How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 316

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Episode 316 Afterword – Each person’s life (3)


“Lois! “Where should I put this?”

“that? hmm… “You can put it over there.”


At Lois’ instructions, Finn flew away carrying a large table.

After that, Finn brought various things and asked Lois.

Lois also answered that question carefully.

“What about this?”

“Let’s move that later.”


Lois and Finn move and place objects around.

There was no sign of fatigue or boredom on their faces.

That’s because what they are doing now is the ‘rare decoration’ that they have been longing for.

And that is a rare thing that they will live with for the rest of their lives.

In other words, Lois now had her own home.

Lois smiled happily as she looked at the large cavity.

“I finally achieved it… “My dream of owning my own home.”

When I left Generocker’s Lair after the second sleep period, I had many goals, but among them was ‘complete independence.’

And after everything was settled, Lois traveled to four continents to pursue her dream of owning her own home.

As a result, he was able to find a place that perfectly suited his ideal.

The place Royce found was an uninhabited island between the Spring and Summer continents.

It was an island the size of a small town.

He made the entire uninhabited island his territory.

‘Good location, quiet! ‘It’s perfect!’

After deciding on the location, Royce began building the rare in earnest.

And here was unexpected help.

‘If it’s the Dragon Emperor’s rare, then we should step forward!’

The dwarves became free thanks to the promise Royce kept.

They rolled up their sleeves and came out.

At the forefront was Garp, the king of the ancient dwarves.

He traveled around the continent recruiting the best dwarven craftsmen.

Soon, 500 dwarf artisans and 2,000 assistant dwarves crossed over to the uninhabited island.

‘We will create the best rare that is better than any other rare!’

The dwarves who gathered to repay the favor joined forces and began to overturn the uninhabited island.

A year has passed like that.

‘It’s complete!’

Lois was a little disappointed at first when she arrived to hear that her house was completed.

This is because the appearance of the uninhabited island was not much different from what he first saw.

But it was all disguise.

What the dwarves worked on was the basement of the uninhabited island.

Dwarves who dug out the underground of the island and created a perfect underground city.

Its splendor far surpassed the imperial palace of the French Empire, the strongest empire on the Summer Continent.

That’s because the dwarf craftsmen, who are said to be the best on the continent, sharpened their teeth and made it.

Royce’s rare was full of decorations that people would find difficult to see even if they lived their whole lives.

And that wasn’t all.

‘I thought you might need it so I made it!’

The dwarves even prepared an artificial mountain on one side of the uninhabited island and created a special space for Lois inside it.

Lois was also impressed by this.

‘and… ‘You made this by hand?’

At this point, it wasn’t even a question of making a mountain himself.

However, I was surprised to learn that the dwarves built a fairly large mountain by hand.

At the same time he was greatly satisfied.

‘cancer! ‘If it’s a dragon, it’s bound to have a rare item of this size!’

There is no dragon lair in the world more luxurious and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities than this.

Lois was very happy with her own space and her own rare that she finally had.

And from that day on, I started decorating the rare with Finn.

A month later, one evening the empty space was completely filled with Lois’ things.

An uninvited guest arrived.

“Roy, I’m here!”

“I’m here too!”

The twins rushed in, smiling.

Lois’ face became sullen when she saw them.

“How do they know… Finn, what did you say?”

“S-sorry. For the past few days, people have been asking me every day when I will finish organizing the rares, so I have no choice… … .”

Finn bowed his head with an apologetic look on his face.

At this, Lois sighed softly.

‘Okay, what’s wrong with Finn? … .’


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If the fault lies with those damn twins, who don’t change with age.

Lois’ eyes landed on the twins running around the lair without asking permission from the landlord.

“wow! “It’s great here!”

“Much better than Dad’s Rare!”

The size of the cave is the same as that of a decent playground.

Even dozens of spaces attached to it.

The twins snooped around Royce’s basement lair.

Just as the blood vessels on my forehead were about to bulge at the sight.

“Hello Lois!”

“Teacher, we are here!”

This time, another uninvited guest arrived.

“Kendrick? Ravina?”

Ravina looks a little older.

And Kendrick, who appears to be in his 30s.

Lois saw them and looked at Finn.

