Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 413

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Chapter 414

No matter how big the banquet was, only a select few people were able to talk personally with the chairman, Kim Seok-han. And it was no different for Shin Kang-yoon, the head of the Shinnoh family. Kim Seok-han was also a difficult opponent for him.

This is because the weight class of the Shinnoh family, which only excelled in one field, ‘Hunter’, and the Shinsung Group, which exerts all influence on society as a whole, are different.

“… … “It’s an honor for me to provide a separate space like this.”

However, there is now only one step left to reach the position of ‘Hunter Association President’, which is comparable to Kim Seok-han. Shin Kang-yoon was able to bow his head politely while saying something he didn’t mean to say.

“I don’t like noisy places… … Because it doesn’t fit. “I’m sorry, you must have been enjoying the banquet for a while.”

Shin Kang-yoon held the glass with both hands that Kim Seok-han poured with one hand while smiling. Growling – The glass was filled with hot alcohol, and a little silence filled the empty space of the room.

Shin Kang-yoon knew the meaning of this strange pressure that came from quiet silence. This scene and this breath. And the next word was a promise.

“You seem really busy these days. “There are more people helping you.”

Recently, Shin Kang-yoon expanded the size of the Shinno family by merging forces that would be on his side. Now that noise was leaking from inside, it was not the time for Shin Kang-yoon to distinguish between hot and cold water. He is friendly to the Sinnoh clan and if he has any standing, he somehow incorporates them into his faction.

The goal, of course, is to become the next Hunter Association president, which will soon become vacant.

“Seeing you busy running around before the election even started makes me feel like time has passed so cruelly.”

Kim Seok-han, of course, was aware of Shin Kang-yoon’s intentions.

“I held the hand of the previous matriarch and visited our mansion… … “It seems like just yesterday.”

“Aren’t you too old to correct yourself yet to blame time? “Nothing has changed since then.”

A spark flew in just a few cold words. There was such noisy silence in the world.

“yes. On the other hand, you have changed so much. To that kid… … “I didn’t know you had such big ambitions.”

“They just didn’t reveal it.”

Kim Seok-han smiled calmly, saying, “I see,” with an expression as if he had been struck by Shin Kang-yoon’s words, which pierced him like a sharp thorn.

I said this indirectly, but how could I not know? Shin Kang-yoon was a man like a wild wolf. No matter how hard you try to control them by putting them on a leash, you cannot silence their innate wildness.

“okay. How can I not know that feeling? I’ve been watching you all along, but you can’t do that. … … “You are a very remarkable person.”

Kim Seok-han saw Shin Kang-yoon. She then smiled kindly and drank the glass. He then continued to praise the taste of the liquor in the glass and then added.

“He is a person who will leave a mark in history because he has enormous ambition and endless potential.”

As soon as Kim Seok-han finished praising him, he put down his glass with a thud, as if declaring war.

“As evidence, didn’t he show the determination to take down his father from his position as the head of the family and even abandon his children if they were born in the F class?”

And instead of trying to get to the main point, he went head-to-head. Even Shin Kang-yoon’s expression hardened and he clearly looked embarrassed.

“… … “What do you want to say?”

“There’s no need to sharpen your edge too much already. However, in this old man’s opinion, you are too dangerous.”

The area under Shin Kang-yoon’s eyes trembled with anger. As much as I wanted to get out of this place right away, the only thing I regretted was myself. How can Shin Kang-yoon, who is about to face the election of the Hunter Association president, turn Kim Seok-han into an enemy?

“Would you be satisfied even if you became the president of the Hunter Association? “Where on earth should I sit to satisfy that hunger?”

On the other hand, Kim Seok-han was keeping Shin Kang-yoon in check for his own reasons. Kim Seok-han saw Shin Kang-yoon and knew him since childhood. Shin Kang-yoon, as seen by Kim Seok-han, was a person who thought of the position as the president of the Hunter Association as a starting point, not an ending point.

“the problem is… … It’s not that endless desire. Even if I swallow it all, it won’t be a problem as long as I can digest it. but… … “You overestimate yourself.”

Each of Kim Seok-han’s words were an attack that dug into Shin Kang-yoon’s flesh and took his bones. However, there was another statement that marked the culmination of a story that was close to an argument.

“Haven’t you already made a wrong decision? The proof is your son… … “It’s Shin Yu-seong.”

Kim Seok-han looked at Shin Kang-yoon and smiled with great satisfaction, as if he had checkedmate a long game of chess.

“If the fact that the head of the Shinnoh family abandoned Shin Yuseong were to spread to the public, who would believe the vision of the president of the association? “You can’t expect great work from a group that is full of suspicion.”

Each and every word that came out of Kim Seok-han’s mouth did not scratch Shin Kang-yoon’s insides. Kim Seok-han made Shin Kang-yoon face the secrets he most wanted to hide in order to achieve his great cause.

“What answer do you want from me?”

Shin Kang-yoon failed to even manage his facial expressions, and veins appeared on his forehead.

“I want to make a good offer.”


“Isn’t it too ugly to be greedy here? “It would be better to hand over the next position to a new era with a happy heart.”

