How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 313

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Episode 313 Dragon Emperor (2)

The moment Lois entered the black energy, she felt unbearable pain.


It wasn’t physical pain.

Pain inflicted through the soul.

The black energy has been constantly excluding and attacking Lois’ soul.

Every time that happened, Lois’ soul was hurt.

But he held on.

Because there was a reason to endure.

‘Kydus’ soul must be extinguished.’

If Kydus landed in the prepared body like this, there was no way to beat him anymore.

However, if you deal with it before it completely settles in your body, you can prevent all misfortune.

‘Actually, that’s the only way.’

Lois, who thought so, endured the constant pain and climbed up the area guided by the black energy.

As a result, Lois had already arrived inside a huge cavity.

Lois intuitively realized that this was the depth of the body prepared by Kydus.

And as if to prove this, Kydus’ voice was heard.

[Foolish guy. You came here looking for a place to die on your own feet.]

“Well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. “I don’t really think I’ll lose.”

Lois smiled, showing her teeth.

At first glance, he might have seemed overly confident.

But the intention was different.

A situation where you are alone in the middle of enemy territory.

He knew better than ever how unfavorable this fight was to him.

But because I couldn’t lose.

As always, I had to do my best to survive.

All I could do was console myself and laugh.

[Then die in illusion.]

“Come and see!”

Starting with that brief word, the final battle took place.

* * *

Lois turned her head as she saw the black energy approaching her face.


However, he was unable to completely avoid it and was injured.

Lois’ eyes look indifferently at the spiritual blood gushing from the wound.

‘How much time has passed?’

The pain in his eyes had long since disappeared.

‘Since when have I been like this?’

The final fight that took place in the depths of Kydus’ body was extremely difficult and exhausted Lois.

‘Everything is a mess.’

The time and direction here were all mixed up.

Additionally, the turbid darkness of the depths was eating away at Lois’ mind.

Royce has endured these unfavorable conditions and continued the fight against Kydus.

In my experience, it felt like I had been fighting Kydus for hundreds or thousands of years.


Another attack hit, and this time, spiritual blood surged from his left shoulder.

Already, pure white particles of spiritual blood were blooming from all over his spiritual body.

If the spiritual blood was allowed to continue flowing like this, the very source of existence might be in danger.

But there was no time to treat the wound.

Because attacks aimed at my life continued to come even in just 0.01 seconds.


Just like that, another wound appeared on Lois’ body.

Anger appeared in Kydus’ eyes as he looked at this.

[This scum-like brat… … .]

How much time was delayed because of that guy?

It was his mistake to think he could kill him at any moment.

It continued to survive by overcoming dangerous moments.

A cold chill appeared in the angry eyes of Kydus.

‘There’s nothing I can do.’

I couldn’t delay it any longer like this.

‘Even if it takes a bit of a toll on the soul…’ ‘That brat must be dealt with.’

You can’t have someone like a dangerous molecule inside your body, which is supposed to be a god.

Just once.

Just hit it with a powerful force that can’t be avoided or blocked, and that’s it.

Even if it caused some setbacks in the plan, it was better than being interrupted further by him.

And as if responding to that will, the depths of Eunhwaseong wriggled.

[That’s it. now stop… Become a sacrifice for the birth of the great god.]

At Kydus’ cold declaration, the darkness of the depths rushed towards Royce.


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And Lois faces this.

“ah… … .”

Royce’s new form came to a halt as she looked at the darkness rushing in from all directions like a huge tsunami.

There was emptiness in his eyes.

‘This is it… … .’

Why have I been trying so desperately to survive all this time?

In the face of a huge, unavoidable disaster, Lois gave up everything.

And accepted death.

In the process, Lois’ life passed by like a flash of light.

Journey after becoming Jackie Chan.

Secondary sleep phase.

A journey to return home after being forced to run away.

And the countless connections I gained along the way.

Ma Teng, who had turned around his present life, now even revealed his memories of his past life and showed them to Lois.

As he fell ill and died, he relied solely on his cell phone to communicate with the world.

The days before I got sick, I was busy living every day trying to make a living.

When the memories of my past and present life flowed out and came to an end.

[Come to your senses, Lois!]

In my fading mind, I heard a clear voice.

[Are you going to give up like this?]

The voice, which was weak at first, became a light and awakened Lois’s spirit from the darkness.

[Why did you try so hard to survive?]

‘I… The reason I tried to survive… … .’

[I didn’t mean for it to end like this!]

‘that… … .’


My eyes opened wide when I heard a voice calling me.

“I… What I was trying to survive was… “I just want to eat well and live well.”

There was no grand reason.

I just wanted to live well.

But the world continued to force death upon him.

‘shit… ‘I want to live a little!’

With a low curse, the will that had faded was revived.

At the same time, a small light, like a firefly, appeared in the darkness.

Rotbarrier followed Royce into the depths.

She finally reached Lois and conveyed her will to Lois, who had come to her senses.

[thank god… I’m so glad. And thank you. For holding on until now.]

‘… Rotbarrier.’

[Even though it is such a weakened soul… Even if it’s not enough, it will be able to make up for what you lack. so… … .]

‘… … .’


With those words, a small golden light was absorbed into Lois’ body and disappeared.


Quad deuk-.

A black tsunami completely covered Lois’ body.

Kydus saw this and muttered softly.