Finn shook his head violently when asked if he had called him again this time.

Meanwhile, the Kendricks came in front of Lois and held out what they had brought.

“Congratulations on getting a rare!”

“This is my first move-in present!”

Lois’s sullen face softened at the gift they presented.

“… “The basics are there.”

Compared to the ‘miscellaneous’ who came empty-handed and just looked around, Kendrick Lavina and his wife were welcome guests.

He smiled brightly and spread his arms.

“Come on!”

“long time no see!”

“But… “You guys, how did you get here?”

“Us? “I came with the twins.”

“… … .”

Just in case, it turned out to be the same.

‘You guys are the culprits?!’

When Lois’s eyes lit up, the twins quickly ran in front of him.

“Roy, Roy!”

“I think we’ve been telling you to call me by name only once for over 500 years?”

“Roooooi! “Let’s party!”

“Rare’s first move-in party!”

‘I feel very uncomfortable right now’ was clearly revealed on Lois’ face.

It’s only been a few hours since I cleaned up and decorated the rares.

If you were to have a party with those unruly twins, it would be clear that the rares you had organized would end up in shambles.

I couldn’t spend the day after coming to Rare cleaning up the twins’ mess.

Despite Lois’ discomfort, the twins didn’t pay any heed to them and made a fuss by moving the table that Lois and Finn had already placed and asking them to have a party.

“… “These.”

The Kendricks quietly retreated from the black aura creeping up behind Lois.

Meanwhile, the twins, who were making a fuss with their faces covered in blood, looked around.

“Now that I think about it, why isn’t he coming again?”

“I know… … .”

No sooner had their story ended than another being appeared in the hallway of Lair.

“Teacher, I’m here!”

A confident and lively voice.

At this, Lois’ eyes turn.

“… … .”

Lois was at a loss for words.

The person his eyes caught was none other than Tania.

“I’m a teacher!”

Now over fifty.

However, with the efficacy of the elixir, she achieved zero and still retained the beauty of her 20s.

Lois opened her mouth as if she was dumbfounded towards Tania, whom she had not seen in a long time.

“you… … .”


“What is that?”

Lois’ gaze was directed to Tania’s back.

She was carrying a huge burden that seemed to be five times as much as her body.

Tania answered Lois’ question with a wide smile.

“It’s a burden!”

“So what burden?”

“I didn’t know what I would need, so I just brought this for now.”

“… for now?”


“… why?”

“Why? “You never know what you might need in life.”

“so why? “What on earth were you thinking when you packed your bags like that?!”

“Of course I want to live with you, teacher.”

“… … .”

Lois, at a loss for words, clutched her forehead.

He let out a loud sigh.

‘It’s stained… Even though it was dyed, it was too dyed.’

Tania has been with the twins for over 20 years on a training trip.

Perhaps that’s why her already aggressive personality changed to become more straightforward.

Just by looking at what they did, they were identical to the twins.

“Oh! Tania!”

“Oh, should I live with Roy too?”

“Really? “Is it really nice here?”

“Khan, you go away. “Because you’re going to live with me and Roy.”

“What a nonsense!”

The twins raised their thumbs at Tania and then bickered among themselves.

Then the room becomes noisy again.

“ah… … .”

Lois looked away from them and looked at the ceiling.

“My dream of peaceful independence… … .”

This was not the independence he wanted… … .

“It’s a party, party!”

“Ooooh, it’s a party!”

“Then drink!”

“Hey, human! What kind of alcohol is this again?”

“why! “On days like this, I need a drink!”

“Oh, I’ll unpack and come back! “Which would be better?”

Twins taking food out of subspace.

Kendrick first puts drinks and glasses on the table.

Ravina is squeezing Kendrick’s side.

Even Tania disappears at a brisk pace carrying a large luggage.

The attitude of the party that did not care about the homeowner… … .

“These… … .”

In the end, Lois exploded.

“Everyone get out!”

* * *

#whole family

Inside the transparent crystal, a pure white dragon had its eyes closed.

A crystal that had been wrapped in silence for a very long time.

Then, at some point, change finally came.


A slight crack occurred at the top of the crystal.

At the same time, the dragon’s thin, white eyelashes fluttered.

