How to Survive as a Player Chapter 29

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“that… Se, Sehyeon. excuse me… I didn’t come. No, when I opened my eyes… therefore… .”

“Yes. I know. It’s okay, so please sit comfortably, Mr. Jeha. Oh, and this person here kidnapped you, so don’t worry.”

“… yes? ah… Yes, that’s right… Okay. But why do I… ?”

Yoon Je-ha’s round eyes kept blinking. Sehyun smiled at him full of doubts and gently brushed Jaeyoung Lee’s hair.

“Jeha, can you do me a favor?”

“yes yes… ! Of course I can listen to you.”

“Then, please take a look at Jaeyoung for a moment. I’m planning to go somewhere, but it won’t take long… .”

“If you’re going to do something dangerous again, I can’t send you there.”

Sehyun’s fingertips suddenly stiffened at the firm words of refusal. Se-hyeon’s surprised gaze went straight to Yoon Je-ha. He was looking at Sehyeon with a stern expression while his ears were perked up. His shoulders, which were filled with a lot of strength, looked heavier than usual.

“If Se-hyeon comes back hurt like that again… “I will not help Sehyeon in the future.”

“Why don’t you make me a weapon?”

“yes. “I won’t do anything for you!”

“Then it means you don’t get hurt.”

“Of course it doesn’t hurt… yes?”

“It’s okay if you don’t get hurt.”

Sehyun said with a grin. Seeing that, Yoon Je-ha returned to his stupid expression, as if he had never had a stern expression before. Next to Se-hyeon was Kwak Jeong-han, standing as solid as a rock.

“I’m going with Kwak Jeong-han, so don’t worry, and please take care of Jae-young. “I will never hurt you.”

“No, over there… Mr. Sehyun… ?”

“Why, I said it doesn’t matter if you don’t get hurt.”

“That’s right, but… .”

Yoon Je-ha’s ears went down again. She looked like she had a lot to say, but she seemed to be unable to find the right words and kept her mouth shut. In the end, she had no choice but to shake her head because of her helpless feelings.

“I will definitely come before the sun rises.”

Se-hyeon left Lee Jae-young in the care of Yoon Je-ha and left the cabin with Kwak Jeong-han. The direction my body was facing was the entrance to the village. Although nothing could be seen because of the fog, the two walked in a familiar manner.

“Promise me that you will come out immediately if you think it is dangerous.”

“I don’t have any plans to do anything grand. If you think it’s dangerous… It will come out right away. Do not worry.”

It was clear that Kwak Jeong-han would take Se-hyeon out even if he had to wrap his arms around her if he got into trouble. Therefore, if Se-hyeon was also wrong, he planned to kidnap Baek Do-hyun first. Of course, it is unclear whether that will happen.

It took a while for me to leave without telling Kim Gap-Jun in advance, but I was able to maintain my status as a temporary resident as long as I did not notify him that I was leaving. In this case, even if he left the village, it was impossible to join as a resident of another village.

“Did Baek Do-hyeon notify the village chief?”

“I would have done it. Otherwise, the empire will use its hands to get Baek Do-hyeon away or they will kill the village chief. In the worst case, the village itself could be exterminated.”

As I walked, I soon arrived in front of the portal. Sehyeon first skillfully reached out to the third portal. As he advanced as if focusing his eyes on the light of the portal that clung to him like a stem, the panorama before his eyes quickly changed.

An endless place with countless portals. It was a world of peace itself, where there was no wind and no temperature could be felt.

Sehyun’s eyes scanned the spot where his blood had been. As soon as I came to my senses, I asked Kwak Jeong-han to look for bloodstains, but the answer I got was, ‘There was nothing.’ He thought of various situations, but the most likely one was ‘reset’. It’s as if the Tower of Trials is reset every moment.

“Do you know the location of Baek Do-hyeon’s empire?”

Kwak Jeong-han, who followed behind, glanced at the countless floating portals and began to cry. Instead of answering, Sehyun headed toward the center of space and looked up into space.

“Please come out, Mr. Billwill.”

[Oops, I was just about to take a break.]

Contrary to his statement that he was trying to rest, Bill Will appeared as soon as he could speak. Kwak Jeong-han glared at Bill Will, who appeared with his back to her, with a scary look.

[I’m quite upset because of what happened a few days ago, so please don’t look at me like that.]

The gentle smile was more sly than necessary. Sehyun took something out of her inventory with an annoyed expression. For the first time, greed appeared in Billwill’s eyes, who had been pretending to be relaxed the whole time.

[It’s a pocket watch.]

