How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 315

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Episode 315 Afterword – Each person’s life (2)

#Farmers and Fishermen

Sunlight shining on the window.

Tweet- Tweet-.

And Elvis turned over to the loud chirping of birds.

“Umm… … .”

Having just woken up, he slowly opened his eyes and raised his upper body.

Bushy beard.

His now quite old appearance showed that quite a bit of time had passed.

“Okay… Ah, the head.”

He got his feet out of bed and held his head for a moment due to his hangover.

“f*ck you Kendrick… “See if I drink with that bastard from now on.”

That’s what he said, but he knew full well that he would be having drinks with Kendrick in a few days.


A body that creaks like never before.

Elvis patted his waist and stood up.

“Whoa… … .”

Push shush-.

Cloudy vapor rose from his mouth as he took a long, deep breath.

By using mana, I drained the alcohol remaining in my body.

‘It’s much better.’

Elvis with a much brighter face.

He got out of bed, walked awkwardly, and went out of the house.

The bright sunlight made me frown.

“… “How long have you slept?”

It seems that he had passed out for quite some time due to drinking too much for the first time in a long time.

The sun was already up in the sky.

“I guess I should go out to the field and have a look.”

After lightly washing his face at a nearby well, he started pulling a small cart placed in the barn.

Turrung- Turrung-.

As I walked along the small path, farm tools in carts rattled.

As he walked through the forest path, listening to the sound of the cart as music, he was greeted by a vast plain.

The summer continent called the land of passion.

The summer continent, which boasts a high level of sunlight as its reputation, was dominated by fruit farming.

Among them, the northern region of the Summer Continent was the main producing area for a fruit called ‘Piyu’, which resembles grapes.

Many foods were made and sold using piyu, but among them, alcohol made by fermenting piyu was so famous that it was called the tears of heaven.

Therefore, the entire nearby village was a Piyu cultivation farm.

The crop that Elvis mainly grew was also blood.

Rattling- rattling-.

The moment Elvis entered the entrance to the Piyu field, an old, wrinkly voice was heard.

“Hehe, I guess it’s late today.”

An old man who was tending to branches in a nearby field welcomed Elvis.

“Yes, I had a drink yesterday.”

“You’re still young, you’re young!”

“I’m also over 40… … .”

“That’s still the prime time!”

“That’s right, then have a hard time!”

“You’ll have a hard time too!”

After a brief greeting, he started walking again, pulling the cart.

As he walked, Elvis met many people.

“Hello Teacher!”

“teacher teacher! “Can we go to your house today?”

The children of the village where Elvis was studying writing circled around him, giggling.

“Mr. Elvis, the fertilizer spreader you saw last time broke down… “Could you please look at it one more time?”

“Elvis! “The pies are baked so deliciously. I’ll share them with you, so come pick them up later!”

“brother! Mom wants to stop by this evening, she has something to say! But when I see you, it looks like you’re definitely going to nag me to get married, so you don’t have to come!”

A young man with a dull face and the women of the village.

And now my younger brother has started a family.

Elvis talked to a lot of people.

Because of this, the 20-minute journey took as long as an hour, but Elvis didn’t show any irritation on his face.

Rather, a face that looks happy.

‘You look lively today too.’

Elvis spent nearly 40 years on the battlefield, both in his past life and in his current life.

He returned home after his final battle on the Winter Continent.

While he was wondering what to do from now on, he couldn’t resist his parents’ encouragement and started farming.

At first, I started farming just to help out the labor shortage and to do it for a while while I found other things to do.

But what is this?

Farming suited his aptitude quite well.


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‘Creating life with my own hands… It was such a rewarding experience.’

Although farming was not easy, he adapted quickly because there were people in his hometown who helped him as a novice farmer.

He applied his knowledge of sacred law to farming and has now become a farmer cultivating the largest field in the village.

‘They say people don’t know what’s ahead of them… ‘I never thought I, who was called a wise man, would end up doing farming.’