To summarize what Kim Seok-han said, Shin Kang-yoon was too reluctant to be given the position of Hunter Association President, so he should give up on it.

“Is the association president’s opinion the same?”

“It was an experience like few others. “It felt really good to see the same thoughts with that guy after a long time.”

Moreover, Shin Kang-yoon laughed when he heard that even the president of the association, Kang Yu-chan, was in the same boat. Who on earth could lead the association other than himself, a level 7 hunter?

“That’s interesting. If not me, then who… … .”

“It’s a shooting star.”

However, Shin Kang-yoon did not even laugh at the name that came out of Kim Seok-han’s mouth right away. The president of the association is considering the son he abandoned as a candidate for the next president of the association?

“You’re joking too much. A student who has not yet graduated from the academy… … .”

“It’s no joke. Considering Yooseong’s recent performance, it’s not unreasonable. And, crucially, Yooseong… … .”

A little silence.

“My granddaughter loves it.”

Kim Seok-han’s words that followed made Shin Kang-yoon grind his molars with all his might.

“And you hate it so much.”

* * *

All that was needed to stop Amy from going on a rampage, claiming that Rebellion had appeared, was a short word.

“… … After all, it would be better to cut it down.”

Sling – Amy stopped moving with the metallic sound of the sword being gently pulled out of the scabbard. Amy looks at Ryujin shyly.

“Well, I… … I made too much of a fuss. “Right, right?”

Ryujin put his sword back only after checking that Amy had become quiet. It seems that saying he would cut them down was not just a bluff.

“Uh, um… … . “Hey, what’s going on with Eun-ah’s banquet?”

“… … .”

Ryujin didn’t even answer Amy’s question and ignored it. Normally she would leave the noisy Amy behind and leave her place, but she could not leave this place until Nameless or Hideout gave her orders.

“Because they are plotting some evil plan… … . Is it unbelievably tidy? “Wow, this could be a threat to Eun-ah!?”

Amy, who was grabbed from behind by Ryujin, narrowed her eyes and gave a look of disdain. However, because he held her back, she was unable to meet his gaze.

“If you touch my friend, I won’t let you go! Even if I look like this, I’m still number seven! person… … “Because I’m the party leader’s colleague!”

However, there was no way Amy’s threat would work on Ryujin, who was number one at Skyscraper Academy.


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“… … Stay quiet. “No questions will be asked.”

“If you keep ignoring them, they will make a fuss.”

“Then I’ll cut you.”

“I will be quiet.”

The word cut was like a magic spell that made Amy quiet. How convenient is this enemy to listen to words just by placing his hand on the sheath of his sword?

‘… … But this guy.’

However, if there was one thing Ryujin noticed, it was that Amy’s face strangely resembled someone else.

“Hey, but can I just bring the food I ate earlier? It doesn’t taste good when it cools down… … .”

Maybe that’s why, even when Amy made a strange request, Ryujin motioned for her to do so as if there was nothing he could do.

“… … Just bring a plate. Don’t make nonsense. “Because my sword is faster than sound.”

“Ah yes… … .”

Amy clicked her tongue and brought her own plate.

“Ah, it’s been a while since I had a holiday. What is this…” … I can’t even play… … .”

Then, he started complaining as if he wanted Ryujin to listen and chomped at the buffet food he had brought on his plate.


However, perhaps because it was awkward to continue eating alone, Amy looked at Ryujin’s notice and spoke to her.

“But you don’t eat that one? This is delicious… … .”

“… … .”

But again, the response that came back was ignored. Amy was talking to herself about what to do or not to do.

“I once fell behind on the homework assigned by the academy. “It was an assignment given by a professor, but I lied and said I lost the completed file, and he asked me to give him my ID so he could find it for me?”

“… … .”

“But when I told them I couldn’t tell them because I forgot my Pocket ID for fear of being caught lying, they got really worried and asked me to go to the center with them!”

“… … .”

Ryujin overlooked Amy.

It was a mistake to think that if I just ignored it, it would become quiet.

“I repeated that three more times, and eventually the lie became a bigger lie and an even bigger lie… … .”

Amy chatted alone for about 30 minutes. If Ryujin was the quietest person in her academy, Amy was like the most talkative person in the world.

“… … Do it! In the end, it was an incident that resulted in an even bigger scolding! But do you know what the moral of this story is?”

“What would it take to make you shut up?”

In addition, he talked for 30 minutes and threatened to cut Amy because he thought he had become close with Ryujin, but it didn’t work.

“Just listen to the lesson! “Because it’s an important story!”

Rather, Amy got angry and tried to teach Ryujin.

“You can’t cover up bad things with bad things. “There is nothing that can be solved with crime!”

After finishing her tremendous speech, Amy naturally got up from her seat. She then let out a long sigh and tried to leave her table.

“So, if you can, turn yourself in and don’t do any more bad things.”

It was such a natural development that even Ryujin could have been fooled. I even had some concerns about whether it would be better to send such a noisy person away.

However, Ryujin could not let Amy go, even if it was to prevent her from reporting the incident.

“sit down.”


At least I had to hold on to Amy until this banquet was over.


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