How to Survive as a Player Chapter 27

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Kwak Jeong-han did not refuse this time. He took a small bottle from Se-hyeon and walked up to Baek Do-hyun, who was holding Lee Jae-young’s arm and pressing it. He grabbed Lee Jae-young’s chin and forced him to open his mouth.

Sehyeon watched without blinking as the gold entered a mouth filled with screams and tears. And only when it passed through Lee Jae-young’s mokuldae did he gradually blink.

now… it’s okay. As if I had finally felt some relief, my body started to go limp. The fading vision seemed to be telling me to rest now.

Sehyun leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. At first glance, it seemed like I saw pure white light spreading through Lee Jae-young’s fingertips. It was just as impressive as the sunlight shining down on the village.

When I realized this, my mind became confused and my body sank deeply. Sehyeon was finally able to end the long night.

It was a very long night that I never want to experience again.

It felt like I had a dream about nothing. Maybe that’s why I felt like I slept deeply. When Se-hyeon opened her eyes again, only Jae-young Lee and Se-hyeon were in the cabin. As I looked at the bright blue sky beyond the small window, I remembered what happened before I went to sleep.

Sehyeon’s eyes quickly turned to Lee Jaeyoung. Jaeyoung Lee was still wrapped in white light. His complexion improved, the burnt fingertips had already healed, and new skin had grown firmly. His eyeballs had not recovered yet and were completely crushed, but the rest of his eyes looked fine.

“Has it been a week?”

This was the time it took for the elixir to restore the body. Until then, the person taking the drug never woke up. This is why Se-hyeon tried to give the elixir to Lee Jae-young, who was in a panic.

Sehyun’s eyes next turned to her legs. The bandaged leg was the first thing that caught my eye. The pants and jacket were new, but the pants were cut to the thighs on one side, perhaps on purpose. It was embarrassing to even go out like this.

For some reason, the wound was surprisingly intact, except for a faint pain. Even though I saw that it had been ruptured and had a hole in it, the area where the bandages were wrapped was all smooth, as if flesh had filled up.

Sehyeon hesitated, then raised his hand and gently pressed the top of the bandage. But he had to regret it right away.

“Ugh… !”

I couldn’t help but groan, wondering how I had endured the pain I had experienced before coming here. The pain felt like hitting the back of my head with a hammer. But it was clear that new skin had grown. Just as I was wondering if the restorer had such great talent, someone opened the door and came in.

Sehyun’s gaze met that of Baek Dohyun, who opened the door and entered. For an instant, Baek Do-hyeon’s brow furrowed. Of course, Sehyun shamelessly accepted. With a smile.

“I don’t want to see Baek Do-hyun either.”

“Is that why you called my name while wandering around like that?”


“Yes, you.”

Oh, I guess I had something to give you. Baek Do-hyun’s eyes, burning with anger, seemed too sincere to say no, so Se-hyeon had to just trust him.

“How many days have you woken up?”

“Two days. “The recovery therapist was good at providing first aid, but surprisingly, even for the weakest person, he had good recovery ability.”

“Only Baek Do-hyun was mentioned about the weakest person.”

“Because it’s not wrong.”

Baek Do-hyeon sat down and handed the bowl of porridge he had brought to Se-hyeon. Sehyeon took the bowl without saying a word. It was an appetizing porridge with pure white fish flesh. When did I become so good at cooking? I thought there was nothing to worry about anymore.

“What about spoons?”

“Why don’t you just pick it up and eat it?”

“I brought something to give to Baek Do-hyun, but hearing those words broke my heart. what do you think.”

Contrary to his words, Sehyun lifted the bowl to his mouth and tilted it as he spoke. Baek Do-hyun looked Se-hyeon up and down as if he was annoyed and then turned his head with a grumpy expression.

Meanwhile, Sehyeon ate the porridge slowly, little by little. He didn’t feel upset because it was the first time he had eaten it in a few days, but he ate it to survive and for Lee Jae-young.

While the porridge was being emptied, Baek Do-hyeon did not say a single word to Se-hyeon. The words he had been holding in were finally spilled out when Sehyeon put down the bowl of porridge and raised his head.

“Is that your imperial treat?”

“well. Things are a little… different.”

Se-hyeon gave a vague answer, took out a small potion from his inventory, and threw it at Baek Do-hyeon. Baek Do-hyeon lightly snatched the potion without even looking. The gaze that was looking for an explanation immediately fell on Sehyeon.

“It is a potion that causes nerve disruption and helps you escape from mental insensitivity.”

Baek Do-hyeon’s gaze went straight to the potion. It was quite a surprised look. But after a while, a faint joy appeared in his eyes. However, Sehyun could not celebrate that feeling.

