Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 126

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Episode 126

However, Helmut’s reaction was decidedly negative.

“This wasn’t an option in the first place. “If I trust you and swallow this, I will hit you with a stone.”

I need to stop talking nonsense too. I can’t listen to you. Helmut spoke bitterly and dropped the pill. Crispy! A small sphere crumbled beneath my feet. Crushed insect corpses flowed out with liquid.

Fasho declared with his smile gone.

“Then the proposal is over. I gave you a chance, and you’re the one who threw it away. You will pay a heavy price!”

A sinister laugh came from Fasho. I don’t like the way he talks and the way he talks.

‘This is called perversion.’

“Have you ever thought about why I was playing around?”

Fasho shouted before Helmut could reply.

“quest! I have killed several strong guys. To hunt difficult game, you need to know about the game. “How they react in certain situations and how fast their reaction speed is.”

“So how much did you understand?”

“a lot. It looks like you’re hiding your skills from your friends. It’s rare to find someone with skills like yours. “That will be your weakness.”

Weakness? It was funny, but there was no need to deny it. Because it would be easier if they thought of it that way.

“For two days, you will struggle to protect yourself and die in despair. “Your friends will be killed in an instant, and you won’t be able to do anything.”

“Right. “I understand.”

They are saying that they will carry out a secret attack. Helmut came up with a simple idea.

‘I just don’t have to send him out of here alive, right?’

We must refrain from killing, but we must also choose the right time. There is no need to kill the person who will kill you.

No notice is needed. Pot! He immediately kicked the ground and pulled out his sword. The bouncing body lands on the trunk of the tree. However, the feeling of being stepped on was unusual.

Swish! Two chains flew out of the air and struck him in an x ​​shape. It is a trap whose movement route has been calculated perfectly.

Helmut pulled Vis out. Slam! It wasn’t cut easily. He heard that there are metals that are resistant to forces such as vis or magic.

Helmut pulled his sword at an angle from the chain that was about to be entangled. As soon as he lands on the floor, the ground beneath him sinks. Inside the open space, sharp bars stand sparsely.

Damn it, there are traps everywhere.

But no matter how sharp the blade is, it cannot pierce balance.

Helmut stood on the jagged spear blade with his toes covered in vis. I immediately looked up at the spot where the guy was.

The guy hanging upside down from the tree is no longer visible. But he was still here.

“Now the hunting begins! You’d better take care of your friends rather than chasing me. “You don’t think I’ll be alone, do you?”

The guy who gave me kind advice left. As soon as he gets a little far away, he becomes surprisingly faint and dies. He is the one with the most secretive presence that Helmut has ever seen. He is also good at hiding his energy.

But this is a forest. Helmut was born and raised in the forest. I bet he knows how to fight in the forest better than the author.

‘but… … .’

His classmates are weak. Asuka, the strongest of the dogs, did not have the personality to take care of the others.

It is inevitable that the weak die. However, I was reluctant to think that I was the cause of death.

‘I can’t do it.’

Helmut kicked the trap and ran out. As if flying, we headed to Group 9’s camping site. A strange feeling of nervousness. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before.

Those Helmut knew were stronger than him. Because of that, there was no need to worry about them getting hurt.

However, the relationships he gained after coming into the human world were very weak. If you drink poison, you will faint, and if you cut with a sword, you will be lightly cut. Losing it was instantaneous.

Helmut also knows that death is irreversible. However, a cool-headed judgment was needed.

‘If I die or get taken hostage on the way, I’ll have to abandon it.’

However, if you are alive, you can take the penalty of keeping it. Helmut preferred the difficult side to the easy side. Because it is more rewarding to achieve that way.

As we quickly approached the campsite, there was already a faint glow of fire in the air. A bonfire that has just started is devouring firewood, making a crackling sound. It was peaceful, as if nothing had happened.

‘Was it a ploy to avoid my attack?’

Helmut entered the camp and looked around. I don’t feel any presence. James flinched at the sight of him with a somewhat bloody look.

“Helmut? “What happened?”

Asuka, who was putting firewood into the bonfire, asked with her back to me.

“Hey, do you know how hard I worked to move this by myself? “What’s going on?”

“Where are the others?”

Dino and Andro are nowhere to be seen. Since I didn’t encounter it on the way there, it’s on the other side. James answered.

“You’re feeling sick so you want to look around the area? “It wouldn’t have gone far.”

“I have to go find it.”

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t have time to explain. “Follow me, both of you.”

It was better to go together than to leave them alone.

“It went this way.”

Helmut took the lead, passing the anxious James. Asuka continued to grumble as she followed.

“Oh, what’s going on, really. Have you seen a big leopard? “It’s a swordsmanship department, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that on my own.”

“You may have seen a monster.”

“Monster? “That would be fun.”

“If you look at Helmut like that, wouldn’t he be an ordinary guy?”

It would be better if it was a monster. Unless they are intelligent and strong like the monkey monster that attacked the Butan Company, it will be easy to deal with them.

