit your taste, you can order a separate menu from the usher.”

Ja-il was worried that the party food might not suit Shin Yu-seong’s taste, but Shin Yu-seong didn’t even listen to such stories.

Shin Yu-seong sat down and ate dozens of types of food, from dessert canapés to barbecue sandwiches.

‘It’s amazing… … . This is the first time I’ve seen guests eat together like this at a home party… … .’

Thanks to this, Ja-il, who came to act as a guide, personally helped Shin Yu-seong and even ordered him a drink.

‘No matter what food you eat, it’s really delicious. I feel sorry for Sumire, but… … . Some dishes… … .’

I felt guilty, but I couldn’t help it. Some of the dishes at the banquet were more delicious than Sumire’s. In fact, it was right that Sumire had no way of winning since the top quality ingredients were prepared by top chefs.

‘… … I really enjoyed the meal.’

Shin Yu-seong, who had finished eating for 30 minutes, bowed to Sumire with a bit of apology. Jail, who was quick to notice her, pointed to the table next to her as soon as Shin Yoosung finished eating.

“They’re already playing table games over there. Well, a game called H&M is very popular these days.”

“H, M?”

“You sure you don’t know? A hologram table game recently announced by Shinsung Group! “Achieved No. 1 market share in offline stores and pockets upon launch!”

It seems that Jail is a big fan of HM or something. As soon as I brought up the story and saw him excitedly explaining it, Shin Yu-seong happily suggested first.

“Then, shall we give it a try?”

“clothes! “Are you sure?”

She’s so happy just because a man older than her says he’ll play table games with her, so why can’t she?

As Shin Yu-seong smiled and headed to the table next to him, Ja-il continued to explain excitedly.

“H&M stands for Hunters & Monsters! The process is also simple. Use monster cards and hunter cards to reduce your opponent’s points to 0, and you’re done! “It’s really simple, right?”

Shin Yu-seong sat down after being briefed on the rules by the guide. The other person was a middle-aged man wearing glasses.

“No, but that tacky fedora… … Is that person… … .”

Even though the game hadn’t even started yet, Zail started mumbling as he looked at the man in front of Shin Yusung.

“Mr. Chen?”

“Oh, it’s true! “It’s Mr. Chen!”

Apparently, Shin Yu-seong’s opponent was quite a celebrity in this table game.

“Haha, this is so… … Even if you’re famous, it’s a problem. “I heard you’re a beginner. Is that okay?”

Mr. Chen was the winner of the first professional competition of the H&M World Championship held by Shinsung Group. In addition, he was a famous poker player and boasted excellent psychological warfare skills.

– The battle will begin at table 452.

– The hunter player is Mr. Chen with ID number 16.

– The monster player is Shin Yu-seong, ID number 9403924.

– Then, please select a card theme from the unfolded holograms.


When the explanation was over through the speaker installed on the table, Shin Yu-seong’s pocket started to shine and a huge number of card themes were revealed.

“For beginners, I recommend the bear family card theme! “You can put pressure on your opponent just by summoning bears one after another.”

Apparently, Jale was quite skilled in the game called H&M. As a beginner, Shin Yu-seong had no choice but to follow the advice.

– Monster side bear family card theme.

– Hunter side trap hunter card theme.

– The game will begin in 5 seconds. The first player in this game is the monster player.


The duel has begun. Five cards were placed in Shin Yoo-seong’s hand, accompanied by a dazzling light that dazzled her eyes.

[Hungry Bear]

[Cost 1, Attack 3, Defense 5]


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[Effect: 1 turn after summoning, it becomes a well-fed bear.]

[Baby Bear]

[Cost 1 Attack 1 Defense 6]

[Effect: When destroyed in battle, a mother bear is summoned from the card theme.]

[Harmonious bear family]

[Combo Card]

[Effect: When you summon a bear monster card, you can summon one more bear monster card of the same course only for this turn.]

[Dad Bear]

[Cost 4 Attack 5 Defense 11]

[Effect: If there are 2 Bear cards on the monster field, you can summon this card without cost.]

[honey pot]

[Combo Card]

[If there are three bears on the field, bear cards are not destroyed through battle.]

H&M has a saying called Beginner Luck. Shin Yu-seong’s hand was a combination comparable to a four-of-a-kind poker hand, meaning that a beginner would have great luck.

“It’s a huge development… … . Summon Baby Bear and Hungry Bear at the same time with a combo card, and deploy Daddy Bear on the first turn… … . Plus, it prevents destruction in battle!”

Shin Yu-seong simply played the cards in order according to the instructions on the game machine, but Ja-il was impressed by his incredible luck. Shin Yu-sung seemed to be playing the game properly as several onlookers around him erupted in cheers.

