How to Survive as a Player Chapter 28

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<Will to Heal> – A skill that arises in those who have the will to live and save someone at the moment of death. It exerts healing power according to the caster’s will. (Based on the caster’s level, consumes 80% of the total magic power. When continuing, consumes 20% of the magic power per second compared to the total magic power.)

My first thought was, I really almost died. The reason he didn’t die is probably thanks to <Rapid Recovery LV.1>, which was created along with <Will to Heal>.

Rapid recovery is a passive skill that appears when you receive extreme pain or fatal damage, and it was a skill that you had often obtained before. It was a useful skill that could be said to be an auxiliary privilege, with natural recovery speeding up by 10%.

“If you look at the lack of skill level… “It’s not a growth skill.”

Unlike the others, <Will to Heal> did not have a level indication. In this case, it was said that it was not a skill that could be grown, but that the performance itself was already a superior skill. However, because it was a conditional skill, it was difficult to test its performance. Especially the human will.

Sehyun, who was quietly looking at the skill window, thought there was a suitable target in front of her and decided to experiment. Of course, the target person was Sehyeon himself.

“<Will to Heal>.”

[Skill cannot be cast due to low will.]

At first, I just recited the skill name without any will. The words that followed were, of course, impossible to cast. This time, Sehyeon casted the skill with the will to get better. Just a thought that passed through my mind once.

[We confirmed about 5% willingness to ‘prepare for injury’. Cast the skill.]

Warm light leaked from my hand and seeped into the bandage. The recovery was to the point where the pain was slightly reduced. Sehyeon stared intently at the skill activation text floating in his field of vision.

‘Preparation for injury’. The nuance of those words felt like they contained a strange meaning. In fact, the statement that one can translate one’s will into a percentage seemed ambiguous, but the word ‘preparedness’ was better than that. It was a statement that could lead to different conclusions depending on how you interpret it.

Sehyeon whispered the skill again with weak will.

“<Will to Heal>.”

[There is not enough magic power.]

“It seems like the total amount of magical power is based on stats… .”

The words ‘80% of total magic power’ written in the description window seemed to refer to the total stats listed in the status window. Currently, Sehyun’s magic stat is 33, so based on this number, she could only use it once. It was a skill that required a magic potion.

The problem is ‘preparation for injury’.

Sehyeon looked around the room and looked for something that could be used as a weapon. I happened to see a few candlesticks standing in a corner. Sehyun stretched out his hand, grabbed it, and slashed the back of his hand with the sharp part of the candlestick. Soon, blood began to form over the area he had scratched.

Ignoring the slight pain, Sehyeon took a sip of the magical power recovery potion he had brought from the treasury. It was a mid-level potion that restored magic power by 20 per second for about 10 seconds.

And just like when I healed my leg, I cast the skill with the skill level in my head.

[We confirmed about 60% willingness to ‘prepare for injury’. Cast the skill.]

The wound healed quickly. The wound stopped healing when the skin became red and scratched. They said that the healing power was exactly 60%.

This made it clear. ‘Preparation for injury’ has a difference in willpower depending on the severity of the injury. Smaller wounds showed a higher healing effect even with lower willpower, while larger injuries required stronger willpower.

I still don’t have a clue about the standard for willpower, but I could tell at a glance that it was an incredible skill.

Se-hyeon checked the magical power that had just been filled, and this time, he cast the skill with his eyes closed and with strong will. A brilliant light flowed from the hands folded over his legs, wrapping his bandage warmly. The heat that seeped under the bandage took away the tingling pain and regenerated ruptured muscles and tissues and sore skin.

I could picture that feeling vividly in my mind even with my eyes closed. It wasn’t even a long time, but it felt like a long time to Sehyun.

Sehyun slowly opened her closed eyes. A satisfactory skill text was floating in my field of vision.

[We confirmed about 95% willingness to ‘prepare for injury’. Cast the skill.]

The remaining 5% are probably damaged cells that can heal naturally. When I removed the tightly bound bandage, my healed thigh without a scar came into view.

Sehyeon’s eyes turned to Lee Jaeyoung, who was sleeping quietly. If I had obtained this skill without the elixir, would I have been able to treat Jaeyoung Lee?

“… “No.”

If it weren’t for Elixir, Sehyun wouldn’t have gotten this skill. He developed this skill because he went through all that. He didn’t want to say that the results just need to be good. Still, he decided not to regret it.