Elvis chuckled at his reality.

Elvis soon arrived at the field and quickly started working.

Since it was late, we had to move faster.

The harvest season is coming soon, and the plants boasted their lovely colors.

How much did you focus on work?


A shout of popularity was heard from one side of the Piyu field.


When Elvis looked back, there was a tall man standing there.

Bronze skin, elastic muscles.

Red hair.


The man waving his hand flippantly was none other than Kendrick, known as the best fisherman in town.

“Have you finished your meal?”

Kendrick was holding a pot in his hand as he spoke, and several fish were fluttering around inside it.

“How about spicy seafood soup?”

Seeing Kendrick grinning, Elvis also laughed.

“It’s good.”

The two people came together and sat down on a bed by the stream near the field.

Kendrick skillfully cleaned the fish and started cooking.

When it came to cooking, there was nothing grand about it.

A simple soup made with fish, water, and a few seasonings you carry with you.

However, since the market was a side dish, the two ate up quite a bit of seafood soup.

“Uh… I will live. This damn hangover is really… … .”

“If it’s that hard, you can just drink away the alcohol, right?”

“Uh-huh! I don’t know. If that’s the case, why are you drinking? After all, this hangover is proof and a medal of drinking!”

Elvis shook his head as he watched Kendrick speak passionately.

At that time, Kendrick spoke as if something had occurred to him.

“Ah, I received a letter from Tania not long ago.”

“okay? “Where are you now?”

“I guess it’s the summer continent this time. “I heard it’s somewhere in the south.”

Kendrick shook his head.

After the war, Lois’s trip came to an end.

But Tania did not settle.

She ran towards a new goal.

This is the ‘state of zero’.

The fact that I almost lost Lois right before my eyes again.

The fact that I couldn’t be of much help at that moment.

She pushed herself.

And it wasn’t just Tania.

‘Come with us!’

The twins realized their shortcomings during the final battle.

The twins also joined Tania’s training trip to follow Lois, who has now transcended the realm and gone to a distant place.

That was already 5 years ago.

Nevertheless, their trip was not over yet, and they occasionally delivered news through letters.

“That’s amazing.”

“What a toxic bitch.”

Kendrick and Elvis looked at each other and exchanged small stories afterwards.

I heard that a boy from the next village ran away from home.

Someone’s horse gave birth to a foal, etc.

It was too trivial to be said to be a story about people who would become famous if they went out into the world right now.

No matter how you look at it positively, it was just the chatter of local men.

These are very insignificant stories compared to the intense times we lived.

However, the happiness the two felt was evident in the story.

The topic of the conversation that we had been talking about for a while turned to marriage.

Kendrick said with a serious face.

“You shouldn’t get married…” … .”

“Are you saying that again? How many times have I told you that I have no intention? “I like it now.”

“I am continuing this in the spirit of not changing my mindset! “The moment you get married, your happiness and freedom end!”

Kendrick nods with a very serious face.

It was then.


The sound of a tiger coming from somewhere.

Kendrick’s face hardened at this.


“This burn! “How dare you stay out?”

Ravina’s loud roar, as loud as a tiger’s roar, echoed throughout the Piyu field.

Kendrick’s face turned pale when he heard this.

Looking at him, Elvis asked as if he was dumbfounded.

“… “Didn’t you go home yesterday?”

“When I opened my eyes, I saw it was on the street… … .”

In other words, he drank yesterday and slept on the street.


When Kendrick heard the tiger’s roar again, he suddenly got up from his seat.

“I’m going! “Let’s have another drink tomorrow evening!”

“okay… “If you are alive.”

Before Elvis could even finish his answer, Kendrick’s body suddenly disappeared.

Elvis shook his head as if he couldn’t stop him.

It was that moment.


With a small sound, a huge shadow was created above Elvis’ head.


When Elvis looked up, a huge thunder tiger came into view.