“Well, I’m out of luck this game…” … . “I will lay out two cards in advance and then take my turn.”

On the other hand, Mr. Chen seemed to be unlucky as his expression was dark. Maybe Shin Yu-seong could win this game.

‘… … ‘This game is so much fun.’

A strange sense of anticipation rose in Shin Yu-seong’s heart. H&M was the first hologram game in Shin Yu-seong’s life. Thanks to this, she now forgot her promise to Kim Eun-ah and both Shin Yu-seong and her daughter were completely immersed in the game.

-Papa Bear equips Bare Knuckles with a combo card. Attack power increased by 7.

Shin Yu-seong muttered as if he was possessed by the devil’s game.

“I can win… … .”

“that’s right! You can win! Shin Yu-seong, end it immediately!”

From the first game, even Zile shouted excitedly in anticipation of beating the winner of the competition.

“Tsk… … .”

Shin Yu-seong boldly pressed the hologram’s attack button as he saw Zail’s distraught expression.

But at that moment, the air changed.

“Whoa… … As expected, pressing the attack button without any doubt against the trap card theme… … “Even if you’re lucky, a beginner is still a beginner.”

Zyle smiled wryly and activated the combo card he had laid out.

[Reflective barrier]

[Combo Card]

[Effect: The attack received by the player is reflected to all opponent monsters with 1.5 times the attack power.]


Papa Bear’s red claws hit the blue reflective barrier. The reflected red light poured down like an explosion toward the bear family. Even the honey pot was meaningless before the power of the combo card.

– Kieeek!

– Wow!

Shin Yu-seong could hardly keep his mouth shut while listening to the screams of the dying bears. Shin Yu-seong, whose victory was thwarted before his eyes, shook his head in despair.

“My bear family…” … .”

“Unbelievable… … . Of course I had that card… … .”

What happened next was natural.

– You are defeated.

– Winning player, Mr. Chen.

Shin Yu-sung was defeated and Mr. Chen won. Shin Yu-seong seemed to be possessed and played three more games, but there were no more twists.

“Hehe, I have a lot of willpower, but this is not a game played with just the mind. “This all requires a high level of brain fighting.”

Shin Yu-seong was sitting at the table in despair, listening to Mr. Chen’s advice.

“Shin Yu-seong, if that’s enough… … That’s it. “If you can do this in your first game, you’ve done really well.”

Even Jail, who was now a colleague, shook his head. Due to his regret, Zail could no longer watch Shin Yuseong being so cruelly defeated.

But then.

“You guys, what are you doing? “I thought he was eating, but I was wondering where he was.”

Kim Eun-ah’s appearance gathered the attention of those who were playing the game.

“Oh, is this it? That card game that your older brother created? “How many times have you won?”

“that is… … .”

If the topic was combat, Shin Yu-sung would have broken Mr. Chen’s spine in half in an instant, but this was a card game.

Even though the opponent was a professional in this field, the world of competition was cruel to the loser.

“I lost all four times.”

“what? All 4 times? That won’t work. “You beat Yooseong four times?”

Kim Eun-ah looked at Mr. Chen and frowned upon hearing the news that Shin Yu-seong was injured. She was playing a table game for nothing, but when the atmosphere took a strange turn, Mr. Chen broke into a cold sweat.

“Well, it’s just a game… … .”

But fortunately, Mr. Chen was not kicked out by City Guard. Rather, Kim Eun-ah made a very unexpected proposal.

“Stick with me.”

Despite Shin Yu-seong’s worried expression, Kim Eun-ah walked towards the table with great strides. And before sitting down in her chair, Kim Eun-ah turned her back to Shin Yoo-sung and said this.

“In this game instead… … If I win. Yoosung, you have to stay with me all day, okay?”

It was a story full of determination, like a hunter leaving for a difficult dungeon.

“… … huh.”

Only then did Shin Yu-seong smile.

Kim Eun-ah learned not to give up. She said it was Shin Yooseong who taught her that.

“The card theme is Treasure Goblin.”

Kim Eun-ah chose a non-mainstream card theme. Treasure Goblin was an unpopular card theme due to the unstable effects of all cards relying on probability and luck.

However, Kim Eun-ah was strangely lucky at important moments. Her tact was too good.

It could be called talent because it was beyond the category of simple luck.

Pow-! pop!

Beautiful fireworks of victory exploded into the sky. When the game was over, Kim Eun-ah looked at the sky. As she looked at the stars embroidered in the night sky, she suddenly smiled.

“Ah, it’s harder than I thought… … .”

Kim Eun-ah lost.


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