How to Survive as a Player Chapter 30

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The screen changed and moved to the bottom of Rapunzel’s castle tower. That too, in a corner back alley. Only then did Sehyun nod with satisfaction. And then he threw the watch at Billwill.

“I’ll bring you something better next time, so just be satisfied with this for now.”

Sehyeon said, pretending not to notice the long rabbit ears sticking out from under Bill Will’s hat. Without even knowing anything, Billwill was looking intently at her watch, holding it tightly with both hands.

“Let’s go, Jeonghan.”

“… yes.”

Kwak Jeong-han’s expression was somewhat uncertain, but Se-hyeon did not have time to pay attention to even the smallest details. For now, only up to Baek Do-hyun.

“Is Baek Do-hyun in that tower?”

“Maybe. I heard that the Grand Duke of the ruling empire placed great importance on his role of controlling everything, so he set up his residence and office in a place with a panoramic view of the empire. So there must be an archduke there. And Baek Do-hyeon would have gone to see the Archduke before anyone else.”

Perhaps due to the nature of telepathy, the Grand Duke of the ruling empire acted with all controllable situations in mind. So he may have made the king a puppet and brought him under his control. That huge, tall tower was a symbol of the archduke’s control.

The Archduke was always there, and all construction work was done there. Although it was only once, Sehyun had been there before.

“There is something I would like to ask Mr. Kwak Jeong-han.”

“It’s okay as long as it’s not bad.”

“a little… It may seem like a difficult task… . Kwak Jeong-han, what level are you now?”

“It’s 10.”

LV.10. I almost fell into a sense of self-destruction at the comparison, wondering when I had just caught a fish and raised it like that.

“… I think we’ll have to move quickly, so I’ll just explain quickly. As soon as you come out of the portal, Kwak Jeong-han immediately climbs up the visible castle tower. Do you have fingernails? Just hit the wall with it and climb up. “You can do it with Jeonghan’s strength.”

“Then Sehyun… .”

“I’m surprisingly light, Jeonghan. “You’ve heard of it, right?”

“… … .”

“Let’s do our best, Jeonghan.”

At those words, a solemn look appeared on Kwak Jeong-han’s expressionless face. As he was looking at this guy who was trying to do anything, he even thought about what would have happened if Kwak Jeong-han wasn’t there.

Se-hyeon checked Kwak Jeong-han who was following closely and slowly extended his hand towards the portal. A clear, strange light rose up the back of Sehyeon’s hand. The swarm of lights that had been hovering around as if gauging it seemed to have finally proven to have no malicious intent and began to pull Sehyun’s body in and engulf it.

As I quietly closed my eyes and waited, a cool chill passed over my numb skin. As I slowly opened my eyes after realizing that my vision had become dark, the black sky with fluttering snow filled my field of vision. And between them, a huge castle tower rises.

In reality, the castle tower I saw was so enormous and majestic that it seemed as if it would swallow the world. Suddenly, it occurred to me that if I moved, I would get eaten right away. It was Kwak Jeong-han who followed behind that woke Se-hyeon, who was frozen with her head raised.

“Place on my back, I’ll climb right up.”

Kwak Jeong-han’s hard eyes were saying that he would defeat TOP. Without hesitation, Sehyun hoisted herself on his back as he bent over her. Then, I used the level-up <Feather Sound LV.2> and focused it on Kwak Jeong-han’s sharp nails.

I was thinking of testing it out. Is the skill transferable to a specific area or person?

“You have to hold on tight.”

Kwak Jeong-han, who was hunched over with his muscles tight, finished those words and ran out to the castle tower. The panoramic view whizzing by was so fast that I couldn’t even speak. Accordingly, Se-hyeon’s arms around Kwak Jeong-han’s neck tightened.


The moment Kwak Jeong-han’s strong and large rake hit the wall, the sound of a dent splitting the air. It was a quieter sound than I expected. It’s not all, but the skills are definitely transferring. However, Kwak Jeong-han’s ability exceeded the sound-killing stat, so he could not completely block the sound.

Kwak Jeong-han started climbing the wall at a high speed like a cheetah hanging from a tree. At first glance, it felt like I was running along a wall, not climbing.

“Where should I go upstairs?”

“If you go up there will be a terrace. Just a moment about the location. Because it was at an angle of about 45 degrees from the center… Go up the diagonal line on the right and you should see the village road in front of you. “I will set the position for you, so you can go up like this.”