“Get well soon, Jaeyoung.”

I was planning to talk to my child once he was fully healed. We will share many things, confide in each other, and decide what to do next. If the child wanted, he planned to go to his empire together.

Sehyeon lay down next to Jaeyoung Lee and quietly closed her eyes. Although she couldn’t sleep, she wanted to spend a long time with Lee Jae-young like this.

That day, the day went by fairly smoothly, except that Kim Gap-jun, who came with a recovery doctor late in the afternoon, was surprised to see my recovered leg. For some reason, Baek Do-hyeon and Kwak Jeong-han were not that surprised.

Until the moment Kim Gap-Jun left, he kept yelling, ‘You shouldn’t have died!’, but Se-Hyeon knew that it was an act of worry. If he really wanted to die, Gapjun Kim wouldn’t have come here.

When I heard that he stopped by twice a day, I wondered if it was because he was embarrassed to be found out. Still, what can I say? As soon as I heard that nagging sound, I felt like I was back. I finally felt like I was back.

Sehyun decided to enjoy this peace for a while and spend time with everyone. Before Baek Do-hyeon leaves, before I leave, and before listening to Kwak Jeong-han’s choice, I decided to stop at this time for just a moment.

There were four days left until Jaeyoung Lee woke up.


Baek Do-hyun moved in the dark of night, two days before Lee Jae-young woke up. Se-hyeon pretended not to notice Baek Do-hyun, who got up and left without a sound, and only opened his eyes when the door slammed shut.

Although he often left the cabin at dawn, he came back soon after getting some fresh air. But today was different. I had that feeling. I have a feeling he will never come back.

“… … .”

I had no idea that time would pass so quickly. Se-hyeon looked at Lee Jae-young, who was sleeping soundly, and then woke her up. When Se-hyeon woke up, Kwak Jeong-han, who was sleeping across from Lee Jae-young, also opened his eyes. He didn’t think he was sleeping, but when he found out he was awake, his heart became heavy.

The first one to open his mouth was Kwak Jeong-han.

“This time too… Are you going?”

“… Yes, that’s what I plan to do.”

Kwak Jeong-han did not ask why. It was Sehyun herself who asked the reason. why. Se-hyeon had already asked himself countless times why he was trying to follow Baek Do-hyeon and what he was going to do.

But Sehyun still couldn’t find the answer. I couldn’t even understand why I wanted to jump into the fire pit after him. Although my head clearly knew that, my heart did not.

I hated the feeling of anxiety that I would never see him again, and I had endless worries about whether something would go wrong and whether I would be caught and psychedelicated. Even if that wasn’t the case, we were people who slept together under the same roof, so I wanted to do my best to see him off on the way.

“… “I will follow you this time.”

“Mr. Kwak Jeong-han.”

“I can’t send Sehyeon alone. Just like last time… “I can’t have you come in that kind of disgrace.”

With a solemn look, Kwak Jeong-han knelt down and spoke as if asking for permission. Sehyeon slightly shook his head with an embarrassed expression.

“We need someone to watch Jaeyoung.”

“Does that mean Se-hyeon could be wrong?”

“no. I will definitely come back. Even if Baek Do-hyun is wrong… I will come back to this place again. However, what I’m saying now is that I can’t leave Jaeyoung here alone.”

“Do I just need someone to take care of me?”

The voice that never gave up kept following me. As I watched her speak so politely and firmly, I lost the ability to push her away. Sehyun soon sighed and nodded.

“I’m going to visit next door for a moment.”

With those words, Kwak Jeong-han quickly stood up. When he came back, Sehyeon couldn’t help but be surprised to see the man wrapped around his waist. If nothing else, it was because he appeared with a man of the same size at his side.

The person Kwak Jeong-han kidnapped was Yoon Je-ha. He tried to ask how he got the door open, but he couldn’t even ask because he thought he would hear disturbing words.

“I… here… .”

Yoon Je-ha glanced around the room with a half-asleep look on his face, and when he saw Se-hyeon, he was so startled that he jumped up from Kwak Jeong-han’s side. It looked like a fish jumping around.

Kwak Jeong-han put Yoon Je-ha on the floor and gave Se-hyeon a look as if he was done. Meanwhile, for some reason, Yoon Je-ha was sitting on her knees in front of Se-hyeon, looking embarrassed.

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