How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 314

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Episode 314 Afterword-Each person’s life (1)

#A harshly cold land that has regained spring

The devil has disappeared.

No, to be more precise, the Demon Sea, which had been called Ban for eons, has returned to its old, ordinary appearance.

Facts like that gave hope to the people of the winter continent.

The hope that the trade route with the Spring Continent, which had been cut off, would be reopened.

The winter continent suffered from heavy snowfall and cold waves all year round and had to rely on the fall continent for much of its food and other needs.

However, trade with the Autumn Continent alone was barely enough to make ends meet.

In such a situation, a sea route was opened between the autumn continent and the spring continent, which was known to be rich.

It was no wonder that hope filled the hearts of the people of the Winter Continent.

And the country that benefited most from this trend was the Kingdom of Canburg.

“Move quickly!”

“Hey, that’s not you!”

Beyond the Great Wall.

There was once a coast where blood never dried due to the war against monsters.

There, people were bustling around building a port.

King Rokhan VII smiled as he watched the port being built from a high watchtower on the Great Wall.

‘As we live, days like this come.’

A barrier against the harsh cold that has protected winter from the Demon Sea for hundreds of years.

The Kingdom of Kanburg, located in the easternmost part of the Winter Continent, was rewarded for the blood shed.

Now, if that port is built and the maritime route with the Spring Continent is opened, the Kingdom of Kanburg will gain the driving force to take a great leap forward.

Lorcan VII’s smiling gaze turned to the horizon.

Unlike the past, the clear blue sky was bright.

It was the true face of Mahae that I had never seen since I was born.

I fought in the hope that my people and descendants could live a better life, but I thought that the fight would never end even if I fought for the rest of my life.

That fight was like a lie… It ended like a miracle.

At that thought, Rokan VII shook his head.

‘It’s not a miracle.’

It wasn’t a miracle.

This was the result of someone’s efforts.

A being who removed the darkness of the Demon Sea and brought spring back to winter.

And the children who appeared on this land hundreds of years ago and brought happiness to the Grand Duke and his wife.

They once again brought happiness to the people of winter.

King Lorcan VII recalled the words written on the photo frame of the Archduke and his wife in his office.

[Remembering the fairies who gave us precious happiness… … .]

“It’s a fairy who brings happiness… … .”

King Rokhan VII smiled towards the Spring Continent beyond the horizon.

“That is indeed correct.”

* * *

#Slaves love!

A black-haired man.

A person with such extremely squinted eyes that it was hard to believe that his eyes were open was walking down the hallway of the Transcendental Science Building.

Those who were approaching him bowed their heads.

“Hello, Associate Professor!”

Shiva lightly waved his hand in greeting towards him.


Looking at the corners of his eyes that are slightly bent, he appears to be smiling.

After that, Shiva continued walking while receiving greetings from the students.

After a while.


Shiva enters his private office.

He flopped down in his chair and looked around the office with a satisfied expression.

‘This is how people live!’

He is thirty-five this year.

After seeing Shiva become an associate professor at the Tower of Desire at a young age, many people said that it was a successful life.

However, this was said because they did not know Shiva’s efforts and hardships.

It’s been ten years since I entered the Tower of Desire, captured by a slave contract that wasn’t Royce’s slave contract.

He was in charge of the aftermath of Lois’ accident.

Although he had the grandiose title of being a tower owner’s dedicated cleaning apprentice, when you dig into his inner self, he was nothing more than a bright apricot.

In any case, Royce, the owner of the tower, gave instructions directly to the grand meister and the meisters.

However, the status of the Grand Meister and Meisters was too high to handle such trivial matters.

Of course, in Lois’s opinion, their status was unremarkable, but at least they had some external perspective.

Isn’t it possible to call the Grand Meister and Meisters and have them do trivial tasks?

However, Royce was too wise to appoint a low-level apprentice, and if he appointed anyone, the owner’s dirty personality could be revealed to the world.

It also needed to be based on the premise that a low-level apprentice could withstand Royce’s bullying.

So what was chosen was the Shiva Bunt.