Helmut listened to their conversation with one ear and looked at the traces left on the floor. Since they weren’t being chased, they didn’t even think about hiding their traces.

As they went, James called out to his friends at the top of his voice. An accident occurred already, and the number of members was reduced by three. There was no end to bad luck, and I didn’t know what would happen again.

“Andro, Dino!”

“Aren’t these kids coming out quickly?”

Only after Asuka got angry, waving her fist in the air, were they able to encounter the two people who were looking in their direction from afar.

“what’s the matter?”



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“I was trying to go back.”

It wasn’t far from the campsite. It seems like he was walking slowly because he was walking around cautiously because of traps.

Helmut asked, looking around.

“What happened?”

“Day? well.”

“I picked some mushrooms. “I think I can eat this.”

Andro held out a mushroom wrapped in a cloth. Helmut nodded. You can eat it. Asuka grumbled again.

“Oh, what is it? “These kids aren’t even kids, so what could happen?”

“What’s going on, really? “Not like you.”

James also showed a curious reaction.

“I’ll go back and explain.”

Helmut responded briefly and turned his back. A campsite was better than a leafy forest to deal with an attack.

Maybe I was oversensitive. But it was true that he met a guy named Fasho, and he wasn’t a hallucination. It is also true that he said he would target his friends.

It’s not an easy opponent to kill in one go, and this guy has a lot of baggage attached to him. There was tension.

When they returned to camp, they noticed something strange.

“W-what! “There aren’t any horses!”

“Where did it all go?”

“What kind of thief lives nearby?”

“How could that be! “In a forest like this!”

“You were only gone for about 20 minutes?”

“Hey, food! Look over there!”

The place where the horse was was completely empty. In addition, luggage was unpacked, food spilled on the floor, and empty water bottles. The floor was soaked with spilled water. It’s a mess.

“Who on earth would do this?”

“Ah, I worked hard to make it yesterday!”

Asuka held her head and screamed. Unlike the other guys who were shocked, the simple Asuka paid more attention to the fact that her cooking was ruined.

‘Did you aim for this?’

I feel like I was caught off guard. Aside from being without food and water, her horse was taken away. It would take a very long time to return to the previous camp where the instructors were.

“What the hell is going on?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Helmut. This was because suspicions arose as to whether it was related to Helmut’s strange behavior.

I don’t think there’s any need to hold back any words anymore. You need to know these guys too so you can feel the tension.

Helmut opened his mouth. When he finished his short explanation that they were targeting him in Black Hawk and that an assassin they had sent was coming and going to kill all your friends, their eyes widened.

“what? “Black Hawk?”

“Are those guys crazy? “You even send assassins to target Greta Academy students?”

“Aren’t Sabat and Jerome holding a deep grudge? “You saw that bastard in some trouble.”

“What can those guys do on their own? If they commissioned Black Hawk, it would be their family. But a noble family would do that to an academy student?”

“They say they’ll kill us all too. Does that make sense?”

“What happened with you that makes you do that?”

It was an atmosphere that was hard to understand. I think more explanation is needed. Helmut continued calmly.

“Even before Sabbat, there was friction with Black Hawk during his mercenary days. “After that, I hid myself and entered the academy, but it seems like my existence became known to them through the Asuka incident.”

“Ah, the guys who attacked Asuka then escaped. really.”

“Did you think something like that would happen just because it was me?”

Asuka, feeling stabbed for no reason, muttered. The other guys asked, tilting their heads at her.

“I’ve heard about Black Hawk. “They say some noble families are looking after it.”

“But trying to kill three nobles to catch one guy is a bit strange.”

“What kind of friction is it that makes you so harsh?”

“Ah, I killed a few guys.”

Helmut, who had been replying indifferently, quickly added as his classmates’ expressions changed.

“They attacked me first, so I had no choice.”

Helmut also missed it. The Academy places great importance on morality. They wouldn’t be happy that the murderer was a classmate.

But he got a different reaction than he expected.

“Yeah, really?”

“You killed a Black Hawk man?”

“That’s right… … … .”

Dino shouted first.


“You were an experienced guy.”

The four eyes were focused on Helmut. It wasn’t the contempt or fear in Helmut’s eyes that he had expected.

Even Asuka said, ‘You even tried murder, that’s amazing! He was giving me a look that said, ‘I’m an adult.’

The situation is different for each family or the country it belongs to, but for prosecutors, murder is unavoidable.

In particular, there were frequent cases where it was not a crime for nobles or knights. It’s not like I killed a person, but if the opponent is Black Hawk.

Rather, his classmates seemed to look up to Helmut, who had experienced murder before them.

“… … Anyway, that’s the reason.”

“You have deeply resented me.”

“It wasn’t a coincidence that the three members of our group couldn’t return, right?”

“Yes, that trap wasn’t an accident either.”

James asked.

“But what is our crime?”

“The crime of meeting Cho Won by mistake.”

Asuka muttered bitterly. Unlike his agitated teammates, he seemed unimpressed. No, it was the opposite. He raised the corners of his mouth and smiled, as if this situation was interesting.

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