This soon led to the gradual emergence of consciousness that had sunk deep into the abyss.

“Umm… … .”

With a small groan, consciousness came quickly, and the cracks in the crystal surrounding the dragon’s entire body also grew.

And before the crystal was completely broken, the pure white dragon, Valentina’s consciousness fully returned.

‘… ‘The sleeping period is over.’

Postpartum sleep after giving birth to Ariana.

Judging by the drowsy and hazy feeling, it seemed like he had probably been asleep for quite some time.

It was only for a moment that I was so intoxicated by the dreaminess.

‘Our kids… You must have grown a lot, right?’

What filled her mind was the longing for her children.

Lois and Ariana.

My babies don’t hurt even if you put them in your eyes.

Therefore, she hoped that the protective gear for postpartum sleep would be broken as soon as possible.

It was that moment.

The five senses gradually return after consciousness.

First the sense of touch and then the sense of taste returned.

The next thing that opened up was hearing.

Murmur, roar -.

As I was slowly regaining my hearing, I heard someone talking.

As my hearing returned, the sounds I heard became increasingly clearer.

“Oppa, mom, are you awake? Are you waking up now?”

“Yes, if that thing breaks, you’ll be out now.”

“when? when!”

“Just wait a moment.”

“Dad, Mom said wake up!”

“Oh my daughter, did you miss your mom that much?”


Valentina’s heart pounded at the sound of loud words.

The voices of those who were truly missed.

A voice that cannot be forgotten even after hundreds or thousands of years.

When she recognized this, Valentina’s heart beat even harder.

And accordingly, the cracks in the crystal spread gradually and rapidly.


Damn it – bang!

The crystal explodes completely, turning into bright powder and scattering.

At the same time, Valentina’s eyes slowly opened, and her vision became brighter.

“ah… … .”

She is truly looking at the world for the first time in a long time.

Beneath the dazzlingly shining world.

There they were, beyond the twinkling cluster of lights.

She launched herself without delay.


One flap of wings.

In an instant, the dragon’s body facing forward changed into a human form at some point.


Valentina landed lightly on the ground and ran straight ahead.

She ran forward in an instant and hugged those in front of her.

A young man with white hair.

A small girl who looks just like him.

And even the black-haired man who reliably protects him behind him.

When I hugged them completely, my sense of smell returned and at the same time, a strong smell washed over me like a flood.

A nostalgic and familiar scent.

It was the scent of family.

Valentina smiled brightly and shouted, enjoying the scent.

“Guys, mom is here!”

And as if responding, the small girl stretched out her arms.

“Oh my mom!”

“Aaaah! Wow, who is this?! She’s our daughter?! Oh my, oh my! “My daughter, who does she look like so pretty?”


“Ari… What about dad? “You were still calling me dad until yesterday?!”


“Uh, like that?!”

“Ah, then you’re mom! “My daughter is so pretty just like her mother!”

Happiness spread across Valentina’s face as she hugged Arianna for the first time since she was a child.

“Talk, try again, Mom! try!”


“Ari, daddy too! “Dad, do it too!”


“daughter… “Who did you learn that from?”


“My daughter… I have to learn only the good things about my brother. “That’s Gigi, Gigi.”

Mom in front, dad in back.

Lois, who was among them thanks to Ariana, shook her head as she felt the presence of her parents, whom she had not seen in a long time.

Still, I didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere of our long-awaited reunion, so I stayed put.

But that also has to be done to some degree.

As her parents continued to entertain her, Lois sighed.

“… Can’t you just stop and go? “You can do it at home, right?”

Valentina grinned at Lois’ sullen voice.

“Our sons are the same, just the same! Didn’t you miss your mom? huh? huh?”

Lois glanced down at the barrage of bright, bright eyes from Valentina, full of anticipation.

And muttered softly.

“… “Yes.”


“… I missed you.”

Only then did Valentia hear what she wanted to hear, and a big smile appeared on her lips.

Lois looks embarrassed and Valentina giggles at this.

Ariana bursts into laughter as her mother laughs.

He even urged the gene locker to include him.

Lois sighed inwardly as she looked at her family who had no intention of moving.