This man was brought in by Royce himself and his skills were outstanding.

In addition, Lois’s torch is heard in one ear and out of the other… He even has a personality that makes it seem like his liver is sticking out of his stomach.


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There were no more optimal conditions to be in full charge of Royce.

Shiva went through a dark period of his life while caring for Lois for several years.

Afterwards, Lois suddenly disappeared, and I thought that some light would come to his life, but that wasn’t the case.

[I hope you lead the tower well without us.]

A war against monsters suddenly began.

The evil rumor reached the Autumn Continent, and the Grand Meister led the Tower’s elite and left for the Winter Continent.

From the production of the Transcendental Period to the great and small affairs of the tower, and even the operation of the Transcendental Learning Center.

Everything was the responsibility of those left behind.

And Shiva had to jump directly into the tower’s big and small affairs just because he ‘once’ handled things by Royce’s side.

Of course, the workload was as unconventional as the unconventional treatment.

For over 7 years, I have never slept more than 3 hours a day.

As he endured and endured day after day, buried under a pile of hellish work, the war was over and Shiva also regained his freedom.

Afterwards, he was appointed as an associate professor at the Transcendental Studies Center and was enjoying his sweet days.

‘Every day is the same as today… … .’

Although there was work to be done as an associate professor, it was like new blood compared to the work I had done over the past 10 years.

Compared to the murderous workload of the Tower of Desire, the work at the Transcendental Science Center can be done with one’s eyes closed.

‘I’ll have to go on a picnic to the outskirts of the city after class tomorrow.’

Shiba was about to fully enjoy this sweet leisure that had come for the first time in a long time.


Shiba Inu hums softly.

It was then.


“it’s me.”

Shiba’s eyes lit up when he heard a familiar voice coming from outside the door.

“Yes, come in!”

A woman entered the room with the owner’s permission.

She was none other than Sierra.

Like Shiva, he is dragged by Lois and tied to the Tower of Desire.

In the past, the debt of her family, the Duke of Cassius, was subordinated to the Tower of Desire when Lois swallowed the Marquis of Siron.

Afterwards, Sierra cleared the family’s debt.

Nevertheless, Sierra still remained in the Tower of Desire.

Because the Tower of Desire was now like home to her.

Then, after the war, she, like Shiva, was appointed to the Transcendental Studies Center as an associate professor.

“What happened?”

Sierra smiled and answered Shiva’s question.

“The dean is looking for you.”


“No, the two of us.”

Shiva tilted his head at Sierra’s story.

The current dean of the Transcendental Studies Hall was still Floria.

She didn’t come looking for them for anything.

If Floria were to find both herself and Sierra at the same time, the matter must be quite serious.

An inexplicable feeling of anxiety soared within Shiva’s heart.

“… “Do you know what’s going on?”

Sierra answered his question with a bright smile.


“What’s going on?”

“They said a personnel order has been issued this time.”

“… … .”

“It looks like two new meisters have been appointed.”

“S-No way?!”

“huh. that’s right.”

Sierra’s smile deepened.

“Probably just you and me.”

Her story was amazing.

Sierra and Shiva are young, not yet 40.

However, being appointed as a Meister was already a very honorable thing, and it was something that many people would envy.

Therefore, Sierra rushed over to deliver this good news in person, but Shiva’s reaction far exceeded her expectations.

“… What’re you doing?”

As soon as Sierra finished speaking, Shiva took out a large bag and started packing his luggage.

With a very urgent face.

“This… “Not this!”

“what are you doing?”

“I have to run away… “We have to get out of this ant hell!”

How many hardships did he endure to find this peaceful daily life?

‘But you have to go back to the Tower of Desire?’

The honor of the title Meister was high.

And it was Shiva who knew better than anyone else how burdensome the job was, as much as the honor he carried.

‘Who knows who will be fooled!’

The moment you are fooled by the claim that you are the youngest meister and accept the offer, you will end up in paperwork hell.

‘Meister is a piece of shit!’

The young wizard who admired the Meister during his immature days no longer exists.