But what was scarier than the thunder tiger was Ravina riding on its head.

“Elvis! “Where has this damn human gone?”

Ravina’s shout that seems to be spewing fire from her mouth.

Elvis said in surprise.

“Joe, I was here a little while ago… … .”

Ravina gritted her teeth at those words.

“Just hope you get caught!”

It was a life of intense intensity.

‘When we were dating, we loved each other so much… … .’

Now, I had no idea whether they were a married couple or enemies.

Cold sweat broke out behind Elvis.

He hoped that Ravina would disappear quickly.

And just as Ravina was about to leave, as he wished.


“uh… … ?”

“If you try to persuade that person to have a drink one more time… … .”

Ravina pretended to slit her throat with her thumb.


Kendrick was the one who called him out for drinks in the first place, but Elvis, unable to respond, swallowed his saliva and nodded eagerly.

Only then did Ravina, with a satisfied expression on her face, grind her teeth again.

“Where on earth has this person disappeared to?! Let’s go, butterfly! “It’s hunting!”


The new type of butterfly that made a loud cry disappeared like lightning.

The situation suddenly developed like a storm.

Elvis, finally left alone, let out a faint sigh of relief.

Then, without even realizing it, I started laughing.

‘Abel and Jerome also said they recently had a daughter… … .’

Ravina and Kendrick, who bickered, were actually famous in the village for their good gold threads.

“Living like this… “It’s not bad.”

Although it was not the peace that he and his friends dreamed of in his previous life, the world somehow achieved a peaceful daily life.

And everyone was living happily.

“This is enough.”

After muttering that, Elvis stood up and shook his butt.

If we want to explore the rest of the field, we need to move before it’s too late.

* * *

#Story of Cheolsu

A place in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do.

A man was sitting in front of a neatly organized desk.

Surprisingly, the neat-looking man was Wang Cheol-su.

He just stared blankly at the white notebook with nothing written on it.

‘It’s already been a month… … .’

A story that doesn’t even seem like a story.

An incident that, if told to others, would be pointed out as the nonsense of a crazy person.

Until recently, Wang Cheol-su was at the center of the incident.

[Next time, draw your story. Before that, practice drawing some more.]

With those words, Lois sent herself back to Earth, and a month has already passed since then.

It was an experience so vivid that it could not be dismissed as simply a dream.

The beginning and the process could never be said to be beautiful, but paradoxically, it changed Wang Cheol-su.

‘that… It wasn’t mine.’

A webtoon he thought he created.

But from beginning to end, I had no involvement in the work I thought was mine.

At first, I denied it and was disappointed, but after fully accepting it, I made up my mind.

Wang Cheol-su, who returned to Earth, visited the charnel house where his parents were buried for the first time in a long time.

After looking at the brightly smiling faces of his parents in the photo for a while, he began to clean up and tidy up the house that had been a mess for over a decade.

At the same time, I threw away the stains, stains, and negative feelings of the past in a garbage bag.

It took a full month to organize it like that.

Only then was Wang Cheol-su able to completely empty his mind and sit in front of his desk.

“Whoa… … .”

He took a deep breath and picked up a pencil.

‘Like he said… … .’

The sharpened lead of a pencil touches the white paper.

‘This time, let’s draw my real story.’

I drew a straight line.


Like Lois said, to practice drawing.

This time, he wanted to show his story to others through picturesque pictures.

Wang Cheol-soo started practicing from the most basic line drawing.

‘What story should I draw?’

Numerous scenes and stories flowed through his mind.

Fantasy set in modern times.

Super powers.

Just everyday comedy, etc.

With a slight smile on his lips, he nodded and muttered.

“Martial arts… “Let’s do martial arts.”

Wouldn’t it be better if it was a martial arts scene featuring a dragon?

Imagine the framework of the story you will draw.

Square – square -.

Wang Cheol-su continued to practice drawing lines.


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