Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 125

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Episode 125

“I found a place to live that was much more comfortable than wandering through the forest. “Look over there.”

There was a small vacant lot next to the road that Jowon Dino pointed out with his fingertip. It’s not that there weren’t tree roots or grass sticking out, but the floor was pretty flat. It’s a suitable place to rest.

James got off the horse and let out an exclamation while rubbing his throbbing buttocks.

“Hey, there are all these little campsites here.”

“There is a spring next to it. There’s no need to go far to get water. “A good one?”

“It looks like people stop by here often, just like the big campground, right?”

“That’s right, I heard that students from the magic and academic departments of Baden Academy often come to this forest.”

“They must be more used to camping.”

“I was lucky. “Not all 12 groups will be assigned to places like this.”

Whenever we complained about the distance, everyone got off their horses, saying one word at a time.

Helmut glanced around. I don’t feel anything strange. Just here, I felt a sense of déjà vu. I think I’ve camped in a place like this before.

‘Was it time to escort Xenia of Zheringen?’

I think we stayed in an empty lot with a spring just like this back then. And everyone in the group had fallen asleep.

‘Will something similar happen this time?’

Helmut first went to the spring and drank some water. I do not know.

The reason they fell asleep at that time was because the thieves had poured Rosetta root concentrate into the spring. Rosetta’s root is odorless and odorless, but if it is burnt strongly, you can taste it slightly.

This means that even Helmut cannot detect the taste if it is not heavily burned.

If you ride it lightly, you can naturally bring out the energy of sleep. I won’t fall into such a deep sleep that I won’t wake up when I wake up.

Helmut stood up. He couldn’t know who it was until he had a test partner and fed it to him. Because it wouldn’t work for him anyway.

“What are you doing, Helmut? “Let’s unpack.”

It was still afternoon. And when the team members saw Basil’s leg bleeding profusely from being caught in a trap, none of them wanted to hunt.

There was quite a bit of food. Enough to eat until tomorrow.

When we return to the camp on the last day, we will prepare meals for students who may have been starving.

At Asuka’s suggestion, Helmut tied up his horse and unpacked his belongings.

Likewise, Asuka, who had tied up her horse and unpacked her luggage, stretched out as if she was feeling a little sore. It looks like he doesn’t feel like taking a nap.

The other guys also took out their swords one by one and took their seats, as if they were about to practice training in a different place.

Helmut, seeing that, reflected slightly. He seems to have been too lazy in his training these days.

But before that, I wanted to look around.

“I went to get firewood and came back.”

As soon as Helmut spoke and moved, Asuka came out separately.

“me too.”

“… … .”

‘It’s annoying to catch up with you.’

Asuka took the lead and headed towards the forest.

But soon the person in charge changed.

Asuka didn’t know anything at first. The forest was full of trees and bushes, and it was difficult to walk. It’s difficult to get through it, let alone look around.

“Is this enough to be used as firewood?”

“That’s too watery. “It won’t catch fire.”

“Isn’t this too trivial?”

“Dry things catch fire easily. “Gather it together like this.”

As Helmut picked up a tree branch of an appropriate thickness and gave her an example, Asuka went around and picked up branches. Before he knew it, he was humming a song.

“Camping, camping, fun camping! “Yes.”

Asuka was tone deaf. Helmut, his ears bothered, looked in that direction.

“Asuka, be quiet.”

It was a song that evoked violence that made me want to stuff a lot of firewood piled up over there into his mouth. Asuka grumbled.

“I’m bored and not talking, but they don’t even let me sing. “Are you a tyrant?”

At that time, Helmut called him.


It was a voice that felt somehow cold. Asuka became confused.

‘what? Are you angry? ‘I said something.’

He asked cautiously.


“You take that first and go back to where your group members are.”

Helmut pointed to the firewood pile with his fingertip.

“Don’t ask.”

No matter how personable Askara was, she couldn’t utter a retort while looking into Helmut’s cold black eyes.

“Ah Okay.”

Asuka, who had picked up a lot of firewood, kept looking back and went back the way she came.

Helmut was left alone in the forest. His eyes were fixed on the far side of the shady forest.

I felt a presence. Asuka didn’t seem to feel it, but her intentional presence was secret. She has extraordinary skills.

“It looks like it’s finally going to show up.”

I’m tired of taking it any further. I thought it went well.

Helmut’s hand went to the sword on his belt. If it’s not a big deal, I’ll finish it here and go back.

Helmut walked towards the forest. He was in no hurry.

In front of me, I saw something.



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“Here, young friend.”

The man in black hanging upside down from a tree was wearing a mask. A clown face mask with a sharp smile. It was an absolutely bizarre sight.

If someone with a weak heart had witnessed this, they would have just walked away. It was especially dangerous for pregnant women.

Fortunately, Helmut had one of the strongest hearts in the human world. He tilted his head, unimpressed.

“mask? “You have strange tastes.”

I feel like I found something strange in the forest. Not a fairy or a spirit, but something similar to a monster.