However, only pessimists who are deeply rooted in the world are left.

“What are you doing, really!”

Sierra was distraught and grabbed Shiva’s wrist while he was packing his luggage.

Shiva responded with a nervous look.

“Sierra… “Let’s run away together.”


“There is no future for us here.”

“… … .”

“The moment you become a meister, you will work your whole life and die! “I already gave up my entire youth, but I can’t live in this hell of labor for the rest of my life!”

“… … .”

“Always working overtime, working overtime again! After working all my life, I got married… No, I don’t want to die without even being able to date!”

Sierra looked at Shiva, who was tearing his hair out, and gave him a pitiful look.

“Shiba… … .”

“Huh… … .”

“Is the problem just working, or is the problem not being able to date?”

“Of course both!”

“What if you had to give up one of the two and choose only one?”

“Then love! “Unconditional love!”

Hearing his answer without any hesitation, Sierra sighed a little and said.

“ha… Are you really… … .”

“I can’t die of old age like this, an old bachelor!”

“Then do it with me.”

Shiva, who was pulling out his head, closed his eyes.


“Do it with me.”

“… what?”

“romantic relationship.”

“… … .”

Sierra’s eyes became sad as she looked at Shiva, who couldn’t say anything and just opened his mouth.


“Oh that… Oh no… “It’s not that I don’t like it!”

Only then did Shiva, who fully understood Sierra’s story, turn red with embarrassment.

Sierra giggled as she looked at that.

“You like me, right?”

“that… … .”


“no! Yes, that’s right!”

“Then there’s no problem. I like you too. So, let’s start dating starting today.”

“… … .”

“What is the answer?”

“huh… .”

Shiba slightly lowered his head with a shy expression on his face.

Sierra smiled and grabbed Shiva’s hand.

“Let’s go, Floria will be waiting for you.”

“… … .”

“No way, just leave your lover behind…” “You’re not saying she’s going to run away alone, are you?”

“Uh, that… … .”

“let’s go.”

“huh… … .”

Shiba became calm as if he had gone crazy and said he was going to run away.

He was led by Sierra’s hand and followed along.

Then, a thought occurred to me and I asked in a low voice.

“I… “Sierra.”


“What I like about you… “Since when did you know?”

Shiva began to have feelings for Sierra when he graduated from Transcendence Academy.

Since then, I’ve known Sierra for nearly 10 years, and I thought I was in love with her unrequitedly, which no one knew about… … .

‘Is it obvious like that?’

I never thought I would be caught by the person involved.

Sierra giggled and answered Shiva’s whispered question.

“It’s been a few years. Roughly… “Since graduating from Transcendental Academy?”

“Is that so?”

I guess it’s obvious a lot.

I never thought I would have been caught from the beginning.

Shiba blushed again and lowered his head.

Then Shiva raised his head again.



“Then you…” Uh, since when did you like me?”

Sierra pauses for a moment in response to Shiva’s question.

She answered with a smile.

“rain. wheat.”

Then he let go of Shiva’s hand and walked quickly.

Shiva was standing blankly behind her.

Sierra chuckled softly as if she could see that image in her eyes without even having to look back.

‘Since when… … .’

A brief memory from the past flashed through her mind.

[You can’t eat carrots? Then give it to me and I will eat it.]

The last semester of Transcendental Studies.

While eating together at a restaurant, Shiba took carrots that he couldn’t eat.

It was probably from then on.

He noticed that he was looking at Shiva.

but… … .

‘How do you say that?’

He said he fell in love with the simple act of eating carrots instead of the carrots he was a picky eater.

And that she fell in love with him first.

Sierra couldn’t bear to tell Shiva.

As Sierra walked like that, both ears were slightly red.

Meanwhile, Shiva was staring blankly at her back.

“Go together!”

He shouted loudly and ran towards Sierra.

Just like 10 years ago.

Like the memories we made together at the Transcendental Learning Center.

The two walked through the hallways of the Transcendental Studies Hall.

That day, Shiva achieved both the title of Meister and love that he had dreamed of.


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