How to Survive as a Player Chapter 31

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Elix is ​​not an easy game, so many empires were defeated and abandoned every day. There were many empires that lost their kings, were eliminated, were invaded, or self-destructed because they could not manage their empires.

The king was such a being. Therefore, many of the grand dukes showed obsession with the king. Whether it was good or not, everything the Archduke did was for the Empire.

It was an aspect that was not known when it was treated as a simple game. In fact, Sehyeon was not the right king either. Two months before falling here, Sehyun had already quit the game. Sehyeon’s name is also included in the name of the king who abandoned the empire.

“Even now… You’ve finally arrived. Originally… You were originally planning on not coming, right? Yes? “Do you hate us?”

“The reason I was late was because I wanted to find a way to keep you in my head one last time. and… This time too, I plan to do as you wish. “Your opinions are more important to me than anything else.”

“lie… . Actually, you blame us… .”

“Isis. I have never once resented you. To me you are… They are warm people, supportive people, and like my children. There’s no way I’d resent it when it’s so lovely. I am more than satisfied just by being able to see you. That is why I intend to comply with the Empire’s wishes. Don’t forget, Isis. “How I grew this empire.”

“… Me, us… You say you love me… ?”

“More than anything else. I feel fortunate to have been able to meet you. Also, I feel fortunate that we can have this conversation for the last time… . Thank you, Isis.”

“Dohyeon… sir… ?”

“You are a blameless archduke, but take care of yourself by relying more on those around you. If you do that, I won’t want anything more. In the future… Take care of the Empire, Isis. I will leave everything to you, the last… “By name.”

“… Dohyeon… ? do… Hyun… Dohyeon… !”

Sehyun closed her eyes bitterly as she heard the sound of urgent footsteps. Baek Do-hyun must have come here with the intention of doing this for the first time. Sehyeon’s premonition was not wrong. He had no intention of rejecting it in the first place, he just planned to engrave his empire in his eyes one last time and treat it as a memory and live as a puppet.

“just… Just stay with us. Please stay with us. then… We will be together forever… .”

The child whimpered and clung to Baek Do-hyun, who had lost his wits. The effect of the medicine given by Sehyun lasted only 10 minutes at most. Now that that time has passed, Baek Do-hyun has probably lost his mind again.

“I, huh… We will work harder… . So, just like before… like now… Please stay with me… . Please let me… Please understand, Dohyun… .”

And kid, no. Isis will not release Baek Do-hyeon’s telepathy. As long as his heart was full of distrust, it was clear that Baek Do-hyeon would live like this until his death.

Sehyun opened her closed eyes. He felt Kwak Jeong-han’s hand telling him not to go, but he couldn’t go back from here. Se-hyeon immediately stopped <Feather Sound LV.2> and slammed his fist on the terrace window before Kwak Jeong-han could stop him.


“Mr. Sehyeon!”

“Just five minutes. We’ll escape in 5 minutes. “Mr. Kwak Jeong-han, I will save you even if I die, so don’t worry.”

Se-hyeon passed through the door of the terrace and headed towards where Isis, who looked surprised, was holding Baek Do-hyeon. Isis’s eyes quickly became wary and narrowed.

“Hey, Grand Duke of the Ruling Empire. “When I heard it, I kept hearing it, and I was a little shocked.”

“… “Who are you?”

“I am Baek Do-hyun’s colleague there. Additionally, he is the person who gave Baek Do-hyun that potion. So it would be better not to use the skill. “I have already taken that medicine.”

Isis, who was stretching out her hand, stopped midway when she heard Sehyun’s words. The expression on his face was contorted in tears, just like that of a child, but the energy leaking out was unusual. At least one. No, he was a strong opponent who could die even if Sehyun was hit with just a passing glance.

Se-hyeon suddenly looked down in anger and frowned when she saw the child’s arms hugging Baek Do-hyeon tightly. And his stomach sank. As I calmed down my anger, I began to see situations that were more rational than I thought.

Isis was currently very anxious. He was afraid he would lose his king. It included everything internal and external.

Sehyun asked softly after a while.

“Is that all you can do?”

“What… “What do you mean?”

“Why can’t I just do that? “Why don’t you understand Baek Do-hyun so much?”