However, his mouth was naturally smiling, contrary to the grumbling inside.

The leader of the Telegraph Church.

The owner of the Tower of Desire.

The guardian dragon of France.

A hero who saved the world.

Emperor of Dragons, etc.

There were many titles for him.

But more than anything, there was nothing he wanted to keep for as long as the title ‘Son of Generoker and Valentina, and Ariana’s older brother.’

That’s why he wished.

‘I hope this happiness will never be broken.’


‘I hope I can continue to live like this in the future.’

I just desperately hoped and hoped.

* * *

&extroversion. misunderstanding


Lois shouted at Khan, who had been following her since morning.


“You’re the one!”

“So what?”

“My thundering herb soaking liquor!”

Lois was startled by Khan’s shout.

But it’s only a 0.1 second movement.

Lois immediately made up her face to make it not noticeable, but Khan had already caught her.

Khan’s eyes narrowed.

“you… “You flinched now, didn’t you?”

“I? when?”

“just now!”

“Oh, because it’s cold. “It’s a little chilly.”

“How cold are you!”

“Uh-huh! How foolish! Even dragons can get cold.”

“Stop talking nonsense and quickly give me my Thundering herb-soaked liquor!”

“Why are you looking for that from me?”

Khan’s eyebrows arched in an inverted shape as he watched Lois continue to stomp away.

At the time of practical evaluation of the Transcendental Studies Center.

It was Lois who threatened her with her thunderbolt extract, which she thought no one knew about.

So, after returning home, I immediately went to look for Noeryeongcho-soaked liquor, and sure enough, it was different.

Noeryeongcho Somgeumju had already disappeared without a trace.

Since he and Lois were the only ones who knew where he buried it, Khan deserved to scold him.

“Stop playing around and give it to me quickly!”

“It’s not a joke… “I don’t know!”

“You’re the only one who knows that I buried it under the frugia tree! If not you, someone will take it!”

“How do I know that! “I really don’t know!”

“Give it to me!”

“I don’t know!”

Khan chased after Lois and kept shouting, ‘Give it to me!’

Every time that happened, Lois was on the verge of losing her clothes.

First of all, it is clear that Khan buried the Noeryeongcho infusion bottle himself and buried it somewhere else.

But the problem is… … .

‘… ‘Where on earth did it go?’

It was said that the Noeryeongcho-drinking liquor that he had taken with him had suddenly disappeared.

‘Hey, it wouldn’t be unfair if I ate it!’

I was getting irritated because Khan was bothering me with a bottle of thunderbolt extract that I couldn’t even open.

“Ask for it!”

“I don’t know!”

“Give it to me!”

“Oh, just go!”

Seeing the fight between Lois and Khan, Carney shook his head.

“Anyway, they’re not kids… “Are you fighting over food at that age?”

She clicked her tongue and made a pitiful face.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Noeryeongcho Damgeumju, which became the starting point of the fight between Lois and Khan.

In order to follow the traces, I had to go back in time quite a long time.

It was the time when Royce declared independence and left for the winter continent.

“her… … .”

Generoker looked sad as he walked around the lair where his son had left.

“It looks like an empty house… … .”

Only a day has passed since Lois left, but is it an illusion that Rare feels particularly quiet?

I wanted to live with him for the rest of my life, but I couldn’t stop my son who had made up his mind.

In fact, even if you catch him, Lois won’t be caught.

“Huh… … .”

Generoker walked around the lair with his back turned with an empty face.

As if that wasn’t enough, I started snooping around the area following Royce’s traces outside the lair.

“My son was struck by lightning over there… … .”

A place where I was struck by lightning three times in a row while chasing a butterfly.

“I really liked taking a nap there… … .”

Between the tree roots where I was hiding from the generoker chasing me.

“This is where our Lois first played house… … .”

There was even a pond created by water accumulating in a hole that was created while testing the power of the sacred method that was first learned.

For a long time, Generoker looked back at the traces left behind by Lois after she left.

Then his footsteps headed near a tree.

It was the largest frugia tree near Laer.

The generoker who was passing by tilted his head.

‘This… … ?’

A strange energy was flowing near the frugia tree.

Suspicion appeared on the face of the generoker who approached him.