“Are the three wishes valid?”

[I think it was cooperation, not wish.]

“Is that okay?”

Sehyeon grabbed the chain of the golden pocket watch in his hand, twirled it, and spoke like a gangster. Bilwill swallowed her saliva and looked at it with great greed. When I saw her narrowing her eyes and appealing to him that she wanted it, she was ready to kill him without a word if he said she wouldn’t give it to him.

[Let’s listen to it first.]

“There must have been a guy here. Which imperial portal did he go to?”

Billwill rested his chin for a moment. It was an attitude full of nuance that said, “Teach me this, don’t do it.” Sehyeon took the pocket watch he had been spinning in his hand and turned toward the village portal with no regrets.

“Then the watch just didn’t happen… .”

[I’ll let you know. However, since this is a request of great value, we will treat this as two requests.]

“Are you really quick to choose?”

Originally, it was said that it was a request that was worthless, but the fact that he listened to it anyway meant that the value of this watch to him was enormous.

This watch was also a valuable item to Sehyeon. That was the story behind the watch.

This pocket watch that Sehyun is holding in her hand was a watch filled with love that Sehyun had specially commissioned from her father-in-law, Empire, a long time ago. It took a month to make it, and a huge amount of money was paid for it. It was to be a gift to someone.

Of course, that was coldly rejected. The watch that lost its owner was eventually buried in the deepest part of the national treasury. I had forgotten about it, but when I remembered it, a bitter feeling came over me again.

[Please come this way.]

Bill Will guided Sehyeon and Kwak Jeonghan with a polite look. Sehyeon grabbed the watch chain again, twirled it around, and followed behind Bill Will. The place where Billwill stopped was in front of an imperial portal covered in thorny vines on all sides. As soon as he saw that, Sehyun’s hand that was turning the clock stopped.

Sehyeon’s eyes wavered slightly. The first thing that caught my eyes filled with confusion was a huge castle tower rising high into the sky like Rapunzel’s castle among the low buildings.

As if he understood Se-hyeon’s reaction, Bill Will opened his mouth in a polite manner instead of the stiff Se-hyeon.

[This is the ‘dominant empire of Mainul’, currently ranked 8th in Elix’s empire rankings.]

‘Ruling Empire Mainul’ It was an empire with a mysterious player who defeated numerous empires and proudly ranked 8th with the ability of the psychic system. No one had ever seen the king of the ruling empire, and all projects were handled by his archduke instead of the king.

It was an empire with so many mysteries that even its race was not revealed. Never before have they shown their true colors and fought. It had a human appearance, but no one knew what it actually looked like.

The main weapon of the ruling empire was telepathy and mental disruption. It was a high-ranking battle empire that even had the special ability to turn fakes into real ones by integrating hallucinations, illusions, and other magic. It was a difficult empire to deal with, to the point that all empires avoided it when they encountered it.

“Are you saying this is Baek Do-hyun’s empire?”

[I don’t know who he is, but if it was the guy who just came in, he went here, so this is probably the place.]

Why didn’t I notice it earlier? Of course, there were countless empires with telepathy abilities. Still, I should have noticed. I should have noticed the part about ‘puppet’, but I passed it over like a fool because I didn’t have enough time to spare due to my own work.

Somehow, now it all seemed to fit together and make sense. Why has the Grand Duke, rather than the King, stepped forward and made all decisions in all public and private matters in the ruling empire? Even at that time, Baek Do-hyeon was already mentally sensitized by the Archduke and was living a life of being dragged around.

That’s how much I wanted to be together.


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“… Can we cross this imperial portal? “If there are any restrictions or penalties, let me know now.”

[It must exist, but it is simple. There must be no malicious intent.]

“As long as there is no malicious intent, you can use portals from other empires?”

[Yes, there must not be even the slightest malice.]

It was a simple but certain element of avoiding conflict. In other words, the portals of other empires could not be used with the intention of assassination or any kind of invasion.

“Can I change the location of the portal?”

[Is this your third request?]

Billwill’s greedy eyes turned to the clock again. Sehyun nodded immediately without hesitation. But he had no intention of wasting it.

“Please show me a possible location.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the portal screen changed. It was near an imperial village surrounded by thorny vines outside the castle walls. Sehyun immediately shook her head. The fingers snapped again. This time it was the back road of a remote warehouse within the castle walls. Sehyun shook her head again.

[Better tell me where you want to go.]

Billwill said, looking greedily at his watch again. Sehyun grinned as if she had been waiting and made eye contact with Bill Will.

“Please go right under that tall castle tower.”

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