“understanding? Should I expect you guys to understand? “If you don’t want your head blown off, you’d better get away.”

“Mr. Baek Do-hyun missed you very much.”

The child’s eyes widened significantly. Those eyes were filled with tears and turned to Baek Do-hyun. But she couldn’t bury the child. It was because Baek Do-hyun lost Lee Ji-hye.

“He missed you so much that he hesitated to wake up several times when he went out every night, and he endured and searched for a way to keep your image engraved in his mind, even for just 10 minutes. It’s not that he had no intention of going back. He wanted to go back even though he knew he would lose Izzy. And yet… “Why don’t you really understand him?”

The child’s eyes were greatly shaken. However, she soon glared at Sehyeon with a distorted gaze. It was a sharp gaze that took her breath away.

“Do you know how long we have been looking for you for eons? No, you guys will never know. How hellish those eons were… ! “You never know!”

“Yes, I don’t know. I do not know. I don’t even want to hear it. I came here because of Baek Do-hyun, not to understand the feelings of the people of the ruling empire. So, think a little more rationally. “Do I really have to do this?”

“under! Then why didn’t you return to the empire? Aren’t you just talking nonsense without any intention of going back in the end and without any intention of taking responsibility? In the end, you too have reached that point. He’s just a king who hatefully imitates a saint… !”

“Yes, I am not the true king! So, what kind of grand duke do you think you are? To Baek Do-hyun, you are a person like me! Bad people! Do you know?!”

Sehyun looked at Isis’s trembling hands. Sehyeon had no idea what made him so anxious, why he was so desperate, or what caused that desperate desire to hold on at all costs.

However, one thing is certain: Baek Do-hyeon lived by embracing the Grand Duke with love.

“… Sigh, I can’t be as good a king as Baek Do-hyeon… He was greatly hated by the people of the empire and the Grand Duke. It’s different from you. It is different from Baek Do-hyun. He couldn’t go because he wasn’t confident… If you accept me like this… “I will go back.”

“No, that’s just an excuse. Selection day. On that day, how much the people of the empire cried and wrenched their hearts as they saw the king not coming… ! A nail had been driven into his chest… ! You never know. How heartbreaking it feels to be abandoned… “You never know.”

Those words pierced Sehyun’s heart in a different way. Was it really like that? Did they also experience this much pain, suffering, and hardship?

Isis’ bright red eyes told of the pain of that day. A wound so deep that I couldn’t even fathom it was visible. He was speechless as his fingers tightly gripped Baek Do-hyun’s clothes.

Nevertheless, Sehyun opened her mouth again. Even he couldn’t figure out why he was using it like this. He even burst into laughter. I said I would help someone in a situation where I couldn’t even take care of my own empire.

“only once… Could you please trust him? Even if it’s just like you said… Not Baek Do-hyun. Because of something that never happened… “It would be cruel not to be able to see you.”

Isis pursed her lips and remained silent. He looked up at Baek Do-hyeon several times and hesitated several times.

But eventually Isis conceded. The wrong treatment towards Baek Do-hyun.

“I know… I know, but… . But what should I do? If you leave us… We’ll never see the light of day again. How can you wait for so many eons? . How did you meet the king, but if you lose him again… Then we… . Our empire… .”

“… I heard it from Baek Do-hyun. Even before coming here, he allowed psychic contact and has been with him ever since. How frustrating it must have been… I can’t even imagine. If it were me, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. She, Baek Do-hyun, cared for and loved you to that extent. In her right mind… She will want to see you, feel you, and be with you of her own free will.”

The tears welling up in Isis’s eyes eventually flowed down her cheeks. Those tears disappeared in Baek Do-hyeon’s arms.

“still… Are you going to restrain him and face him without emotion like this?”

A long cry rang out. Perhaps Isis actually needed some sharp advice. He may have been wandering helplessly, hoping that someone would catch him and tell him that this was the wrong path.

Sehyun let out a long breath and captured that image in her eyes.

“… One thing an empire can ask of its king. Put a condition on it. The day Baek Do-hyun says she is leaving, I will bind her to her through psychic contact. So, until that time comes… Please trust him. He’s more than you think… “He will be a good king.”

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