A low laugh leaked from the man’s mask. I remembered that Sian claimed to pursue mystique and that he would wear a mask. At that time, all his friends turned away from him. He’ll be no different with the Blackhawks. Everyone will think it’s bad taste.

However, the fact that he still wears something like that means that the man is extremely cruel.

‘Other people seem to have the personality to not care.’

These people are cruel and have no morals, and they do not care about any means or methods. Moreover, the person in front of you is from Black Hawk, so it goes without saying.

Helmut, who judged the other person to be a villain based solely on the mask and the energy he felt, asked to confirm.

“How much did Sabat Rugal give you?”

“It is true that Sabbat wants you dead. But that’s not why I came.”

“Then why?”

“You probably don’t know. “If only you remembered the people you’ve killed.”

The man spoke accusingly. They were the ones who attacked first, so it wasn’t funny.

But there was nothing to argue about right or wrong. The only thing that matters is the outcome. Black Hawk sent someone, and Helmut took care of it. That was enough.

“Two second-level mercenaries came and killed me. “The fact that you showed up alone means that you are stronger than those two.”

“Of course, that’s because I’m not the type to deal with someone head-on like those two. “I tend to fight in an advantageous way at an advantageous time.”


The distance is about 50 steps away. Helmut no longer approached him. The ground beneath it was completely potholed. It will be full of traps.

There is no reason to jump into an unfavorable battlefield. till now.



‘A first-class mercenary-level assassin.’

If you can confidently say that you are stronger than two second-grade mercenaries, then your skills are equivalent to that of a first-grade mercenary. As an assassin, it was difficult to judge because the opponent was good at hiding his energy, but it seemed like it would be enough.

‘The presence is so small. ‘It’s quite possible that I didn’t notice it all this time.’

“You forgot to introduce me. “I am Fasho, Hawkeye’s dark clown.”

“… … .”

Helmut had to think for a moment. Usually the first name comes first and the last name goes last. Is Clown of Darkness a name and Fasho a surname? That wouldn’t be the case. Something was strange.

A man who identified himself as Fasho kindly added an explanation.

“We members of Hawkeye have nicknames. “The Clown of Darkness is the nickname given to me, Fasho.”

He couldn’t understand why such a nickname was needed, but Helmut decided not to. Because humans often do incomprehensible things.

“If it’s Hawkeye, then hawk eyes. Since Black Hawk is a black hawk, is it something related to that? “It didn’t seem like an organization big enough to have several first-class mercenaries.”

“If it’s the commonly known Black Hawk, that can happen. However, Black Hawk is a black falcon that looks down on everything in the world from the sky. “The low-level thugs are just external servants.”

If you peel it open like an onion, there seems to be something more inside. Fasho, hanging upside down, spoke arrogantly.

“We will give you a chance to join us.”

“What if I refuse?”

“At your age, I’ve never seen anyone with skills like yours. You are an immature beast. There would be no good in keeping it alive. Eliminate it at all costs.”

During my time at the academy, I tried not to cause trouble. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to take on the enemy.

Helmut laughed. It was a belligerent smile that was unique and fierce.

“Are you sure you can do that?”

“Fighting head-on is not my style. “I plan to choose a method that is advantageous to me.”

“what is that.”

“Kill your friend.”

‘Friend’. It was a word referring to the singular, not the majority. Of the four team members excluding Helmut, only one fits that statement. Are you saying this knowingly? The man in front of me was as cunning as a warlock.

“My friends are nobles.”

Helmut answered calmly. Not showing any signs of agitation was his specialty. Fasho also answered calmly.

“There are some who are not nobles. And not all nobles are the same. “There is no one left in your group who is dead and could be a problem for Hawkeye.”

“Does this mean that you have to agree to it if you don’t want your friends to die? Well, fine then.”

Helmut said casually. He won’t be sad if his team members die, but the fewer sacrifices the better. Even if I tell a lie again, I have no hesitation.

“Take it.”

Fasho threw something. Helmut held it warily.

“You didn’t think it would end just by saying yes, did you?”

It was a small black pill. I feel a faint writhing movement inside. Fasho kindly recommended.

“You have to swallow it, not chew it.”

“What is this?”

“There are bugs in it. A sharp-toothed bug that will take up residence in your heart. It’s okay to leave it alone for now, but if you don’t take the prescribed medicine once a month, you will die. Oh, by the way, you shouldn’t try to get rid of bugs carelessly. “If there is a threat, the worm will eat your heart and kill you.”

Fasho, who gave a bloody explanation, grinned.

“do not worry. You are a very useful person. You can’t lose like that. As long as you are on our side, the medicine will be provided without fail. If you show enough belonging, then I will get rid of the bugs. “Go ahead and swallow it.”

Helmut looked down at the pill in his hand with cool eyes.

‘I can’t believe there’s all this.’

A proposition whose authenticity is unknown. However, if it is true, the hostile relationship with Black Hawk will be ended.

If only Helmut would swallow this.

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