“But it’s only 10 minutes.”

This was because there were restrictions. 10 minutes at most. It is a drug that disrupts and blocks skills that send signals to the brain. It was a sensitivity disruption potion that Sehyun created for his heroes and has not yet been released.

Despite hearing the time limit, Baek Do-hyun held onto it as if it were a lifeline and smiled slightly.

“That is enough.”

“Oh, of course it’s not free.”

Giving without receiving something in return is the most dangerous thing in the world. Some people risk their lives to get there, but if they swallow it, they are truly thieves.

Se-hyeon said to Baek Do-hyeon, who was waiting quietly as if he would reconsider, as he licked his lips.

“If everything goes well, please buy me some local specialties.”

“Is it worth living if it’s that simple?”

“Then why not give me a store? “Why do you make a fuss by messing with simple people?”

In fact, that special product would end up in Lee Jae-young’s mouth, not Se-hyeon’s, but Se-hyeon didn’t tell him that much. In the meantime, it would be nice if I could also take a nap.

“I’ll give you the biggest one.”

“You’re saying that you’ll take care of things, right? “If something goes wrong, I’ll chase you to get money for the potion.”

“The people of my empire love the weakest.”

Oh really.

Se-hyeon was about to throw the bowl of porridge at Baek Do-hyeon, the weakest and weakest of the guys, but held back. I heard him say he was the weakest once or twice, and every time I heard it, it was quite annoying.

Of course, not only Baek Do-hyeon’s race, but also most of the higher-ranking races really liked the weakest. It wasn’t that he felt any affection, but it was because there was a rumor that the Celestial Race was a delicacy.

In a word, it was a mouthful. Of course, the players did not directly see the cannibalism scene in the game, and even Se-hyeon did not know if it was true because the rumors were spreading like rumors. Literally rumors.

There were also rumors that there were some races that physically lusted after the Celestial Race. I didn’t believe it, Sehyun.

“Come to think of it… “There are no auxiliary Celestials in this village.”

“There is no one as weak as you.”

This is why Sehyun hides her wings. Se-hyeon eventually couldn’t bear it anymore and threw his bowl of porridge at Baek Do-hyeon. If he had been hit squarely in the face, he would have felt relieved, but Baek Do-hyeon snatched it away without even looking at it and held it in his hand.

“I heard a healer will be stopping by in the afternoon. Until then, stay calm. “Even if you move around like that, you’re still funny anyway.”

“When are you going?”

Se-hyeon quickly asked Baek Do-hyeon, who was getting up holding a bowl of porridge, thinking he might be going secretly. Baek Do-hyeon turned around without even looking at Se-hyeon.

“At least not today.”

“Are you going to go without seeing Jaeyoung too?”

“Unlike you, I don’t think this guy is pretty.”

“Still, I have to go after seeing it. “We are people who live side by side under one roof.”

“This guy doesn’t think like that anyway.”


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Baek Do-hyeon coldly left the cabin. Not today, the day Jaeyoung Lee doesn’t go see me. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Sehyun moved her uncomfortable legs and lay down next to Jaeyoung Lee. Seeing him sleeping well, it felt like all the hardships he had gone through were melting away. Letting out a long breath, Sehyeon stretched out his hand and gently brushed Jaeyoung Lee’s hair.

The body temperature, which had been fiery, had now stabilized and dropped to an average temperature. The warm and cozy feeling made me realize that I had finally returned.

On the other hand, my heart became heavy as I remembered Zeno, whom I had no choice but to leave behind. I wondered if he should have brought me, but he wouldn’t have come even if I had offered. Even if the Archduke finds out about this later, he will not forgive Zeno.

Sehyun, who had been quietly closing her eyes, suddenly remembered the skill she had gained when crossing the portal, opened her eyes again, and woke up.

“Stat window.”

I immediately opened my mouth to check, and found that a new skill was listed in the skill list.

[Do Se-hyeon (Awakened) Race: Heavenly Gold LV.2 Grade: D]

-Type auxiliary system

-Attribute bag

-Stamina 11/11

-horsepower 33/33

-Attack power 10

-Defense 6


-Passive: <Dominance Resistance LV.1> <Pain Resistance LV.1> <Rapid Recovery LV.1> <Fear Resistance LV.2>

-Active: <Purification’s Fall LV.1> <Feather Sound LV.1> <Creation of Nothingness LV.1> <Depth of Grace LV.1> <Depth of Trust LV.1> <Will to Heal>

Two of the new skills were passive skills and one was an active skill. Sehyun touched <Healing Will>, which she had never obtained before, and an explanation window appeared.

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