[It’s over.]

It was the end of a child named Lois who had been bothering him.

And the only being who could stand against him has just disappeared.

Now there will be no one in this world who can stop him.

[Now I am completely… He will reign as the god of the world.]

It was a voice full of excitement and joy.

And with that, his soul began to assimilate into the darkness.

The final process of becoming one with the strongest body you have created.

Kydus has finally taken a step toward the end.

If you take this step, you will become the god of the world.


The moment when it felt like everything had come into my arms.


A small golden light appeared in a dark, empty space.

The light, which was initially the size of a thumbnail, quickly grew in size and soon formed a gigantic shape.


Kydus let out a scream as his long-awaited final moment was interrupted.

[Horrible noooom! die!]

The angry darkness of Kydus rushed towards Royce again.

The darkness was several times greater than the tsunami that engulfed Lois just moments ago.



Kydus’ darkness collapsed like a sand castle due to the golden light emitted by Royce.

[…] … ?!]

Kydus’ heart sank in surprise.

‘no way… ‘That can’t be!’

An ominous feeling filled Kaidus’ chest.

Meanwhile, Royce has completely returned from the golden light to her dragon form.

However, his appearance was slightly different.

A golden stripe runs along the back line from head to tail.

The golden color harmonized with white gave him a sense of mystery.

After a while, Lois opened her eyes.

Golden concentric circles appeared on the outer rim of Lois’ wide-open purple eyes.

His eyes turned to Kydus on the other side of the darkness.

Kydus got goosebumps at the sight of Lois looking at him.

‘No way… … !’

Although he denied it to himself, he realized.

That young dragon he called a kid… … .

‘That can’t be possible!’

That we have crossed another level and reached ‘perfection’.

[Don’t disturb me!]

As Kydus let out a scream, the darkness endlessly flocked towards Lois according to the will of its owner.

But it was all in vain.

Lois didn’t do anything, but as soon as the darkness got near him, it crumbled like sand.

And in the end.

[Ooh, move! Move!]

The darkness rejected Kydus’ will.

Like a mouse in front of a cat.

The darkness feared Lois and refused Kydus’ orders.

At that time, Lois took a step forward.

“There was a time when I was curious about the ending of this webtoon… … .”


One step taken again.

“I’m not curious at all anymore.”


And the last step.

“Because this is the ending I want for this webtoon.”

If the ending is undetermined anyway, I just have to decide the ending.

As the words ended, a brilliant white light spread out.

And Lois calmly said something.

『Throw it away.』

A voice with a deep, deep resonance.


The law reacted accordingly.


The world began to change due to Royce’s 『Eonryeong』.

The level of 4 attributes zero.

It meant a reinvention of the law, and that power responded to Lois’ every word and action.

The supreme state of ruling the world with words.

Lois wanted to call it this.

‘Yongeon (龍言).’

The first dragon to be born like that, its victim was Kaidus.

The power of Yongeon began to disintegrate Kydus’ soul.

[Yes Inooooom!]

Kaidus disappears at high speed from head to toe.

It was literally complete disappearance, dispersing without leaving even a trace of dust behind.

Kaidus, with only his face left.

[This can’t be happening… This can’t be… … .]

Those mutterings that seemed to deny reality became the last words of his life.

Royce indifferently looks at Eunhwaseong, the legacy left by the first Dragon King, who wanted to become a god, upon his death.

He ordered again.


Due to a series of harsh words, Eun Hwaseong met the same ending as Kaidus.


A crack has appeared in the silver fortress that has been piled up with the remains of dragons for eons.

At the same time, a hole opened in the ceiling of the deep area, and a thin beam of light illuminated Lois.

As the crack that started like that soon spread throughout Eunhwa Castle, Royce added another word.

『Everything goes back to its place.』


Soon, the silver star became particles of light and began to scatter.

High above.

While all humans and different races around the world are watching.

The fluttering particles of light fell to the ground like snow.



“What is this…?” … ?!”

People around the world are starting to realize something they had forgotten.

Dragon King Kaidus and Demon Blood.

And the truth about Rotverier, known as the worst evil dragon.

The truth that Kydus twisted in the fallen snowflakes of light, and the lies he spread, have now been reaped.

This was Lois’s tribute to Rotberg, who sacrificed himself.

And do it.

The Silver Mars disappeared, and Royce came down to earth with the light fluttering within it.

“Lois… … ?”


“Are we Roy?”


He made a ‘survival report’ to those who were looking at him with tears in his eyes.

“I’m back!”

Lois’ brilliant smile, even amidst the swarm of light, moistened the hearts of those who looked at it.

* * *

One day, something strange happened to the world.

The day when long-lost dragons appeared and a huge silver castle was seen turning into a dragon.

People said the end had come.

However, the huge silver castle that hinted at the apocalypse disappeared due to a being who appeared with light.

That great being made pure white snow fall in spring, summer, fall and winter.

He returned the truth that had been hidden for a long time to the world, and even lifted the bloody bondage that had been placed on the dwarves.

Everyone in Evan gave the only title in front of the name of the great being who restored the world to right.

Dragon Emperor Royce.

He was called the emperor of all dragons.

And Lois, the dragon emperor who received everyone’s praise… … .

“What else should we do today?”

He was living happily in the world he protected, practicing his goal of eating well and living well.

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