“Attribute power… … ?”

It was not just an attribute power, but a time attribute energy.

Generoker observed the Frugia tree for a while and then let out an exclamation.


The energy of the Prussia tree was flowing into the ground due to the sacred law unfolding around it.

‘Why on earth in a place like this?’

Although he expressed his doubts, he already knew the answer.

Who else would do something like this within their own territory?

Generocker burst into laughter.

“Lois this guy… “What kind of prank are you playing again?”

I was slightly curious.

What on earth was Lois playing here again?

He carefully dug into the ground where the energy was directed.

Then a transparent liquor bottle appeared.

“This… … ?”

The liquid inside the bottle was shining a soft silver light.

And even the feeling of impact.

There was no way the knowledgeable Generoker did not know the identity of this liquor.


The strong feeling of brain energy clearly indicated that the true identity of the alcohol was Noeryeongcho-soaked liquor.

In addition, the efficacy of Noeryeongcho infusion flowed into his mind.

Stamina reinforcement.

An aphrodisiac for stamina.

‘Why is this here?’

A thought crossed the mind of the generoker who was muttering like that.

My son’s answer to my question about how to survive if you leave.

[What is secluded? I also have a mother! Stop thinking about your grown son and just enjoy it together. The rest of your life is too long for you two to live only looking at me, right?]

That was just something he said to appease the generoker who seemed to be chasing him at any moment, but the strange phrase it contained caused misunderstanding.

This is the saying, ‘It’s too hard to live by looking only at me.’

Generoker, remembering this, looked slightly moved.

“guy… … .”

He rubbed his nose with his index finger.

“If my younger brother wants it, he says so… … .”

Is the shyness on Generoker’s face simply an illusion?


Generocker put his nose to the bottle and smelled the scent.

“It’s ripe enough to drink.”

Perhaps the time-making method that flows near the Prusia tree is a method that allows the energy of thunder herb to be absorbed into the drink.

‘son… … .’

Generoker looked wistful as he remembered his son who left yesterday.

“You grumbled like that when you left… … .”

I can’t believe he left behind a gift like this when he left.

And that’s because the alcohol has been aged just enough to be consumed now.

The tip of my nose wrinkled once again at my son’s consideration.

‘son… ‘Dad, I’ll do my best!’

With that promise, Generocker opened the bottle without hesitation.


A sweet scent that penetrates your nostrils with a cheerful sound.

Generoker drank his drink without hesitation.



A 750ml bottle of alcohol was emptied in an instant.

At the same time, admiration appeared on Generoker’s face.

“her… After all, it’s Thunderyeongcho!”

Thunderyeongcho, which even dragons cannot easily obtain.

As soon as I drank it, my body instantly felt energized.

“Feel so good.”

Generoker immediately turned around with a grin on his face.

He moves quickly towards the rare with excited steps.

And not long after.


Valentina, who was pacing around Lois’ room, turned her head.

The person standing there was none other than her husband.

But his condition was a little strange.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Generoker’s face showed slight excitement as he continued to snort.

He walked forward with long strides and immediately grabbed Valentina’s wrist.

Then he looked at Valentina with gentle eyes and opened his mouth.

“… “Valentina.”


“Do you remember what Lois said?”


“Don’t just look at yourself and enjoy life.”

“It did. But why is that?”

“I guess… “I think Lois would like to have a younger sibling.”

“… … .”

Valentina, whose thoughts stopped for a moment, blinked.

Then his face turned red and he shouted.

“What are you talking about in broad daylight!”


Generoker, who powerfully pulled Valentina into his arms, whispered in her ear.

“we… Should we try making Roy’s little brother?”

At the same time, he lifted Valentina into a princess embrace.

“Hey, honey! Now, wait!”

Valentina waved her legs as if embarrassed.

“Shall we go?”

Generocker, holding his wife, walked towards the bedroom with great strides.

“Hey, did you eat something wrong?!”

Valentina’s voice sounded embarrassed.

But contrary to that voice, her arms quietly wrapped around Generoker’s neck.

With a slightly shy face.

The day after Lois left on a trip for independence.

thumb nail… Due to a minor misunderstanding.

I had an unexpected little sister.

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