“Yes, hold on tight.”

“Jeonghan, can’t you get rid of the fin?”

“… yes.”

Kwak Jeong-han answered in a sullen voice. The fin touching his chest also felt as if it had been slightly lowered. Se-hyeon couldn’t hide his regret as he asked if he could possibly get rid of it like a wing. When I brushed the fin as an apology, the fin that had been flung down returned to its original position.

Meanwhile, Kwak Jeong-han steadily climbed and reached the middle of the tower. Sehyeon turned his head and took in the magnificent panoramic view of the empire. Most of it was stained black, but the buildings of the guards, vigilantes, and police officers patrolling the square and village were brightly lit.

On the other hand, everything inside the castle was dazzling. We floated mana stones and patrolled every corner, checked for enemies using external sensors, and made every effort to ensure security. It was a patrol that reflected the Archduke’s personality.

“It’s surprising that we don’t get caught when security is so good.”

“It’s because I don’t have any malicious intent. The external sensors that empires usually have are used as gases to detect malicious intent, but even just damaging that is half the success of the infiltration. The higher the level, the better you are at hiding your energy, but there are those who are quick to notice it on the other side. We are not hiding it and what can I say… “The energy itself is small, so they will only perceive it as a sparrow.”

“I guess I decided there was no way I could come to a place like this on my own at this level.”

“In fact, spying on empires is almost a daily occurrence, so there are many cases where they are let go even after they know about it. There are times when it is later used as an alliance system. Surprisingly, top-tier empires are cautious in imperial warfare. To avoid making useless sacrifices, we form alliances and build power. Instead, it becomes diplomatically difficult.”

“Sehyun, was that the case too?”

It was the first personal question asked. Kwak Jeong-han, Baek Do-hyeon, and Lee Jae-young have never once asked about Se-hyeon’s empire. Actually, you must have been very curious. The reason I couldn’t ask was because I thought there were some serious reasons.

“Next time. If I get out of here safely today, I’ll tell you everything then. Same goes for Jaeyoung… “I also have a suggestion for Jeonghan.”

“I hope it’s not just a breakup.”

Sehyun smiled bitterly instead of answering. And he gave directions as he looked toward the top of the tower, which he had almost reached. At the top of the long tower was a terrace overlooking the empire. That place was the Grand Duke’s office.

“Go up. It’s a terrace. From now on, you must not make loud noises.”

Sehyun whispered in a voice barely audible and pointed to the railing on one side of the terrace. Kwak Jeong-han put his fingernails in, stretched out his hands, grabbed the railing, jumped up, and landed safely inside the terrace.

As expected, there was no one on the terrace. The terrace, which was so large that it was difficult to capture everything at a glance, was emitting a cold glow under the moonlight.

Se-hyeon got off Kwak Jeong-han’s back and stood on the floor. Then he attached himself to the wall of the terrace and moved towards the office inside the terrace. Kwak Jeong-han also followed closely behind Se-hyeon.

It must be here. The Grand Duke of the ruling empire was a man crazy about work and had a great reputation. He was called the three-faced Janus among the empires because he took on the appearance of a woman in the morning, a man at noon, and a child after sunset.

Her real name is Isis. No one knows whether her true appearance is a woman, a man, or a child. However, right now, he definitely looks like a child.

The voice of a child of ambiguous gender came out faintly through the open door of the terrace. When Sehyun got close enough to touch the windy edge of the curtain, the voice grew louder.

“You’re going to leave us!”

The crying child’s words were full of anger. As soon as Sehyun heard the voice, he stopped in place. And he quietly leaned against the wall and listened to the voice.

“I’m not going. Even if I die.”

It was Baek Do-hyeon. It was Baek Do-hyun’s voice that Se-hyeon knew. He tried to soothe the child in a calm voice, but was unable to convince the child.

“but… But you said so… . then… You left at that time. You’re leaving again. Yes? Are you going to abandon us again?”

“At that time, it was my first time becoming king, so I just didn’t have any experience. He never intended to leave. If I die… Because he didn’t know at the time that he was going to be defeated. Have I ever left your side since then? okay?”

“Ha, even if it was only once… It could be two or three times. I am… I think if you do that again… We don’t have the confidence to endure it. How did he become the king… “I can’t do that.”

They were afraid of being abandoned. I was afraid of being left out and forgotten.

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